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The team learns that a rogue Wraith has acquired several Z.P.M.s to power a formidable new hive ship – and he is headed for Earth.

DVD DISC: Season 5, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

ATLANTIS. In the Control Room, Technician Amelia Banks reports as the Stargate dials in and kawhooshes. John Sheppard and Richard Woolsey are standing near her console.

BANKS: Incoming wormhole. Signal's coming in now.

(The three of them turn to a wallscreen as a face appears on it. John looks at it in surprise.)


TODD: No doubt you're surprised to see me, John Sheppard.

SHEPPARD: Yeah. You weren't looking so good last time I saw you.

TODD: Yes, well, you'll be pleased to know the treatment was successful, although excruciatingly painful.

SHEPPARD (unsuccessfully trying to hide a grin): You're just sayin' that to make me feel good.

(Todd smiles briefly.)

TODD: I was able to return to my position as leader of the alliance, although I have had a recent setback.

(It moves to the side of the camera so that the others can see the view behind it.)

TODD: Perhaps you can see what is remaining of my shuttle behind me.

(A Wraith shuttle is on the ground in the distance. It clearly crash landed there and smoke is still rising from it.)

SHEPPARD: Yeah. Nice landing(!)

TODD (moving back into the centre of the screen): Don't be so critical, Sheppard. It wasn't long ago my flying skills saved the lives of both you and your companions. It wasn't pilot error – I was attacked by one of my underlings.

WOOLSEY: You'll excuse me for being blunt, but why should we care?

TODD: It isn't the fact that he attacked and at least temporarily defeated me that should concern you. It's rather how he managed to do it.

WOOLSEY: And how was that?

TODD: Ah, he acquired a very rare and powerful piece of technology, one with which I believe you are quite familiar.

LATER. John, Richard, Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex have joined Rodney McKay in his lab. John and Richard have explained Todd's revelation to the others.

McKAY: A ZedPM?! Are you kidding me?!

SHEPPARD: That's what he said.

DEX: I don't buy it.

WOOLSEY: Why not?

McKAY: Well, for one thing, they don't exactly grow on trees.

DEX: He got betrayed by one of his own people. Now he wants us to help him clean up the mess. End of story.

TEYLA: It is possible that he mentioned the Zero Point Module simply to get our attention.

WOOLSEY: Except he would also have to know that sooner or later we would discover the truth. And in the meantime he's volunteered to place himself in our custody. Not a very good plan.

SHEPPARD: Well, you can bet there's something he's not tellin' us.

WOOLSEY: Granted, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he's lying about the ZeePM.

McKAY: If this is true, it could be very, very bad. I mean, inefficient power generation is the Achilles' heel of Wraith technology – it's basically the reason for every technological advantage we have. If this ... "underling" or whatever it is that Todd calls him is flying around in a ZedPM-powered Hive ship, then ...

WOOLSEY: ... it's a threat we can't tolerate ... and we won't.

LATER. Richard walks into a guarded room inside which Todd is sitting at a table.

WOOLSEY: Well, here we are again.

TODD (cheerfully): Indeed. This city has become quite familiar to me – almost a respite from daily life. It would be a shame to see it destroyed.

WOOLSEY: Are you suggesting that if we don't help you, that would be a likely outcome?

(Todd shrugs nonchalantly as Richard sits down opposite it.)

WOOLSEY: All right. Let's start at the beginning. Where did the ZeePM come from?

TODD: You recall I managed to acquire a few of the devices from the Replicators' city before it was destroyed?

WOOLSEY: Yes – and they were lost when Colonel Sheppard took out the cloning facility.

TODD: Not all of them. I may have acquired a few more than I let on.

WOOLSEY: How many more?

TODD: Let's not get caught up in unnecessary details.

WOOLSEY: I like details.

TODD: Even if I gave you a number, you'd have no way of verifying it, so what's the point?

WOOLSEY: All right, then tell me this: why now? You've had those ZeePMs for over a year.

TODD: The organic nature of the Hive creates certain incompatibilities with Ancient technology. I put my best scientists to work on this project and recently one of them succeeded.

WOOLSEY: Only he didn't wanna turn it over to you. He decided to keep it for himself. And now you want us to help you kick him to the kerb.

TODD: What you really need to know is that this Hive is a work in progress. It has yet to reach its full potential – which means if you attack it now, you may be able to destroy it, but if you hesitate it will be too late ... and this Hive will be unstoppable.

HYPERSPACE. DAEDALUS. Todd is now sitting in a room in the Brig, dressed in grey overalls. The door is opened by a guard. Without turning its head, Todd greets the person entering the room before it can even see him.

TODD: Colonel.

(It is indeed John who walks in. Todd turns its head to look at him.)

SHEPPARD: Lookin' good.

TODD (standing up): Was it really necessary to remove my sub-space transmitter and force me to wear this ridiculous outfit?

SHEPPARD: Well, after what happened last time on this ship, you can't blame us.

TODD: I take it, then, my request to be on the Bridge when we make contact ...?


TODD: Understandable.

SHEPPARD: Here's the problem: every time we get involved with you, I feel like I'm walking around with a live grenade in my pocket, just waitin' for it to all go wrong for that one thing you forgot to mention.

TODD: I assure you, in this case ...

SHEPPARD (interrupting): Save it. Been down this road before.

(He turns to leave the room.)

TODD: If you really feel that way, why would you let me go after our last encounter?

SHEPPARD (turning back): We had a deal and you kept up your end of the bargain – and to be honest, I didn't think you'd live.

TODD: Ahhh.

SHEPPARD: If I find out you're playin' us, I'm not gonna wait for authorisation, there isn't gonna be any paperwork – I'm just gonna kill ya.

(He leaves the room. Todd gazes after him, its face undisturbed by this threat.)

BRIDGE. Team Sheppard walks in, geared up and armed. They walk over to Steven Caldwell at the rear of the Bridge.

SHEPPARD: What's the status, Colonel?

CALDWELL: We're approaching co-ordinates. (He turns and looks at them.) You going somewhere?

SHEPPARD: Yeah. Drop us out early, before we get into sensor range. We'll check it out in the Jumper.

CALDWELL: That's not the plan.

McKAY: We can go in cloaked, stay in touch through sub-space on a secure channel.

SHEPPARD: If it's what Todd says it is, you can come in guns blazin'.

CALDWELL: All right. Just be careful.

PUDDLE JUMPER. The Jumper flies through space with Team Sheppard on board.

McKAY: Almost in range.

SHEPPARD: Engaging cloak.

(Rodney glances up as the sound of the cloak engaging can be heard, then looks back at his console.)

