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Dr. Rush and Homeworld Command investigate when Colonel Telford is suspected of spying for the Lucian Alliance.

WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Alex Chapple
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

DESTINY. Nicholas Rush is asleep in his quarters. He is restless and his closed eyes are flickering. He flinches and sees a flash of a tall, open-ended building, possibly a large warehouse. He has further brief flashes: a metal box with the number 314 stamped on the side; a car pulling up and the rear window rolling down to reveal a dark-haired woman looking at him; a second glimpse of the woman in the car, followed by a new perspective of the car parked at the side of a river and three men standing nearby looking at him. Nicholas turns over in the bed, still asleep but very disturbed and restless. In his dream he appears to turn and look past another man to more cars parked nearby. Nicholas finally jolts awake. He lies there for a moment, taking in what he has just dreamed, then props himself up on one elbow and drinks deeply from the mug of water beside his bed.

LATER. Not long afterwards, he has dressed and walks to Everett Young's quarters. He knocks on the open doors. Young, sitting at his desk and writing, glances up as Nick walks in.

YOUNG: You're up late.

(Nick paces around in front of his desk.)

RUSH: Yeah. I just had a very interesting dream.

YOUNG: Everyone thinks their dreams are interesting. Nobody else cares.

RUSH: Yeah, well you're gonna care about this one.

(He walks over to the doors and pushes the wall panel. The doors slide closed. He walks back towards the desk and sits down on the back of the nearby sofa.)

RUSH: I'm outside a warehouse on Earth and there's birds - at least, I can hear them. Seagulls, I think.

(Still writing, Young glances up at him briefly. Nick flashes back to what he saw in his dream. He sees himself getting out of a car near the warehouse and looking at the three men standing near the car. A fourth man gets out from the passenger seat.)

RUSH: I'm at some kind of meeting. There's four or five people there.

YOUNG (disinterestedly): Who?

RUSH: I don't know, I don't know, but I'm giving them information, reports, files.

(In his flashback/dream, the man who just got out of the car has taken a briefcase from him and is rifling through the papers inside. He hands one of the files to the woman in the back seat of the car.)

RUSH: I'm talking about Icarus in detail.

(Now Young lifts his head, more interested.)

YOUNG: Well, who were they?

RUSH: I don't know. I ...

(In his flashback/dream, he looks at the man who took the briefcase, then looks past him to a large space vessel parked between the warehouse and a shed.)

RUSH: They had a Goa'uld cargo ship.

YOUNG: The Lucian Alliance on Earth?!

RUSH: I can only guess.

YOUNG: You dreamed you were the spy who leaked everything about Icarus to the Lucian Alliance?

RUSH: No-no-no, not me. It wasn't me.

YOUNG: Rush, what the hell are you talking about?

RUSH: On the way back to the car, I see my reflection.

(In his flashback/dream, he looks at his reflection in the side window of the car. But it's not his own face looking back at him.)

RUSH: It was Colonel Telford. I was Colonel Telford.

LATER. YOUNG'S QUARTERS. Young has called Matthew Scott to his quarters. Rush is gone and the two of them are speaking behind closed doors.

YOUNG: Rush switched with him two days ago. The only reason I am telling you is because you are the only person who's ever experienced this kind of bleed-through memory after using the stones.

SCOTT: It was just that once, sir. Certainly nothing like that.

YOUNG: Thanks, Lieutenant.

(Scott turns to leave, then stops and thinks for a moment before turning back to the colonel.)

SCOTT: All right, look, sir, I understand that you have your issues with Colonel Telford, but you cannot seriously ...

YOUNG (interrupting): Sit down, Lieutenant.

(He leads Scott to the seating area and they sit on opposite sofas.)

YOUNG: Before he was assigned to Icarus, Telford spent the better part of a year under cover, infiltrating the Alliance.

SCOTT: You really think he would turn?

YOUNG: Eight months into his assignment, there was an attack on a planet that we had a large team working on, P2S-569. Thirty-seven people were killed. Now, we later found out that Telford knew about the attack and decided to do nothing.

SCOTT: In order to protect his cover.

YOUNG: That's what he said. Stargate Command let him off the hook and everything was swept under the carpet; but now ...

SCOTT: Sir, there's gotta be more to it than that.

YOUNG: We know that the Goa'uld had brainwashing technology that could make a man turn against his mother and be proud of it. It is possible that the Alliance now has that capability.

SCOTT: Well, if they do, sir, then we can't trust anyone.

LATER. CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Young walks into the Control Interface Room where Rush and Eli Wallace are working.

WALLACE: Colonel, hey. We were just going over some of the data we found ...

YOUNG (talking over him): Take a break, Eli.

(He glances towards Rush. Eli immediately gets the point.)

WALLACE: Secrets. You two ...

YOUNG: Now, please, go.

WALLACE (grumpily): Ohhh-kayyy.

(Putting his notebook down, he stomps out of the room. Young walks closer to Rush.)

YOUNG: So I talked to Scott. He doesn't remember anything like your dream.

RUSH: Well, we have to do something.

YOUNG: Agreed.

RUSH: Telford's still on active rotation with the stones, yeah?

YOUNG: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: He's due to make a connection in a couple of days with Doctor Morrison. What if I take Morrison's place?

YOUNG: And do what?

RUSH: Try to make contact with the Alliance.

YOUNG: That's risky.

RUSH: Well, it's a pretty good disguise, actually being inside someone else's body.

YOUNG: I'll go.

RUSH: No. That would be a mistake.

YOUNG: Why's that?

RUSH: Because I had the dream. Look, there's still elements I'm trying to piece together. For example, there's a number: three one four. Now, I know that's significant, but I don't know why. If I'm there, in Telford's environment, then ...

YOUNG: You're not trained for this.

RUSH: Well, who is? I'll just have to do my best.

YOUNG: If Stargate Command is this badly compromised, I can't tell anyone what you're up to. Do you understand that?

RUSH: Yep.

YOUNG: Once you are on Earth, you are on your own.

RUSH: I understand.

YOUNG: No back-up.

RUSH: I get it. I get it. But someone has to stop this guy. He can't be allowed to continue. The Alliance probably already know more about this ship than we do.

YOUNG: Which isn't much.

RUSH: Well, I wouldn't under-estimate them.

YOUNG: I'm not.

LATER. CORRIDOR. Camille Wray intercepts Young walking down a corridor.

WRAY: Colonel. I need a minute.

