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The ship's crew is plagued by hallucinations that manifest their fears and desires.

WRITTEN BY: Carl Binder
DIRECTED BY: William Waring
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

DESTINY. In someone's quarters on Destiny, two people are having hot, sweaty, passionate sex. The room is dark and for a while it is not clear who they are but eventually we realise that they are Matthew Scott and ... Vanessa James. The sex goes on for some time and then Scott rolls off Vanessa leaving her apparently unsatisfied. She looks across at him as he sits up on the edge of the bed.

JAMES: What are you doing?

SCOTT (putting his underpants on): I should go.

(He reaches for his trousers. Vanessa sits up, frowning at him.)

JAMES: What? Why?

SCOTT (stepping into his trousers): I can't be doing this.

(He sounds cold and uncaring and won't meet her eyes. She turns away angrily and starts to get dressed.)

JAMES: Right. You say that now that you're done.

SCOTT: You knew what you were getting into.

(She stares at him angrily.)

JAMES: You know what? No. Screw that. I'm not gonna let you kick me aside like you did before.

SCOTT (uncaring and nonchalant): Yeah, well, whatever.

(He walks towards the door but she runs over the bed and steps into his way, standing with her back to the door-opening button.)

SCOTT: Move.

JAMES: Me or her. You can't have both.

SCOTT: I never said I wanted both. Now move.

JAMES: Me or her, Matt.

SCOTT (loudly): Get out of my way.

(She stands her ground, glaring at him. He tries to reach past her for the button but she angrily seizes his arm and shoves it back. They start to tussle and after a while he manages to get a grip on both of her arms, swings her around and throws her to the floor behind him. He looks down at her unsympathetically for a second, then turns and bends down to pick up the rest of his gear. Furious, she scrambles up, picks up a small lantern from the nearby table and slams it down onto the back of his head. He crumples to the floor. She stares down as he lies there on his front, his eyes open and fixed. Slowly blood begins to drain from a large wound on the back of his head. As it trickles across the floor, Vanessa's jaw drops and her eyes widen in horror as she realises what she has done.)

VOLKER'S QUARTERS. In his quarters, Dale Volker is tying his shoelaces. He wipes at his shoe, looking concerned, perhaps worried about how much longer his footwear will last before falling apart. Walking across the room, he picks up his shoulder bag and then slaps the door button. It beeps in its usual way but the doors stay closed. Frowning, he hits it a few more times but each time it beeps but the doors don't budge.

VOLKER: Oh, for f...

(He looks around and finds his radio. Picking it up, he activates it.)

VOLKER: This is Doctor Volker. Anybody in the Control Interface Room?

(He deactivates it and listens. When he gets no reply, he changes channel.)

VOLKER (into radio): How ‘bout anybody at all?

(Still there's no reply. Sighing, he raps on the doors.)

VOLKER (calling out): Hullo?

(He knocks several more times.)

VOLKER (loudly): Anybody?

(The central door lock spins and the doors open to reveal Hunter Riley standing outside.)


VOLKER: Y-yeah. (He gestures to the door button.) The, uh, door control doesn't work.

(Riley walks into the door, making Volker back up, then turns and hits the inside button.)

VOLKER (nervously): No, you don't have to ...

(But it's too late. The doors slide closed. Volker's face looks as if he's ready to kill Riley. Turning towards the doors, Riley pushes the button and the doors immediately unlock and open again. Riley looks straight-faced at Volker, who grimaces in embarrassment.)

VOLKER: Stupid ship.

(He walks out of the room. Riley follows him, tapping the outside button to close the doors behind him.)

CORRIDOR. In the corridors, Ronald Greer is walking along. He stops as he passes an open entrance to the Gate Room and frowns as he sees Camille Wray working on one of the consoles in the room. He turns and walks into the room as she continues typing busily. Looking around the room, he realises that there's nobody else in there.

GREER: Where is everybody?

WRAY: Uh, I don't know. The room was empty when I got here.

(She starts switching off the console, then turns to him, looking a little defensive.)

WRAY: Can I help you with something?

GREER: What are you doing?

WRAY (smiling smugly): Nothing you need to worry about.

GREER: I like to worry.

(He steps closer, looking at her suspiciously.)

WRAY: I was just updating some personnel files.

GREER: In the Gate Room.

(His face is full of disbelief.)

WRAY: Colonel Young and Doctor Rush know all about it ...

(She looks at him sarcastically.)

WRAY: ... in case you'd like to talk to them.

GREER: I'll do that.

(He locks gazes with her. Awkwardly, she moves away from the console and leaves the room, trying hard to look nonchalant. Greer watches her go, but then Eli Wallace's voice distracts him.)


(Greer turns his head and sees that Eli is standing near the Stargate.)

WALLACE: Have you seen Matt?

(Greer turns to look down the corridor again.)

GREER: I have not.

JAMES' QUARTERS. In Vanessa's quarters, she is sitting on the bed hugging her knees, crying and staring in grief at Matt's dead body on the floor. Her radio activates and Everett Young's voice comes through.

YOUNG: Lieutenant James, come in?

(She stares at the radio, afraid to answer.)

YOUNG (over radio): Lieutenant James, this is Colonel Young. Please respond.

(Whimpering, Vanessa reaches across to the bedside table and picks up the radio. She wipes the tears from her face, sniffs hard and tries to make her voice as normal as possible as she activates the radio.)

JAMES: Yes, sir.

YOUNG (over radio): You're late with the current ammunition count.

(She doesn't answer immediately. Young's voice comes over the radio again.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant, what are you doing?

(Looking across in terror at Matt's body, Vanessa takes a moment to answer but finally lifts the radio to her mouth again.)

JAMES: Nothing, sir. I'm fine. I am ... I just lost track of time, um, but I'm on my way now. James out.

MESS. Darren Becker walks over to a table where several airmen are sitting.

BECKETT: So I heard that Colonel Young's calling off the search for Franklin.


DUNNING: I don't think anyone was really looking for him. The man just vanished.


(As he walks away, the other airmen get up and leave the table. Dunning reaches for his radio but then stops and stares at the underside of his lower right arm in concern. One of the others turns back to him.)

AIRMAN: Dunning.

(Dunning looks up at him.)

AIRMAN: Come on.

(Dunning looks down at his arm again for a moment, then rubs it with his other hand, gets up and follows the others out of the room.)

CORRIDOR. In the corridors, Volker is walking along not looking where he's going as he rummages in his shoulder bag. He stops as he reaches a dead end that apparently shouldn't be there. Many pipes are lining the wall ahead of him, all twisting and turning in different directions. He frowns at the wall.

