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Once again, thanks for the Podcast.
Interesting listening.
Re ships, I think it made the show a bit more generic sci-fi and a bit of the archaeological,social sciency focus was lost. But the space-battles look cool for the fanboys so perhaps they kept the show on the air longer?


I think that after so many years of stargate earth ships were bound to appear, asgard and goa’uld influence were too strong. Besides they introduced a new frontier to conquer. Shame we couldn’t see some ori tech on the Odyssey


Thank you for the podcast. Although I understaood the introduction of ships was an inevitabilty it is a shame that this seemed to also lead to significantly reduced the amount of time spent exploring and learning more about the wonders through the Stargate. In later seasons the Stargate seemed to be regarded more as a prop than a foucs of attention. Feedback: thank you for the podcast, I look forward to discussions of the other nine seasons if you choose to do that. You spent alot of time discussing Sam Carter in depth, I hope some time in future season… Read more »


Ships just seem to belong in Sci-Fi… They allow us the fantasy of escaping to another world or to just explore everything in-between whereas the Gate is Point to Point. Gotta say though that Universe better show the gate being used instead of just implied as SG started to do. I want to see them travel through the worm hole and come through. Saving a few bucks in production will cost you viewers. It’s like being on a ship and not showing the ship?