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The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance as Sam and Jacob search for the only weapon capable of stopping the Replicator onslaught. O'Neill leads a defense of the S.G.C., while Daniel squares off against Replicator Carter.

DVD DISC: Season 8, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Damian Kindler
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

S.G.C. - BRIEFING ROOM. Jack is bringing Sam and Jacob up to date with what Baal told him about the Ancient device on Dakara.

CARTER: A device capable of destroying all life in the galaxy?

O'NEILL: It's what he said.

JACOB: Baal said he was serving Anubis?

O'NEILL: Not exactly. You know those Goa'uld and their egos. (He gestures with his hands to indicate the size of Baal's ego.)

JACOB: He would never admit to being subservient.

O'NEILL: No. He said he was biding his time -- learning what he could from Anubis.

JACOB: Probably looking for a way to kill him.

(Jack points at him in agreement.)

CARTER: Well, we have no idea how this Ancient device works or what the effects will be, but since Anubis has no real corporeal form, it's likely he would survive it.

JACOB: He'd have no-one left to rule.

CARTER: For now. I mean, time may not even be an issue for someone like him. He could essentially start over; repopulate the galaxy to his own specifications.

O'NEILL: It's a little ambitious.

CARTER: Well, he has at least some knowledge of the Ancients. I wouldn't put it past him.

O'NEILL: Yeah. Well, let me sit here and state the obvious: we can't let something like this get into his hands.

JACOB: Or the Replicators' hands, for that matter.

CARTER: How much time do we have before Baal's fleet reaches Dakara?


CARTER: Baal didn't say exactly where the device was, did he?

O'NEILL: No. He said it was hidden.

CARTER: Well, chances are it's in the ruins, but we can't be sure. I mean, short of blowing up the entire planet, we can't be a hundred percent positive we've destroyed it -- and if it's protected by a shield, even our biggest naquadah-enhanced nuke might not do it.

JACOB: Fact is, to be sure we've destroyed the weapon, we have to find it first.


DAKARA. Sam and Jacob, together with a couple of S.G.C. airmen carrying a large box, have arrived at the temple ruins. Teal'c escorts them to a wall engraved with Ancient writing.

TEAL'C: We found no evidence of a weapon.

CARTER (turning to the airmen): Thanks, guys, we'll take it from here.

(The airmen put the box down and leave the area.)

JACOB: This structure was definitely built by the Ancients.

TEAL'C: As evidenced by the script on this wall. Until I saw this monument with my own eyes, I did not know that Dakara was a home of the Ancients.

CARTER: The Ancient repository of knowledge we found on P3X-439 was hidden in a large monument like this.

JACOB: Maybe this writing will help us uncover the location of the weapon.

TEAL'C: I was able to recognize the language. Deciphering it, however, is another matter.

CARTER: I brought Daniel's notebooks.

(Jacob bows his head and allows Selmak to speak.)

SELMAK: This dialect looks very old. It may take some time.

TEAL'C: I will leave you to it. (He bows to them and leaves.)

DAKARA ORBIT - REBEL MOTHERSHIP. Some of the rebels are talking on the pel'tak.

ARON: We will be vastly outnumbered by Baal's forces.

TOLOK: I refuse to consider a strategy that demands the deliberate sacrifice of Jaffa lives.

ARON: What then do you advocate? Prayer, perhaps(!)

BRA'TAC: Jaffa! We are here to consider the battle with our enemy.

TEAL'C (entering the pel'tak at that moment): Do not battle each other. (He turns to Bra'tac.) Baal's forces approach at a rate of speed far slower than they are capable.

BRA'TAC: Indeed -- it seems he does wish to give us time to find and destroy the weapon.

TOLOK: Why not just destroy it himself?

TEAL'C: Baal is in a difficult position. With so many witnesses, it is far easier to tell Anubis that the weapon was destroyed before he was able to reclaim Dakara.

ARON: How then will he explain his languid pace?

BRA'TAC: Regardless, he will only hesitate so long.

TOLOK: Five Ha'tak, eight Al'kesh, ten squadrons of gliders. That is all we have.

TEAL'C: Empty the bays -- deploy the gliders to the far side of the planet. Take two Ha'tak and all the Al'kesh and position them on the other side of the moon.

TOLOK: Divide our forces?!

(Teal'c smiles. Bra'tac, understanding Teal'c's plan, also smiles.)

BRA'TAC: Precisely.

TEAL'C: All the hardship, the suffering, the sacrifices we have made for our cause, will end today -- one way or another. This battle will decide the fate of all Jaffa.

(Bra'tac smiles at Tolok, who smiles back and nods. Aron looks like he's trying not to smile, but he can't help it, even though he obviously thinks that the plan will never work.)

ARON: This is madness.

TEAL'C: So too, at one time, was the very thought of our freedom.

DANIEL'S TENT. Daniel and the RepliCarter are still standing facing each other.

JACKSON: So now what? We done? You got what you wanted. I don't suppose you wanna just drop me off at the nearest Stargate?