VOLKER: What the hell?

(He looks at the pipework for a long while, puzzled, then turns to go back the way he came ... but two paces behind him the corridor ends and another wall lined with a maze of pipework is blocking his way. Instantly he breaks out in a panicked sweat. As he turns to look at the first wall, and then at the second wall again, he begins to cry in terror. Trying to fight back his fear, he braces a hand against the side wall, uncertain what's going on.)

SCOTT: Doctor Volker?

(Gasping, Volker turns at the sound of the voice behind him. The first wall has gone and the corridor is open to a large junction. Scott is standing in the middle of it.)


(Volker turns to look behind him. The other pipe wall has also gone and the corridor is open.)

VOLKER: Something weird's going on here.

(Scott walks closer to him.)

SCOTT: What is it?

(Volker keeps looking around the walls, frowning. He shakes his head, unable to voice what has just happened to him.)

SCOTT: You look tired. Maybe you should go lie down.

(Volker blinks at him.)

VOLKER: Hmm, yeah. Maybe I will.

(Still bewildered, he turns and slowly walks away. Frowning, Scott turns back to the junction and continues on his way but stops a moment later as a small boy runs past a nearby doorway. Surprised, Scott follows through the doorway and turns a corner into a long dark corridor. The boy is standing at the far end looking at him. Scott realises who he is.)

SCOTT: Matthew?

(The boy - his eight year old son who should be back on Earth - turns and runs off. Scott chases after him.)

ELSEWHERE. Nicholas Rush knocks at the closed doors of someone's quarters. The doors unlock and slide open and Camille is standing on the other side.

WRAY: Nicholas.


(He opens his mouth but then hesitates.)

WRAY: Something wrong?

RUSH (hesitantly): I need to talk to you about something that ...

YOUNG: Just the two I need to see.

(Rush looks uncomfortable as Young arrives.)

WRAY: Colonel.

YOUNG: Am I interrupting something?

RUSH (curtly): No.

YOUNG: Good.

LATER. Young has told the two of them what's on his mind.

WRAY: I wasn't even in the Gate Room today.

RUSH: He said it was empty?

YOUNG: The only person in the room was Wray, working at one of the consoles, updating the files. He said you told him that Rush and I knew all about it.

RUSH: I don't know anything about this.

WRAY: And I don't know what to tell you, Colonel, other than he's lying.

YOUNG: He has no reason to lie.

(Camille and Nicholas both snort laughter.)

RUSH (sarcastically): Please!

WRAY: Sergeant Greer has had it in for us since the first day we came aboard this ship.

YOUNG: Correction: since the day the two of you led a mutiny to take it over. I can understand the suspicion.

WRAY (firmly): I was not in the Gate Room.

CORRIDOR. In the corridors, Scott is still chasing after his son. The boy runs around a corner. Scott follows and immediately almost collides with Chloe Armstrong coming in the opposite direction.


(He runs past her and into the next junction where he stops and looks around.)

ARMSTRONG: Are you all right?

SCOTT: You didn't pass anyone in the corridor just now?


SCOTT: Oh man.

(He leans over and braces his hands on his knees.)

ARMSTRONG: Matt, what happened?

(She walks closer, looking at him worriedly as he catches his breath but before he can explain further, Lisa Park's voice comes over the radio. She sounds frantic, and people are screaming and shouting nearby.)

PARK: We need help in the Workout Room! Anyone from the military! As many as possible, now!

LATER. Shortly afterwards, Scott, Chloe and another military man run into the room. Lisa is dressed in a large T-shirt which is covered with blood. She is looking in concern at what is happening in the middle of the room.


(Airman Dunning is just throwing a man away from him. He immediately starts clawing at the underside of his lower right arm, and has apparently been doing so for some time because it is covered with blood. It seems that others have been trying to stop him and he has fought each of them off, covering them with his blood in the process.)

DUNNING (frantically): No! Get it out! Get it out!

(The newly arrived airman hurls himself at Dunning and wrestles him to the floor. Dunning continues ripping at his arm.)

PARK: He thinks a snake is crawling under his skin.

(Scott bends down to the struggling airmen, then glances up and sees that Matthew is standing in the doorway watching him. Scott rubs his hand across his eyes, then forces himself to concentrate on the more urgent issue.)

LATER. In the Infirmary, Dunning has been sedated and strapped down and T.J. Johansen is dressing his arm. Lisa is standing nearby and has told Young what happened.

YOUNG: A snake?

PARK: He said it was crawling around under his skin but no-one saw anything. He just flipped out.

JOHANSEN: I can't find anything physically wrong with him other than the wounds that he inflicted on himself.

YOUNG: Have you noticed any unusual behaviour from him lately?

PARK: No. He's been his normal self.

(Young and T.J. look at her as if wondering how she knows what his "normal self" is. She blinks nervously.)

PARK: Uh, as far as I can tell.

YOUNG: All right. Well, let's, uh, let's keep him here; keep a close eye on him and let me know when the sedatives wear off. I'll wanna talk to him.

(T.J. nods and he leaves the room.)

MESS. Chloe is sitting at a table with Eli, Greer and Riley and telling them what happened.

WALLACE: No warning or anything? He just ... just went nuts?

ARMSTRONG: Yeah. Some kind of nervous breakdown. It was pretty scary.

WALLACE (appalled): Tearing gashes in your own arms? That's ... that's intense.

RILEY: The stress of life on this ship, day after day of not knowing what's ahead - it's a wonder more people aren't cracking up.

WALLACE (reflectively): I'm just glad he took it out on himself.

(He looks round at the others awkwardly and explains what he meant.)

WALLACE: ... and didn't start shooting people.

(Chloe nods her agreement, then looks at Greer sitting next to her, who is staring fixedly at something across the room.)

ARMSTRONG: Hey. You all right?

(Greer is watching Rush and Camille who are sitting together at a nearby table and talking intently but quietly as Rush indicates something on the paper that they're looking at.)

RUSH (in a whisper): ... take this from here and everything will be fine.

(Greer continues to stare at them. Riley looks across at him.)

RILEY: Hullo? Earth to Greer?

(Finally Greer drags his eyes away from the other two and looks at Riley, who immediately leans back a little, looking nervous. Greer looks around at Eli and Chloe.)

GREER: I'm fine.

(He looks across at Rush and Camille for a moment, then stands up and leaves the table. Riley watches him go.)

RILEY: I always figured he'd be the first to snap.