McKAY: All right. Getting readings now. It's a Hive, all right. (He frowns down at the console.) Hmm.

DEX: What?

McKAY: I'm reading higher than normal energy output. I mean, significantly higher.

TEYLA: Consistent with the ZeePM?

McKAY: Well, it's hard to say from this far out.

(On the Bridge of Daedalus)

CALDWELL: Sheppard, what's your status?

SHEPPARD: McKay's gettin' some interesting readings, so we're going in for a closer look.

(The Jumper approaches the Hive ship.)

McKAY: I'm detecting massive energy output.

SHEPPARD: What's happening?

McKAY: It's growing.

SHEPPARD: What the hell are you talking about?

McKAY: It's what they're doing with the surplus energy: using it to grow a larger and – if I'm reading this correctly – significantly denser outer hull. Look, it makes sense: normal Hives have a limit of growth. I mean, any bigger or heavier and they become impossible to manoeuvre, let alone get into hyperspace. I mean, you make a simple left turn and you're torn apart by your own inertia, but with a ZedPM ...

SHEPPARD: I get the picture. What does that mean for us?

McKAY: When they're done, my guess is that hull will be all but impenetrable.

SHEPPARD: All right. Well, better take 'em out of the picture before they get that far.

(Rodney's console beeps. He looks at it.)

McKAY: Hold on. They're powering weapons.

DEX: They can't see us, right?

McKAY: No, of course not. They must just be running a test.

(A single shot soars out from the Hive, whizzing closely over the top of the Jumper.)

McKAY: Holy crap!

SHEPPARD: What are the odds of them randomly firing a test shot directly at us?

McKAY: I would say, given the enormity of empty space all around us, non-existent.

SHEPPARD: They can see us.

(He swings the Jumper away from the Hive.)

McKAY: They must have figured out a way of increasing the sensitivity of their scanners.

(Another shot skims close by the Jumper.)

SHEPPARD: Let me guess: something to do with the ZeePM.

McKAY: Probably.

(John reports to Caldwell over comms.)

SHEPPARD: Daedalus, we've got a problem. Our cloak's ineffective.

CALDWELL: We're on our way. (He turns to his pilot.) Take us in, maximum sub-light. (He turns to Kevin Marks at the Weapons console.) Shields up.

MARKS: Yes, sir.

(Daedalus' sub-light engines fire up and she heads off to the rescue. In the Jumper, another shot from the Hive skims the ship.)

SHEPPARD: I'm droppin' the cloak, it ain't doin' us any good.

McKAY: Not to mention you could fire back.

SHEPPARD: One thing at a time, Rodney.

(As the Jumper becomes visible, another shot whizzes past. John sends the Jumper into a swerving pattern as the Hive continues to fire at it. As the Jumper ducks out of the way of one shot, another one impacts one of the drive pods and the ship goes into an uncontrolled roll.)

SHEPPARD: We're hit! I've lost controls.

McKAY: I'll work out a bypass. Give me a minute.

(He jumps up and heads for the rear of the ship.)

SHEPPARD: If they get a bead on us, Rodney, we're dead.

(Rodney pulls down a panel from the roof of the rear compartment and starts working on the crystals inside. The Hive continues firing at the Jumper, then Daedalus soars in and positions herself in between the two ships. The next two blasts impact her shields.)

MARKS: It worked, sir. We blocked the shot. Shield is holding.

CALDWELL: All right. Now return fire, main battery, full power.

MARKS: Yes, sir.

(Daedalus fires an Asgard beam at the Hive.)

MARKS: Direct hit.


MARKS (frowning): Minimal.

CALDWELL: Ready missiles. We're gonna throw everything we have at this guy.

MARKS: Sir, I'm reading a massive energy build-up.

(One by one a huge volley of Wraith missiles is fired towards Daedalus. They head towards her in a long line.)

CALDWELL: Brace for impact!

(One at a time in quick succession the missiles strike the shield at the front of the ship. The shield can't hold back the assault and consoles and panels explode all over the Bridge. Alarms sound as fires break out.)

MARKS: Shields are down! Heavy damage on all decks! We've lost hyperdrive and main weapons.

CALDWELL (to his pilot): Evasive manoeuvres! We can't take another hit like that!

(On the Jumper, Rodney is still working on the panel.)

McKAY: All right, you should have flight controls now.

SHEPPARD: What about weapons?

McKAY: Not a chance!

(Teyla looks through the front windshield.)

TEYLA: Something's happening.

(Rodney comes to the front of the ship and they all watch as the Hive starts to move. It heads towards a hyperspace window which has just opened and disappears into it.)

DAEDALUS. Team Sheppard has returned and is talking with Caldwell in a locker room as the crew effects repairs to the ship.

CALDWELL: You know, it doesn't make any sense. Most of our main systems were down. These guys had us dead to rights and they knew it. Why would they just fly away?

TEYLA: Perhaps it's precisely because they knew you were no longer a threat.

CALDWELL: It's not like the Wraith to be so charitable.

McKAY: Todd said the ship isn't finished, right? They haven't adapted the full potential of the ZedPM. Well, maybe the battle maxed them out.

CALDWELL: Well, if that's the case, I'd hate to meet up with them when they do finish it.

SHEPPARD: We need to get back to Atlantis. What's the prognosis on the hyperdrive?

CALDWELL: Control systems are completely shot. My guys are working on a patch but it could be days, even weeks, before we're back online. For the moment, we're not going anywhere.

(Kevin comes into the room.)


CALDWELL: What is it, Marks?

MARKS: I think we may have something.

ENGINE ROOM. Caldwell leads the team in where they are greeted with the sight of the last human they wanted to see working on one of the consoles.

McKAY: Kavanagh! What the hell are you doing here?

KAVANAGH (sighing): Reassignment. More fun and adventure in the Pegasus galaxy(!)

[Transcriber's note: The end credits spell his name as "Kavanaugh", which I believe is different from previous episodes, so I'll stick with the original spelling.]

CALDWELL: Show us what you've got, please.

(Kavanagh goes over to another console and sits down at it.)

KAVANAGH: It's a sub-space signal. We detected it just before the Hive jumped into hyperspace. It was weak. Luckily I happened to be monitoring the sensor or we might not have picked it up at all.

McKAY (looking at the screen): It's Wraith code.

KAVANAGH (sarcastically): Obviously!

(Rodney rolls his eyes in irritation.)

KAVANAGH: Now, we're having trouble deciphering it because the message is interlaced with a residual radiation and I've never seen it before.

McKAY: I have – once when we met another me, and once when we encountered another Daedalus. This signal was sent from another reality.