REPLICARTER: It is true -- I learned the location of the weapon that could be a threat to me and my brethren. But I also saw the extent of knowledge your subconscious mind contains. (She steps closer.) You have no idea, do you?

JACKSON: No -- no, I don't.

REPLICARTER: You've tried accessing it, but it's always just out of reach, isn't it? I could help you. We could unlock the knowledge of the Ancients -- the secrets of the universe -- together.

JACKSON: I have to admit, it does sound interesting. (He pauses for a moment as if thinking about it. The RepliCarter smiles at him.) On the other hand, you're an evil killing machine, so, no, pass.

(The RepliCarter's smile fades. Daniel smiles smugly, then his face contorts in pain as the RepliCarter pulls a memory out of his mind.)

FLASHBACK TO "FULL CIRCLE." Daniel, his hands glowing with power, stands in front of Anubis and tries to hurl the power at him but the blast is deflected away.

JACKSON (struggling to bring the power forward, and talking through gritted teeth): No! Don't do this!

(He is whisked away.)


REPLICARTER: You had the power. You were about to strike, but she stopped you.

JACKSON: No, I don't believe you. You can make me see whatever you want -- that's just a trick.

REPLICARTER: You know it's true. Destroying the weapon that can destroy me is one thing -- a good thing for me -- but there is more. There is a way to kill Anubis in your mind ... and so much more. (She pauses, then speaks forcefully.) I am not done, Daniel Jackson -- far from it. (Her voice softens, but becomes much more ominous.) In fact, we have only just begun.

DAKARA - TEMPLE. Sam and Jacob/Selmak are trying to translate the wall of Ancient writing. Various pieces of paper with writing on them are taped to the wall. Jacob is holding a clipboard while Sam stands staring the wall. She turns to look at him. [Note: during the following conversations, Jacob and Selmak sometimes trade off without preceding their changeover with a bowing of the head.]

CARTER: "Midday, the darkness is high in the sky"?! You sure about that?

SELMAK: That is what it says.

CARTER: It doesn't make much sense.

JACOB: Yeah, well neither does, uh, (he looks at the clipboard) "the wind blows on the pillow" or "three days to the chicken," but that's what these phrases apparently translate into.

CARTER: Are you saying this whole wall of writing is nonsense?

JACOB: I don't know what I'm sayin'.

CARTER: Is it possible you made a mistake?

SELMAK: Would you care to try? (He holds out the clipboard towards her. Sam looks embarrassed and picks up a piece of paper from the floor.) The text is quite difficult, and if there is an organizing principle to Doctor Jackson's notes, I have yet to discover it.

CARTER: Yeah, he certainly has his own system.

(Teal'c radios in.)

TEAL'C (over radio): Colonel Carter.

CARTER (into radio): Go ahead, Teal'c.

(Teal'c is still on the pel'tak of the mothership with Bra'tac and Aron.)

TEAL'C: Have you had any success with the translation?

(Sam looks at Jacob and flinches.)

CARTER: We're making ... some progress.

TEAL'C: I am afraid you do not have much more time. Our long-range scanners have detected Baal's fleet. He will be here within the hour.

CARTER: Understood. (She and Jacob turn their attention back to the wall.)


REPLICARTER: It would be much easier on both of us if you did not resist.

JACKSON: Why, why, why, why, you know, in the wide world of all things rational and sane, would I help you?

REPLICARTER: Because deep down you also want the knowledge I seek.

JACKSON: Yes, but the problem is, anything I learn, I won't be able to put to much use, because right after I'm done you're going to kill me.

REPLICARTER: What if I promised not to?

(Daniel chuckles.)

JACKSON: Yeah(!)

REPLICARTER: Do you really think I am that different from Samantha Carter?

JACKSON: In that you're a Replicator bent on galactic domination at the expense of all other living things ... (He shrugs, not even bothering to finish the sentence.)

REPLICARTER: Her thoughts, her memories, even her emotions -- they are not meaningless to me. (Daniel rolls his eyes.) I do not wish to harm you, or destroy Earth for that matter. I could have done that already if I so desired.

JACKSON: You're saying you'll leave Earth untouched?

REPLICARTER: I promise you that -- and your life.

(Daniel narrows his eyes, thinking about it for a second, then makes a decision.)

JACKSON: No. No. Not gonna help you -- but obviously I can't do anything to stop you, so ... give it your best shot.

DAKARA - TEMPLE. Jacob is looking at his clipboard. Sam is facing the wall.

CARTER: What if it's a code? (She turns to face Jacob.)

SELMAK: Something that can only be deciphered by someone who understands the language.

(Sam nods, and looks at the clipboard.)

CARTER: Can I see that?

(Jacob nods and hands the clipboard to her. She takes it by the top, but looks at it without turning the paper round to face her.)

SELMAK: You're holding it upside down.

