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Flanigan’s Metal Hurlant Chronicles gets French broadcast, DVD release
Saturday - October 27, 2012
The sci-fi anthology premieres tonight in France.

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Atlantis‘s Joe Flanigan to co-star in The Secret Lives of Wives
Saturday - October 27, 2012
He'll play Salli Richardson's shell of a husband in the pilot for a new Lifetime series.

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Joe Flanigan’s Six Bullets on DVD in August
Friday - June 15, 2012
Watch the trailer for the new movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Stargate Atlantis's Joe Flanigan.

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Joe Flanigan filming Metal Hurlant TV series
Thursday - November 3, 2011
The half-hour anthology series based on the popular French comic will be released in 2012.

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Joe Flanigan to guest star on Fringe
Friday - September 16, 2011
The man behind Atlantis's John Sheppard will make an appearance on the season premiere, September 23.

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Conversations with a Gentleman Farmer
Thursday - September 15, 2011
EXCLUSIVE: GateWorld chats with Stargate Atlantis actor Joe Flanigan about his latest TV and movie projects.

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Watch the trailer for Joe Flanigan’s Ferocious Planet!
Tuesday - February 22, 2011
Check out the trailer for Syfy Channel's original movie starring Stargate Atlantis's Joe Flanigan, airing April 9.

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Stargate‘s Joe Flanigan has a Change of Plans
Friday - December 10, 2010
A new TV movie starring Stargate Atlantis's Joe Flanigan is set to air in January on FOX.

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Joe Flanigan appeals for help for friend, auctioning lunch in L.A.
Saturday - September 25, 2010
Bid on lunch with Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett and help support his friend, Sarah Geary.

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Flanigan to appear in SyFy’s The Other Side
Wednesday - August 11, 2010
Stargate Atlantis veteran Joe Flanigan is currently in Ireland filming a Syfy Channel original movie.

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SG-1‘s Ben Browder joins public art project
Sunday - August 8, 2010
Actor Ben Browder joins Martin Firrell's public art project exploring the philosophical truths of sci-fi.

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Stargate Atlantis‘s Joe Flanigan is now on Twitter
Friday - July 30, 2010
Follow the man behind John Sheppard now on Twitter!

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Joe Flanigan in Artist Martin Firrell’s ‘Sci Fi Series’
Monday - June 28, 2010
Check out these short, artistic interview selections from Martin Firrell's work with Atlantis actor Joe Flanigan!

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Creation Entertainment adds new Stargate event
Thursday - May 6, 2010
A brand new fan convention is coming to Minnesota in June.

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Details on Flanigan’s Warehouse 13 appearance
Friday - July 17, 2009
Atlantis's Joe Flanigan will appear on Syfy's new series on August 4. Here are the details and photos!

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Flanigan talks Atlantis cancellation
Tuesday - June 2, 2009
Actor Joe Flanigan suggests that the cancellation of Atlantis could set a bad precedent for actors.

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Flanigan to guest on Warehouse 13
Thursday - May 28, 2009
Actor Joe Flanigan will make an appearance on SCI FI's new paranormal series, premiering this summer.

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Vancouver Convention Report: Saturday
Thursday - April 9, 2009
Paul McGillion, Robert Picardo and Joe Flanigan on stage in Vancouver!

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The Best of John Sheppard
Monday - January 5, 2009
We're celebrating five years of Stargate Atlantis with a count-down of our favorite Sheppard episodes!

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