CALDWELL: I'm sorry – what the hell are you talking about?

McKAY: Look, some Wraith somewhere in another reality sent a coded signal, only whatever means they used to access sub-space created a rift, allowing the signal to cross into multiple realities including our own.

DEX: So what does it say?

McKAY: Just give me a second. (To Kavanagh) Move.

(Kavanagh leans back in his chair to give Rodney room to type on the console. He works for a moment, then looks at the screen again.)

McKAY (unhappily): Oh great.

SHEPPARD: What is it?

McKAY: It's a set of co-ordinates.

CALDWELL: Co-ordinates to what?

McKAY (quietly): Earth.

LATER. John, Rodney and Caldwell are walking through the ship.

SHEPPARD: You think the Hive picked up the signal?

McKAY: Why else would they leave like that? It can't be a coincidence. The Wraith know that Earth is a much richer feeding ground than anything in the Pegasus galaxy, and they've been looking for those co-ordinates for years.

CALDWELL: All right, as soon as communications are back up, we'll contact Atlantis, have them relay a message to Stargate Command.

McKAY (stopping): Wait a minute. I've got an idea. How many ships do we have available?

CALDWELL: Aside from ourselves, there's the Apollo and the Sun Tzu.

SHEPPARD: How about the Odyssey?

CALDWELL: Nah, it's on some secret mission even I'm not supposed to know about.

McKAY: Well, then, two'll have to be enough.

SHEPPARD: What are you suggesting?

McKAY: Look, that Hive may be super-powerful an' all, but I'll bet it has to drop out of hyperspace at some point along the way for hull regeneration. I can use the sensor data from the Jumper to extrapolate exactly where that'll be.

CALDWELL: It sounds pretty risky. If you're wrong ...

McKAY: I won't be. Anyways, we can't afford to wait 'til they get all the way to Earth. My guess is that, by that point, they'll be fully adapted to the ZedPM.


ATLANTIS. DAYS (OR WEEKS?) LATER. In the Control Room, Technician Chuck reports to Richard.

CHUCK: Sir, the Daedalus just dropped out of hyperspace.

WOOLSEY: It's about time.

CHUCK: Colonel Sheppard and his team are beaming down.

(An Asgard transporter beam deposits Team Sheppard onto the balcony.)

WOOLSEY: Colonel. It's good to finally have you all back.

SHEPPARD: What did we miss?

WOOLSEY: Well, the good news is there's no indication of any other Wraith ships heading for the Milky Way.

McKAY: It's as I figured. That signal was too short and too weak. That ship only detected it because of its obvious improvements to the sensors.

SHEPPARD: All right. What's the bad news?

WOOLSEY (to Chuck): Show them.

(Chuck types and Richard turns to the wallscreen.)

WOOLSEY: This is part of a sub-space message sent by Colonel Ellis from onboard the Apollo.

(Abe Ellis' face appears on the screen. His message fritzes frequently, and behind him Apollo's Bridge is full of smoke.)

ELLIS: We've engaged the Hive, unfortunately without much success. The Sun Tzu is crippled and she's venting atmosphere. We're in the process of taking on her crew now, but unfortunately, with my engines down, I won't be able to get to the nearest Stargate for at least a month. As for the enemy, all indications are that they received very little damage and are continuing on their previous course.

(His message ends. Richard turns back to the team.)

WOOLSEY: With those two ships out of the picture, nothing stands between that Hive and Earth.

LATER. John is walking along a corridor. Rodney meets up with him.

McKAY: There you are. Look, I've been thinking.

SHEPPARD: So have I.

McKAY: There is another ship that can help defend Earth.

SHEPPARD: I know. We're standing on it.

McKAY: The city! Exactly! The only problem ...


McKAY: Yeah, but if we wanna get there in time to make a difference, we need a full complement.

SHEPPARD: Where d'you think I'm headed, Rodney?

(He hurries away. Rodney stops and watches him go.)

McKAY: Right.

Shortly afterwards, John walks into the room in which Todd is being held. He walks over to the table where Todd is sitting and leans on the table, smiling down at it bitterly.

SHEPPARD: Well, things didn't go exactly according to plan.

TODD: So I heard. You intend to hold me responsible?

SHEPPARD: All I know is that everything went sideways – the way it always does when you're involved. You gonna tell me that's a coincidence?

(Todd leans forward in its chair.)

TODD: Then you've come to make good on your threat.

(John sits down and stares at Todd.)

SHEPPARD: The other ZeePMs you talked to Woolsey about – tell us where to get 'em and maybe it'll improve your situation.

TODD: Am I supposed to be enticed by this offer?

SHEPPARD: No. I'll probably kill you anyway. But don't forget: this Wraith betrayed you and got away with it. For no other reason, you might wanna do it out of pure spite.

(Todd leans back in its seat again, smiling slightly.)

TODD: You know how to talk to me, John Sheppard.

(It bursts out laughing.)

GATEROOM. John and Richard stand waiting in front of the open Stargate. Major Lorne and his team come through. Lorne is carrying a small case.

LORNE: We got 'em.

(He opens the case and shows two ZPMs inside.)

WOOLSEY (to John): He actually came through for us.

SHEPPARD: Maybe he's turning over a new leaf.

(Richard turns to Lorne as he closes the case again.)

WOOLSEY: Get those down to Zelenka immediately.

LORNE: Yes, sir.

(He starts to leave.)

SHEPPARD: Or maybe they're gonna blow up when you plug 'em in.

(Lorne stops and turns back. Woolsey looks round at him.)

WOOLSEY: Have Doctor McKay check them first.

LORNE: Right!

(As he walks away, John also turns to leave.)

SHEPPARD: All right. I'm headed to the Chair Room.

WOOLSEY: Actually, Colonel, you won't be flying the city for us. In fact, you won't be coming with us at all.

(John turns and stares at him.)

SHEPPARD: What are you talking about?

WOOLSEY: You have a half an hour to pack and then you'll be gating back to Earth. Even with the ZeePMs, there's still a good chance we won't get there in time, and Earth's only other line of defence is the Ancient weapons platform. General O'Neill wants you in the Chair.

(John nods his head reluctantly. Richard offers him his hand.)

WOOLSEY: Good luck.

SHEPPARD (shaking his hand): Yeah. You too.

EARTH. STARGATE COMMAND. In the Gateroom, John comes through the open Stargate and walks down the ramp to where Samantha Carter is waiting for him, smiling.

CARTER: Colonel Sheppard.

SHEPPARD: Colonel Carter.

CARTER: It's good to see you again, John.

ATLANTIS. Rodney is working on the console in the Chair Room.