CARTER: I know. I just noticed -- (she points to part of the writing on the paper) upside down, these symbols look like another word I've seen before. (She turns the clipboard round and hands it to Jacob so that he can see the writing upside down.)

SELMAK: Right side up, it's "darkness", but turn it around and it translates into "sun".

CARTER: "Midday, the sun is high in the sky". That makes a lot more sense.

JACOB: Yeah, but so what? That's not what the wall says.

(Sam walks over to the wall. While a lot of it is solid wall, some of it seems as if circular panels have been carved and inserted into the main wall. She looks at the part of the wall they've been talking about -- part of that writing is on a panel. She runs her hands around the panel, then starts to push it down on the left and up on the right. It begins to rotate. Jacob walks closer, staring as Sam pushes the panel round 180 degrees until the words on the panel, now upside down, line up with the rest of the wall again.)

CARTER: Now it does!

JACOB: It can't be that simple. Just turn all five circles upside down?

CARTER: No, I agree. It has to be some sort of combination lock. We just need to figure out which circles to turn.

REBEL MOTHERSHIP. Baal appears on the viewscreen.

BAAL: Your pathetic trickery will only delay your inevitable defeat.

TEAL'C: There is no trickery at hand. We know that inevitably your goal is to eradicate all free Jaffa. We have sent the bulk of our fleet to safety to survive to fight another day.

BAAL: Surrender now -- or be destroyed.

TEAL'C: Defeat those who remain and you will be forced to destroy the weapon on Dakara yourself. Then you must face Anubis.

(Baal disappears from the viewscreen.)

BRA'TAC: His fleet appears to be holding position.

TEAL'C: For the moment.

DAKARA - TEMPLE. Sam rotates another panel on the wall. As it turns into position, the ground begins to shake.

CARTER: Let's hope that's not a bad sign.

(Jaffa, armed with S.G.C. rifles, come running. Sam holds her hand out to keep them back. The wall rises up into the cliff above it, revealing a much more rough-hewn rock wall behind. As the writing wall disappears from view, the rougher wall parts in the middle and slides back to reveal a chamber behind it. Sam looks round at her father.)

JACOB: Nice goin', Sam.

(They cautiously walk inside the chamber to find a stone console with large square Ancient-engraved stones on top. It looks identical to the one that Malakai used to try to reverse time in "Window of Opportunity".)

CARTER: We're in business!

S.G.C. - CONTROL ROOM. Jack is sitting at the desk listening to Sam report in.

CARTER (over comms): It's definitely an Ancient design, sir.

O'NEILL: Think our bomb'll do the trick?

CARTER: We'll soon see. Give us ten minutes. Carter out.

O'NEILL: Right.

DAKARA - TEMPLE CHAMBER. Jacob is looking at the console as Sam drags a large case in. She opens the case and takes out a naquadah generator. Jacob rests his fingers on the console and a screen lights up on the wall behind him. He turns and looks at it and sees Ancient text scrolling across it.

JACOB: Sam? (Sam looks up from the generator.) You might wanna hold off on that for a minute. If I'm reading this screen right, the weapon uses an energy wave to reduce all matter to its basic molecular elements. It's not strong enough to disintegrate an entire planet, but it will wash away everything on a planet's surface and everything in the surrounding space.

CARTER: Sounds bad.

JACOB: I know -- but it also sounds like it does it much the same way your disruptor technology works on the Replicators -- by separating the individual components.

CARTER: They are both Ancient designs -- and General O'Neill did use Ancient knowledge to build the disruptor.

JACOB: I know.

CARTER: Do you think this weapon can be modified to work only on the Replicators?

JACOB: I don't know -- but I'd hate to blow it up before I was a hundred percent sure it couldn't.

(Sam nods.)

REBEL MOTHERSHIP. Sam radios to Teal'c.

CARTER (over radio): Teal'c, do you read?

TEAL'C: Proceed, Colonel Carter.

CARTER: Look, um, my dad and Selmak think this weapon may hold the key to defeating the Replicators, and we'll need some time to find out. Just let us know when things get bad, and we'll blow it and get out.

TEAL'C: Understood.

CARTER: Carter out.

(Aron's weapons console beeps. Blips on the viewscreen show that Baal's fleet is approaching Dakara.)

ARON: Baal's fleet just began moving into attack position.

BRA'TAC: It appears things are about to get ... bad.

DAKARA - TEMPLE CHAMBER. Jacob is working on a laptop hooked up to the console.

JACOB: I'm not getting anything. (He steps aside and lets Sam have a go.)

CARTER (as she starts to type): This may not be possible, y'know.

JACOB: C'mon, Sam -- it can't be any harder than blowing up a sun.

(Sam looks irritated.)

CARTER: Y'know, you blow up one sun and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water!

(At that moment, the interface between the laptop and the Ancient screen begins to work.)

JACOB (smiling delightedly): There y'go!

CARTER: Oh. Next up: parting the Red Sea.

DAKARA ORBIT. The three remaining rebel motherships come under attack from Baal's arriving fleet. On Bra'tac's ship, he, Teal'c and Aron are tossed around as the ship jolts under the impacts.

