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With the timeline changed by SG-1's actions in the distant past, an alternate version of SG-1 must use the newly-discovered time ship to set things right.

DVD DISC: Season 8, Disc 5
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
STORY BY: Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie
TELEPLAY BY: Robert C. Cooper
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

(Transcriber's note: as with the previous episode, I will not continually refer to "Alt-Daniel", "Alt-Carter" etc unless it is necessary to do so in order to differentiate between them and the characters from the 'real' universe.)

S.G.C. - LEVEL 22. Alt-Daniel and Alt-Sam are following General Hammond along a corridor.

JACKSON: Look, the only reason you have the Stargate is cos of us!

HAMMOND: I'm aware of that.

JACKSON: I'm a linguist! By all accounts, your team may need one.

CARTER: And what if something goes wrong with the Gate on the other end?

HAMMOND: Neither of you have had any military training whatsoever. Have either one of you ever even fired a weapon of any kind?

CARTER: Well ... unless you count launching a rocket.

HAMMOND: Look, I'm sorry. (He reaches an elevator and swipes his card through the reader.) Your expertise may be needed some time in the future, but for now ...

JACKSON: Well, can I ask who is going?

(The elevator doors open and reveal Jack O'Neill standing inside.)

BRIEFING ROOM. Hammond leads Jack, Sam and Daniel into the room.

CARTER (to Jack): I don't understand. What made you change your mind?

(Four airmen are sitting at the table with their backs to the new arrivals. One of them swings around in his chair and we see that it is Major Charlie Kawalsky. He smiles, and he and his colleagues stand.)


O'NEILL: That's "Colonel", Major.

KAWALSKY: You're retired.

O'NEILL: I was.

JACKSON: I take it you two know each other.

O'NEILL: Yeah, we served together a long time ago.

KAWALSKY: Ah, it wasn't that long ago.

HAMMOND: Major Kawalsky has been assigned to assemble the team that will go through the Stargate.

O'NEILL: And you knew I couldn't say no if he was involved.

KAWALSKY: Oh, come on, Colonel. You don't owe me anything. Admit it -- you've gotta be a little curious: traveling to a different planet -- through a wormhole!

CARTER (smiling): I know I am!

KAWALSKY (to Hammond): Sir, with all due respect -- what are they still doing here?

HAMMOND: I'm not sure. (He turns to a couple of airmen who had accompanied him and the others into the room.) Airmen, please escort ...

JACKSON: Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait. We were all on that tape.

KAWALSKY: That tape had nothing to do with it. Jack O'Neill's one of the best I've ever served with.

CARTER: You may not care that this timeline is a direct result of tampering with the past, but you have to acknowledge that the tape said the planet you're going to is enemy territory -- an enemy that is way more advanced than us technologically.

O'NEILL: What's your point?

CARTER: You're literally walking into a totally alien situation out-manned and outgunned.

O'NEILL: Do we have a choice?

(Sam looks round at Daniel, but neither of them has an answer for him.)

LAB. Jack is standing looking at the Ancient time ship. Sam and Daniel join him.

CARTER: We've only been able to activate the interior lights and the dialing computer, but according to the tape, you have the gene that can make this ship fly.

O'NEILL (cynically): And travel through time.

JACKSON: Well, presumably you don't have to do that if you don't want to.


(He walks around the ship to the rear and then walks inside, Sam and Daniel following him. He walks to the front of the ship, looking around as he goes, and reaches the pilot's seat. He looks round at Sam.)

O'NEILL: What do I do?

CARTER (gesturing to the pilot's seat): Sit down.

(Jack sits. Daniel takes the co-pilot's seat and Sam stands in between them.)

O'NEILL: Now what?

JACKSON: You're supposed to have the ability to fly this thing.

CARTER: With your mind. (Jack takes the controls and wiggles them but nothing happens.) Try not to think about the past.

JACKSON: Or the future.

(Jack rocks his head in a "Yeah, right!" kind of gesture, then closes his eyes and concentrates. The lights on the console come on. Outside, technicians and SFs turn and stare as the engine can be heard powering up.)

JACKSON: Oh, you so have to let us go with you!

CARTER: Please!

GATE ROOM. The time ship has been moved into position facing the Stargate. Jack, Kawalsky and his team, together with Sam and Daniel, all dressed in green camouflage, walk alongside the ship to face the Gate. Kawalsky and his team are already wearing hard helmets. Sam and Daniel are carrying theirs.

KAWALSKY: Put those on.

(Sam and Daniel do as they're told. Jack makes a big deal of shaking out a green cap and putting that on. Daniel looks round at him.)

JACKSON: How come we have to wear these and you don't?

(Hammond comes in.)

HAMMOND: OK, people. Let me remind you: this mission's recon only. Do not engage the enemy. I'm allowing the use of this ship because of the obvious tactical advantage it provides you. Under no circumstances is it to be used to travel through time, understood?

O'NEILL: Yes, sir.

HAMMOND (quietly, almost to himself): Never in my life would I have imagined giving that order! (He walks over to Jack, nodding towards Sam and Daniel.) Are you absolutely certain about them, Colonel?

(Jack looks at the two of them, then turns back to Hammond.)

O'NEILL: No, sir!

(Hammond looks at Sam and Daniel, then turns to Jack again.)

HAMMOND: Good luck -- and Godspeed. (He leaves the room.)

KAWALSKY: All aboard.