McKAY: All right, I've finished recalibration on the Chair. Radek, how are things at your end?

ZELENKA (over radio): ZeePMs are online and functioning, one hundred percent. We're good to go.

McKAY: OK, who's flying this puppy?

BECKETT: That would be me.

(Rodney looks round in surprise as Carson Beckett walks in.)

McKAY: Carson?!

BECKETT: Rodney.

McKAY: What, they called you in for this?!


McKAY: Well, you must have a higher C.I.A. than I thought.

BECKETT: 'Scuse me?

McKAY: Chair Interface Aptitude. We have a ranking system.

BECKETT: Well, apparently after Colonel Sheppard, I'm number two.

McKAY (frowning): Really? I'll have to look into that.

BECKETT: Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, Rodney!

McKAY: Ah, I'm sure you'll do fine.

BECKETT: Great(!)

(He sits down in the Chair and blows out a breath, then activates the Chair and reclines it.)

BECKETT (nervously): I suppose I'm ready.

(Clearing his throat anxiously, he lays his head back.)

(In the Control Room, Richard walks over to Amelia's console.)

WOOLSEY: Raise the shield.

(Amelia types and the shield can be heard deploying around the city.)

WOOLSEY (into radio): Doctor Beckett, take us out.

(Carson screws up his eyes and concentrates as Rodney turns to watch him nervously. The stardrive fires up and the city begins to shake, then slowly lifts up from the ocean. As Carson continues to concentrate, the city rises up into the sky.)

S.G.C. John and Sam are walking along the corridors.

SHEPPARD: So, you're in command here, huh?

CARTER: Only until General Landry gets back. He's heading up a task force in Washington. My next position is to take command of our new Daedalus-class ship.

SHEPPARD: The Phoenix?

(They reach an elevator and Sam swipes her card through the reader to call it. She turns back to John.)

CARTER: Actually, we're renaming it the "General Hammond."

SHEPPARD (sympathetically): Oh, yeah. I heard about that. Sorry – it was kind of sudden.

CARTER (nodding sadly): Heart attack. I was offworld at the time.

SHEPPARD: He was a good man.

CARTER (nodding again with her eyes full of tears): He really was.

(The elevator arrives and they go inside.)

SHEPPARD: So, uh, what's next? C-130 to McMurdo?

CARTER: Not exactly.

BRIEFING ROOM. The room has been turned into an operations room. Various members of staff are working on computers on the main table and screens have been set up around the perimeter of the room. Sam leads John over to a man very familiar to "SG-1" viewers, Major Paul Davis.

CARTER: Colonel Sheppard, this is Major Davis, Homeworld Security.

(The men shake hands.)


DAVIS: Colonel.

(They turn to a screen showing a graphic of Earth and the Moon, with a red flashing light near the latter.)

SHEPPARD: What are we looking at?

DAVIS: It's the Hive ship. It dropped out of hyperspace and established orbit around the Moon just before you arrived.

SHEPPARD: You've gotta be kidding me. It's not supposed to be here for weeks.

CARTER: Evidently this is no ordinary Hive ship.

SHEPPARD: Yeah, that much I know. What's it doing?

DAVIS: For the moment, nothing.

CARTER: The best we can guess is it's completing its ZeePM upgrades prior to launching an attack.

SHEPPARD: Then we've gotta make a move first. You got any F-302s?

DAVIS: We have a squadron on permanent stand-by with Earth defence but those birds aren't outfitted for anything more than fighter interceptor duties. There's no way they're gonna take on ...

SHEPPARD: How long to fit 'em with nukes?

DAVIS (surprised): That could take some doing.

(He looks at Sam, who nods.)

DAVIS: I'll get right on it.

(He leaves the room. John turns to Sam.)

SHEPPARD: Do these pilots have any experience fighting the Wraith?

CARTER: John, that's not why I brought you here.

SHEPPARD: I can sit in the Chair and wait for the Wraith to get stronger, or I can take the fight to them. What do you wanna do?

(Sam thinks about it, and sighs.)

HYPERSPACE. ATLANTIS. Teyla and Ronon walk to the doorway of Richard's office.

TEYLA: Mr Woolsey. You wanted to see us?

WOOLSEY (smiling at them): Yes. Come in please.

(The two of them walk over to his desk.)

WOOLSEY: I wanted the opportunity to offer you both one last chance to reconsider.

DEX: Reconsider what?

WOOLSEY: Your involvement in this mission. I'm told we're about to pass the outer edge of the Pegasus galaxy. If you wish to be dropped off, now would be the time.

TEYLA: Mr Woolsey ...

WOOLSEY (standing and walking around the table to them): We've all grown so accustomed to having you here as part of the team, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that your priorities are not necessarily always the same as ours. You're being asked to fly to another galaxy, to take what might turn out to be the losing part in a battle that isn't yours.

DEX: D'you mean like everyone on this base has been doing for the last five years?

(Richard smiles.)

TEYLA: Thank you for your consideration, Mr Woolsey, but I assure you it is not necessary.

DEX (smiling at Richard): We're not going anywhere.

(Richard smiles at both of them gratefully.)

WOOLSEY: Very well.

(The other two turn and leave the office.)

EARTH. F-302 HANGAR BAY. John is helping with the re-fit of the 302s. He climbs out of one as Sam and Paul walk in.

SHEPPARD: All right. Looks like we're ready to go.

CARTER: There's been a change of plans. I'm afraid the re-fit took too long. The Hive's still in lunar orbit but we've detected an inbound wave of Darts.

SHEPPARD: I guess they got tired of waiting. Any idea what the target is?

DAVIS: We think so. The Wraith message we intercepted contained a warning about Earth's defensive capabilities – specifically the drone Chair, only in the alternate reality where the message came from, it looks like the Chair had been moved to Area 51.

SHEPPARD: That's where they're heading?

DAVIS: We believe so.

SHEPPARD: Well, evacuate the base, let 'em hit it, and when they bring the Hive down we'll take 'em out from Antarctica.

(Paul and Sam look at each other ruefully.)

SHEPPARD (hopefully): Right?

CARTER: I'm sorry, John. I was gonna tell you this but ...

SHEPPARD: Tell me what?

DAVIS: The Chair was in violation of the Antarctic Non-Proliferation Treaty. After lengthy international negotiations, they finally moved it just less than a month ago.

(John asks the question, even though his face says that he already knows the answer.)


CARTER (sighing): Area 51.

In space, a massive swarm of Wraith Darts heads towards Earth.

S.G.C. OPERATIONS ROOM. Paul is sitting at a computer while Sam stands behind him. Paul reports over radio to John.

