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I can’t see Eli being anything like Col. Mitchell. This makes more sense to me:

Daniel Jackson + McKay’s IQ = Eli

David Walters
Norrin Radd

Sara… Since you’re a long-time SG fan *and* familiar with Battlestar Galactica, I’m going to have to politely call B.S. on your claim to not know what “FTL” means in the sci-fi context. Destiny’s FTL drive is weird because it does not involve jumping to hyperspace. I don’t recall whether the series ever addressed why the Ancients apparently abandoned it. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that the reason Destiny can’t dial home is because it doesn’t have sufficient power. Nine-chevron dials require even more power than 8-chevron intergalactic dials, meaning *way* more even than a ZPM provides… Read more »


Looking forward to more of this!

Hey , now would be a great time to bring back SGU
Hey , now would be a great time to bring back SGU

Its been 7 years , they must be getting close to the next galaxy ….


Hmmm so your immediate reaction is to love Eli and dislike Rush? Mine was exactly the opposite! I loved Rush immediately and disliked Eli, Young, Scott and basically everybody else too come to think about it. I was very much a Rush vs. these other knuckleheads kind of person and it took me a long time to warm up to most of the characters. Young and Eli took especially long time for me. Scott, Brody, Volker and Park were easy to love once the show got going. I just found these blogs thanks to the recent podcast and I hope… Read more »