LATER. Rush is working at his console in the Control Interface Room. A shadow passes by behind him, as if someone has walked quietly past the entrance to the room. Frowning, Rush stands up and walks towards the entrance.

RUSH: Sergeant Greer. You wanna accuse me of something? Come forward.

(He reaches the corridor and looks in both directions. There's nobody visible.)

RUSH: No need for spying.

(Adam Brody comes to the doorway, wondering what he's doing.)

BRODY: Who are you talking to?

(Nicholas looks along the corridors again but still can't see anybody.)

RUSH: Apparently no-one.

(He goes back into the room again.)

VOLKER'S QUARTERS. In his quarters, Volker is lying on his back on the bed and has a damp cloth across his eyes. He reaches up and pulls the cloth off, still with his eyes closed. He lies there for a few more seconds, then opens his eyes. The ceiling is about an inch above his nose. Panic-stricken, he pushes against the ceiling with his hands.


(He looks to the left and right and realises that the walls of the room are just a couple of inches either side of his body. Effectively, he is in a coffin.)


(Still pushing at the ceiling, he screams out.)

VOLKER: Help! Somebody help me! Get me out of here!

(Sobbing, he pounds on the ceiling, becoming increasingly hysterical by the second.)

VOLKER (screaming): Help me! Get me out of here!

ELSEWHERE. Scott walks slowly and a little reluctantly towards a closed bulkhead door nearby. He steps close to it and looks through the small window to see Matthew standing on the other side looking back at him. Scott opens the doors and looks down at the boy, who immediately turns and walks off down a side corridor. Unhappily, Scott follows.

ARMOURY. Young is there with Becker.

YOUNG: Well, where the hell is she?

BECKETT: I don't know, sir. I tried to radio her; she's not responding.

YOUNG (angrily, under his breath): Oh, for God's s...

(He picks up a radio and activates it.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant James, come in.

(He waits for a couple of seconds, then speaks again.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant James, this is Colonel Young. Please respond.

(Shortly afterwards, he has gone to her quarters and is standing at the doors.)

YOUNG: James!

(Without awaiting a reply, he slams his hand against the button and the doors slide open. Vanessa is still sitting on the bed with her arms wrapped around her knees. She is staring at the floor and sobbing. She looks up at Young.)

JAMES (tearfully): I am so sorry.

(She tries to say more but can't speak through her tears.)

OBSERVATION DECK. Young Matthew is standing at the railing with his arms leaning on the top rung. As he watches the F.T.L. vortex flow past, Scott stands in the entrance of the room watching his son with a mixture of disbelief and confusion. Finally he makes himself walk into the room. Sighing nervously, he goes over and stands behind the boy for a moment, then steps around beside him and squats down. Matthew continues to gaze out of the window. Hesitantly Scott reaches out and gently puts his hand onto his head. Shocked that he can actually touch him, he softly strokes his son's hair.

SCOTT: You can't be real.

(At last the boy turns and looks at him sadly.)

MATTHEW: Why did you leave me?

(Scott's eyes fill with tears. As he tries not to break down, and forces himself to open his mouth to answer his son, Young's voice comes over his radio.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant Scott?

(Closing his eyes briefly, Scott stands up and gets his radio out.)

SCOTT (into radio): Yeah, Colonel, go ahead.

YOUNG (over radio): I need you in the Infirmary.

(Scott bows his head, unable to believe the bad timing.)

INFIRMARY. Vanessa is sitting on the side of a bed and T.J. is shining a penlight into her eyes. Scott walks in and comes into Vanessa's view. She gasps and stares at him in shock.

JAMES: You're alive!

YOUNG: She thinks she killed you.

JAMES: How did you ...? You were in my room!

(She cowers away from Scott. T.J. takes her arms supportively.)

JOHANSEN: You're hallucinating, just like Airman Dunning.

JAMES: What the hell is going on here?!

YOUNG: We don't know yet.

(Vanessa glances at Scott and can't help but cower again.)

JOHANSEN: I can't find anything physically wrong with either one of them.

SCOTT: I'm seeing things too.

(Young and T.J. look at him.)

SCOTT: Hallucinations. My son - I keep seeing him on the ship. I just ... I just talked to him.

(Young realises the connection.)

YOUNG: Your Away Team. James and Dunning went offworld with you to the last planet.

JOHANSEN: Maybe they picked something up.

JAMES (still shaking with shock): We didn't ingest anything.

JOHANSEN: It could have been airborne - any number of possibilities.

SCOTT: Corporal Barnes was on the Away Team as well; so was Doctor Volker.

LATER. Shortly afterwards, Riley and a couple of Marines are on their way to collect Volker from his quarters. They hear him yelling from some distance away.

VOLKER (through the walls): Help!

(His voice becomes a scream.)

VOLKER: Help me! Somebody help!

(The airmen break into a run. Riley activates his radio.)

RILEY: Colonel, we've got him.

LATER. INFIRMARY. Volker has been brought to the Infirmary and is lying on a bed, restrained and mildly sedated. T.J. shines a penlight into his eyes. Nearby, Young is standing with Corporal Barnes who has also been brought in. He turns to her.

YOUNG: Nothing?


SCOTT: No weird things out of the corner of your eye?

YOUNG: Disorientation?

(She shakes her head.)

BARNES: No. Feeling pretty much the way I always do: hungry, tired ... but I'm not seeing things.

JOHANSEN: Maybe she's immune to whatever it is the others picked up.

VOLKER: Maybe her symptoms are just taking longer to show up.

BARNES: Thanks(!)

YOUNG (to T.J.): But physically they're OK?

JOHANSEN: So far as I can tell, yeah.

Later, Young is walking with Chloe, who is obviously worried about her boyfriend.

YOUNG: Well, he's doing fine, but I'm gonna quarantine the entire Away Team, hopefully isolate the hallucinations until they pass.

ARMSTRONG: What if they don't pass? What if it gets worse?

YOUNG: I'm sure whatever it is, T.J.'ll figure it out. I mean, she's done pretty damned good so far.

ARMSTRONG: Is there anything I can do?

YOUNG: No, no. I'll pass the word; I'll let everyone know what's going on, but the situation's been contained, so there's no need for anybody to get alarmed. As soon as I know anything ...

(T.J.'s voice comes over his radio.)

JOHANSEN: Colonel Young, come in?

(Sighing, Young gets his radio out and activates it.)

YOUNG: Yeah, T.J.

JOHANSEN: Can you come to the Infirmary? I just discovered something.