DAVIS: All right, Colonel, they're entering the atmosphere now. Should be showing up on the screens momentarily.

(John is in the air in an F-302.)

SHEPPARD: All right, we've got 'em. Twelve o'clock high, range eight kilometres and closing fast.

DAVIS: You are cleared to engage. Good hunting, Colonel.

(The 302s fire towards the approaching Darts which return fire and swarm through the defending craft. The 302s bank sharply and give chase.)

DAVIS (to Sam): They're seriously outnumbered. They'll never be able to keep them all from getting through.

(The fight continues. Two Darts turn and start to head downwards at a rapid velocity.)

CARTER: Sheppard. Two Darts have disengaged. They're headed for the deck.

SHEPPARD: I'm on it. Riggs, you're with me.

RIGGS (over radio): Yes, sir.

(John's and Riggs' craft swing around and race after the Darts, firing at them. Two more Darts take up position behind them and start to fire at the interceptors.)

RIGGS (over radio): Two more on our six!

(He and John swerve their vessels around as the Darts fire at them. One of the Darts' missiles hits Riggs' 302 and blows it out of the sky.)

SHEPPARD: Riggs! Dammit.

(He chases after the two Darts below him while trying to avoid the fire from the Darts above. A lucky shot hits his starboard wing. Alarms sound inside the cockpit as some of the equipment explodes and the 302 plunges earthwards, trailing smoke behind it.)

DAVIS (to Sam): The Darts are coming in too fast.

CARTER: It's a kamikaze run.

(The first two Darts race downwards towards the facility below and plunge nose first into it.)

(Up in the sky, John's F-302 is spiralling downwards out of control. John takes hold of the stick with both hands and struggles to pull it upwards.)

SHEPPARD: Come on, baby. Come on! Come on!

(Lower and lower the 302 spirals. John eventually manages to straighten the craft out, but now she's plunging towards the ground in a straight line. Still he tugs on the control column. The 302 nose-dives towards the desert below ... and just in the nick of time John gets control and hauls her nose up just before she hits the deck. She soars level just above the ground and then races up into the sky again. John breathes heavily, then looks back at a massive plume of smoke rising into the sky nearby.)

SHEPPARD: Stargate Command, this is Sheppard. Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?

CARTER: It was a nice try, John. There was just too many of them. The Chair's been destroyed.

(John takes in the news for a moment, then sends his craft into a steep climb.)

CARTER: Sheppard, what are you doing?

SHEPPARD: I've got an idea.

DAVIS: He's climbing rapidly. He's heading into the upper atmosphere!

CARTER: Sheppard, your orders are to return to the base.

SHEPPARD: I've still got a nuke. I'm gonna finish this mission.

CARTER: You don't have enough fuel. You'll never make it to the Hive.

SHEPPARD: He got what he wanted. He's gonna come to us.

DAVIS (to Sam): He's right. The Hive ship has changed course. They're on their way.

SHEPPARD: I've got enough fuel to establish orbit, then I'll shut everything down except basic life support. That way he won't detect me 'til it's too late.

CARTER: Even if that does work, given what we know about this ship, one nuke is not gonna be enough.

SHEPPARD: No, not from the outside. I'll wait for him to enter orbit, I'll fire up my systems, shoot my way through the Dart Bay door and fly the damned bomb right down his throat. Then I'll detonate it from the inside.

CARTER: John, I can't ask you to do that.

SHEPPARD: Well, you're not asking. I'm volunteering. Look, without that Chair, Earth is basically defenceless, right?

(Sam and Paul look at each other, knowing that he's correct.)

SHEPPARD: Right. Commencing radio silence. Sheppard out.

(He disconnects his radio and continues heading up into the sky.)

In space a long way away, Atlantis comes out of hyperspace. Richard hurries over to Radek Zelenka in the Control Room.

WOOLSEY: What happened?

ZELENKA: We dropped out of hyperspace.

WOOLSEY: Don't tell me we're there already?

McKAY: We're not even close. We're on the edge of the Milky Way.

WOOLSEY: So then why did we drop out?

McKAY: Well, obviously we ...

(He looks at Radek, who throws up his hands, clueless.)

McKAY: ... We're not sure.

WOOLSEY: Doctor.

McKAY: Look, the hyperdrive hasn't been operated at full power in over ten thousand years. It's not surprising there are a few glitches.

WOOLSEY: But you can fix it?

McKAY: Gotta figure out what's wrong first, don't I?

(He hurries away. Richard turns to Radek.)

WOOLSEY: Zelenka. In the meantime, recalibrate our Gate position so we can dial Earth.

ZELENKA: Yes, right away.

WOOLSEY: We have to apprise them of our situation.

Above Earth, the Hive ship heads towards the planet.

S.G.C. OPERATIONS ROOM. Sam comes in and walks over to Paul.

CARTER: What's our status?

DAVIS: The Hive ship has almost reached Earth orbit. They've begun scanning us.

CARTER: Any word from Sheppard?

DAVIS: Not yet. According to my best estimates of his trajectory, his orbit won't intersect with the Hive's for another twenty minutes. OK, now if he fires up too early to close the gap ...

CARTER: ... they'll detect his presence and send out Darts to intercept.

DAVIS: He wouldn't stand a chance.

(Walter Harriman walks over to Sam.)

HARRIMAN: 'Scuse me, Colonel.

CARTER: What is it, Walter?

HARRIMAN: We've been trying to dial up the Alpha site to send through those I.O.A. dignitaries ...

DAVIS (sarcastically): Typical I.O.A. – courageous to the end(!)

(Sam smiles in agreement, then turns back to Walter.)

CARTER: What's the problem?

HARRIMAN: Can't establish a lock. And it's not just the Alpha site. I've already tried a couple of alternates but for some reason the Gate's offline.

ATLANTIS. Radek has done his recalibrations and the Stargate kawhooshes. Richard walks into the Control Room and speaks to Amelia.

WOOLSEY: Open a channel.

(Amelia types, then looks at Richard.)

WOOLSEY: Stargate Command, this is Atlantis. ... Stargate Command, this is Atlantis, do you read?

BANKS: Comm system is operating, sir. They're just not responding.

McKAY (looking at his console): OK, this is weird. I'm picking up an energy signature feeding back through the wormhole. It's Wraith.

WOOLSEY: The Wraith are at Stargate Command?!

McKAY: No. These readings are more like something you'd pick up in the middle of a Hive.

WOOLSEY: But we dialled Earth.

ZELENKA: You don't think that ...

McKAY: Standard Wraith procedure. Keep your victims from dialling out.