(The team board the ship, Kawalsky taking the co-pilot's seat and Daniel sitting behind him. Sam sits behind Jack. The other three airmen sit on a bench in the rear of the ship with the time device.)

O'NEILL (to Kawalsky): Hey -- watch this! (He dramatically puts his hands onto the console and it lights up. He takes his hands off again in a triumphant gesture. Kawalsky raises a hand in a "not bad!" gesture. Jack turns to Daniel.) Oh, by the way -- you do have the address to get us back home, correct?


O'NEILL: Good. Dial it up.

(Daniel stands up and steps forward to the dialing device. He pushes the first symbol, and the Stargate immediately starts to spin. The chevron clunks, and the Gate spins on. In the area which we know as the Control Room, Hammond and McKay are watching.)

McKAY: I give this no more than a fifty:fifty chance of working.

HAMMOND: Well, according to the tape, it worked for eight years.

McKAY: Hmm.

(In the ship, Daniel presses the Point of Origin symbol, then pushes a button at the bottom of the dialing device which must be the equivalent of the big orange button on a D.H.D. The Stargate kawooshes. Everybody stares out of the windscreen in amazement.)


(In the Control Room, Hammond and McKay are also staring.)

McKAY: Well, I'm certainly glad it's not me going through that, uh ... thing.

(Inside the ship)

O'NEILL: Any idea what to expect?

CARTER: Not really. According to the tape, we're going to be demolecularised, transmitted over two thousand light years through subspace, and then, uh, rematerialised on the other side.

KAWALSKY: I did not need to know that!


(In the Control Room, McKay bends down to a radio.)

McKAY: Gateship One, you're go for launch.

(Jack turns round to the others with a look of disgust on his face.)

O'NEILL: "Gateship"?!

JACKSON: Well, it's a ship, it goes through the Gate, so ...

(Sam nods in agreement.)

O'NEILL (unhappily): Alright.

(In the Control Room, Hammond has a similar expression to Jack's. McKay notices.)

McKAY: What? It's a ship that goes through the Gate -- it's a Gateship! Well, I thought it was clever.

(In the ship, Jack takes hold of the controls. Daniel screws up his face nervously. Sam does likewise. The ship lifts off the ground and flies into the wormhole.)


CHULAK. The ship shoots out of the wormhole. As soon as it clears the Stargate, engine pods deploy from either side of the ship. The ship flies away from the Gate and over the forest.

O'NEILL: Well, that was cool!

JACKSON: I didn't feel anything.

KAWALSKY: Doesn't even feel like we're pulling any G's.

CARTER: This thing must have inertial dampeners.

KAWALSKY (to Jack): See any enemy troops when we came through?

O'NEILL: No, but that doesn't mean we weren't detected.

CARTER (looking through the windscreen): Is that a city?

(We see that the ship is approaching the city of Chulak.)

O'NEILL: I'm gonna set her down in those trees.

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. The ship has landed and the ramp lowers. Kawalsky's men run out with their rifles raised, checking out the area. Daniel and Sam follow.

JACKSON: Wait a minute -- I thought the reason why we brought the ship was so we didn't have to walk.

CARTER: We can't just fly into an alien city. The mission is stealth recon, meaning undetected.

(Jack pushes his way between them.)

O'NEILL (in a harsh whisper): Meaning shut up!

CARTER: Sorry.

KAWALSKY: Connor, Mansfield, guard the ship. Cosworth -- you're with us. C'mon, move out! (He and Jack head off.)

JACKSON (to Sam): Why'd we have to park so far away?!

(Sam chuckles as they follow. Cosworth walks behind them.)

FOREST. Jack and Kawalsky are leading the others.

KAWALSKY: Seriously, why did we bring them?

O'NEILL: Oh, I dunno. I guess I had a gut feeling.

KAWALSKY: Like Peru?

O'NEILL: Alright, that didn't work out so well.

KAWALSKY (chuckling): Sierra Leone? Uganda?

O'NEILL: Alright, look -- maybe the better question here is why'd you invite me on this dog and pony?

KAWALSKY: Well, let's just say I prefer my good instinct over yours.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

(As they continue to walk along, Daniel points out something to Sam in the trees, perhaps a bird. Jack suddenly stops dead. He raises his clenched fist, then gestures downwards. He, Kawalsky and Cosworth squat down. Sam and Daniel stop and stare, then slowly do the same.)

JACKSON: What's with the ...? (He mimics Jack's gestures, adding a few of his own for good measure.)

(The airmen look around cautiously. Suddenly a round device flies out of the trees and lands in front of them. They have no idea what it is but we recognize it as a Goa'uld stun grenade. It is ticking. Jack stares at it for a moment, then realizes what it might be.)

O'NEILL: Ah, sh...

(The grenade emits a bright light, and everyone is knocked unconscious. Jaffa run out of the trees and bushes, aiming staff weapons at them.)

PRISON CELL (the same one that SG-1 were held in in "Children of the Gods"). Jack, Sam and Kawalsky are sitting on the floor leaning against the steps just inside the doors. Cosworth is sitting against the wall near the doors. Daniel is lying on the floor deeper inside the cell. His glasses are gone. He wakes and sits up.

JACKSON: Hello? Anybody there? (We see his point of view as he looks around. His vision is very blurred and he can only see vague shapes.)

CARTER: We're all here.

JACKSON: Where are we?

KAWALSKY (sarcastically): It looks like a prison cell.

JACKSON: Anyone seen my glasses?

