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  1. MissStories
    May 19, 2018 at 4:47 am |

    This was very interesting to listen to and you guys made a lot of good points. I can’t wait to see what else you guys decide to do. I think the best thing to continue Stargate would be to follow Jack’s clones reintroduction into the Stargate program that will be disclosed. Pretty much any disclosure storyline in general would probably be the best way to continue. That way it’s a fresh start that can easily explain some of the past to new viewers. And those new viewers can easily catch up on the past series if they want the whole story of how this reality came to be… so more money. I really hope something happens because I am still missing Stargate.

  2. Laxian of Earth
    June 30, 2018 at 4:24 pm |

    Ok, you thought them gaining and using technology (especially ships) was “cheating” – sorry, but I totally disagree! Them gaining and losing every new piece of tech soon after (the Ha’tak they gained from Cronus, the Alkesh they captured and took the drive out to rescue Prometheus etc. etc.) just wasn’t funny anymore! IMHO they should have gained tech much sooner! It appears that Goa’uld tech isn’t that hard to make after all! I mean the Goa’uld use disgraced Jaffa in their industry (Teal’c and Bra’tac once end up in such a mine after all!) and Jaffa aren’t well trained in technology (they can operate it, but they can’t fix it etc.), so in order for them to make such technology it can’t be that hard!

    Hell, frankly I think they under used their ships! I mean one of the first things I would have done with any ship? Go back to planets now unaccessible by gate (the old Tollan homeworld for example, or the planet of the Eurondans etc.) and gain any left over technology (some phasing armbands would have been a great addition to the SGC’s arsenal!)

    Hell, they also under-utilized other tech – like why counter the priors with anti-prior-devices when you can make similar advanced humans with Anubis’s ascension-maschine! Fight fire with fire instead of with static defenses!

    I also think they should have been at least a little bit more like the NID (no, not screwing people over outright, but if you can gain some tech then at least try your utmost to really do so!)

    As for disclosure: No way! If they do that realistically then it ends in a war because the rest of the planet (those countries not in the IOA!) will – justifiably – feel betrayed! The IOA presumed to speak for the planet, while not even asking many of the planet’s citizens (or at least governments!)! The US will not be trusted, hell the other IOA nations should have truly made their displeasure felt! Hell, Daniel should have been for disclosure (for private reasons, as much as diplomatic ones!), while Jack the old bonhead (in his way he’s just as “America First” as Trump in RL…sorry, Jack but sharing is a must! I mean look at what happened in that episode Daniel has the Goa’uld knowledge in his mind (“Absolute Power” I think)! That is what would probably be threatened in RL if one nation revealed something like the Stargate Programm…the countries left behind spin up the nukes and you will be forced to use the Daedalus-Class ships to shoot down all the nukes and then you’ll basically become a Goa’uld because you will have to pacify those nations by force of arms!)

  3. Laxian of Earth
    June 30, 2018 at 5:18 pm |

    Ok, no:

    Don’t try to “recreate” SG-1 (that is what almost didn’t work with SGA! Teyla for example didn’t work as “Teal’c 2.0” (frankly I don’t like the character much), Weier didn’t do well as a military leader (hell, her packlist for the expedition was all wrong! No Zat-Guns, no seeds and stuff! She planned to go camping instead of on a possible one way trip!), McKay isn’t Sam (he is just as brilliant, but still different) etc.)

    Get some of the old people on board if possible (I’d love to see Amanda Tapping again for example!) if you make a new show :)

    As for Origins: We got Cathryne Jones -.- sorry, but Cathryn Langford never struck me as that type of character and it’s therefore a bad retcon (“I am in charge!” – Third wave feminism? Come on Stargate doesn’t need that! One of the best characters was a woman after all (my favourite! Samantha Carter!) and a lot of other characters are female as well, so forcing stuff like this is not neccessary! Don’t turn this into Kathleen Kennedy’s Star Wars, PLEASE! I BEG YOU!)

    Not to mention: Don’t tell stories we already KNOW! That’s wasted money!

    As for the Team: Bigger please, 4 people is just too small especially if you might encounter hostiles and don’t have a dedicated machine-gunner and a sniper and maybe even someone specializing in demolitions (grenades, rockets, C4/Semtex etc.)

    SGA > SGU (sorry, but SGU doesn’t fit with the rest of the franchise! It is grim-dark for darknesses sake, it has incompetent characters that shouldn’t be anywhere near the SGC (basically all the military characters on the ship, but especially Young! Damned, so incompetent, such a bad leader!), worse infighting (damned, even SGC against NID and/or Kinsey wasn’t that bad -.-))

    As for ships, again: Damned, set the next show on board a ship! That way you can tell stories all over the place (“This time we are in Pegasus and we will have to fight the Wraith!” – next Episode: “Now we are back in the Milkyway and we are fighting the Lucian Alliance/Rogue Jaffa etc. etc.”) :)

    “…in over their heads…” – Yeah, but you can’t be in over your heads for 10 straight years! You will gain experience, allies, tech etc. and so stuff changes (if it doesn’t it’s unrealistic!)

    Scaled back? So basically: An enemy that is worse than the Ori? No, sorry not realistic (can’t go higher than ascended beings IMHO unless you want humanity to fight someone like the ancients (but more war like – basically Anubis all over again, but with even better tech? No!))

    Yeah, the Daedalus-Class, so super powerful – NOT! I mean the Lucian Alliance almost destroyed Sam’s ship with surprise on their side! So no, they aren’t invincible! The Wraith are just bad at strategy (just like the Ancients! Give us their tech and a few centuries and we rule the galaxy! The Wraith would be wiped out etc. – but the ancients got beaten :( )

    Well, humanity still can’t really beat the Kull-Armor! We can kill what is inside (as long as it is a Kull-Warrior! Those weapons against them don’t work on natural born people!), but the armor itself? Nope, can’t beat it! Luckily Anubis didn’t catch on fast enough or he would have issued it to normal Jaffa (and luckily Ba’al never got his hands on that tech in enough numbers to matter!))

    What? Seasons without character episodes (don’t have time for that if you only have 8 episodes! No, 20 please!) :)

    Nah…not Crapflix and no 13 Episode crap, no more Origins and no fill in crap and NO MORE PREQUELS! That again falls under “I BEG YOU! DON’T DO THIS!” :( – Continue Stargate into the future, don’t try to flesh out things (we have imagination for that!)

  4. Laxian of Earth
    June 30, 2018 at 5:24 pm |

    Wow, third comment because something came out wrong and I don’t see an edit-button:

    Flesh stuff out on the new show (can do flashbacks if truly needed!) but, don’t do more prequel stuff, please :(

    We don’t need to see how Sam grew up or how Daniel came to his theories etc. (that’s what head-canon and fanfiction is for! If you “plug” this, then fanfiction will lose a lot of appeal!)

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