WOOLSEY: What are you talking about?

McKAY: There's a Gate on the Hive!


McKAY: The Wraith always try to block the Gate of a planet they're attacking, usually by dialling in. They couldn't do that in this case so they came up with another solution.

ZELENKA: You see, when two Gates are in proximity, one supersedes the other. Usually it's the default Gate – unless it happens to be a Milky Way model and the other one's from Pegasus.

McKAY: We encountered exactly the same problem on the Midway Station. We had to create a work-around to prevent the Pegasus Gate from always taking precedence.

WOOLSEY: You're telling me that wormhole ... (he turns and looks at the Gate) ...

McKAY: ... leads directly onto the Hive.

(Richard turns back and looks at him thoughtfully. Rodney's eyes widen.)

EARTH. The Hive ship is in orbit above the planet. Inside the ship, in a typical display of Wraith stupidity, only five Wraith guards are standing by the open Stargate, and they stare dopily as three grenades are tossed through the event horizon and clatter to the floor by their feet. They look down at them and then at each other as if to say, "Ooh, pretty shiny things!"

(On the other side of the wormhole, Lorne steps back from throwing the grenades through. Rodney looks at Ronon as he strolls towards the Gate.)

McKAY: Think that cleared the way?

DEX: There's one way to find out.

(Taking out his blaster, he walks into the event horizon. Teyla, Lorne and Rodney follow him. A moment later Lorne reports by radio to Woolsey.)

LORNE: The guards at the Gate have been neutralised. We're moving on.

(The Gate closes down. Woolsey turns away from the Control Room balcony and walks over to Radek.)

WOOLSEY: I should have sent more marines with them.

ZELENKA: A full-scale assault wouldn't have accomplished anything. If they're going to sabotage key systems on that Hive, they're going to need speed and stealth.

WOOLSEY: Maybe. I just hate being stuck out here in the middle of nowhere, not able to do anything.

ZELENKA: Actually, that's something I've been wanting to talk to you about. (He gestures down to his computer tablet.) This is something that Rodney's been working on for quite some time. It's an adaptation of an Ancient technology which was abandoned because of instability and enormous power requirements.

WOOLSEY: What is it?

ZELENKA: Wormhole drive. It's nearly instantaneous travel across enormous distances. It's not unlike Gate travel itself. (He shows the tablet to Richard.) If it works, it could have us at Earth in a matter of seconds. Now, the calculations are incredibly complex. If we're off even by a fraction ... (he grimaces) ... it could be very bad.

(Richard looks at the tablet, then looks back up at Radek with a determined expression on his face.)

EARTH ORBIT. John's F-302 is drifting silently.

SHEPPARD: All right. I'd say it's time to get moving.

(He reactivates the controls, fires up the engines and heads off into space.)

HIVE SHIP. The team is making its way through the ship, Rodney concentrating on a small hand held scanner. Ronon yells at him as a Wraith guard appears and fires at them.

DEX: McKay!

(He shoves him out of the way. Rodney dives to the side as Ronon fires at the approaching guards. Teyla guards their six as Ronon, Rodney and Lorne fire at the guards. Ronon calls out to Rodney over the gunfire.)

DEX: Is there another way around?

McKAY: I think so!

TEYLA: Go, go, go!

McKAY: This way!

(He heads back down the corridor, the others continuing to fire back at the guards. Ronon overtakes Rodney and progresses on cautiously, then a guard jumps out from around a corner and grabs at him. Instantly he drops his blaster and goes hand to hand with it. Rodney runs in with his pistol aimed but another guard comes from behind and grapples with him. Teyla and Lorne continue firing back at the other guards. Rodney's guard shoves him back against a wall. Ronon has pulled his guard's stunner rifle from its grip and uses it as a sword, bludgeoning it to move it back a bit and then slashing the rifle across its face. As it drops, he instantly spins around and slams the rifle across the other guard's back. As it drops Rodney to the ground, Ronon swings the rifle around the guard's neck and pulls back, strangling it. The first guard gets up onto its knees and pulls out a small knife. Ronon hurls the other guard to the floor just as the first guard stands up, runs forward and plunges its knife into Ronon's back. He screams in agony.)

SPACE. In space, John races towards the Hive, firing a missile ahead of himself. The missile smashes into the Dart Bay doors and blows them out. John soars inside the ship.

HIVE SHIP. Inside the ship, Teyla arrives and guns down the Wraith guard. Ronon rolls over onto his side, clutching at the wound in his back, blood pouring from his mouth.

McKAY (anguished): Ronon!

(He runs over and crouches down to him as Teyla finishes off another approaching guard and then runs over to join him while Lorne continues firing at other guards. Rodney looks up at her in horror.)

McKAY: They hit his lung. He's bleeding out.

TEYLA: Ronon!

(Ronon looks up at her, his face contorted with pain.)

DEX: Just go. Just go.

TEYLA: No! We are not leaving without you!

(Ronon stares upwards, his eyes wide as he fights to live. He gasps frantically ... then his breathing stops and his eyes become fixed.)

TEYLA: Ronon! (She shakes him frantically.) RONON!

(Sensing movement behind her, she turns and guns down a couple more approaching guards. Lorne does likewise to others coming from another direction, then runs over to the others.)

LORNE: C'mon, we've gotta get out of here now.

(He pulls Teyla to her feet as a shot from a stunner rifle whizzes past them.)

LORNE: Let's go! Let's go!

(Shoving her in the direction of a nearby corridor, he grabs at Rodney and sends him on his way.)

LORNE: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Let's go!

(They race away, leaving Ronon Dex lying dead on the floor of the Hive ship.)

S.G.C. OPERATIONS ROOM. Sam looks round as John's voice comes over the comms.

SHEPPARD: Stargate Command, this is Sheppard. Come in.

CARTER: Sheppard, where are you?

(John has landed the 302 on a ledge in the Dart Bay.)

SHEPPARD: I made it inside. Look, I don't have much time before this place is swarming with Wraith, so I'm arming the nuke.

CARTER: John ...

SHEPPARD: Just do me a favour. When Atlantis shows up ... (he sighs) ... tell 'em I said goodbye.

HIVE SHIP. The team is still being chased by Wraith guards. Rodney, who lost his pistol in the earlier fight, takes cover behind a column while the others fire back at their attackers. John's voice comes over their headset radios.

SHEPPARD's VOICE: Stargate Command, this is Sheppard. Come in.

(Rodney grabs at his earpiece, not believing what he's hearing.)

SHEPPARD's VOICE: Look, I don't have much time before this place is swarming with Wraith, so I'm arming the nuke.