CARTER: I think they must have taken them. (We see that she doesn't have her glasses either.)

JACKSON: Why would they do that?

(Sam shrugs. At that moment they hear approaching footsteps. They all get to their feet and face the cell doors. We see the legs of two Jaffa approach and take position either side of the doors. The doors opens and a third pair of legs walks into the cell. This Jaffa is wearing a cloak. He stops at the top of the steps and we see who it is.)

CARTER (who must be long-sighted and so can see better than Daniel can): Teal'c!

(This version of Teal'c is wearing a Jaffa cap on his head, so he may well be bald underneath.)

JACKSON (squinting in Teal'c's direction): From the tape?

TEAL'C: If you know my name, then you know enough to fear me.

O'NEILL: Look, I know that this might sound a little crazy, but ...

TEAL'C: Who are you?

(Jack starts to speak but Daniel interrupts.)

JACKSON: Hi, uh ... (He walks forward, bumping into Jack and working his way around him to approach Teal'c.) Uh, uh, we're from the Tau'ri. Uh, we call it Earth. You see, we found this tape, um, from the past. You see, apparently, we're (he gestures at the others) a part of a team -- um, the four of us (indicating Jack, Sam, himself and Teal'c), not the two of them (indicating Kawalsky and Cosworth). We're called SG-1. Now, we used this time device to go back in the past, and we screwed up the past and changed the future. See, you're not supposed to be still Apophis' First Prime. Um, the Jaffa are supposed to be free and, um, (he lowers his voice so that the other Jaffa can't hear) we know that you think the Goa'uld are false gods.

(Teal'c backhands him to the floor. Sam, Kawalsky and Cosworth run to help him.)

O'NEILL: That wasn't necessary!

TEAL'C: Speak of such blasphemy again and I will kill you where you stand.

O'NEILL: Look, I know this is a lot to throw at you all at one time and you've gotta put up a little show for the boys here, but the fact is, (he whispers) we know the truth.

JACKSON (hauling himself to his feet and bracing himself with one hand on Jack's arm and his other arm around Jack's shoulders): You see, it's all on the tape. Uh, you have to see it -- it's, er, um, (Jack pushes Daniel's hand off his shoulder) it's, it's in a -- it's in a camera that, um, um, you took from the bag that you took from me. (Teal'c walks towards him.) If you bring it to me, I can, I can show you how it works and we can ... (Teal'c grabs him by the neck of his jacket and starts to march him out of the cell.) Sure, we could, we could go and see it over at, uh, wherever you wanna go.

(Teal'c marches him out of sight. The other two Jaffa, who have been aiming their staff weapons at the team, back out of the cell and the doors close.)

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. Teal'c, still holding Daniel by the neck of his jacket, marches him into a throne room and stops. Daniel squints at the hazy sight of someone sitting on a throne in front of him. Teal'c shoves Daniel to the floor at the bottom of the steps which lead up to the throne.

TEAL'C: Kneel before your god.

JACKSON: Kneeling! (He straightens up and we see that it is Apophis sitting on the throne. This alt-version has a beard.)

APOPHIS: Who are you?

JACKSON: Name's Daniel Jackson. Uh, if you give me back my eyeglasses, I could actually see you.

TEAL'C: He claims he is of the Tau'ri.

JACKSON (quietly): You weren't supposed to tell him that.

APOPHIS: The Tau'ri have no Chappa'ai.

JACKSON: Oh! Sorry, guess I was wrong. I'm sure your information is correct and ... In fact, I'm usually quite wrong, quite unreliable actually. To be honest with you, I'm insane. (He grins at Apophis.)

APOPHIS: Speak! (Daniel says nothing.) Bring him. (Teal'c hauls Daniel to his feet and marches him up the steps, pushing him to his knees again in front of the throne. Apophis stands and walks forward to face Daniel.) I think there is much you can tell me.

JACKSON: Well, if you wanna know about the early settlements of Mesopotamia, I am somewhat of an expert ...

(Apophis raises his hand and actives his ribbon device. Daniel grunts in pain.)

PRISON CELL. Cosworth is trying to get a smaller door in the rear of the cell open but fails. He turns to Kawalsky, who is standing at the main doors, and shrugs.

CARTER: It's been over an hour.

(Kawalsky looks across to Jack, who is leaning against the main doors with his chin propped up on one of the links that makes up the doors.)

KAWALSKY: Maybe you shouldn't have said anything.

O'NEILL: All I said was, "This is gonna sound a little crazy".

CARTER: While there are obvious similarities, our timeline is different from the one in which Teal'c came to believe that the Goa'uld were false gods.

O'NEILL: Are you saying this guy might not turn?

CARTER: It's possible.

O'NEILL: And you're telling me this now?!

(Sam cringes.)

THRONE ROOM. Apophis is still holding Daniel in the grip of his ribbon device. Teal'c watches impassively as Daniel grunts in agony. Finally Apophis releases his grip and Daniel slumps to the floor.

TEAL'C: This one is strong.

APOPHIS: Leave us.

(Teal'c bows and starts to walk away. Daniel pushes himself up onto his hands and looks up at Apophis.)

APOPHIS: You will tell me all that you know. (He activates the ribbon device again. Daniel groans. Teal'c looks back, his face a little more concerned now. He looks thoughtful, then leaves the throne room.)

PRISON CELL. Jack and Kawalsky are still leaning against the main doors. Sam is sitting on the steps but she gets up and walks to the doors as they hear approaching footsteps. Teal'c comes to the doors and looks at them.