YOUNG (continuing to walk): It's about all I've got right now.

WRAY: Did you bump Doctor Morrison from his spot on the communication stones?


WRAY: Without consulting me?


WRAY: Any particular reason?


WRAY: Do you care to enlighten me?


(Irritated, Camille puts a hand on his shoulder and steps in front of him, forcing him to stop. He sighs and puts his hands in his pockets.)

WRAY: With everything that we have been through, d'you really wanna do this?

YOUNG: Look, Camille, I've got good reason not to tell you, or I would have done. You're gonna have to trust me.

(He walks away. Unhappily, she glowers after him.)

EARTH. THE PENTAGON. Colonel David Telford is sitting in front of the communication stones activation box. A stone is on top of the box as he sits with his eyes closed, meditating. The stones activate and Rush opens his eyes inside Telford's body. A man standing nearby greets him.

GRAHAM: Doctor Morrison?

(Nick flexes his fingers and watches as Telford does the same on the video screen in front of him.)

RUSH: Yes.

GRAHAM: Welcome back. I'm Staff Sergeant Graham. I'll be your escort.

RUSH: Right.

DESTINY COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. In Destiny's Communications Room, Telford opens his eyes in Rush's body. Hunter Riley is sitting opposite him. Telford looks up to see Ronald Greer standing next to Riley, then turns his head to notice Scott also in the room. He looks down at his clothing in surprise, then checks his reflection in the mirror that has been placed on the table. Realising who he has switched with, he blinks a little nervously. Quickly covering his anxiety, he stands up and turns to Scott.

TELFORD: I wanna talk to Colonel Young. Now.

SCOTT: He is busy at the moment, sir. He said he'd come and see you shortly.

TELFORD: Why was I connected with Doctor Rush? That wasn't part of the schedule.

SCOTT: Yes. Sorry about that, sir. It was unavoidable.


(Scott hesitates for a long moment.)

SCOTT: Doctor Rush had to consult with some people back on Earth regarding some technical problems.

(Not believing it for a moment, Telford nods, then turns and looks at Greer who is completely failing to hold back a smug smile. Telford turns back to Scott.)

TELFORD: You're a terrible liar, Lieutenant.

(He gestures to his clothing.)

TELFORD: I'd like some fatigues.

SCOTT: Not a problem. This way, sir.

(He opens the doors of the room and walks out. Telford throws a dark look at Greer, who silently follows him out of the room. As the three of them walk away, Young is lurking just around the corner. Once they have disappeared from sight, he walks into the Communications Room, picks up another stone and sets it down beside the other one on the box. A moment later he arrives in the Communications Room of Homeworld Security. He is in the body of a civilian and is casually dressed. He stands up and walks over to the airman at the door.)

YOUNG: I need to speak to General O'Neill immediately.

AIRMAN: And you are?

YOUNG: Colonel Everett Young, authentication one six one nine four one four. Tell him it's urgent.

EARTH. O'NEILL'S OFFICE. Shortly afterwards, Jack O'Neill leads Young into his office.

O'NEILL: Everett, I'll have you know I'm missing a national security briefing for this.

YOUNG: Sorry about that, sir.

O'NEILL: Well, if you'd ever been to a national security briefing, you wouldn't say that.

(He sits down at his desk.)

O'NEILL: What's up?

YOUNG: It's Doctor Rush, sir. He's on Earth right now in the body of Colonel Telford. Probably hasn't even left the building.


YOUNG: We need to put a tail on him.

O'NEILL: Well, he's got an escort.

YOUNG: He'll ditch the escort first chance he gets, sir. I think we should let him do it, then follow him discreetly.


YOUNG: He's about to try and make contact with the Lucian Alliance.

DESTINY MESS HALL. Some of the crew are throwing a baby shower for T.J. Johansen in the Mess. Sitting at one of the tables, she looks down at a small package that Chloe Armstrong has wrapped up in some paper.

JOHANSEN: Aw, Chloe!

(Grinning at her, she unwraps the package as Eli stands nearby taking photos of the party on his smart phone.)

JOHANSEN: Oh my God!

CREWMAN: What is it?

(T.J. holds it up and everyone coos approvingly. Chloe has taken a black T-shirt and has cut it down and re-sewn it so that it will fit a baby.)

JOHANSEN: Aww! Chloe, I didn't know you could sew!

ARMSTRONG: Oh, no, I can't. Not really. I hope it doesn't fall apart!

JOHANSEN: No, it's-it's beautiful! Thank you!

ARMSTRONG: You're welcome.

(Riley brings over a package for her.)

RILEY: Here, open this one.

(As T.J. starts to unwrap it, Dale Volker comes over to Eli.)

VOLKER (quietly): Hey, can we talk to you for a second?

(Back at the table, T.J. unwraps the package and looks at it, awestruck.)

JOHANSEN: Oh my gosh.

(Everyone gasps as she lifts it up.)

CREWMAN: What is that?

(Apparently cobbled together from various bits found on the ship, it's a very good attempt at a toy diesel truck. The cab is painted red and the wheels really turn. Spinning one of the wheels, T.J. looks up at Riley.)

JOHANSEN: You made this yourself?

RILEY (smiling): If it's a girl, I can make something else.

JOHANSEN: No, it's perfect!

(Eli turns and walks a little way down the corridor to where Volker and Adam Brody are waiting for him.)

WALLACE: What's going on?

VOLKER: We're hoping you can tell us.

BRODY: About Rush, going back to Earth on the stones, unscheduled.

WALLACE: Well, I'm-I'm sure there's a good reason.

VOLKER: Right, yeah. That's what we're afraid of.

BRODY: He didn't say anything to you?

(Eli hesitates briefly.)

WALLACE: Young came in to talk to him the other day. He did kick me out.

BRODY: Yeah, we heard Young went too.

WALLACE (surprised): He did?

BRODY: After Rush. He's there right now.

VOLKER: Something's definitely going on here.

(They look around as Telford, now in desert camo fatigues, walks past them and into the Mess. He stops at the entrance and looks around at the laughing crew, then walks over to the table. Eli walks to the entrance and watches him.)

TELFORD: Congratulations, T.J.. Camille, if I could have a little of your time, please?

(Nodding, Camille turns towards him.)

TELFORD: Were you aware ...

(His voice gets buried in all the chatter going on in the room as he and Camille walk towards the entrance. Eli spins around hurriedly and turns back to the other two men and all three start talking over each other as they badly pretend to be talking about something important.)