McKAY: What – did he say "nuke"?!

SHEPPARD's VOICE: Just do me a favour. When Atlantis shows up ... (he sighs) ... tell 'em I said goodbye.

(In a temporary lull in the fighting, Lorne brings a pistol over and hands it to Rodney.)

McKAY (into radio): Sheppard! This is McKay! Look, stop what you're doing, now!

(In the 302, John frowns.)


McKAY: Yes, it's me! I've got Lorne and I've got Teyla. We're on board the Hive.

SHEPPARD: What?! W... how?

McKAY: Look, it's a long story. Just ... the important thing is, if you're about to do what I think you're gonna do, don't!

SHEPPARD: This Hive is about to attack Earth, Rodney. I don't have much of a choice.

McKAY: Look, just wait! We'll come to you. I'm sure I can rig up some kind of a remote detonator.

SHEPPARD: What good's that gonna do for us? We can't get off this ship, Rodney.

McKAY: That's where you're wrong.

(He looks at his colleagues and points down a corridor.)

McKAY: This way.

ATLANTIS INFIRMARY. Richard walks in and goes over to Jennifer Keller.

WOOLSEY: Doctor Keller. I wanted to let you know that we're about to fire up the wormhole drive. If it works, we could find ourselves in the middle of a combat situation rather suddenly. You and your staff need to be ready.

(He turns to leave.)

KELLER: Uh, and if it doesn't?

(Richard turns back to her.)

WOOLSEY: From what I'm told ... the city would be instantly vapourised.

(Jennifer stares at him wide-eyed.)


(She thinks about it for a moment, then gives the only answer that's appropriate.)


HIVE SHIP. John has left the 302 and is lurking in a corridor just outside the Dart Bay. For some bizarre reason he took a rifle with him in the craft and is carrying it now. He hears movement nearby and rushes out into the corridor with the rifle aimed, then lowers it as he sees Lorne, Teyla and Rodney aiming their weapons at him. They too lower their guns when they realise it's him.

SHEPPARD: You guys are the last people I expected to see on this ship.

McKAY: Same here. Give me a minute.

(He trots over to the 302. John turns to the other two.)

SHEPPARD: Where's Ronon?

(Lorne turns away, unable to answer, while Teyla stares at John wide-eyed.)

SHEPPARD: Teyla, where's Ronon?

(She shakes her head.)

TEYLA: I'm sorry, John.

(John stares at her in shock.)

HIVE CORRIDOR. Ronon heaves in a huge breath of air. A male Wraith is kneeling over him with its hand on his chest. As Ronon continues to gasp, the Wraith lifts its hand.

WRAITH: I restored your life, human, and bound your wound.

(Ronon gets his breathing under control.)

DEX (sarcastically): That was real nice of you.

WRAITH (standing up and looking down at him): Now you will answer my questions.


DAVIS: Hive has completed surface scan.

CARTER: They'll target military installations first, then the power grid – send the population into a panic. Then they'll launch the Darts.

HIVE CORRIDOR. The Wraith stands over Ronon, looking down at him.

WRAITH: How many humans are on my ship?

(Ronon glares up at it defiantly. It lifts its foot and presses it down on Ronon's wound. He screams.)

WRAITH: Where are they?

(Ronon grits his teeth, refusing to answer. Just then, gunfire takes down the Wraith and its guards. The rest of Team Sheppard and Lorne have arrived. John kneels down to Ronon.)

SHEPPARD: How you doin', Chewie?

(Ronon groans as John and Teyla help him to get to his feet. Rodney stares at him in amazement.)

McKAY: You were dead!

SHEPPARD: We're all gonna be dead unless we get out of here.

(Handing Ronon over to Lorne, who slings his arm around him and supports him, he races off. Teyla stops to pick up Ronon's blaster, and the team hurries away.)

S.G.C. OPERATIONS ROOM. Paul's computer beeps.

DAVIS: That's it. They're powering weapons.

CARTER: Sheppard, what's your status?

SHEPPARD: We've got Ronon and we're headed to the Gate.

CARTER: How much time?

McKAY (to John): Five minutes to get there; five minutes to recalibrate the D.H.D. for local co-ordinates.

SHEPPARD (into radio): Ten minutes.

(Sam looks at Paul, who shakes his head.)

SHEPPARD: I'm sorry. The Hive is powering weapons. We're out of time.

(John stops and stares despairingly.)

SHEPPARD: Understood.

(Rodney stares at him wide-eyed. John looks back at him.)

SHEPPARD: Give me the detonator.

McKAY (frantically): Y ... but we're almost there. I mean, look, did I say five minutes to recalibrate the D.H.D.? I meant two minutes.

SHEPPARD (quietly): Rodney.

(Rodney looks around desperately but realises that he has no choice. He types onto a small tablet, then hands it to John, his face full of dread. John looks down at it for a moment. Suddenly Sam's voice comes over his radio.)

CARTER: John, wait. We're detecting another ship.

(Outside the Hive, the other ship rises into view between the Hive and Earth. It's Atlantis. In the Control Room, Richard speaks into the comms.)

WOOLSEY: Now would be the time, Doctor.

(In the Chair Room, Carson's eyes are closed in concentration.)

BECKETT: Understood.

(He scrunches his eyes tighter closed, and a swarm of drones deploys from the city. They burst through the shield and impact the Hive. Inside, Team Atlantis looks up as the ship shakes.)

CARTER (over radio): It's Atlantis! They're engaging the Hive!

SHEPPARD: That may give us enough time to get to the Gate.

(Giving the detonator back to Rodney, he races away. Rodney deactivates the device and follows. Lorne helps Ronon away as Teyla covers their retreat.)

(In the Atlantis Control Room, Amelia reports.)

BANKS: Sir, the Hive is returning fire.

(Wraith missiles soar out from the Hive and impact Atlantis' shield. Consoles start to explode.)

BANKS: Shields are down seventy percent.

WOOLSEY: Keep firing, Doctor Beckett!

HIVE SHIP. In the Hive, the team reaches the room containing the Stargate and its D.H.D.

SHEPPARD: Get to work, Rodney.

McKAY: I'm on it!

(He runs over to the D.H.D., kneels down and pulls open the control panel in its base.)

LORNE: We got company!

(The rest of the team opens fire on the approaching guards. Outside, the two ships continue to exchange fire. Atlantis, still holding its position between the Hive and Earth, begins to drift downwards and the lower part of the shield begins to burn. In the Control Room, as consoles continue exploding, Radek calls out to Richard.)

ZELENKA: The force of enemy weapons fire has pushed us into a lower orbit! We're skimming the atmosphere!