O'NEILL: What's goin' on?

(Teal'c holds up the video camera.)

TEAL'C: Show me.

(Sam steps forward, reaches through the bars and takes the camera. She opens the screen and activates the camera. Daniel's voice can be heard as she turns the screen so that Teal'c can see it.)

JACKSON (onscreen): Um, Teal'c, you should say something.

(Teal'c stares at the screen as his alternate self, with hair and wearing a pale robe, steps into view.)

TEAL'C (on the screen): The Jaffa are free. False god that he is, Apophis is long dead. A new medicine, tretonin, has liberated us from our dependence upon symbiotes. The Jaffa have risen up as brothers and sisters and defeated the Goa'uld.

ALT-TEAL'C: What trickery is this?

CARTER: It's not a trick.

TEAL'C (on the screen): You have a son, Rya'c, who is now married and a strong leader among the newly-formed Jaffa nation. If all these things have not come to pass, you must believe that the present in which you now live exists only because the past has been mistakenly altered. It must be restored.

(Sam shuts off the tape and closes the screen down.)

CARTER: Please. You have to help us. The reason we came here was to get you so we could go back in time and fix things.

O'NEILL: That's not true. (Sam turns and stares at him. Jack looks at Teal'c.) We just wanna get out of here. Now, if you can help us, we'll do our best to help you.

TEAL'C: I cannot free you.

O'NEILL: What about our weapons, our vests? Can you get us those?

(Teal'c looks at him, considering his request.)

LATER. The doors to the cell open and a couple of Jaffa drag Daniel in by his arms and drop him down at the top of the steps.

O'NEILL: Easy, easy! (The Jaffa turn and leave.) Get outta here! (The doors close.) Piss-ants! (He squats down to Daniel and puts his hand on his chest.) Hey.

JACKSON (with his eyes still closed): I didn't tell them anything.

O'NEILL: Good for you! How're you feelin'?

JACKSON (weakly): Not so good really.

O'NEILL: Sorry. (He gestures to the others, who run to a corner of the cell. Jack hauls Daniel to his feet.) Maybe this'll make you feel better.

JACKSON: Argh! (He shakes it off and he and Jack head down to the others, who have collected their vests from where they had hidden them and are putting them on. Cosworth hands Daniel's vest to him.) How'd you ...?

CARTER: Teal'c. He brought us the camera. I showed him the tape.

JACKSON: I don't think he can be trusted.

O'NEILL: He gave us our weapons back, that's a good start.

CARTER: He's gonna meet us on the way back to the ship.

(Kawalsky is attaching a piece of C4 to the smaller door. Jack hands a pistol to Daniel.)

O'NEILL: Safety off, point and shoot. (Daniel takes it and lifts it. It's now pointing at Jack, who pushes it down again.) Not at me.

(Cosworth hands a pistol to Sam.)

CARTER: I don't really like guns.

O'NEILL: Neither do I. How do you feel about explosives?

CARTER: Those I like a little better.

(Kawalsky returns from the door.)


O'NEILL: Let's go. (They move away from the door and take cover. Jack takes out the detonator and nods to the others. Sam puts her fingers in her ears. Jack presses the button and the C4 explodes.)

FOREST. The team are running through the forest, returning to the time ship. Jack speaks into his radio.

O'NEILL: Airman? This is O'Neill.

(Either Connor or Mansfield replies.)

AIRMAN (over radio): We were starting to get worried.

O'NEILL: We're on our way. E.T.A. ten minutes.

(Ahead of them, Teal'c steps into view. He points his staff weapon at the team and activates it. Everybody stops and the airmen raise their weapons. Sam briefly raises her pistol but then lowers it again.)

O'NEILL (to Teal'c): We've gotta get goin' here. We've got a whole battalion on our asses.

(Teal'c fires, shooting Daniel in the chest. The others stare in disbelief. Kawalsky raises his rifle but Teal'c deactivates his staff weapon and lowers it.)

O'NEILL: What the hell was that?

KAWALSKY: Shoot him, Jack. Let's shoot him and get the hell out of here.

O'NEILL (to Teal'c): Why'd you do that?

TEAL'C: He was a Goa'uld. Apophis implanted him with a symbiont in order to gain access to the knowledge in his mind.

O'NEILL: How do you know?

TEAL'C: I can sense it. Your friend did not give in to torture.

KAWALSKY: He's lying.

O'NEILL: Why would he lie, Kawalsky?

CARTER: If he wanted us all dead, why aren't we surrounded by Jaffa right now?

KAWALSKY: We will be in a few seconds if we don't get the hell out of here now -- and I'm not taking him with us.

TEAL'C: Apophis has ordered a fleet of Ha'tak vessels to the Tau'ri.

CARTER: He's sending ships to Earth?

TEAL'C: The symbiont implanted within Daniel Jackson was a spy intended to accompany you. Apophis now knows what Daniel Jackson knew. He knows that you came in a ship. He knows that the Tau'ri is a threat.

KAWALSKY: How the hell do we know you're not a spy?

(Lying on the ground, Daniel suddenly raises the hand with the pistol in it and shoots Cosworth twice in the chest. He then sits up and fires twice more at the others. One of the bullets hits Teal'c in the arm. Jack and Kawalsky turn and open fire on him. Daniel sinks back to the ground, his eyes open and staring. After a moment, they flash.)

CARTER: His eyes glowed!