VOLKER: Yeah, we could check those, uh ...

BRODY: The Control Interface Room probably has something ...

WALLACE: Yeah, I can meet you guys at the, um ...

(They trail off and stare after Telford and Camille as they continue on down the corridor.)

EARTH. HOMEWORLD SECURITY. Young has a mug in his hand as he paces around Jack's office. Jack is dunking a teabag into his own mug as he sits at his desk.

YOUNG: If I'm not mistaken, sir, I believe you witnessed the effects of this brainwashing technology first hand?

O'NEILL: Yeah. Yeah, that's true.

YOUNG: I recommend we keep the number of people we bring in on this to a minimum.

(Jack looks up at him sarcastically.)

O'NEILL: Well, thank you, Colonel, for stating the obvious.

(Young blinks and looks down, drinking from his mug.)

O'NEILL: Truth is, you took a bit of a chance by telling me, didn't you?

YOUNG: Well, I had to, sir. Rush was asking for a free pass and an unscheduled, unauthorised visit to Earth - exactly the sort of thing he might do if he was the mole himself.

O'NEILL: Well, if he's the mole, why would he be trying to frame Telford at this point?

YOUNG: I can't answer that, sir.

O'NEILL: And if he's telling the truth?

YOUNG: Hopefully he'll still be able to lead us to the Alliance.

O'NEILL: And not lose his life.

YOUNG: Yes, sir.

ELSEWHERE. Somewhere in Washington, Sergeant Graham pulls up in a car outside Rush's apartment block. In the passenger seat, Rush turns to him.

RUSH: I've got a few personal things to attend to. I'll be a few minutes.

GRAHAM: Not to worry, sir.

(He holds up a paperback book.)

GRAHAM: I came prepared.

(Rush gets out of the car and walks into the building. Graham opens his book and starts to read. Rush walks to the elevators and reaches out to push a button but then stops and looks back out of the front doors. A woman is passing the car with a pushchair and she conveniently stops to adjust something on the pushchair which blocks Graham's view into the building - not that he would see anything anyway because he's engrossed in his book. However, Rush takes the opportunity, pulls open the door to the service corridor next to the elevators and hurries inside. He makes his way to the rear of the building, goes out through the fire exit door and walks away.)

(In a car parked nearby, Doctor Daniel Jackson watches him go.)

(Later, Rush has flagged down a taxi cab and has been driven to Telford's house. He gets out and walks around to the side of the house where he sees a window at floor level. Looking around to make sure there's nobody nearby, he kicks the window in and climbs inside. He goes to the living room, picks up the mail which Telford has dropped onto a sideboard, and looks through it. Putting it down again, he notices a framed photograph on the sideboard of a much younger Telford and Jack O'Neill together with another soldier, smiling for the camera on a deployment somewhere. Rush goes over to what appears to be Telford's office and starts opening drawers, cupboards and cabinets and rifling through the contents. His search continues for some time and he finds nothing of importance. He slumps down in the desk chair, lost in thought.)

(Some time later, his eyes drift over to a rectangular box on the desk which has a night light embedded in the top. Frowning, he reaches over, picks up the box and shakes it. Something rattles inside the box. He picks the night light out and shakes the box and a key falls into his hand. The key has the number 314 stamped on it. Rush thinks for a moment, then stands up and goes back to some paperwork on top of the desk which he had flicked through earlier. He pulls out a bank statement from the District of Columbia Mutual and stares at it thoughtfully.)

DESTINY. Young, back in his own body, walks towards the Observation Deck where Telford and Camille are talking quietly.

TELFORD: So d'you know why they connected me to Rush?

WRAY: They didn't let me know until after the fact. They're trying to keep me out of the loop. It's not ...

(She stops as Young walks in. Telford turns to him.)

TELFORD: Where the hell have you been?

YOUNG: It's nice to see you, too. Come with me. We have some things to discuss.


YOUNG: Privately.

(Telford looks at Camille for a moment, then turns and walks out of the room. Young gives Camille a long look, then follows him.)

EARTH. MUTUAL BANK. A bank teller is escorting Rush/Telford to a private room. He has changed from the uniform into casual clothes, including a thunk-worthy leather jacket, and is carrying a safety deposit box.

TELLER: We haven't seen you in a while, Colonel. I hope everything is well.

RUSH: I've been on assignment.

TELLER: Of course.

(She stands in the entrance to the room, smiling. He turns and looks at her straight-faced.)

TELLER: I'll give you some privacy.

(She draws the curtains over the entrance to the room. Rush looks down at the box - numbered 314 - and unlocks it and opens the lid. For a moment it looks as if the box is empty, but then he realises that there is something at the very back of the box. He reaches in and picks out a mobile phone. Flipping it open, he pulls up the menu and selects the “DIALED” option. A list of recently dialled calls appears, all of them to the same number. He selects the number and rings out. A man answers almost immediately.)


RUSH: Yeah, this is Telford. I have some new information. We have to meet.

(There's a long pause at the other end but eventually the man speaks again.)

MAN's VOICE: Stand by for instructions.

LATER. Rush is sitting on the arm of a bench at the side of a road. The ubiquitous black van pulls up alongside him. The man in the passenger seat looks out at him.

VARRO: Get in.

(Someone opens the rear doors and Rush gets into the van. It drives off.)

DESTINY BAR. Young has taken Telford to the new bar and the two of them are sitting opposite each other at a table. Young puts two glass beakers down and starts to unscrew the cap on a bottle of Brody's moonshine.

TELFORD: You're allowing alcohol on board now?

YOUNG (pouring each of them a shot of liquor): I doubt I could stop them if I wanted to.

TELFORD: So I can report your command of this ship is solid as ever, then(!)

YOUNG: I am doing my best to make it work.

(Telford picks up his beaker and sniffs the contents. He grimaces, then takes a small sip and pulls a face. Young throws back a much larger mouthful.)

TELFORD: Why did I connect with Rush?

YOUNG: Oh, we'll get to that. I think we need to clear the air a little bit.

(Telford drains the rest of his beaker and grimaces again.)

YOUNG: Have another.

(He holds the bottle out and goes to pour more liquor, but Telford puts his hand over his beaker.)

TELFORD: I'm on duty. You're on duty.

YOUNG: Yes, and we're both a billion light years away from the nearest disciplinary hearing, so, what? You afraid of what you might say?