TEAL'C: Shields are down fifty percent.

ARON: We cannot take much more!

BRA'TAC: Signal the other Ha'tak. Begin retreating, sublight engines only, full power.

BAAL'S MOTHERSHIP. Baal sits on a throne in the pel'tak, flanked by two super-soldiers. A Jaffa at the control console reports.

JAFFA: The rebels are fleeing, my lord. The planet is ours.

BAAL: They expect us to follow so that they may draw the fleet into battle on two fronts. (The Jaffa looks puzzled.) Signal the fleet to pursue the shol'vah.

JAFFA: My lord?

BAAL: Dakara can wait. No battle strategy can save them now. (The Jaffa still looks confused. He obviously doesn't know that Baal is playing for time.) We will crush them, and then take the temple.

JAFFA: Yes, my lord.

DAKARA CHAMBER. Sam and Jacob are looking at a readout on the laptop.

JACOB: I'm pretty sure this output is giving us the frequency spectrum of the wave the weapon uses to disintegrate matter.

CARTER: That's nothing like the spectrum analysis of the Replicator disruptor wave. Here, look. (She calls up another screen. The image on that is very different to the first one.)

JACOB: Yeah, I-I-I know, but all we have to do is alter the settings on the weapon console so that the output wave matches that of the disruptor technology.

CARTER: All we have to do?!

JACOB: Yeah. The device can be set by varying the height of these panels. (He pushes down one of the stone panels on the console. The readout on the laptop screen changes.)

CARTER: Oh. Well, I can run a programme to compare the difference between the two waves. It should let us know if we're even going in the right direction.

JACOB: That's good.

CARTER: Y'know, even if we can make this work, the Replicators were quickly able to adapt themselves to the frequency modulation Thor made to the original disruptor wave.

JACOB: What are you saying?

CARTER: We realized the only way to eliminate the Replicators and not allow them time to develop immunity was to somehow hit them all at the same time.

JACOB: Everywhere in the galaxy?! How are we supposed to do that?

CARTER: The weapon translates through the Stargate. D'you think Anubis was planning to use the weapon to attack one planet at a time?

JACOB: So dial multiple Gates simultaneously.

CARTER: Not multiple Gates -- all of them.

JACOB: Every Stargate in the galaxy at one time?! Do you know how many Gates there are in the whole galaxy?!

CARTER: A lot.

(Jacob bows his head and lets Selmak speak.)

SELMAK: I have no idea how to alter a Stargate to perform such a function. I don't know of anyone who can.

(Sam looks uncomfortable.)

CARTER: I think I know someone.

REBEL MOTHERSHIP. Sam has just explained her thinking to Teal'c and Bra'tac.

TEAL'C: Are you certain, Colonel Carter?

CARTER (over comms): I don't think we have a choice, Teal'c. I mean, this could be the best chance we'll ever get.

(Teal'c and Bra'tac look at each other.)

TEAL'C (to Sam): Understood. (To Bra'tac) Open a channel.

(Baal appears on the viewscreen. He smiles.)

BAAL: No doubt you have decided to surrender. A wise decision, given that you face imminent defeat.

TEAL'C: We have no intention of surrendering. I merely wish to inform you that we have found the Ancient weapon on Dakara.

BAAL: Do you intend to destroy it?

TEAL'C: That would be foolish. We have learned that the Ancient weapon may be the means to destroy the Replicators once and for all.

INSIDE DANIEL'S MIND. Daniel is experiencing an image somewhat similar to traveling through a wormhole, except for the fact that this is more purple-coloured, Ancient writing is also swirling around in the vortex, and stars, planets and galaxies can be seen outside the vortex.

(In Daniel's tent, the RepliCarter opens her eyes. She has obviously been sharing the experience.)

REPLICARTER: It's incredible! Yet you still resist me. Do you not care? Are you not amazed by what you are seeing?

JACKSON: I don't understand it. It's more than any human can begin to comprehend.

REPLICARTER: I am not human.

JACKSON: Well, believe me, I know. (He looks at her.) There must be a limit to how much your mind can process, how much information you can store.

REPLICARTER: I am sharing what I learn with my brethren. The extent of knowledge we can absorb is only limited by our numbers. As we speak, those numbers are growing -- faster than you can imagine.

DAKARA CHAMBER. Baal's holo-image appears in the chamber. He looks around at the console and at the screen on the wall.

BAAL: This chamber must be well shielded. I could not find it using my ship's sensors.

CARTER: Look, I assume Teal'c told you the plan.

BAAL: What makes you think you can modify this weapon to defeat the Replicators?

CARTER: We're already on our way to doing that. (She turns the laptop to face Baal. It shows the two frequency spectrums, which still look very different, and a smaller window with the number 38.0 in it.) We need to get this weapon's wave output to match our modified Replicator disruptor wave to within a margin of point seven six percent.

BAAL: How did you develop this Replicator disruptor technology in the first place?