(Kawalsky runs back and checks that Daniel is really dead this time, then goes over to Cosworth to check his pulse. He looks round at Jack and shakes his head.)

KAWALSKY: He's dead.

(Staff blasts start to come out of the trees behind them. Jack turns and fires in their direction.)

O'NEILL: Go! Go!

(The others run off as Jack continues to cover them. The team races through the forest towards the time ship, staff blasts going off all around them. Just as they reach the ship, one of the airmen who had been guarding it gets hit by a staff blast. It's clear that Jaffa are firing from all directions, not just from the direction that the team came. Teal'c and Sam run inside the ship. Kawalsky turns and covers the path they just came down. Jack runs to the entrance of the ship and fires in the opposite direction. From inside the ship, Teal'c fires his staff weapon out to the rear and Sam fires her pistol. The other airman is taken down by a staff blast.)

O'NEILL: Kawalsky!

KAWALSKY: Go! Start it up!

(Jack runs into the ship as Kawalsky and Teal'c -- and Sam to a lesser extent -- continue to provide cover fire. Jack jumps into the pilot's seat. A staff blast impacts the wall near to where he's sitting. Kawalsky turns to run to the ship but is shot in the back by a staff blast.)

CARTER: Kawalsky's been hit!

TEAL'C (to Jack): Go!

(Jack activates the control that raises the ramp. Teal'c continues firing at the approaching Jaffa until the ramp protects him. The ship lifts into the air, then the engine pods extend and the ship flies off. Inside, Sam sinks down onto a bench, shocked by what she's just been through. Teal'c turns to look at her.)

TEAL'C: Are you injured?

CARTER: No. I-I've just never seen anyone killed before. Daniel, and Kawalsky ... (She notices the wound in Teal'c's arm.) Oh my God! You've been shot!

TEAL'C: It will heal.

O'NEILL: Alright, we've got some problems here.

(A blast impacts the ship. From outside, we see that the ship is being pursued by two death gliders. Jack flies the ship erratically in an attempt to avoid the blasts coming from the gliders. Sam comes forward to the co-pilot's seat and stares as the blasts that don't hit the ship explode in the forest in front of them. Teal'c sits down behind Sam.)

TEAL'C: Gliders.

O'NEILL: I can't shake 'em, either.

(More blasts impact the ship, causing explosions inside.)

TEAL'C: The Gate will be well-guarded.

O'NEILL: You know somethin'? I don't think we're gonna make it to the Gate.

(Sam looks round at the time device in the rear of the ship, then looks at Jack.)

CARTER: There is a way out. (To Teal'c) Was there a Stargate on this planet five thousand years ago?

TEAL'C: I believe so.

(Sam looks at Jack. As he returns her gaze, she nods encouragingly to him. He closes his eyes and concentrates. After some moments, the time device lights up. From an outside perspective, the ship is flying away from the gliders in daylight. A moment later, it is suddenly sunset and the gliders have gone.)

CARTER: I think you did it!

TEAL'C: What has he done?

CARTER: I think we just traveled back in time.

O'NEILL: Check it out -- dial Earth.

(Sam dials the co-ordinates on the dialing device.)


EARTH. The time ship shoots out of the wormhole and into a desert area. Two pyramids are nearby. Both have a mothership parked over them.

CARTER: Well, this is definitely ancient Egypt!

TEAL'C: Those Ha'tak vessels bore the mark of Ra.

CARTER: He ruled on Earth during this period.

TEAL'C: It is likely we were detected on exiting the Chappa'ai.

O'NEILL: Well, no ships on our tail, but I think we'll skedaddle anyway.

CARTER: You're saying you're on board with trying to fix the past?

O'NEILL: Well, we did kinda screw up our timeline, didn't we?

CARTER: Well, the only way to stop the invasion on Earth is to make sure that it never happens.

O'NEILL: Yeah -- remind me how we do that, again?

(Sam has no answer.)

LATER. The time ship has parked out in the desert. Jack, Sam and Teal'c come outside.

O'NEILL: Alright -- here's the plan. We make contact with the locals.

TEAL'C: And then?

O'NEILL: That's all I got so far.

(The team starts to walk.)

CARTER: Uh, any idea what time it is exactly?

(Jack looks at his watch.)

O'NEILL: Three o'clock.

CARTER: Uh, sorry, I-I kinda meant what year.

O'NEILL: Well, you and Daniel said there was some kind of a failed rebellion.

CARTER: In 2995 BC.

(Jack turns to her with a mock look of shock on his face.)


CARTER: Colonel.

O'NEILL: Kidding. And call me Jack, will ya?

EGYPTIAN TENT VILLAGE (the same one we saw in Part 1). As the team walks into the village, a young boy runs to his father in alarm.

BOY: Mari'be! Mari'be! Mari'be!

(The man scoops the boy up into his arms.)

O'NEILL: Hey! It's alright, folks, we come in peace, nothin' to be afraid of.

CARTER: I doubt they speak English.

(A young man approaches them and we realize that this is Katep, the man whose brother was killed by Ra in the temple in Part 1.)

KATEP: Hello.

O'NEILL: He does.

KATEP: Yes. I am Katep.

O'NEILL: I am Jack.

KATEP: O'Neill. (He looks at the other two.) Colonel Carter, and Teal'c.

O'NEILL: How'd you know ...?

KATEP: Please come with me. Ra's patrols come through here often. They must not see you, (he looks at Teal'c) especially you. Please, come. (He leads them away.)