(He smiles smugly at Telford, who laughs.)

TELFORD: I don't have anything to hide - from you or anyone else.

YOUNG: Is that so?

TELFORD: I could have brought you up on charges for assaulting a fellow officer. You should just thank me and let it go.

YOUNG: Oh, I think we both know that you don't want the details of that little incident getting out any more than I do.

TELFORD: You cheated on your wife and she moved on. End of story.

YOUNG: You took advantage, to get back at me on a personal level.

(Telford laughs loudly. Young joins in, but less humorously.)

TELFORD: You were sleeping with an officer under your command! Look at you, Everett! You're a disgrace!

YOUNG (grinning): But I'm here, right?

(Telford's smile begins to fade. Young's smile, on the other hand, gets wider and more vicious.)

YOUNG: That's what's killing you, isn't it? Because this was supposed to be your prize, your reward for all that hard work - an entire year living with those criminals, thieves, murderers, pretending to be one of them. I mean, that's gotta take its toll.

TELFORD: I'm not doing this again.

(He stands up and starts to walk away, but stops as Young keeps talking.)

YOUNG: The man I used to know would not let thirty-seven people die to cover his own ass, so what changed?

(Telford looks back at him.)

YOUNG: What happened to you, David?

(Telford looks at him for a long moment, as if considering whether to open up to his colleague. Eventually, however, he turns away.)

TELFORD: Thanks for the drink.

(He leaves the room. Young picks up his radio and activates it.)

YOUNG: Scott.

EARTH. At the side of a river, the black van pulls up in the location that Rush dreamed about. Everybody gets out. Seagulls can be heard in the distance. Nicholas looks around.

RUSH: What are we doing?

VARRO: We're waiting. What else?

(On the other side of the shed next to the warehouse, Daniel Jackson finds a metal ladder leading to the roof. He slings an enormous camera around his neck and climbs onto the roof, then creeps to the other side. There's a wooden fence on the other side which he kneels behind and carefully aims the camera over the top, using the telephoto lens to take photographs of Telford and his escort. While he is still snapping photos, Jack's voice comes over his earpiece.)

O'NEILL: Daniel, come in. Do you read?

JACKSON: Jack, what is it?

O'NEILL (from the Pentagon): Carter says they're using some kind of jamming device. We can't get a lock on anyone in the area. What's your status?

JACKSON: They've stopped. Looks like we're waiting on someone.

O'NEILL: Well, ground assault is standing by. They'll move when you call it.

(A new vehicle arrives. It looks like the car that Nick dreamed about which had a woman sitting in the back.)

JACKSON (into radio): Hang on.

(The car pulls up near the van and two men get out from the front seats. As Daniel looks through his lens and continues taking photos, the woman from the dream gets out of the back seat and walks over to the other group. She looks at Rush sternly.)

KIVA: Who are you?

RUSH: I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean.

KIVA: All right. Who am I?

(Nicholas looks at her blankly, unable to answer or bluff his way through that question.)

KIVA: Whoever you are, you must be using the Ancient communication stones.

RUSH: I don't know what you're talking about.

KIVA: You failed to use the proper code when you called in. Colonel Telford would never make such a mistake.

(One of her minions takes a device similar to a taser from his jacket and zaps Nicholas, who cries out and collapses to the floor. Kiva takes a remote from her own pocket and aims it at the gap in between the warehouse and the shed. A cloaked Goa'uld cargo ship immediately becomes visible. Daniel activates his radio.)

JACKSON: His cover's blown. Move in. Move in now. They have a ship.

(He starts to head back towards the ladder. On the ground, the baddies start to move towards the cargo vessel, two of them dragging an unconscious Rush between them. Nearby, the S.G.C. assault team arrives in three black vehicles, which screech dramatically to a halt. Daniel slides down the ladder and pulls out a pistol, then stops as he hears the ship powering up on the other side of the shed. The assault team leap out of the cars and charge around the warehouse as the ship's engines get louder.)


(They run to where the other van and car are parked and meet with Daniel who resignedly trots to a halt as the engine sounds fade.)

JACKSON: Yeah, we're too late.

(He gazes up into the sky where the ship has already re-cloaked and disappeared from view.)

DESTINY MESS. T.J.'s baby shower has broken up and she is sitting alone at the table with all her gifts piled into a case. She has her head buried in her hands, and now wipes the tears from her face and sighs heavily. Chloe comes into the room.


JOHANSEN (sniffling): Yeah. I'm fine.

(Chloe walks closer to her.)

JOHANSEN: What chance does this baby have of ever living a normal life?

ARMSTRONG: What's normal, anyway?!

(T.J. smiles briefly, then looks around the ship.)

JOHANSEN: I don't know, but I don't think it's this.

(Her smile fades and her eyes fill with tears again. Chloe looks at her sympathetically and sits down next to her.)

ARMSTRONG: Look: I know right now it seems impossible that we'll ever make it back; but I also know that since we've been here, it seems like we're averaging about five impossible things a week, right?!

(They both laugh.)

ARMSTRONG: So, why assume the worst? Look, at the very least, there are a lot of people here who are gonna care about that baby.

(She and T.J. both look at the case full of gifts.)

ARMSTRONG: That's something.

(T.J. nods.)


(Chloe smiles and puts her arm around her shoulders.)

ARMSTRONG: We are all going to help you.

JOHANSEN: Thanks, Chloe.

ARMSTRONG: Come here.

(T.J. snuggles into her shoulder as Chloe rubs her arm supportively.)

EARTH. THE PENTAGON. Daniel is in Jack's office showing him the photos he took. Young has returned to the host body he was in before and is also in the room.

JACKSON: According to our intelligence, her name is Kiva. She's the daughter of a Lucian Alliance warlord named Masson, one of the higher-ups - powerful and brutal.

YOUNG: Did that intel come from Telford?

O'NEILL: Yeah, well, at least we know who the mole is, eh?

JACKSON: There's an easy way to end this: we cut the connection on the stones.

YOUNG: Well, if they get Telford back, we're no closer to figuring out what they're up to.

JACKSON: Doctor Rush's life is in danger.

YOUNG: He volunteered. He knew the risks.

JACKSON: That cargo ship slipped past all of our sensors. We have no idea where it's going.

YOUNG: Telford might, and he may know more. (He looks at Jack.) I'm just asking for the chance to get it out of him.