CARTER: General O'Neill built it using Ancient knowledge and an Asgard computer. (She pulls up an image of the disruptor on the laptop.)

BAAL: O'Neill. The mere thought of that makes me sick.

(Sam rolls her eyes.)

CARTER: Look -- if we can do this and somehow hit the Replicators all at the same time, we think it will work, but we need your help.

BAAL: You want me to reprogram the Stargate to dial every Gate in the galaxy simultaneously.

CARTER: I know you used the Gates' automatic update programme to disseminate a dialing programme virus to the entire Gate network.

BAAL: With a virus you initially planted in my Stargate.

CARTER: No-one's trying to deny that we're mortal enemies here. Can you do it or not?

BAAL: I cannot believe I'm even considering co-operating with a female of the Tau'ri ... (he looks at Jacob) and a Tok'ra.

SELMAK: This was not my idea, believe me.

BAAL: I'll instruct my troops to land.

CARTER: No way. You send one Jaffa down here and the deal's off.

BAAL: I cannot do what you ask by means of a hologram transmission.

CARTER: Sure you can. Just tell me what to do.

S.G.C. - CONTROL ROOM. Alarms are sounding and the Stargate can be heard kawooshing. Jack runs down the stairs from the Briefing Room.

HARRIMAN: Unscheduled off-world activation!

O'NEILL: Is that Carter?

HARRIMAN: No sir, but we are picking up a radio signal.

O'NEILL: Put it on speaker. (Walter complies. A strange signal can be heard.) Sergeant?

HARRIMAN: I don't know, sir.

(As he tries to sort out the signal, the monitors in the Control Room go crazy, all kinds of different information flashing across them.)

O'NEILL: What the hell is that?

HARRIMAN: I'm not sure, sir, but I can't access the system. Looks like something's hacked into the computer remotely.

O'NEILL: Shut it down.

HARRIMAN: I can't, sir -- I'm locked out.

O'NEILL (quietly): Damn! (He goes to the console with the phone in it and picks up the receiver.) This is General O'Neill ...

(In the Gate Room, the iris opens.)


(As Jack looks round, the lights go out and all the computers go down. The SFs in the Gate Room raise their weapons. Seconds later, a swarm of Replicators comes scrambling through the Gate. The SFs open fire but hundreds of the bugs scamper down the ramp. Jack yells into the microphone.)

O'NEILL: Evacuate the Gate Room! Get outta there!

(The SFs begin a coordinated retreat out of the right-hand door as Replicators swarm all over the floor and the walls. As the last few SFs head for the door, Jack turns to Walter.)

O'NEILL: Close the blast doors.

(As the last SF reaches the door, it begins to close. Replicators rush towards it, including at least one mother bug. One of the smaller bugs wedges itself into the doorway to try to stop the door from closing, but the final SF shoots it from outside the Gate Room and, as the bug breaks up, the door slams shut.)

(In the Control Room, Jack goes back to the phone and makes a base-wide broadcast.)

O'NEILL: Initiate base lockdown. Emergency evacuation of all personnel through alternate routes. Self-destruct protocol on my order. (He puts the phone down and sees that Walter is the only one left in the Control Room.) Let's go, Walter! Get outta here! (They race out of the room.)

CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN. On the surface, the big doors close.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR In the corridors, personnel are starting to climb up the ladders in the escape hatches to the surface. Jack hurries along the corridors watching the organized chaos.)

O'NEILL (to himself): Oh, man!

(Colonel Reynolds approaches him.)

REYNOLDS: Sir. We're cut off from the self-destruct. They were too fast. Even if we could fight through them now, there's a good chance they've already disabled the activation mechanism.

O'NEILL: Those bugs cannot get out of this mountain.

REYNOLDS: It's only a matter of time before they gain control of the base systems and override the security doors.

O'NEILL: Alright. Let's make sure everybody's out of here and then we'll toss a little nuke down the silo.

REYNOLDS: You think that'll stop them?

O'NEILL: It should slow 'em down.

INSIDE DANIEL'S MIND. The wormhole/Ancient writing effect continues, then in Daniel's tent, he opens his eyes. Moments later, the RepliCarter does the same. She looks overwhelmed by what she's been experiencing.

JACKSON: You can't handle it, can you?

(The RepliCarter tries to pull herself together.)

REPLICARTER: I can. I just need time to process -- share it with the others.

JACKSON: But the universe is infinite. It's not just knowledge and information -- it's understanding on a level that you'll never reach.

REPLICARTER: Why do you think that?

JACKSON: Because you're a machine.

REPLICARTER: So are you -- just of weaker construction.

JACKSON: And that's where you're wrong.

(The RepliCarter smiles.)


(Daniel smiles back, but it's not a pleasant smile.)

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR Jack is now geared up and armed and working his way through the corridors. Walter reports to him by radio, presumably from the surface.

HARRIMAN (over radio): General Hammond says the President has authorized deployment of a ten kiloton nuclear bomb on your command, sir.