(Young looks triumphantly at Chloe.)

YOUNG: You see?

INFIRMARY. A bright light has been set up behind Scott as he sits on the side of the bed. Standing behind him, T.J. is holding a magnifying glass to the back of his head as she shows Young what she has found.

JOHANSEN: So it's difficult to see, which is why I missed it on my initial examination. You see right there?

(She strokes back part of Scott's hair to reveal a tiny black creature attached to his head.)

YOUNG: Mmm, yeah. Looks like a tick.

JOHANSEN: Yeah. I just checked the others; they all have one, same spot - top of the neck there. All except Corporal Barnes. She's clear.

ARMSTRONG: Welcome to our new galaxy(!)

SCOTT: So the ticks are causing the hallucinations?

JOHANSEN: I don't know for sure, but I think so. Maybe they inject a venom, some sort of toxin, that affects the brain's chemistry.

VOLKER: OK, I want out.

(They look round as Volker, still strapped to the bed, starts to overcome his sedation and tries to sit up.)

VOLKER: Please just get me out of here. I want out of here, T.J.

(However, the drugs haven't worn off enough for him to be able to make much effort, and he can get no further than propping himself up on his elbows. T.J. grabs a syringe and hurries towards him.)

JOHANSEN: OK, OK, just relax, OK?

(As he slumps wearily back again, she gives him an injection and then strokes his forehead soothingly as the drug takes hold and he goes quiet. Once he has fully settled, T.J. turns to Young.)

YOUNG: Can you remove it?

JOHANSEN: Uh, they seem similar to Earth ticks. I could try and remove it the same way.

(Young turns to Scott.)

SCOTT: You up for going first?

(Scott looks round at him and seems to be fine about it, but then his eyes drift to the doorway of the Infirmary. Young Matthew is standing there looking at him sadly. Scott bites his lip as if wishing he could spend some more time even with an illusion of his son, but then he resolutely nods to the colonel and T.J.)


(Picking up the magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers, she leans close to the back of Scott's head and gently takes hold of the exposed end of the tick. Scott flinches, then heaves in a huge breath and collapses. Young catches him and lowers him down onto the bed.)

JOHANSEN: Lieutenant Scott?

(Sitting on a nearby bed, Vanessa grimaces at the thought of having to watch Scott die again.)

ARMSTRONG: What happened?

JOHANSEN: I don't know. He's crashing. Let's start C.P.R.

(Young goes around to the side of the bed and starts administering heart compressions while T.J. grabs an air bag. He pumps Scott's heart about fifteen times, then stops for T.J. to pump air into him. Lifting the bag, she leans closer to Scott's mouth as Young starts pumping his chest again. A couple of seconds later, Scott draws in a weak breath.)

JOHANSEN: He's breathing.

(Putting down the air bag, she puts her fingers to his neck, feels for a pulse and soon finds one.)

JOHANSEN: He's back.

YOUNG: All right. We get it, we remove it.

(He rolls Scott over onto his side. T.J. picks up the magnifying glass and looks closely at the back of Scott's head, but less of the tick is now visible.)

JOHANSEN: It's dug in even deeper.

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. Scott is still unconscious, but T.J. has now checked him over thoroughly.

JOHANSEN: His pulse is normal; B.P.'s back in range.

YOUNG: Listen. Is removing them impossible?

JOHANSEN: No. It's just that when I tried to pull it off, it must have released more toxin. I just have to figure out another way.

YOUNG: Get to it.

(He leaves the room. Vanessa, sitting cross-legged on her bed, watches him go, then looks across at Scott's unconscious body. To her eyes, the side of his head is covered with blood where she hit him with the lamp. She grimaces and closes her eyes against the awful sight.)

CORRIDOR. In the corridors, Greer is sitting on the floor and using a small mirror to see around the corner. He watches in the mirror as Camille checks some paperwork on a clipboard and then hurries away. Once she is out of sight, he gets up and follows after her.

ELSEWHERE. Chloe is walking along, lost in thought. She passes the entrance to the shuttle and glances in, then stops as she realises that someone is sitting in the pilot's seat.


(When the person doesn't answer, she looks around a little nervously but then walks into the shuttle. As she gets closer to the front, she begins to realise who is in the seat and her eyes fill with anguished tears. She steps closer and the man turns to look at her, confirming her suspicions that this is her father, Senator Alan Armstrong, who died during the first day on Destiny, sacrificing his life for the rest of the crew. She gasps and covers her mouth with her hands. He smiles at her.)

SENATOR: Hello, sweetheart.

(She stares at him, appalled.)

SENATOR: It's all right. It's really me.

ARMSTRONG: No. No, you're ... You're not real.

(He smiles happily at her.)



(She lowers her head, crying and trying to shake off the delusion.)

ARMSTRONG: Oh, this isn't happening.

SENATOR: Hey. Chloe. Look at me.

(Reluctantly, she lifts her head and looks into his eyes. He smiles at her.)

SENATOR: Whether I'm real or not, aren't you at least happy to see your old man?

(Unable to speak, she gazes at him and her expression of hope answers his question. He looks at her fondly.)

SENATOR: I have missed you, sweetheart.

(She sniffles. He stands up and turns to face her.)

SENATOR: I've missed you so much.

(He steps slowly and unthreateningly towards her, then stops a few paces away and holds out his arms. Fighting her tears, she looks at his arms and then up into his face. He smiles encouragingly to her. Sobbing, she steps into his arms and puts her head against his chest as he holds her.)

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Greer comes to the entrance and sees Rush and Camille looking at her clipboard and talking.

RUSH: So where d'you wanna come in?

WRAY: If we do this ...

(She draws or writes on the paper.)


GREER (sternly): Hey.

(He walks into the room.)

GREER: What's going on here?

RUSH: What do you mean?

WRAY: We were just talking.

GREER: About what?

(He glares round at her.)

RUSH: Something bothering you, Sergeant?

GREER: I don't know. Should there be?

RUSH: If you've got something to say, why don't you just go ahead and say it?

(Greer walks closer to him.)

GREER: You're not taking over this ship again.

(Rush frowns, then sighs a little.)

RUSH: We've no intentions of doing so.

WRAY: You're being paranoid.

(Greer glowers at her.)

GREER: I know you're up to something.

RUSH: And you have proof of this, do you?

(Greer looks back at him, unable to answer.)

RUSH (disparagingly): Of course you don't.

(He looks across to Camille.)

RUSH: Are we done here?