(Jack looks at him thoughtfully, then glances at Daniel, awaiting the inevitable voice of conscience, which dutifully speaks up.)

JACKSON: He still has rights, doesn't he?

O'NEILL (gesturing at Young): He didn't say how he was gonna do it.

YOUNG: With all due respect, sir, you and I both know that people who made the rules were not prepared for anything like this.

(Without waiting for Jack's reply, he leaves the room, heading back to the Communications Room. Daniel grimaces unhappily.)

HYPERSPACE. Inside the Goa'uld cargo ship, Nicholas slowly regains consciousness lying on the floor with his hands manacled. Painfully he rolls over and half sits up, bracing his back against a wall. Kiva and one of her minions are standing nearby.

KIVA: I'm sorry. I know that really hurts.

RUSH: I suppose it was worth it. Had to make it look good.

(Kiva walks closer.)

RUSH: Of course I didn't give them the code on purpose. I'm not a complete idiot.

KIVA: On purpose? What are you talking about?

RUSH: They were getting suspicious.

KIVA: Yes, I was beginning to have concerns about that myself.

RUSH: Well, that's why I had to come in. Wasn't sure whether I was being followed. I figured if they thought I was being taken by force, it might help us salvage something from this operation.

KIVA: Nice try.

(He looks up at her.)

KIVA: You almost managed to make that sound convincing.

RUSH: Well, it sounds convincing because it's true.

KIVA: If you really are Colonel Telford, you'll know my name.

(Again Nicholas looks up at her, then shrugs and looks away. He pauses for a moment, then turns his head to her again.)

RUSH: It's Kiva.

KIVA: Good. Next question: what's yours?

DESTINY. Young - who has returned to his own body again - is in a closed room with Telford, who is pacing around the room angrily as they speak.

TELFORD: A spy? A Lucian Alliance spy?

(He cackles laughter, then turns and points at Young furiously.)

TELFORD: You are so desperate to get back at me that you would say or do anything, wouldn't you?

YOUNG: We have proof.

TELFORD: Oh, come on, Everett! This is all about me and Emily!

YOUNG: Well, how do you think I found out about that? You switched bodies with Scott, do you remember that?

(Telford stops pacing and turns and looks at him.)

YOUNG: Yeah. He's the one that told me. He saw it in his mind; a vision - call it residual memory, whatever you want. It seems that every time you use the stones, you leave a little something behind. Maybe ... maybe that's guilt. Maybe, deep down inside, you want the truth to come out.

(Telford walks closer to him, looking at him threateningly. Young calmly watches him approach.)

TELFORD: You're insane.

(He turns away and starts to pace again.)

YOUNG: Well, you've already confessed. You just won't admit it.

(He turns and opens the doors, leaves the room and closes them behind him. Greer is standing outside.)

YOUNG: We'll let him sweat awhile.

GREER: Give me a shot, sir. Won't take long.

YOUNG (smiling a little): I appreciate the enthusiasm, Sergeant. Not yet.

(He walks away. Greer walks to the doors and glowers through the window at Telford.)

CARGO SHIP. The minion holds his taser down to Nicholas and zaps him. Nick cries out in pain and convulses, rolling over onto his side and gasping in agony.

KIVA: I'd really prefer not to have to do this.

(Nicholas finally gets control of himself and rolls back over, trying to catch his breath.)

KIVA: I wish I had time to convince you that I'm not what you think I am.

RUSH: Oh yeah? And what's that?

KIVA: I'm a reasonable person just trying to do what's right for my people.

RUSH: You make a terrible first impression.

KIVA: We have brainwashing technologies. I could try those but I'm not sure what they'd do to you under the circumstances, with your consciousness in somebody else's body. Unfortunately, I've learned one thing about torture over the years: it's effective.

(The minion zaps Nick again. He screams and writhes.)

KIVA: Barbaric, I know, and I hate lowering myself to this level. But I need to know who you are - and, beyond that, whether or not you're any use to me.

(The minion zaps him again, and this time he keeps the power going. Nick screams. Outside the room, Varro has just arrived but, seeing Nick/Telford curled up on the floor and wailing, he turns and walks away again.)

DESTINY CONFINEMENT CELL. In his cell, Telford is standing at the window and watching the F.T.L. vortex flow past. Scott arrives and peers in through the door window.

SCOTT: Has he been given any food or water?

(Before Greer can answer, Young arrives.)

YOUNG: Open it.

SCOTT: Sir, maybe I should go in there with you ...

YOUNG: No-no, that will not be necessary, Lieutenant. This is on me - only me. Open it.

(Unhappily, Scott slams his hand against the wall panel and the doors unlock and open. Young walks in and the doors close again.)

TELFORD: You can't keep me in here forever.

YOUNG: No-one's pulling the plug on the stones, so ... why don't you just admit what you did and we can move on?

(Telford heads for the doors.)

TELFORD: I wanna talk to Scott. I have a right to face my accuser.

YOUNG: This didn't come from Scott.

(Telford turns back to face him.)

YOUNG: You switched with Rush, remember?

TELFORD: Rush? (Furiously) This is coming from Rush?!

YOUNG: At first I didn't believe him either. I figured I'd give him enough rope to hang himself, but guess what? That didn't happen.

(He takes something out of his pocket, unfolds it and puts it onto a nearby crate. Telford walks over to look at it.)

TELFORD: What's that?

(He picks it up. It's a large colour photograph of at least six people at what appears to be a Christmas party. There is a Christmas tree behind the group and one of the women is wearing a red Santa hat. There is an Icarus Base logo on the wall.)

YOUNG: Well, Airman Dunning brought it along with his personal effects here. D'you recognise 'em? They were all stationed on Icarus - the fire suppression team. They got trapped during the attack when a corridor collapsed. They all burned alive - every last one of them.

(Telford drops the photo back onto the crate and walks away.)

YOUNG: No, no, no, no.

(He picks up the photo and walks towards Telford. As Telford turns back to him, he holds the photo up in front of him.)

YOUNG: You take a good look. Take a look. I want you to look at their faces, because you killed them.

(Telford storms away again and starts to pace.)

YOUNG: You killed them as if you doused 'em with gasoline and lit the match yourself. And they weren't the only ones.

(He walks over to Telford, who stops but won't meet his eyes.)

YOUNG: So we know that you are a traitor and a murderer. Now we know you're a coward too.