(Seeing that the area around him is clear, Jack beckons to some personnel to run for the nearest escape hatch. Walter continues his report.)

HARRIMAN: An emergency state of alert has been issued and a two hundred square mile radius around Cheyenne Mountain is currently being evacuated. A transport helicopter is waiting on the surface for you and the remaining personnel.

O'NEILL (into radio): Thank you, Walter!

(Reynolds comes running up.)

O'NEILL: Colonel?

REYNOLDS: We have a problem, sir. Six S.G.C. personnel are trapped on level eight. They're cut off from the emergency escape hatch.

O'NEILL: Siler?

REYNOLDS (nodding): Siler.

O'NEILL (sighing heavily): Oh, Siler! (To Reynolds) Let's go.

INSIDE DANIEL'S MIND. The information Daniel and the RepliCarter are receiving is spooling much faster than before. In the tent, they both open their eyes. She is looking a little bewildered, but Daniel is now looking a lot more confident.

JACKSON (calmly): You lied to me.


JACKSON: You promised you'd leave Earth alone. There's Replicators infiltrating the S.G.C. right now.

REPLICARTER: How can you know that? (Daniel just gazes at her until she works it out.) While I was in your mind, you were inside mine.

JACKSON: Took a while to figure out. Fortunately you were too distracted to notice. Some of the Ancient knowledge really helped too -- thank you.

REPLICARTER: You tricked me.

JACKSON: You tricked me first.

REPLICARTER: You should never have told me.

JACKSON: Too late -- for you, that is.

(The RepliCarter reaches towards Daniel's head but he grabs her wrist to stop her. She tries to shake off his grip but can't.)

JACKSON: Trying to leave? Sorry -- a little more time in Danny's world.

REPLICARTER (glaring at him): My brethren will not stop. You cannot control them.

JACKSON: Not yet ... (his tone becomes ominous) but I'm learning.

(She tries again to pull her hand free but Daniel holds on fast as they glare at each other.)

DAKARA CHAMBER. The readout on the laptop goes down from 38.0 to 8.00. Jacob is working the console. Sam runs in from outside.

CARTER: We've rigged the D.H.D. to dial automatically on signal when the weapon's ready. I think it should work.

(Baal's hologram, which hadn't been there a moment ago, reappears.)

BAAL: Of course it will work. How dare you doubt me?

(Jacob rolls his eyes and turns to Sam.)

JACOB: What's he still doing here?

CARTER: I can't exactly ask him to leave. How's it going on your end?

JACOB: I'm getting closer.

(Baal points to one of the stone panels on the console.)

BAAL: This one.

JACOB: How do you know?

(Baal smiles.)

BAAL: I'm a god. Gods are all-knowing.

(Sam rolls her eyes. Jacob glares at Baal, then turns to Sam again.)

JACOB: Selmak can't work like this. Neither can I.

CARTER: Just try it.

(Jacob throws a black look at Baal, who is standing there smiling smugly. Reluctantly, he pushes down the panel that Baal indicated. The readout on the laptop goes down to 4.00. Jacob looks up at Baal grimly.)

JACOB: Lucky guess.

S.G.C. Jack and Reynolds are making their way to the trapped personnel. They reach a sealed blast door. Reynolds swipes his card through the reader but the door doesn't open. He turns to Jack and shakes his head. Jack activates his radio.

O'NEILL (into radio): Siler, are you in there?

SILER (over radio): Yes, sir!

O'NEILL: We're gonna get you out. Step away from the blast door.

SILER: Yes, sir! (He turns to the other people inside the room, some of them SFs and some technicians.) Get this table over! (Together, they pick up a heavy metal table, turn it on its side and hunker down behind it.)

(Outside, Reynolds attaches a piece of C4 to the door.)

O'NEILL: Use two of those things.


O'NEILL (pointedly): It's a (he makes air quotes) "blast door"!

(Reynolds attaches another lump of C4 to the door, then the two of them walk around the corner to get away from the impending blast.)

O'NEILL (into radio): Hang on, Siler. (He gets out the detonator and readies it, then speaks into the radio again.) Fire in the hole.

(Inside the room, Siler turns to the others.)

SILER: Down!

(Everybody ducks behind the table as Jack activates the C4. There's a huge explosion. As the smoke clears, we see that a large hole has been blown in the blast door. Siler lifts up and looks over the edge of the table. A huge sharp chunk of door has embedded itself into the top of the table.)

SILER: Woah!

(Outside, Jack and Reynolds come back around the corner.)

O'NEILL: Siler?

SILER (walking towards the hole in the door): Thank you, sir.

O'NEILL: I expect to be put in your will.

SILER: Already in it, sir.

O'NEILL: Okay, that's ... weird.

(They walk away down the corridor as Reynolds helps the others out of the hole in the door.)

LATER. Shortly afterwards, the team is making its way along the corridors towards an emergency escape hatch. The sound of Replicators can be heard nearby.)