(She nods. Rush turns and leaves the room. Greer looks round at Camille, who turns and starts to leave by another exit. He watches her go and a moment later she turns and smiles smugly at him before continuing out of the room.)

OBSERVATION DECK. Chloe and her imaginary father walk slowly to the railing.

ARMSTRONG: We haven't had any luck yet figuring out a way home. God knows if we ever will. We do have the communication stones. I was able to use them to go see Mom.

SENATOR: How is she?

ARMSTRONG: Strong ... fragile ... (she draws in a shaky breath) ... doing her best, considering.

SENATOR: She's a fighter, like you.

(He strokes Chloe's back.)

ARMSTRONG: Sometimes I see you in my dreams, but they always end the same ...

(She trails off, unable to finish the explanation. She looks down.)

ARMSTRONG: I'm trying to get through this, but it just gets so ...

SENATOR: Hey. (He puts a comforting hand on her shoulder.) One step at a time.

(She smiles a little. He looks out of the windshield and walks closer to the railing.)

SENATOR: Look at that view! God, I've never seen anything like it. I've always dreamed that you would live a life of adventure and travel the world.

ARMSTRONG: I know. You told me frequently!

(They grin at each other.)

SENATOR: Well, look at you now! Sailing through the universe, exploring galaxies, planets.

(He looks at her proudly.)

SENATOR: You're living my dream, kiddo.

(He puts his arm around her shoulder and she walks into his embrace, hugging him.)

INFIRMARY. Young walks in.

YOUNG: Hey. What do you got?

JOHANSEN: The venom we extracted from the jungle planet creature - it worked as an anaesthetic on Rush during his surgery. I think that if I apply it topically to the tick ...

YOUNG: Knock it out, give you time to remove it.


YOUNG: That's great.

(She looks round at Scott as he begins to stir on the bed.)

JOHANSEN: Ah, he's coming to.

SCOTT (drowsily): What happened?

YOUNG: You got a jolt when we tried to remove the tick.

(Groaning, Scott tries to sit up. Young puts a gentle hand on his chest and pushes him back down.)

YOUNG: Relax, just relax.

JOHANSEN: We're gonna try to anaesthetise it, and then I'll try and see if I can remove it safely, OK?

(Scott lifts his head and looks toward the Infirmary entrance, though we don't see whether he can still see his son standing there. Lowering his head again, he nods to T.J.)

JOHANSEN: OK, let's just take a look here.

(She turns his head and peers at the back of his neck. After a few moments, she straightens up and looks round at Young.)

JOHANSEN: It's gone. The tick.

YOUNG: It just died off?

JOHANSEN: I don't know.

(She hurries over to Dunning's bedside and checks his neck. Young does likewise to Volker and T.J. then goes over to check Vanessa.)

JOHANSEN: Theirs are all still attached.

YOUNG: Volker as well.

SCOTT: Could it have jumped?

(Young and T.J. look at each other unhappily.)

OBSERVATION DECK. Eli walks to the entrance and smiles as he sees Chloe inside sitting at the bar at the rear of the room. The person who she is talking with is blocked from his view at present.

ARMSTRONG: Yeah, I know, I remember.

(She laughs. Eli walks into the room.)

ARMSTRONG: Gosh, it's so funny. I feel like ... almost forever ago.

(Smiling fondly, she reaches out to the person next to her. Finally Eli can see the seat beside her ... and there's nobody there.)


(Chloe looks round at him awkwardly. He grins at her as if he has caught her talking to herself.)

WALLACE: What are you doing?!

(Chloe looks across at her father sitting in the next seat. Eli's smile fades.)

WALLACE: What's wrong?

(Chloe continues to stare at eye level at the seat beside her. Eli walks closer.)


(She turns to him.)

ARMSTRONG: I'm fine.

WALLACE: Really? ‘Cause you don't seem fine.

(She looks at him, bracing herself, then tells him the truth.)

ARMSTRONG: My father's here. I mean, I know he's not here; I'm just ...

WALLACE (nervously): Just ... hallucinating?

(She nods.)

ARMSTRONG: It's really strange. He's so ... real.

WALLACE: You're seeing him right now?



(She looks to the other seat.)

ARMSTRONG: Right beside me.

(Eli steps closer, as if being nearer will make him see her fantasy. Apparently the Senator believes it too.)

SENATOR: Hullo, Mr. Wallace.

ARMSTRONG (to the empty seat): He can't hear you.


(She turns back to him.)

WALLACE: We've gotta get you to the Infirmary. Just have T.J. take a look ...

ARMSTRONG: No, I already know what's wrong. There's a tick on me. Matt and his team picked them up on the last planet. One must have jumped to me somehow.

WALLACE: Wait a minute, what? An alien tick ... Are you kidding me?!

ARMSTRONG: T.J. thinks it might inject some kind of toxin that causes people to hallucinate.

(Eli grabs her hand and starts to pull her out of her seat.)

WALLACE: Look, we have to go.


(She pulls her hand free and backs away from him.)


ARMSTRONG: It doesn't hurt!

WALLACE: That's not the point!

(Chloe gestures towards the empty seat.)

ARMSTRONG: And he's not hurting me either!

WALLACE: "He"?! You mean your imaginary father?!

ARMSTRONG: I'm not crazy! I know what's going on. I know that he's not real, but I can't ...

(She breaks off, trying not to cry.)

ARMSTRONG: I'm not ready to lose him again, OK?

(Eli steps closer to her.)

WALLACE: You can't let that thing stay on you.

ARMSTRONG: I know, OK? I know. Just ... humour me, all right?

(Eli shakes his head gently at her.)

ARMSTRONG: Give me some time. I'll go see T.J. soon, I promise.

(She gazes at him, pleading.)

ARMSTRONG: But for now, just ... don't tell anyone, OK?

(Eli's eyes drift uncomfortably to the empty seat, then he looks at her again.)

ARMSTRONG: Please, Eli.

(Closing his eyes in disbelief at what he's about to do, Eli reluctantly nods to her.)

CORRIDOR. Rush is walking along. Sensing movement behind him, and hearing a throaty growl, he spins around.

RUSH: OK, Sergeant, I've just ...

(He stops as he realises that there's nobody behind him. Frowning, he turns to continue along the corridor and instantly bumps into a solid glass wall that wasn't there a moment ago. Anxiously, and probably instantly flashing back to his time in the water tank on the alien ship, he slams his hands against the glass in an attempt to break it but when it won't budge he quickly turns back the other way ... only to find another glass wall behind him. Turning to the side, he realises that he's surrounded by a glass tank. As he continues trying to break the walls, liquid begins to pour into the tank from floor level. Panic-stricken, he pounds on the walls but the water floods in and has reached the top of his chest in seconds. Screaming, he tries to spin around to pound on another wall ... and finds himself back in the corridor. The tank and the water have gone. He looks around himself in disbelief for a while, then anxiously starts to move away.)