(Screaming with rage, Telford grabs Young and surges forward, slamming Young against the wall, punching him in the stomach and then across the face. As he goes to hit him again, Young ducks down and grabs Telford's legs, bundling him backwards onto the floor. They struggle for a moment, then Telford manages to roll them over so that he is on top. As Telford punches Young hard across the face again, the door lock spins and the doors slide open. Greer comes charging in, grabs Telford and bundles him off Young and onto the floor again.)

SCOTT: All right, that's enough!

(Greer begins rapidly punching Telford's face over and over again.)

SCOTT: Stand down, Sergeant!

(He grabs Greer from behind and hauls him off Telford.)

SCOTT: I said, stand down!

(As Telford rolls weakly on the floor, Young gets back to his feet.)

YOUNG: Get out, both of you!

SCOTT: Sir ...

YOUNG: Get out!

(The two younger men reluctantly leave the room and close the doors again. Young looks at them through the window as Telford tries unsuccessfully to roll over, blood pouring from his mouth. Young drags in a deep calming breath.)

YOUNG (quietly, to himself): OK. So ...

(He turns around to face Telford.)

YOUNG: Where were we?

CARGO SHIP. Nicholas howls, his body arched so severely that he is almost breaking his own spine, as he is blasted by the taser again. As the jolt ends, he rolls over onto his stomach and whimpers in anguish.

KIVA: This will eventually kill you.

RUSH (breathlessly): You'll be killing Telford too.

KIVA: That might just work out for the best, given that he's been compromised. I have a full run-down of the personnel aboard Destiny, and I doubt very much that civilians or the scientists would have endured this, so the question is whether or not Colonel Young would have put himself in this situation or sent his first lieutenant, Scott.

RUSH: How d'you know I'm someone aboard Destiny?

KIVA: That's a fair question.

(Her minion zaps Nick again. He screams and writhes.)

KIVA: You can make this stop.

(Nick sobs, gasping for breath.)

RUSH: If I answer your question, you're gonna kill me. Either way, I'm dead.

KIVA: I won't. You have my word. You have nothing to lose.

(Nick turns his head and looks up at her, wondering whether he can believe her or not. She looks down at him, then jerks her head to her minion. Powering up his taser again, he reaches down towards Nick.)

RUSH: No! Rush!

(The man steps back.)

RUSH (sobbing): I'm Doctor Nicholas Rush.

(Kiva walks towards him, her face full of interest. Nick closes his eyes in defeat.)

DESTINY. Telford finally manages to get up onto his hands and knees and spits blood onto the floor.

TELFORD: I want this connection cut and I wanna go back to my own body.

YOUNG: No you don't. You're damaged goods. You go back now, your friends at the Alliance aren't gonna be too happy with you.

TELFORD (staggering to his feet): I don't have any friends in the Alliance.

YOUNG: Not any more, you don't. Your only hope is with us. You come clean now, I will do my best to help you.

TELFORD (loudly): I am not a spy, Everett! How many times do I have to tell you?

CARGO SHIP. The minion unchains Nick's manacles and sits him up on the floor. Kiva activates a remote and a holoscreen appears, full of Ancient writing, together with an image of a rotating planet.

KIVA: Recognise it?

RUSH: Should I?

KIVA: It's your work, to do with dialling the ninth chevron that leads to Destiny.

(Nick stares up at the screen.)

RUSH: These readings ...

KIVA: Similar naqahdria deposits. We had some issues adapting the equations, but there should be enough power to get us there.

(Nick bows his head.)

RUSH: You've found another Icarus planet.


YOUNG: Let's talk about the outpost, P2S-569.

TELFORD (wearily): We've been through this. I was cleared of any wrongdoing.

YOUNG: Because they didn't have all the facts.

TELFORD: I ... I couldn't blow my cover. I didn't have a choice!

(He glares at Young, then sits down tiredly on a crate.)

YOUNG: Remember that little combat engineer, Sanchez? Remember how she used to follow you around like a puppy? She was hit in the first blast. Right arm severed at the shoulder; she's screaming, yelling, begging me to help her. All I can do is watch her bleed to death in the dirt.

TELFORD: It wasn't my fault.

YOUNG: No, we already know you did it.

(He bends down and looks into Telford's face.)

YOUNG: But it's possible you're not responsible.

(Telford shakes his head, confused.)

TELFORD: Wh-what are you talking about?

(Young lowers his voice, talking softly but intensely into Telford's face.)

YOUNG: Think about it. I want you to think about it. Why is it that the memory transfer only happens with you and only you, and no-one else when they use the stones? They messed with your head, David. They made you think that you're one of them, and you're not. That's not you. Now, we can help you. We can bring you back, but I need you to take the first step.

(Telford frowns back at him.)

YOUNG: You tell us where they're taking Rush.

(Telford's face begins to close down and he glowers at Young.)

YOUNG (intently): David. Tell me.

ICARUS TWO. The cargo ship has arrived at the new Icarus-type planet. A Goa'uld pyramid is on top of a mountain plateau and the ship heads towards it. Not long afterwards, Kiva leads Nick into the pyramid's Gate Room. Massive cables are trailing across the room and are connected to the Stargate.

KIVA: We've replicated it as best we could. Olan!

(A man walks to the edge of a raised area opposite the Gate. Kiva gestures at Nick, who is hugging his arm across his chest as if it pains him. Whether this is a result of the recent torture or a recurrence of his heart trouble - or a combination of both - is unclear.)

KIVA: Meet Doctor Rush.

(Nick turns and looks at the man, who nods to him respectfully.)

OLAN: Doctor.

KIVA: Olan is one of our lead scientists working on the project.

OLAN: Your work is impressive.

RUSH: It was nothing, really.

OLAN: When I found out that you were on your way ...

KIVA (interrupting sarcastically): Yes, we're all very excited to have Doctor Rush's full co-operation. Maybe now we'll actually make a connection.

(She walks up the steps and through to another room. The minion shoves Nick after her. As they enter the room, Nick looks in surprise at an Earth computer and keyboard on a table.)

OLAN: As you can see, we've procured some familiar technology. It was necessary to implement your methods. I trust it will suffice?

KIVA: I'll leave you to your work.

(Olan nods nervously to her as she leaves the room. Nick looks down at the computer screen.)

RUSH: The figures for these naqahdria deposits are correct, yes?

OLAN: Of course.

RUSH: Because if they're out even by a fraction ...

OLAN: We spent months doing a detailed orbital survey. We mapped every deposit, down to the last vein.