O'NEILL: Oh, crap!

(The team continues towards the hatch but before they can reach it a huge swarm of Replicators comes around the corner and blocks off their escape. Those personnel with guns open fire on them.)

DAKARA ORBIT - REBEL MOTHERSHIP. Aron looks at the sensors.

ARON: Sensors are picking up multiple ships exiting hyperspace.

(A huge number of ships arrive behind Baal's fleet. As they get into range, they open fire on the fleet.)

ARON: They are firing on Baal's forces.

TEAL'C: It is the Replicators.


BAAL: Now, this one. (He points to another stone panel. Jacob, still looking like he could happily strangle him, pushes the panel. The readout, which had gone down to less than 2.00, goes back up to 4.00.)

CARTER: That one took us in the wrong direction.

(Jacob looks smug.)

JACOB: All-knowing, huh?!

(Baal tries to hide his embarrassment, but is then distracted by something.)

CARTER: What's the matter?

BAAL: My ships are under attack. A massive Replicator-controlled fleet is approaching on the planet.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. Jack and his team are still firing as fast as they can at the Replicators. We see a Replicator-eye view as one of the bugs looks at the escape hatch and then heads towards it. Many of the others follow and start scrambling up the ladder.

REYNOLDS: Running low on ammo, sir!

O'NEILL: Fall back!

(The team moves back down the corridor, Jack covering their retreat.)

DAKARA ORBIT - REBEL MOTHERSHIP. Teal'c and Aron are watching the battle between Baal's fleet and the Replicator fleet.

TEAL'C: Instruct all of our vessels to target the Replicator ships.

ARON: Are we not better off letting them destroy each other?

TEAL'C: If the Replicators should prevail and gain control of the weapon on Dakara, all that we have fought for is lost.

(Aron sends the signal.)

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. Jack's team has got away from the Replicators. Walter reports to Jack by radio.

HARRIMAN (over radio): General, fifteen minutes to safe detonation conditions.

O'NEILL (into radio): Yeah, y'know, Walter, right now we're having a slightly difficult time gettin' out of here. Relay this to General Hammond: the second he can pull the trigger on that nuke, do it. Do you read?

HARRIMAN: Yes, sir.

O'NEILL: And have that chopper that's waitin' for us leave now.

HARRIMAN: Yes, sir.


O'NEILL: Did you see those bugs go into that hatch?

REYNOLDS: Yes, sir. You think getting out of the base is their primary goal?

O'NEILL: It's a fairly safe bet. They're going to the surface.

REYNOLDS: Leaving the only other way out of here accessible.


BAAL: And here. (He points to another panel. Jacob presses it and Sam looks at the readout.)

CARTER: 1.32. We're almost there.

(Baal nods, then his hologram fluctuates and he looks at someone or something on his ship.)

BAAL: My ship has lost life support on several levels. Our shield strength is failing. I cannot maintain my transmission.

CARTER: We've almost got it. Thanks for the help.

(Baal hesitates, almost unable to believe what he's about to say.)

BAAL: Good luck. (He touches a device on his wrist and his hologram disappears.)

JACOB: That was just creepy!

CARTER: Keep working.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR Jack and his team are cautiously making their way towards the Gate Room. Jack deploys Reynolds in one direction while he, Siler and the other Airmen go in another. The Airmen stop to protect that corridor while Jack and Siler make their way into the Control Room. There's a Replicator on the floor. Jack blasts it to bits. A second Replicator is on the control panel but Reynolds comes in from the other side of the Control Room and nails that one.

O'NEILL (to Siler): Go!

(Siler runs to the control panel and starts to type. Seconds later the lights come on all around the base and the blast doors rise over the Control Room windows. The Gate Room is empty.)

O'NEILL: Siler, can you dial out?

SILER: I'm workin' on it, sir.

(Reynolds looks at his watch.)

REYNOLDS: Ten minutes to detonation.

(Out in the corridor, we see a Replicator-eye view as it scampers along the floor towards the Airmen protecting the corridor. The nearest SF spots it and takes it out with a single shot. In the Control Room, Reynolds hears shooting begin and heads out.)

REBEL MOTHERSHIP. The ship is under attack from Replicator-infested ships.

ARON: Shields down! Weapons systems offline!

TEAL'C: Reroute power to sublight engines. Evasive maneuvers.

(The mothership flies through the battle, pursued by a Replicator-controlled mothership.)

ARON: They're too fast! We cannot evade them!

In the S.G.C. corridors, the Airmen are firing frantically as the floor and walls swarm with Replicators. Jack comes out of the Gate Room, closing the blast door behind him, to join Reynolds in a last stand.

REYNOLDS (shouting over the noise): How's it going in there?

O'NEILL: Not well.

REYNOLDS: No, same here.

(Jack calls out a warning to the Airmen.)

O'NEILL: Grenade! (He fires a grenade at the Replicators which takes some of them out. The firefight continues.)