TENT. Katep leads the team to a tent.

KATEP: Please. (He stands in the doorway as the others walk in.)

O'NEILL: How do you know who we are?

KATEP: This is not the first time we have met.

CARTER: You knew the other SG-1 team.

KATEP: Five years ago you came. You were witness to the death of my brother at the hands of Ra. After you were trapped here, we planned an uprising together.

CARTER: So much for causality!

TEAL'C: Ra is still here. We have seen his ship.

KATEP: Our first attempt at gathering forces for the rebellion did not go well. We had to expose ourselves to those who proved still loyal to Ra. You were captured and executed long before the plan could be finished.

O'NEILL: Really? All of us?

KATEP: All but one.

(A man walks into the tent, his head covered with a hood. He throws the hood back and we see that it's Daniel. Sam smiles.)

JACKSON: Well, this can't be a good sign.

O'NEILL: Why's that?

JACKSON: Where am I?

O'NEILL: Ancient Egypt?

JACKSON: No, I mean the me from your timeline.

TEAL'C: I killed you.


TEAL'C: You were a Goa'uld spy.

JACKSON (shrugging): Good reason.

CARTER: It was horrible.

JACKSON: Yeah, I'm sure. Why are you here?

O'NEILL: Yes -- excellent question.

JACKSON: You don't know?

O'NEILL: Well, I thought I did, there, for a while, and then I realized I ... didn't.

JACKSON: Well, I know why I'm here.

O'NEILL: Good! Let's start there.

JACKSON: We came back in time to get a Z.P.M.

CARTER: Right! It was buried with the tape. Why is it so important? I think you were about to explain it but the, uh, the-the batteries on the camera ran out.

JACKSON: Long story. Why don't you take a seat? (Jack and Sam sit down but Teal'c remains standing.) Basically we got trapped here because you (he points to Sam) didn't want to affect the timeline, but ultimately you (he looks at Jack) and you (he looks at Teal'c) couldn't stand the idea of living out the rest of your lives under Ra's rule without doing anything. We remembered there was a rebellion here on Earth -- that's how the Gate got buried in the first place, so we figured what difference does it make if we're involved or not? Unfortunately we never got a chance to execute the plan.

O'NEILL: We heard.

JACKSON: Yes. We tried to do too much too fast. Since then, Katep and I have been slowly building up an underground movement. I can only assume things don't go well because if you're here, you saw the tape and the future still needs fixing.

O'NEILL: Somethin' like that.

CARTER: Oh, we didn't just see the tape. We saw the tablet.

JACKSON: What tablet?

CARTER: Oh. The one you haven't written yet, and put where the Stargate was supposed to be buried.

JACKSON: "Supposed to be"?

CARTER: In our timeline, the rebellion that you planned actually works. Ra ends up leaving, and Earth is freed, but, uh, Ra takes the Stargate with him.

JACKSON: OK, that's a problem.

CARTER: Yes! The Gate is never found at Giza, and none of us join the Stargate programme -- but you left a tablet in an obscure Egyptian dialect telling us the date of the rebellion and where to find the second Stargate in Antarctica.

JACKSON: Good for me! So you're here to make sure Ra doesn't take the Stargate.

O'NEILL: It's a plan.

(A young boy runs in.)

BOY: Daneel! Daneel! Jaffa!

KATEP: We must hide.

O'NEILL: Where?

KATEP: In here. (He and the boy pull back a rug on the floor and start brushing the sand away with their hands. Daniel beckons to Jack, Sam and Teal'c as Katep and the boy lift up a stone slab. Underneath is a ladder leading down into a chamber.)

(Outside, a Jaffa patrol walks into the village. They shove the villagers around and start to search the tents. A Horus guard stands and watches.)

(In the chamber, Daniel climbs down the ladder and joins the other three. He takes a burning torch from Jack and shows them what's in the chamber. There are many staff weapons lining the walls, and many zat guns lying on boxes.)

O'NEILL: Sweet!

(Up above them, a Jaffa walks into the tent and turns to call to his colleagues.)

JAFFA: Kree! Lok'nel!

(As other Jaffa walk in, Katep and the boy surreptitiously step forward so that they are standing on top of the stone slab, now covered with a rug again.)

(In the chamber)

JACKSON: We've got secret stores of weapons like this in several positions throughout the region.

O'NEILL: How many troops?

JACKSON: Uh, a couple of thousand, but that's not really the issue. According to you, my own account of history says we win the revolt.

CARTER: We just need to make sure that the Gate stays here and gets buried.

JACKSON: Which means we have to steal it and hide it from Ra.

O'NEILL: But it's out in the open, close to a ship.

TEAL'C: Holding such a position against a Ha'tak would be virtually impossible, even for a short period of time.

CARTER: Also, the Gate is kinda heavy.

JACKSON: We also have a ship.

O'NEILL: Yes, but you see, the ship fits in the Gate, not the other way around.

CARTER: There has to be a way that we can cable the Gate to the ship -- fly it out.

O'NEILL: Yeah, but we've still gotta get close to it without being detected.

JACKSON: Well, that's easy. The ship has a cloaking device ... (the others stare at him) makes it invisible.

O'NEILL: You're telling me this now?!

JACKSON: I was sure I mentioned it on the tape.

(Jack looks round at Sam, who shakes her head.)

TEAL'C: If we were able to time our approach to co-ordinate with the uprising, we may yet have a chance.