(Nick looks across at him for a moment, still hugging his arm, then reaches out and stabs his index finger down onto four keys on the keyboard in quick succession, followed by the Enter key.)

RUSH: All right, then, I'm done.

OLAN: Really?

RUSH: Well, it's not that difficult when you know what you're doing.

OLAN: But ...

RUSH: I'm kidding. This is probably gonna take some time.

OLAN (embarrassed): Well, of course.

RUSH (tetchily as he sits down at the computer): Quite possibly the rest of my life.

DESTINY. Outside Telford's cell, Scott and Greer are peering in through the small window in the doors, trying to see what's going on inside. Camille walks along the corridor towards them. Hearing her footsteps, Greer comes around the corner. She stops when she sees him.

WRAY (disparagingly): Huh.

(Ignoring him, she looks across at Scott.)

WRAY: Lieutenant. There's a lot of talk around the ship about what's going on in that room.

GREER: This is a military matter, ma'am. It doesn't concern you.

(She steps closer to him, glowering up at him.)

WRAY: That's exactly the kind of talk that forced us to try and take control of this ship once before, Sergeant.

(She emphasises his lower rank like it's an insult. He looks round at Scott, who nods to him. He steps away and goes closer to the doors of the cell. Camille tries to approach the doors but Scott steps into her way.)

SCOTT: Camille.

WRAY: D'you want the rumours to spread, or d'you wanna do something about it?

SCOTT: It'll be over soon enough. That is all you need to know.

WRAY: See, that's the wrong answer. Come on, Lieutenant. Something tells me that you do not want this on your conscience. Better be careful. Whatever it is, we all have to live with it.

(Greer knocks on the doors, then activates the panel to open them. Camille looks through the doors at the battered face of Rush's host body as Telford raises his head to look at her. Young steps out of the room and hits the panel again to close the doors.)

YOUNG (to Scott): I need to communicate with Stargate Command.

SCOTT: Do we let him out?

YOUNG: Nobody in or out. That is an order.

(He walks away. Camille shouts after him.)

WRAY: I want to talk to him!

(Young keeps walking.)

WRAY: Colonel!

(He disappears down the corridor.)

ICARUS TWO. Nicholas is at the computer, typing busily and engrossed in the figures and diagrams on the screen. Olan sits nearby, closely watching everything he does. Kiva walks in.

KIVA: Progress?

OLAN: None yet.

RUSH: You must be joking.

KIVA: You're stalling.

RUSH: Well, if you wanna blow yourselves up, you go right ahead.

KIVA: You along with us.

RUSH: This is gonna take time, and I don't just mean a few hours.

KIVA: But Olan said we've been close for months now. I assumed that, with your help, we'd be able ...

RUSH: Look, with all due respect to Olan here, his work is shoddy at best. I'm sorry - you're just gonna have to trust me on this one. The whole thing's a bloody mess. I may have to start from scratch.

(Kiva looks up at the thug who had been torturing Nick. He immediately and rapidly wraps a wire garrotte around Olan's neck and hauls him upwards. Olan claws at the garrotte, choking. Nick instinctively tries to stand and help him but Varro steps up beside him and puts a hand on his shoulder, holding him down. Kiva turns away, unwilling to watch as Olan chokes and struggles for a long while, then finally suffocates and collapses. The minion drops him to the floor, dead. Nick stares down at his body in shock.)

RUSH: Call yourself reasonable?

KIVA: I am. You said he was incompetent.

RUSH: I was stalling!

KIVA: You were right. I shouldn't have to demonstrate how important this is to me - to all of us, Doctor Rush.

(The thug sits down in Olan's chair, looking at Nick menacingly. Kiva leans over and looks into Nick's face.)

KIVA: No more chances.

(Nervously, Nicholas nods his understanding.)

DESTINY CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Volker comes in to join Eli and Brody.

VOLKER: Now what's happening?

BRODY: We're not sure.

(He looks at the Kino footage from the Communications Room as Riley lifts one of the three stones on the activation box and moves it away. Young and an airman called Marsden are sitting at the table with him.)

BRODY: Young's been back and forth on the stones all day.

WALLACE: Looks like this time he brought someone back with him.

VOLKER: Who is it?

(Eli shrugs.)

COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. In the Communications Room, Young stands up as - in Marsden's body - Jack O'Neill adjusts to the body swap.

YOUNG: Welcome to the Destiny, General.

(Slowly Jack stands up and looks around. Nearby, Riley is standing to attention. Jack smiles at him.)

O'NEILL: Hullo.


(Jack looks down at Marsden's uniform and grimaces as he sees the insignia on it. He lifts his collar indignantly and shows it to Young.)

O'NEILL: Corporal?!

YOUNG: Sorry about that, sir. This way.

(He hits the wall panel as Jack smiles at Riley again and then walks to the opening doors. Going out into the corridor, he turns to the left.)

YOUNG (turning right): Sir?

(Jack turns round and follows after him.)

CONFINEMENT CELL. In his cell, Telford is still sitting on the crate. As the doors open he looks up and glowers at Young as - to his eyes - he leads an airman into the room.

TELFORD (tiredly): Who's this?

O'NEILL (pointedly): General O'Neill.

(Telford stares up at him.)

YOUNG: It's really him.

(Telford sits back for a moment, then slowly stands.)

TELFORD: OK. Let's say it's true. General, I'm being held without charge; I've been denied counsel ... (he points at Young) ... and one of his men attacked me.

YOUNG: David. He knows. He authorised it.

O'NEILL: Well, maybe not that last part there.

YOUNG (to Telford): This is what I've been trying to tell you.

O'NEILL (to Telford): Time to come clean, son.

(Telford puts his hands onto his hips and half turns away from the other two.)

YOUNG: We need to know where they've taken Rush.

TELFORD: You checked out that Gate address I gave you?

O'NEILL: Oh yeah. Dead end.

(Telford turns and smiles smugly at Young.)

TELFORD: You didn't think I'd give you anything real, did you? You should see your face. You look so surprised.

YOUNG: Actually, I'm disappointed. You may not believe this, but I was actually holding a hope that it might not be true; that it was some other explanation.

(Telford looks at Jack.)

TELFORD: Doesn't matter. You can't stop it.

O'NEILL: Stop what?

ICARUS TWO. Varro brings a plate of what looks like meat to Rush's station and puts it down nearby.

VARRO: There you go.

