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4 years ago

This was very interesting to listen to and you guys made a lot of good points. I can’t wait to see what else you guys decide to do. I think the best thing to continue Stargate would be to follow Jack’s clones reintroduction into the Stargate program that will be disclosed. Pretty much any disclosure storyline in general would probably be the best way to continue. That way it’s a fresh start that can easily explain some of the past to new viewers. And those new viewers can easily catch up on the past series if they want the whole… Read more »

Laxian of Earth
3 years ago

Ok, you thought them gaining and using technology (especially ships) was “cheating” – sorry, but I totally disagree! Them gaining and losing every new piece of tech soon after (the Ha’tak they gained from Cronus, the Alkesh they captured and took the drive out to rescue Prometheus etc. etc.) just wasn’t funny anymore! IMHO they should have gained tech much sooner! It appears that Goa’uld tech isn’t that hard to make after all! I mean the Goa’uld use disgraced Jaffa in their industry (Teal’c and Bra’tac once end up in such a mine after all!) and Jaffa aren’t well trained… Read more »

Laxian of Earth
3 years ago

Ok, no: Don’t try to “recreate” SG-1 (that is what almost didn’t work with SGA! Teyla for example didn’t work as “Teal’c 2.0” (frankly I don’t like the character much), Weier didn’t do well as a military leader (hell, her packlist for the expedition was all wrong! No Zat-Guns, no seeds and stuff! She planned to go camping instead of on a possible one way trip!), McKay isn’t Sam (he is just as brilliant, but still different) etc.) Get some of the old people on board if possible (I’d love to see Amanda Tapping again for example!) if you make… Read more »

Laxian of Earth
3 years ago

Wow, third comment because something came out wrong and I don’t see an edit-button:

Flesh stuff out on the new show (can do flashbacks if truly needed!) but, don’t do more prequel stuff, please :(

We don’t need to see how Sam grew up or how Daniel came to his theories etc. (that’s what head-canon and fanfiction is for! If you “plug” this, then fanfiction will lose a lot of appeal!)