Daniel’s Song

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ISSUE #1 of 1
RELEASE DATE: August 2005
PUBLISHER: Avatar Press (Pulsar)
STORY BY: James Anthony Kuhoric
ART BY: Jorge Correa, Jr.
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After being electrocuted by an ancient Aztec device, Daniel Jackson is forced to relive the moment Sha're was taken by the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis.

The SG-1 team discovers an ancient alien device that promises to bring "peace to the past." While attempting to decipher its glyphs a sudden electrical discharge engulfs and throws Daniel unconscious to the ground. He wakes on Abydos to find Skaara and Sha're are still alive and free of Goa'uld possession. Somehow he has been transported into the past before the arrival of Apophis and has been given another chance to save his wife and the people of Abydos.

Determined not to make the same mistakes again Daniel prepares an ambush for the System Lord in an attempt to change the outcome of this pivotal moment in his life.

From Avatar Press