INFIRMARY. In the Infirmary, T.J. is sitting down while Young holds the magnifying glass up and checks the back of her neck. Scott stands nearby.

YOUNG: I don't see anything. You're clear, too.

SCOTT: Well, you had to do it.

YOUNG (to T.J.): Listen, I want you to go back to your quarters and stay there until ...


YOUNG: Just a precaution; make sure you don't get sick.

JOHANSEN: I need to be here.

YOUNG: Park can take over for you.

JOHANSEN: No, Colonel, please. I'm fine. Look, we'll check ourselves periodically and, if I start having any hallucinations at all ...

(She trails off as she suddenly realises something.)

JOHANSEN: Chloe. She was in here earlier.

SCOTT: I'll go find her.

(He hurries out.)

RUSH'S QUARTERS. Rush has reached his quarters and sits down on the side of the bed, breathing heavily and still shocked by his recent experience. Outside the open doors of his quarters, a rhythmic sound begins - the sound of alien feet stepping closer. Trembling with fear, Nick slowly raises his head and sees one of the blue aliens standing outside the door. It growls throatily at him. He stares at it in horror for a few seconds, then hurls himself towards the door button and presses it, cowering out of the way as the alien tries to get through the doors before they close. As the doors slam shut and the lock spins, leaving the alien outside, Nick cringes back against the wall.

INFIRMARY. In the Infirmary, T.J. uses her fingers to comb through Vanessa's hair at the back of her head until she sees where the tick is. She picks up a bottle of the jungle venom, opens it and dips a long cotton bud into it. Putting the bottle down again, she strokes Vanessa's hair back and carefully dabs the venom onto the tick. She puts the bud down and then looks at Young standing opposite Vanessa. He nods.

YOUNG: Ready.

(He leans down and looks into Vanessa's eyes, ready to catch her if she should react in the same way that Scott did earlier. She closes her eyes nervously as T.J. picks up tweezers and gently gets hold of the tick. A few moments later T.J. lifts the tick free and puts it down on the tray beside her. Young lowers the butt of his pistol down on top of it and squishes it flat.)

JOHANSEN (to Vanessa): OK?

(Vanessa nods, unharmed by the tick's removal.)

RUSH'S QUARTERS. In his quarters, Rush listens carefully, trying to make out any noise outside. Not hearing anything, he hurries over to his radio, grabs it and activates it.

RUSH: Colonel Young, come in.

(He gets nothing but static. He tries again.)

RUSH: Colonel Young, do you read?

(Still he can hear nothing but static. Almost crying in terror, he slams the radio down. With his eyes wide with fear, he makes his way to the door and reluctantly hits the door panel. He cringes out of sight as the doors slide open. Nothing comes in and after several seconds he plucks up the courage to look out into the corridor, where there is nothing there.)

OBSERVATION DECK. Searching for Chloe, Scott reaches the Observation Deck and sees Eli standing just outside. He trots over to him.


(Eli turns and looks at him in surprise.)

WALLACE: Hey. Are you OK? I heard you'd ...

SCOTT: I'm fine. Have you seen Chloe?

(Eli looks back at him silently, fighting his conscience.)


WALLACE (very reluctantly): Yeah.

(Glancing towards the Observation Deck, he turns and leads him in there. Chloe is sitting at the bar smiling towards the empty space above the seat next to her. She looks round as the boys come in.)


SCOTT: Hey. I need you to come with me to the Infirmary. There's a chance that the tick that was on me jumped to you. Uh, you been seeing any weird things?

ARMSTRONG: No. I'm fine.


(Chloe and Matt both look round at him. Reluctantly, he steps forward and looks at Matt.)

WALLACE: She's seeing her dad.

ARMSTRONG (angrily): Eli!

(Scott turns to her.)

SCOTT: Yeah, we need to get you to the Infirmary.

ARMSTRONG: No, just wait a minute. I just need a little more time.

SCOTT: We can't risk letting that thing stay on you.

(Firmly taking her left arm, he starts to pull her up from the stool. The Senator reaches out and grabs her right wrist.)

SENATOR: Don't leave me! Chloe!

(Chloe tries to tug her arm away from Scott.)

ARMSTRONG: No, wait, I want ...

(Eli reaches out and pulls her right hand off the bar where she is gripping it.)

WALLACE: Come on, Chloe. Chloe. Come on.


(She sobs as the boys bundle her out of the room.)

SCOTT: Come on. Come on. You'll be OK.

GATE ROOM. As Nick tiptoes towards the Gate Room, he can hear that the Stargate is open. He creeps onto the upper balcony and watches in horror as at least four blue aliens walk through the event horizon. He turns and runs away.

CORRIDOR. Camille comes out of her quarters and hits the door panel to close the doors behind her. She stops as she sees Greer nearby, just standing and watching her. She turns and walks towards him.

WRAY: Can I help you with something, Sergeant?

GREER: You can start by wiping that smile off your face.

(Camille frowns. She hasn't been smiling.)

WRAY: What smile? I'd appreciate you not telling lies about me to Colonel Young.

(Greer steps closer to her and stares into her face.)

GREER: Lies?

WRAY: Telling him that I was in the Gate Room messing with the consoles. I don't know what kind of game you're playing, Sergeant, but ...

(She trails off as she realises that he is looking over her shoulder at something behind her. Greer is watching Rush, who is lurking at the end of the corridor and looking towards him and Camille nervously. What Rush can see, however, is two aliens who have been standing and talking in their alien language, but now one notices him and steps towards him as the other turns to look. Back down the corridor, Camille turns to look and see what Greer is moving towards.)

WRAY: What are you doing?

(As Rush turns and hurries away, Greer starts to run after him.)

INFIRMARY. Chloe is sitting on the side of a bed. Behind her, T.J. has brushed her hair aside and found the tick in the back of her head.

JOHANSEN: There it is.

ARMSTRONG: I don't know why you have to remove it. It's not hurting me.

WALLACE: You don't know that. It's making you hallucinate - who knows what else it's doing?

SCOTT: It's too dangerous to leave in place.

YOUNG: Guys, this discussion needs to end now. Let's remove it.

(As T.J. lifts Chloe's hair and begins to apply the jungle venom to the tick, Chloe tearfully looks up at her father standing beside her.)