CARTER: We'll need to test the cloak. We took an awful lot of damage coming out of Chulak.

O'NEILL (glaring at Daniel): Because we didn't know about the damned cloak!

JACKSON: I was sure I mentioned it on the tape!

(Above their heads, the stone cover to the chamber is lifted. Katep looks down at the team.)

KATEP: They are gone!

DESERT. Jack and Sam are walking to the time ship.

CARTER: Do you ever wonder what your life's gonna be like in the future?

O'NEILL: Won't really be my life, will it?

CARTER: No, but still. I mean, I've led such a small and unimportant existence, I can't ever imagine being a hero who saves the planet.

O'NEILL: Well, we do have a time machine. We could go check it out.

CARTER: No way. We've already screwed up enough. Once we're done with the Gate, we need to destroy the ship.

O'NEILL: Seriously?

CARTER: Absolutely.

O'NEILL: You mean we have to stay here?

(Sam nods and they continue walking.)

CARTER: I wonder if the future me has a boyfriend?

TIME SHIP. Jack and Sam walk in and Jack sits in the pilot's seat. He slaps the edge of the console a few times to activate it.

O'NEILL: So what do I do?

CARTER: Um, try thinking "invisible".

(Jack shrugs, then puts his hands on the console.)

O'NEILL: OK. (He closes his eyes and concentrates. Sam looks around hopefully. After a few seconds Jack opens his eyes.) How do we know if it's working?

(Sam raises a finger, then trots outside and looks at the ship.)


KATEP'S TENT. Daniel and Katep stand with Teal'c as he unrolls a map and looks at it.

TEAL'C: Your strategy is good, but it does not work well as a distraction in our plan to steal the Chappa'ai.

JACKSON: Wait -- we know this plan works. If we alter it ...

KATEP: ... we may fail.

JACKSON: With this plan, the uprising succeeds and Ra leaves.

TEAL'C: And Ra takes the Chappa'ai. If we are to be successful in keeping Ra from taking the Chappa'ai, we must focus the efforts of the rebellion on distracting him from it. (Katep looks at Daniel, who sighs uncertainly. Teal'c looks at him.) Trust me.

TIME SHIP. Sam has opened a panel near the rear of the ship and takes out a glass panel. A cable is hanging from the ceiling and she takes the end and starts tinkering with the panel. Jack comes from the front of the ship and looks at her.

O'NEILL: How's it goin'?

CARTER: I've never seen this kind of technology before.

O'NEILL: Hey, you're supposed to be a genius. That's why I brought you along.

CARTER: I'm working on it. I think the power relay was overloaded. I may be able to reroute the circuit to the control interface ... (She looks up and sees Jack staring at her.) What?

O'NEILL: It's just a little weird hearin' that kind of stuff come out of someone so ...

(Sam turns and stares at him defensively.)

CARTER: So what?

O'NEILL: ... hot.

(Sam coughs.)

CARTER: Really?

O'NEILL: Yeah.

CARTER: Wow. Um, it's just you ... you're not the kind of guy that I usually attract.


CARTER: No. Huh. God. Wow! This is kinda awkward.

O'NEILL: Yeah, it's gettin' there.

CARTER: I'm kind of attracted to ... Daniel.

(Jack stares at her for a moment in disbelief.)

O'NEILL: What?! (Sam shrugs. Jack walks closer to her.) Really?!

CARTER: Sorry.

O'NEILL: No, that's OK, n-no problem there, I, it's just, you know ... first impressions, I kinda thought he was ... (He gestures vaguely as Sam raises her eyebrows at him.) Never mind.

(Sam nods. Jack blows out a breath and turns away from her. Sam turns back to her work, wincing.)

LATER. From behind a sand dune near the ship, Jack watches through binoculars as a Jaffa patrol approaches. He activates his radio.

O'NEILL: Carter. How's it goin' in there?

(Sam, still working inside the ship, scrabbles for her radio.)

CARTER: Uh, I think I'm almost there.

O'NEILL: That's good. We're about to have some company. (He runs back to the ship and closes the rear door.) We have a patrol on its way here. (He gets into the pilot's seat.)

CARTER: Try it.

(Jack puts his hands on the controls and they light up. He concentrates, then looks round.)

O'NEILL: Nothing's happening.

(Sam turns her attention back to the panel above her head.)

KATEP'S TENT. As Daniel, Teal'c and Katep continue to study the map, Jack's voice comes over the radio.

O'NEILL (over radio): Hey, guys, we've got a little problem here.

TIME SHIP. Sam is still tinkering with the panel.

O'NEILL: Carter, forget it. I'm just gonna take off.

(Nearby, we see the Jaffa patrol walking between two sand dunes. In moments they will be able to see the ship. Inside, Jack tries to get the ship to take off but nothing happens. He slaps the side of the control console.)

O'NEILL: C'mon! Now that's not workin'.

CARTER: Oh boy! (She reaches for the panel again and makes an adjustment.) Try the cloak now.

(Jack closes his eyes and concentrates. Just as the patrol rounds the sand dune, the ship cloaks.)

CARTER: Did it work? (She comes to the front of the ship and she and Jack look out of the windscreen as the patrol comes into view. They show no reaction.)

O'NEILL: Apparently.

(Just then, something in the console groans as it shuts off. Outside, the ship de-cloaks. The Jaffa run towards the ship and surround it. Three Jaffa come to the front of the ship, look in at Jack and Sam and aim their staff weapons.)

JAFFA: Shak'na kree!