BANKS: It's draining the shield, sir!

WOOLSEY: Doctor Beckett, can you adjust our course?

(In the Chair Room, Carson lifts his head and opens his eyes.)

BECKETT: I don't have enough power. I can keep firing or pull us up. Which is it gonna be?

(Richard looks at Amelia briefly, then makes his decision.)

WOOLSEY: Keep firing, Doctor Beckett.

(Carson lays his head back and closes his eyes again. Drones continue to soar towards the Hive as it returns fire. Atlantis sinks lower towards Earth.)

(In the Hive Gateroom, the team continues gunning down approaching Wraith guards, but more keep coming. John yells over his shoulder.)

SHEPPARD: How's it coming, Rodney?

McKAY: I got it! Dialling the Alpha site now!

(He stands up and starts to punch the symbols on the D.H.D.)

(In Atlantis' Control Room, more consoles explode. Everyone ducks down to avoid the sparks. Amelia sits up again and looks at her screens.)

BANKS: Shields are about to collapse. We can't take another hit.

(In the Hive, Rodney presses the central button on the D.H.D. and the Stargate kawhooshes.)

SHEPPARD: All right, let's move!

(The team begins to run for the Gate as John covers their retreat. Teyla, Ronon and Lorne pelt into the event horizon. John backs into the room where Rodney hands him the detonator and then races for the Gate. John slaps the detonator onto the D.H.D. and types rapidly onto it. In the F-302 in the Dart Bay, a console starts to flash the message "THERMONUCLEAR WARHEAD ARMED". John steps away from the D.H.D. and backs towards the Gate, firing at the last approaching guards, then runs into the event horizon. From an external viewpoint, as the city of Atlantis sinks ever lower away from the Hive, the Wraith Hive ship explodes in a humungous fireball.)

(In the S.G.C. Operations Room, Paul grins at his screen.)

DAVIS: They did it! (He laughs in relief.) The Hive has been destroyed!

(As the people in the room begin to applaud, Sam smiles and speaks into the comms.)

CARTER: Atlantis, this is Stargate Command. Well done!

(In Atlantis' Control Room, the city is shaking violently.)

WOOLSEY: Thanks for the kind words, Colonel, but I wouldn't pop the champagne just yet. We've lost orbit and Doctor Beckett is unable to compensate. We're going in.

CARTER: Do you have enough shield to survive re-entry?

(Richard looks across to Radek who looks at his screens, then turns and throws up his hands in a despairing "I have absolutely no idea" gesture.)

WOOLSEY: We're about to find out.

(The city plummets downwards, its shield burning. More consoles explode in the Control Room. Richard stares helplessly. At S.G.C., everyone waits anxiously.)

CARTER: Atlantis, this is Stargate Command, do you read?

(The city continues to fall. At S.G.C., Walter comes into the room.)

HARRIMAN: Colonel, we've been monitoring radio chatter. Several commercial vessels in the north Pacific have reported a giant fireball streaking across the sky.

(Paul buries his face in his hands.)

CARTER: Atlantis, this is Stargate Command. Do you read?

(There's no reply.)

CARTER: Atlantis, this is Stargate Command. Please respond.

(There's a long anxious pause, then ...)

WOOLSEY (over comms): Stargate Command, this is Atlantis. Nice to hear from you again, Colonel.

(Everyone smiles in relief. Paul laughs in delight.)

CARTER: Mr Woolsey, you gave us quite a scare!

WOOLSEY: Sorry about that.

(Atlantis, now without its shield, is below the upper atmosphere and heading slowly downwards towards Earth.)

WOOLSEY: We've completed our re-entry and, as far as I can tell, we're still in one piece. Doctor Beckett thinks he can bring us in over water, but you might wanna alert the Navy. It's gonna be close.

CARTER: Understood.

DAVIS: We are tracking them again. We should be able to project co-ordinates for splashdown.

(He and Sam look at a screen which indicates that the city should be landing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.)

CARTER: Walter, you'd better get me the President.

(She smiles.)

CARTER: It looks like Atlantis is coming home.

MUCH LATER. ATLANTIS INFIRMARY. John is standing at the foot of Ronon's bed.

SHEPPARD: Well, how're you feeling?

DEX: I'm ready to get out of here.

SHEPPARD: Take your time. The city's pretty banged up. Even with the ZeePMs we're not going anywhere for a while.

DEX: And when they've fixed it, d'you really think they're gonna let us take it back to Pegasus?

SHEPPARD: I'll make sure you get home.

DEX: This is my home.

(John smiles at him. Amelia walks over.)

BANKS: Am I interrupting?

(John looks at her in surprise.)


(He looks at Ronon, who smiles across at Amelia and then looks back to John.)

SHEPPARD: No. I-I was just leaving.

(Nodding to Ronon, he walks away. Ronon straightens up on the bed as Amelia walks over to him.)

BANKS: Hi. Heard you died and came back to life.

DEX: Pretty much. There's, uh ... there's a few things I still need to do.

(She smiles.)

BANKS: You up for taking a walk?

DEX: I don't see why not.

BANKS: Good. There's something you should see.

ELSEWHERE. Elsewhere in the city, John walks into the room where Todd is being held.

TODD: So all's well. Your homeworld was saved, you and your friends survived and all thanks to my Zero Point Modules.

SHEPPARD: That's right. The question is, what would happen next time?

(Todd looks at him cautiously.)

TODD: Is there going to be a next time?

(John looks back at Todd thoughtfully.)

EXTERNAL BALCONY. Holding his arm, Amelia escorts Ronon out to where Richard, Carson, Teyla, Rodney and Jennifer are leaning on the balcony and admiring the view.

BANKS: You have room for two more?

WOOLSEY: Of course. Ronon, welcome to Earth.

(Ronon looks at the sight of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in front of them.)

KELLER: No-one can see us, right?

WOOLSEY: We managed to activate the cloak before we came in too close. This entire area is under naval quarantine.

(John strolls out.)

SHEPPARD: Oh, so this is where everyone went, huh?

(He joins the others at the balcony. Jennifer looks across to Rodney standing beside her.)


McKAY (shrugging): I'm alive.

(Jen smiles at such a typical low-key statement. He looks across to her and smiles fondly.)

McKAY: And I've got you.

(He puts his arm around her shoulders.)

McKAY: What else would I need?

(She smiles and cuddles up to him. John gazes out at the Bridge.)

SHEPPARD: Nice view.

WOOLSEY: Yes. Yes, it is.

(The Atlantis team looks out at the view, satisfied that they have saved the planet from destruction. For the time being, all is right in their world.)