SENATOR (softly): Tell your mother that I love her. (He takes her hands.) I miss her.

ARMSTRONG (tearfully): I love you, Daddy.

(Eli blinks and looks at Scott, who smiles ruefully.)

SENATOR: I love you too, sweetheart. You're living our dream. Remember that.

(She nods as he smiles affectionately at her one last time and then leans forward and kisses her on the forehead. Behind her, T.J. lifts her hair again and reaches forward with the tweezers. As she tugs the tick from Chloe's head, the Senator steps back and vanishes. Chloe gasps and lowers her hands from where she had been holding his. T.J. drops the tick into a small pan and Chloe looks round at it as Matt takes out his pistol and crushes it with the butt end. Chloe turns away, tears pouring down her face. Just then, Greer's voice comes over the radio.)

GREER: Colonel Young, come in.

YOUNG (into radio): Go ahead, Sergeant.

(Greer is walking briskly after Rush as he hurries along the corridors.)

GREER (into radio): Colonel Young, we have a problem. The civilians are trying to take over the ship again.

YOUNG: What?

GREER: I'm pursuing Rush. He and Wray are actively trying to seize control of the ship. Now, I don't know who else is working with them, sir, but we need to mobilise now.

YOUNG: Sergeant, I need you to listen to me. Do not do anything. I will talk to them.

GREER: Permission to use deadly force?

YOUNG: What? No. Did you hear what I said? I need you to stand down. Do not do anything.

(In the corridor, Greer hears something completely different.)

YOUNG's VOICE (over radio): Permission granted. Use whatever force necessary to stop them.

GREER (into radio): Copy that.

(Smiling in satisfaction, he starts to stroll confidently down the corridor.)

YOUNG's VOICE (over radio): Sergeant, we don't know if these channels have been compromised. Go to radio silence.

GREER (into radio): Yes, sir.

(Turning the radio off, he draws his pistol and heads off in pursuit of Rush.)

(In the Infirmary, Young lifts his radio with a look of concern.)

YOUNG: Greer, acknowledge. I said, "Stand down."

WALLACE: You think he might be hallucinating too?

SCOTT: Well, how? The ticks have been accounted for.

JOHANSEN: Unless there was more than one tick on each of you when you guys got back.

YOUNG (to Scott): Go find Greer.

SCOTT: Yes, sir.

(He hurries from the room. Young turns to T.J.)

SCOTT: We need to examine everyone on this ship. Quarantine anyone who's clear.

JOHANSEN: Yes, sir.

CORRIDOR. In the corridors, Camille has been following Greer. She gasps as she rounds a corner and sees him standing at the other end with his pistol drawn, albeit pointed downwards. He swings around the far corner and aims his pistol down the next corridor.

WRAY: Sergeant Greer!

(Ignoring her, he moves off out of sight. She looks around anxiously, then follows after him.)

(Ahead of Greer, Rush hurries along but then reaches a dead end with a bulkhead which appears to have no means of opening it. Anxiously he looks back down the corridor and sees someone or something come around the corner shining a flashlight around. Nick runs to the nearest room and opens the doors. Hurrying inside, he finds himself in a dark storage room with various crates in it. He runs over to a metal case which must have been brought from Icarus base, opens it and rummages around for something useful. Finding nothing, he runs deeper into the room and finds a rack of tools. He pulls out a screwdriver and ducks down behind the crates just as Greer reaches the doorway and stops, shining his flashlight around. Grinning savagely, Greer walks inside and starts to search. Rush runs for deeper cover.)

GREER: I know you're in here, Rush.

(Rush stays where he is.)


(He waits for a moment, then moves silently onwards. Behind some of the crates, Nick climbs quietly onto a low box so that he will be able to see over the top of the crates. As Greer continues to move on, shining his flashlight in all directions, Nick peeks around the side of the crate and watches as an alien steps past nearby. Nick ducks back into cover, listening for footsteps. When he judges it to be safe, he moves on and creeps around the boxes, trying to get to the door. Holding his screwdriver up, he starts to step out into an open area but immediately ducks back as an alien appears out of the gloom, growling softly. As it reaches his hiding place, it turns and looks at him. Instantly Nick surges forward and stabs his screwdriver into the alien's chest. Camille cries out and falls to the floor, clutching the wound in her chest. Rush moves towards the alien but Greer steps into view and cuffs Nick to the ground with his pistol, then walks over to the doors and closes them. As Camille manages to get onto her knees, he steps back a few paces and aims his pistol at the door button.)


(He fires and the button explodes.)

WRAY: What are you doing?! Open that door!

(Greer aims his pistol down at her head. Gasping in terror, she falls back to the floor, cowering from him.)

GREER (calmly): You're not taking over this ship again.

OUTSIDE THE INFIRMARY. The rest of the crew has been rounded up and they are waiting in line to be examined. Young walks along the line as Scott's voice comes over his radio.

SCOTT: Colonel Young, come in?

YOUNG (into radio): Go ahead, Scott.

(Scott and a team are searching the ship.)

SCOTT (into radio): No sign of Greer. Still not responding to any radio calls.

YOUNG: Well, keep at it.

SCOTT: But, sir, Rush and Wray are also unaccounted for. No-one knows where they are. Rush isn't responding to his radio either.

YOUNG: All right. I'll put a few more details together.

(He walks into the Infirmary and goes over to where T.J. is about to examine Lisa Park.)


JOHANSEN (to Lisa): Excuse me.

(She walks over to Young.)

YOUNG: So listen: I, uh, I gotta got help look for Greer. You gonna be OK?

JOHANSEN: Yeah, I'm fine.

YOUNG: All right. But if you feel any different, you see anything out of the usual ...

JOHANSEN: No, believe me, I'm as concerned about this as you are.

YOUNG: OK, all right, all right. But keep me posted.


YOUNG: Thanks.

(She smiles at him and he leaves the room, walking past a group of those who had been previously affected, including Dunning and Volker who are now up and about. They and Eli are talking.)

WALLACE: More than one tick attached to you might explain why some of the hallucinations were more ... intense than others.

VOLKER: The toxins: maybe they target the limbic system. It's the area of the brain that's responsible for emotions, so fear, anger, remorse.

WALLACE: Matt's guilt over his son.

(He gestures to Volker.)

WALLACE: Claustrophobia.


(Volker looks at Dunning.)

VOLKER: Let me guess: issue with snakes?

(Embarrassed, Dunning nods. Volker looks at Vanessa.)

