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Stargate Rewatch Finale: SGU Season Two

Sunday - December 2, 2012
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Seventeen months, seventeen seasons, three movies and 354 episodes of Stargate: It’s all come down to this.

The Stargate Rewatch concludes this month, going out with a bang with Stargate Universe Season Two. Fire up those DVDs or digital downloads and join us as we revisit the final (… so far!) 20 hours of one of the greatest science fiction franchises of all time.

Tell us your Rewatch story! We’ve had more than 3,000 people tell us they were participating in some part of the Rewatch. To ring out 2012 and the worldwide fan community project, we want to hear your stories of how you celebrated 17 years of Stargate history during the Rewatch. Did you throw a big viewing party? Or just cozy up on the couch with the one you love? Did you blog or tweet your way through the episodes, or write some new fanfic, or do something else?

E-mail us your Rewatch story and we’ll choose some to post here at the end of the month.

Stay tuned in 2013! We have some new ideas brewing on how to keep Stargate alive while we wait for the next TV show, the next film, the next adventure through the gate. If you want to write an on-going feature column next year, drop us a line.

Now, to help with your SGU Season Two Rewatch, here are links to everything related on GateWorld …

‘We’re talking about a mystery rooted in the foundation of reality, a puzzle with pieces scattered across the length and breadth of the universe itself …’

After fending off the Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny (and bringing on a few new crew members in the process), the men and women stranded on the ship were in desperate need of something to bring them all together — to give them a purpose, to help make them a real crew, more than just “the wrong people.”

Cue a breakthrough from Dr. Nicholas Rush, who cracks the ship’s master control code and discovers not only how to control the Ancient vessel but also what its mission is: to pick up the pieces of a puzzle left over from the Big Bang. Embedded in the universe’s cosmic background radiation, it hints at an intelligence at the beginning of all things and may hold the key to the meaning of our existence.

The crew bands together to fulfill Destiny‘s mission, with Rush and Colonel Young setting aside their differences and their people slowing learning how to steer the ship. But standing in their way is a fleet of automated warships from a long-dead war — drones and their control motherships. Once awakened, the ships will stop at nothing to destroy Destiny.

SGU Season Two on GateWorld:

Where to Watch?

  • Amazon: Buy Season Two on DVD and support GateWorld!
  • Amazon: Download Season Two episodes
  • iTunes: Download Season Two episodes in HD

Nominations, Please!

We’re now taking your nominations for the following categories for the SGU Season Two Awards. Use this forum thread if you want your nominations to count. One nomination for each category per person, please. (All nominations must be from SGU Season Two and Season Two only!)

  • Best Episode (Season Two)
  • Best Nicholas Rush Moment
  • Best Everett Young Moment
  • Best Matthew Scott Moment
  • Best T.J. Johansen Moment
  • Best Ronald Greer Moment
  • Best Eli Wallace Moment
  • Best Chloe Armstrong Moment
  • Best Camille Wray Moment
  • Best David Telford Moment
  • Best Supporting Character
  • Coolest Technology
  • Best Adversary
  • Best Stargate Crossover
  • Best Guest Star (based on one specific Season Two episode)

Those “moments” can be a single moment, a line of dialogue, a scene, or in some cases even a full episode’s storyline.

Remember: The point of the Rewatch is not just to watch everything again, but to watch it together as a fan community! So post your thoughts on your blog, on Twitter (hashtag: #SGRewatch), Facebook, or over at GateWorld Forum. Write a new piece of fanfic to go along with what you’re watching, create a new piece of art, chat it up on your podcast — whatever your creative outlet is! Be sure to post a link so we can see it and share it with other Stargate fans.

Come back in a couple of weeks to cast your ballot for the final month of SGU Awards!

GateWorld has been bringing you Stargate news and features since 1999.

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  • This might be my all time favorite season of Stargate. It certainly was my favorite since the one-two punch of SG-1 season 8 and the debut season of Atlantis.

  • It’s so sad that SGU was cut down as soon as it got as good as the other series. Finally having some good sci-fi and aliens and battles, and then they cancel it.

  • one movie is all it would take to end this show. hell just one episode. all they need is power to get back.

    as for the season. it is vastly better than season one. a huge step in the right direction.

  • The second half of season two probably has at least half of my top ten Stargate (SG-1/Atlantis/SGU) episodes. Trial and Error to Gauntlet was by far the longest that Stargate ever went without a bad episode.

  • its so sad that a show this good could be cancelled, especially when there are hundreds of shows on tv that are pure garbage. anyway, i wanna thank darren for keeping this going for 17 months you did a great job. hope we get a new show or movie soon. if not put me down for the next rewatch haha

  • Yup have to agree I was enjoying SGU and can’t believe they left it hanging like that. 2nd season was pretty good and loved the rustic ‘feel’ of the series

    I would like to see the ‘Revolution’ SG-1 film with Jack O’Neill centric even more!

  • Sad that it got Cancelled !
    And to bad this Season never came out on blu-ray.
    We all got the Shaft Twice.

  • MGM locked Stargate away in their vault and there it will stay for another ten years or so, and then maybe, just maybe, they’ll create a trilogy or reboot the tv series. Battlestar Galactica is returning as blood and chrome and what a marvelous series it has been. A great many of us had talked about creating a web series, and BSG has done just so and how marvelous it is. SGU second season should have been it’s first, and it’s first never should have happened. But, hopefully, next time around, they’ll return with better Producers.

  • I kind of like the way it ended. Yes I didn’t want it to end. SGU was stargate like sg-1 and antlatis was but if it had to end there. I am glad it did. Had the same feel of the end of Atlantis or Sg-1. The adventure continues

  • I have been following the rewatch but not quite at the same pace. However, here we are, at SGU, almost at the end and I must say what an end. SGU is indeed the best of the SG series and in the end, it was quite a satisfying way to say goodbye to the series. I wished it could have gone on but it was not to be. I didn’t think the SGU style would have worked in the earlier incarnation. It seemed a natural evolution to the show. I liked all 3 series in their own way. SGU is really of its time. It would not have been made any earlier.

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