(Glancing at the plate for a moment, Nicholas gets back to working on a laptop computer. Varro picks up the spoon, scoops up a mouthful and eats it before dropping the spoon back onto the plate.)

VARRO: I wouldn't say it was good.

(Immediately Nick scrambles over to the plate, grabs it and sits down. Despite the fact that he has been typing on several keyboards which have been used by who knows how many other people - and despite the fact that he probably hasn't had the chance to wash his hands since he left Earth - he discards the spoon as tainted and eats the food with his fingers instead. Hygiene freaks everywhere faint.)

VARRO: What's it like? I mean, we've heard descriptions, but what's it like being there - on Destiny?

RUSH (still eating as he speaks): You've flown around on spaceships before.

VARRO: Not an Ancient ship. Not that far out into the unknown universe.

RUSH: Well, it's a rust bucket, what can I tell ya?

VARRO: Well, I can't wait to see it for myself.

RUSH: What if I can't do it? What if we just fail to make a connection?

VARRO: Kiva promised she wouldn't kill you. Her word is good.

(Kiva's thug, sitting nearby, looks across at Varro as if to say, “I didn't promise anything!” Varro, however, is one step ahead of him.)

VARRO (to Rush): I'll have to kill you myself.

(He turns and walks away. Nick watches him go, then sighs heavily.)


TELFORD: You think I was brainwashed? I came to my senses. We freed billions of people from thousands of years of slavery all over our galaxy - and then we patted ourselves on the back and left them with little or no means for survival. What the hell did we think was going to happen?

YOUNG: This isn't you, David.

TELFORD: Wake up, Everett! You think the Lucian Alliance are just a bunch of criminals? Who made us judge and jury?

(He steps closer to Young.)

TELFORD: People will do what they have to do to survive. You should know that by now.

(He steps back to include Jack.)

TELFORD: We take whatever we want. We do whatever is good for us, regardless of the impact on other planets. What makes us so special?

O'NEILL (looking at his feet): I know what makes me special.

(Telford stares at him in disgust. Jack looks up at him and shrugs apologetically.)

TELFORD: This is not our ship. It wasn't intended for us.

YOUNG (slowly and pointedly): Where are they taking Rush?

TELFORD: It was supposed to be for the benefit of all mankind.

YOUNG: Wow. He's more far gone than I thought, General.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I've heard enough.

YOUNG: We should probably take it to the next level, sir.

O'NEILL: Go ahead and do what you need to do.

(Young takes out his radio and activates it.)

YOUNG: Communication Room, this is Young. Please cut the general's connection.

RILEY (into radio): Yes, sir.

(Wearing a glove, he lifts one of the stones off the activation box. In the cell, Corporal Marsden reels slightly as he returns to his own body. As he realises where he is and who he's with, he comes to attention.)


YOUNG: Dismissed, Corporal.

(Nodding, Marsden pivots on his heel and walks towards the doors. Young goes with him to signal to Greer to open the doors. Marsden walks away and Young steps out as well. As Greer closes the doors again, Camille storms over to Young.)

WRAY: OK, this has gone on long enough. You have to cut the connection.

YOUNG: I can't do that.

WRAY: Doctor Rush's life is in danger. That's more important than getting any intel on the Lucian Alliance.

(Young turns and looks round at Scott, his eyebrows raised.)

SCOTT: I just thought maybe it would be better off if she knew, sir.

(Young lifts his radio to his mouth.)

YOUNG: Control Room, this is Young.

BRODY (into radio from the Control Interface Room): This is Brody.

YOUNG: Bring up the life support controls for this section.

(Brody walks over to Eli's station and steps sideways into him, gently shoving him out of the seat and sitting down himself. Eli frowns as Brody starts working on the console.)

BRODY (into radio): I got it.

(In the corridor, Scott looks in concern at Young's expression and begins to step closer to him.)

YOUNG (into radio): Begin venting the atmosphere in Colonel Telford's quarters now.

WRAY: What?!


(Brody looks up unhappily. Nearby, Volker's eyes widen and he walks over to the console as Brody lifts his radio and activates it.)

BRODY: Say again?

YOUNG: Begin venting Colonel Telford's quarters now.

(He walks closer to the doors as Scott and Camille back up in front of him, both holding their hands out to him pleadingly.)

WRAY: What the hell are you doing?!

YOUNG (sternly): Camille, stay out of this.

(He steps around Greer, who takes a step forward to stop anyone approaching the colonel. Camille turns to Scott in anguish.)

WRAY: He can't do this! Lieutenant!

(Scott hesitates.)

SCOTT: I ...

(Frantically, Camille turns and tries to hurl herself at Young's back, but Greer grabs her and pushes her back. Young looks in through the window of the doors and calls out.)

YOUNG: David! David, can you hear me?

(On the other side of the window, Telford glowers at him and nods his head.)

(In the Control Interface Room, the three men look at the console nervously.)

WALLACE: It's gotta be a bluff ... to scare him.

(Brody moves his finger over the button that will cut off the life support.)

VOLKER: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa!

WALLACE: Look, you can't ...

(He reaches to lift Brody's hand away from the console, but Brody pushes him away, his eyes never leaving the button. Volker stares at him in horror as Brody grits his teeth and pushes the button.)

(In Telford's cell, the air starts to hiss out of the room. Outside, Young yells at him.)

YOUNG: David! I'm venting the atmosphere in your room. You've got five minutes before you die of suffocation.

(In the Control Interface Room, Eli narrows his eyes, bewildered by Brody's actions. Volker puts his hand over his mouth in appalled horror.)

YOUNG: Your only hope is to tell me the location of the Alliance base.

TELFORD: You're bluffing. Kill me and you kill Rush.

YOUNG: I know. But right now, I'm thinking of the greater good. So: what's it gonna be?

(Telford glares at him through the window for a moment, then slams his hand angrily against the doors. Slowly, and without letting his eyes leave Young's for a moment, he backs away from the doors.)

(In the Control Interface Room, Eli looks at the readouts on the console with concern.)

(In the corridor outside the cell, Camille turns around from Greer and looks into Scott's face, her eyes pleading with him.)

(In the cell, Telford storms towards the doors again.)

TELFORD: No! Open this damn door!

(Camille looks desperately from Greer's serene face to Scott's sweat-covered face. He looks back at her, breathing fast.)

TELFORD: We both know you're not gonna kill me!

(Young looks back at him unblinking, his face resolute.)

(And the screen fades to black.)