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Mike Crate
Mike Crate
4 years ago

I was a little more invested in Riley but yeah the hands on was more graphic than you would expect but perhaps reflected the chaos that is surrounding Young. Say what you like about the Alliance (not a fan from SG1 days) but Varro and Simeon are a presence on board Destiny.

David Walters
4 years ago

How could you not like Riley? He had some the best, most deadpan lines: YOUNG: Water level’s down again. You’re sure nobody went near that compartment on your watch? RILEY: Spencer came by and asked if he could have a look at the tank. YOUNG: Why? RILEY: He’s a crazy person … sir. Anyway, I said no. TELFORD: Colonel Young went back to report. I’m Colonel Telford. I’d like to speak with Doctor Rush immediately. RILEY: Oh. Uh, well, he’s had a nervous breakdown, sir. RILEY: The stress of life on this ship, day after day of not knowing what’s… Read more »