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Earth is infected with a deadly Ori plague, prompting an ally from SG-1's past to come to their aide. Gerak proposes that the Free Jaffa follow the Ori religion.

DVD DISC: Season 9, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Damian Kindler
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
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By Joseph Mallozzi
Writer and Executive Producer, Stargate SG-1

In the original pitch, this Earth plague story was intended as an SG-1 / Atlantis crossover that would finally reveal the mysterious entities behind Atlantis Season One's "Hot Zone" virus. After much discussion, it was decided to lose the connection to the "Hot Zone" villains (watch for them in Season Three of Atlantis) and make it a strictly SG-1 story.

As we started work on the scripts, we received word that Sean Patrick Flanery, the actor who portrayed Orlin in Season Five's "Ascension," would not be available. Rather than recast with an adult, we elected to make the change in physical appearance play into the story by having the character return as a young boy (as a means of retaining more of his ascended memories).

Originally, production concerns dictated that this be a Daniel-lite episode. But when circumstances changed, Daniel was written in. General John Jumper, the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, was supposed to make an appearance but, when his schedule changed, I rewrote the script for Don Davis (and wrote the extra scene at episode's end in which Hammond walks into the briefing room and addresses the team).

To be honest, this was a very challenging two-parter to produce for reasons too numerous to get into. And, while not my favorite of episode(s), it did offer up two particularly memorable scenes: Teal'c's confrontation with Gerak, and the Landry-Lam reconciliation at episode's end.

The second part of the two-parter was long and, as a result, several scenes (and parts of scenes) didn't make the cut. For example:

  • Midway through the episode, Mitchell and Daniel ambush the Prior in attempt to capture him. Unfortunately, things don't go exactly as planned and, while Mitchell finds himself airborne and at the Prior's mercy, Daniel is madly readjusting the frequency on the device that will, hopefully, neutralize the Priors powers.

      #Mitchell drops to the ground.

      Prior #2, taken by surprise, quickly recovers and throws his hand out again but --

      Mitchell already has his zat up and aimed. Stand-off.

      PRIOR #2: And take pity on them and their foolish ways, for their curious nature and vulnerable spirit shall be their downfall. So says the Book of Origins.

      Prior #2 opens his hand to strike. Nothing happens. He realizes -- his powers have failed.

      MITCHELL: Curiosity salted the snail.

      Mitchell zats him (VFX). He goes down.

      MITCHELL: That one's Spongebob Squarepants
  • The mother ships protecting Chulak await the arrival of Gerak's fleet --


      Bra'tac stands in front of the big window, looking out at the stars. Teal'c enters the Pel'tac and joins him.

      TEAL'C: Reflecting back on your ill-spent youth, old man?

      Bra'tac gives a little smile.

      BRA'TAC: In truth, I was thinking of you. If this gamble succeeds, you will have once again proven yourself a great leader -- and perhaps the only one capable of uniting the fractured Jaffa nation.

      TEAL'C: My heart is with my people -- but so long as the Ori threaten this galaxy, my place is with SG-1.

      BRA'TAC: I understand. Even so, there is no doubt we are the poorer for it.

      TEAL'C: I disagree. Should we win this day, Gerak's influence over the Jaffa shall wane, and our nation WILL rally under the command of a great leader -- provided he is courageous enough to accept the challenge.

      Bra'tac looks over at Teal'c, realizes his friend is talking about --

      BRA'TAC: Me?

      TEAL'C: Who better? Tell me.

      BRA'TAC: There are many others --

      TEAL'C: Others who may covet the position, yet none possessed of the strength and wisdom only you can offer. Ra'shon is weak and indecisive, Ve'zel too quick of temper. Do'raan lacks fortitude. All three are immature --

      BRA'TAC: (concedes) Barely two hundred and fifty years between them.

      This time it is Teal'c's turn to give a little smile. He's got him thinking. Bra'tac looks out at the stars.

      BRA'TAC: It was not too long ago that we faced a similarly impossible task. And yet, on that day, despite the odds, we finally ended generations of oppression and struggle by securing victory over Baal's fleet. I remember standing on the Pel'tac of that mothership, just as I am doing now, waiting for the battle to begin -- yet knowing that, no matter what the outcome, it would be the last time I would have to take the life of a fellow Jaffa.

      Teal'c looks at the melancholy Bra'tac, staring out into space. Beat.

      TEAL'C: No Jaffa blood shall be spilled on this day. On that you have my word.

      And with that, Teal'c turns and leaves a bewildered Bra'tac.