VOLKER: And you?

(Vanessa looks uncomfortably across at Chloe, but she's lost in her own memories and doesn't notice. Vanessa looks away again.)

STORAGE ROOM. Hidden in the shadows, Nicholas regains consciousness as Camille cries out in agony to Greer.

WRAY: Listen to me.

(He shines his flashlight on the bloody stab wound above her right breast.)

WRAY: I can't stop the bleeding. You have to open that door. If I don't get medical attention ...

(Greer reaches for the radio attached to his jacket, unaware that he switched it off previously. He still believes that it's transmitting and answers it.)

GREER: Yes, Colonel.

(He listens for a moment.)

GREER: No, sir, I do not know who else is involved in the mutiny.

(Camille stares at him in terror. He looks back at her flatly.)

GREER (into radio): She's refusing to co-operate.

WRAY: You're not talking to anyone! Your radio is off! (Frantically) What is the matter with you?!

GREER (into radio): Yes, sir, I will continue the interrogation, but at some point, sir, we are just better off ending this once and for all.

WRAY: Sergeant. Sergeant, listen to me.

(Greer tilts his head as if he's hearing something some distance away.)

WRAY (urgently): Sergeant Greer!

(Greer looks from left to right as if trying to find the source of what he can hear.)

WRAY (angrily): We are not taking over the ship!

CORRIDOR OUTSIDE. Just outside the room, Scott and his team run over and meet up with another detail which has summoned him.

SCOTT: What've you got?

AIRMAN: Can't get the door open. Must have been disabled from the inside. I heard Wray's voice.

(Scott raps on the door.)

SCOTT (calling out): Camille? It's Lieutenant Scott.

WRAY (yelling): Scott! Help! I'm wounded! Sergeant Greer's got us hostage!

GREER: Shut up!

(He aims his pistol down at her again. She grimaces in fear.)

GREER (softly): Quiet, now.

SCOTT: Sergeant Greer, it's Lieutenant Scott. Stand down!

(Greer doesn't respond. Scott activates his radio.)

SCOTT: Colonel Young, this is Scott, come in.

YOUNG (over radio): Yeah.

SCOTT: We've found him. He has locked himself and Wray in one of the storage rooms. I think he's holding her hostage.

(Geared up for battle, Young and a strike team are on their way.)

(In the storage room, apparently forgotten by Greer, Rush looks around anxiously, presumably still seeing aliens near the door. Greer continues to aim his pistol down at Camille, his hand now shaking slightly.)

(Outside, Scott takes out a block of C4 and unwraps it. Peeling off a strip, he rolls it into shape and sticks it to the door lock. Someone hands him a detonator and he attaches it to the explosive and switches it on.)

(Inside, Greer looks down at Camille.)

GREER: I'm done with you.

(Terrified and shaking, Camille looks up at him.)

WRAY (tearfully): Please, Sergeant. Don't.

(She is holding up her left hand defensively against him. Suddenly, as if for the first time, he notices that the palm of her hand is covered with blood. He tilts his head as if this means something to him.)


(Greer's head snaps around and he sees his father sitting on a box nearby, mostly obscured by the darkness. Greer stares at him, and Reginald slowly leans forward into the light to show his burned face.)

REGINALD (flatly, but sternly): I said, do it.

(For a moment, Greer lowers his pistol, pointing it at the ground. He turns his head and looks down at Camille, who shakes her head pleadingly at him. Slowly he raises his pistol again ... and then Rush surges out of the shadows and slams a long metal pipe across his head. The impact knocks him to the ground but he instantly scrambles up and turns his pistol on Rush ... but then the door explodes inwards and the shock blows both of them to the floor. The rescue crew race in and an airman hurls himself at Greer and pins him down, flipping him onto his stomach. Scott comes cautiously towards him, aiming his rifle at him. Greer breathes heavily and struggles but the airman keeps him pinned down and pulls his hands around to tie them behind his back. Seeing that the situation is under control, Scott activates his radio.)

SCOTT: Colonel Young ...

(Behind him, Rush jumps up, grabs his pipe and slams it across Scott's back. As Scott cries out in pain and slumps to the floor, another airman lunges at Rush and starts to pin him down. He fights back fiercely, his teeth gritted in savage terror. Nearby, Camille cries out in pain as a medic presses a pad to her wound. Finally the airman gets Rush's arm twisted almost to breaking point. Screaming in pain, Rush can do nothing but fall still.)

(Getting to his feet, Scott looks around at the barely controlled pandemonium all around him, then activates his radio.)

SCOTT: Colonel, we got ‘em. Send T.J. We have wounded in here.

(He deactivates his radio and blows out a relieved breath.)

MUCH LATER. In the Infirmary, Camille grimaces as T.J. settles her arm into a sling. Young walks over.

YOUNG: How're you doing?


JOHANSEN: I was able to stop the bleeding and stitch the wound, so we'll keep an eye out for infection but she should be OK.

YOUNG: Rest of the crew?

JOHANSEN: I checked everyone. It looks like we got ‘em all, so hopefully things'll get back to normal around here.

WRAY (ruefully): Whatever that is!

MESS HALL. In the Mess, Vanessa sits at a table eating her meal with Becker. Sadly she watches Matt and Chloe sitting at a table nearby and talking.

In the Control Interface Room, Nicholas is back at his console but is lost in thought. Nearby, Lisa and Brody watch him with some concern.

In his bed, Volker gazes up at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

Camille walks along the corridor, uncomfortably holding her injured arm in its sling. She reaches a junction at the same time as Greer does and he stops, looking as if he would be willing to talk to her but she ignores him and walks on past. With a regretful expression, he watches her go.

At the entrance to the Observation Deck, Eli sadly watches Chloe as she stands at the railing watching the F.T.L. vortex go by. After a while he turns and walks away.

LATER. Some time later, Destiny exits F.T.L. and enters normal space. In the Gate Room, the Stargate is open as Young walks in to where Rush and Riley are already watching footage from a Kino that has been sent through.

YOUNG: What've we got?

RUSH: Well, the atmosphere's good.

(He looks up at the clock.)

RUSH: Ten hours on the countdown.

(Shrugging, he gestures towards the Gate.)

RUSH: Should we send a team?

(Young looks thoughtfully at the event horizon.)

YOUNG: Yeah. Our luck's gotta change at some point.

RILEY (laconically): Just remember the bug spray.

(Rush and Young both throw him a look, then Young lifts his radio to his mouth.)

YOUNG: Scott, this is Young. Get a team ready. You're going offworld.