O'NEILL (holding a hand up to his ear): What?

(The Jaffa open fire. Although the staff blasts do not penetrate the windscreen, other Jaffa around the ship are also firing and panels start to short out. Jack jumps out of the pilot's seat and shoves Sam towards the rear of the ship.)

O'NEILL: Go, go, go, go! (He closes the bulkhead between the front and rear of the ship and pushes Sam down onto her knees behind the time device before ducking down himself.) Get down! (Panels continue to short out as the Jaffa keep firing.) Woah!

CARTER: This could be a problem.

O'NEILL: You think?!

CARTER: If they penetrate the hull and hit the engines, the energy blasts could feed back into the power ...

O'NEILL: Carter!

CARTER: We could explode!

(Jack activates his radio.)

O'NEILL: Daniel, Teal'c.

JACKSON (over radio): We're almost there!

NEARBY. Daniel and Teal'c can hear the shooting. They duck down behind a sand dune and watch as the Jaffa continue to fire at the ship.

JACKSON: Well, this doesn't look good.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

JACKSON: Though it is quite ironic. This whole thing started because Sam didn't want to take the Jumper back from a Jaffa patrol.

TIME SHIP. Still hiding behind the time device, Sam stares at Jack as the panels continue sparking and exploding.

CARTER: Look, if we don't make it ... (She takes his head in her hands and kisses him. Once she has ended the kiss, Jack stares at her.)

O'NEILL: Wait a minute! You said you liked Daniel!

CARTER: I lied. I just wanted to get to know you better. You see, usually I'm a very cautious person and I tend to think things ...

(Jack grabs her head and kisses her. Explosions go off all around them.)

(Outside the ship, the Jaffa stop firing as Teal'c calls out to them.)

TEAL'C: Jaffa! (He and Daniel walk into the open. Teal'c holds his arms wide to show that he is not going to shoot.) Hear me! Ra is not a god! You can live free!

(The Jaffa patrol leader raises his staff weapon and points it at Teal'c.)

JAFFA: Na'kek, shol'vah!

JACKSON: I don't think he bought it.

(Inside the ship, Jack and Sam are still kissing but Jack opens his eyes and then breaks the kiss when he realizes that the firing has stopped. Outside, Teal'c tries again.)

TEAL'C: Relinquish your weapons and surrender!

JAFFA: Kel'tek trey! Lo t'nak!

JACKSON: Yeah, I thought you'd say that.

TEAL'C (loudly): Shal'tek!

(From behind a high sand dune nearby, Katep appears. He cries out and other Egyptians appear behind him. The Jaffa turn and stare as, all around them, hundreds of Egyptians appear, brandishing staff weapons and zat guns. All of them cry out fiercely. Daniel takes a P90 from his robe and aims it at the Jaffa. The Jaffa drop their staff weapons. Daniel activates his radio.)

JACKSON: Sam, Jack -- it's all clear. You can come out now.

(Inside the ship, Jack and Sam are gazing at each other.)

O'NEILL (into radio): In a minute.

(Daniel and Teal'c look at each other, puzzled. Inside, Jack takes hold of Sam's head and starts to kiss her again. They tumble to the floor, out of view of the camera. Above them, the time device shorts out.)

CARTER (off-screen): I can fix that.

S.G.C. - SAM'S LAB. General Jack O'Neill, Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson and Teal'c (with hair) are watching a screen showing the video recording from five thousand years ago. Jack is sitting at the desk while the others stand behind him. Next to Jack, nestled inside a wooden box on top of a lot of padding, is a glowing Z.P.M. On the desk next to the box is a half-eaten donut on a paper napkin.

JACKSON (on the screen): Uh, Jack, you should say something here.

O'NEILL (on the screen): Um, college football is played on Saturdays; pro on Sundays; and there are no fish in my pond ... at all ... where I fish. (He turns to the other two.) Uh, I think that covers it for me.

(In the lab, Daniel turns the video off. Sam looks at Jack.)

CARTER: Is that correct?

O'NEILL: If it is, we don't do anything?

CARTER: Apparently nothing we did affected the timeline.

O'NEILL: But we didn't do anything.

CARTER: Not yet. Apparently we were going to, two weeks from now, but now we don't have to.

O'NEILL: Excellent! (Daniel and Teal'c nod to each other and walk away.) That's it! I like it!

(Sam reaches for the Z.P.M. box.)

CARTER: OK, I'm gonna get this up to the lab for analysis.

O'NEILL: No! I'll take it. (He picks up the box.) There's a whole room full of geeks up there just dyin' to get their hands on this. You've got packin' to do! (He walks away as Sam smiles.)

MINNESOTA. Jack's cabin. A fishing line arcs out into the water. The camera lifts up from the water and we see that Jack and Sam are sitting side by side on the pier, fishing.

CARTER: This is great.

O'NEILL: I told ya!

CARTER: I can't believe we didn't do it years ago.

O'NEILL: Yes, well, let's not dwell.

(Sam giggles as she looks at him. Behind them, Daniel and Teal'c arrive, carrying a cooler box between them and each holding a folding chair in their free hand. Out in the pond, a fish jumps out of the water. Sam looks round at Jack.)

CARTER: Didn't that tape say there were no fish in your pond?

(Jack looks at her.)

O'NEILL: Close enough.

(Sam nods. The camera pulls back as Daniel and Teal'c unfold their chairs. Teal'c sits down, and Daniel walks onto the pier to join the other two.)