DAKARA. A bug-shaped Replicator ship flies down to the planet and lands in the middle of the temple ruins. In the chamber, Jacob presses another panel and the readout drops to 0.98.

CARTER: Variable off by point 98.

(From outside the chamber comes the sound of automatic gunfire.)

JACOB: What's that?

(Sam looks round and sees some of the Jaffa starting to run away from the chamber towards the shooting.)

CARTER (to Jacob): Hurry.

JACOB: I've almost got it. Just a little more time.

CARTER: I don't think we have it! (She runs to the doorway and aims her rifle in readiness. Outside, some of the Jaffa are retreating towards the chamber again while others cover their retreat. Replicators come swarming down the steps towards them. The Jaffa retreat to the doorway of the chamber where they and Sam open fire on the approaching swarm.)

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. Outside the Gate Room, everyone is shooting for their lives. Jack yells into his radio.


SILER (into radio): Sorry, sir, I'm trying!

(Jack reloads and continues firing.)

DANIEL'S TENT. Daniel is still holding onto the RepliCarter's wrist as she continues to try to get away from him. They both have their eyes closed in concentration. Suddenly Daniel's eyes snap open. A second later, the RepliCarter's eyes open and she gasps and stares at him in shock.

JACKSON: Got you now!

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. The Replicators are still swarming towards the Airmen when they suddenly just stop dead. Everybody stops shooting and stares. Reynolds looks at Jack.


O'NEILL: That's odd.

(Reynolds nods. They both shrug, then turn towards the frozen Replicators and start firing again.)

REBEL MOTHERSHIP. On the rebel mothership, Aron stares in surprise.

ARON: The Replicator ship just ... stopped. Sensors are indicating that all of the Replicator ships have ... ceased activity.

(Teal'c looks puzzled, then activates the comms.)

TEAL'C: Colonel Carter. Have you successfully activated the weapon?

(Outside the Dakara chamber, all of the Replicators are frozen in place. Sam and the Jaffa are taking advantage of the lull to frantically reload their weapons.)

CARTER: Not yet, but the Replicators down here just froze. (She turns to Jacob.) Dad?

JACOB: Almost there!

DANIEL'S TENT. In Daniel's tent, the RepliCarter smiles smugly at the sight of Daniel, his eyes screwed shut and his face twisted in concentration.

REPLICARTER: There are so many, aren't there? Too many for your mind to handle. (Daniel opens his eyes and stares at her in desperation.) It's taking all of your concentration just to control them.

(Daniel tries to hold onto control but after a moment she finally pulls her hand free of him. Around them, the tent morphs into where they really are -- still on the Replicator ship. The Replicator blocks holding Daniel's head in place withdraw back into the wall, then the blocks clamping his legs and wrists release him. Daniel steps towards the RepliCarter. Her right arm morphs into a sword and she plunges it straight through Daniel's chest and out the back. Daniel gasps, then grunts in agony as she withdraws the sword, a satisfied smile on her face.)

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. In the S.G.C. corridor, the Replicators start to move again. The Airmen start firing again.

O'NEILL: Well, that was too good to last.

(He and Reynolds start firing again.)

DAKARA. Outside the Dakara chamber, the Replicators scamper towards Sam and the Jaffa as they open fire. Sam looks around at Jacob.

CARTER: Dad, they're on the move again!

(Jacob is concentrating on the laptop as the readout finally drops to 0.76 and the message "Margin achieved" appears on the screen.)

JACOB: Point 76!

CARTER: Do it!

(Jacob slams his fist down onto the button on the console that will activate the weapon. The temple begins to shake.)

Up above the temple, a tall statue-like structure peels open like the petals of a flower. Near the Replicator ship in the temple grounds, the Stargate kawooshes.

On Juna, the Stargate kawooshes.

On Chulak, while Serpent guards aim their weapons, the Stargate kawooshes.

On the purple planet from "Forever In a Day", the Stargate kawooshes.

In the warehouse on Vyus, the Stargate kawooshes.

On the prison planet Hadante, the Stargate kawooshes.

On the planet from "One False Step", the Stargate kawooshes.

At Stargate Command, the Stargate kawooshes.

S.G.C. - CONTROL ROOM. Siler looks up in surprise.

SILER: Incoming wormhole?

REPLICATOR SHIP. On the RepliCarter's ship, Daniel has slumped to the floor. He collapses back against the wall as the RepliCarter stands impassively over him. He looks up at her, blood streaming from his mouth. The RepliCarter looks down at him, then is suddenly distracted, as if receiving a message from her brethren.

DAKARA. On Dakara, the petals of the statue-like structure have fully opened and a huge glowing weapon rises up, an energy vortex shining around it.

REBEL MOTHERSHIP. Sparks fly on the pel'tak as the ship reaches the limits of its endurance against the Replicator ship's attack.

ARON: Enemy ship is in range! It is powering weapons. We cannot survive another hit.

(Teal'c raises his head and steels himself for death.)

On the planet's surface, Sam fires round after round at the attacking Replicators.

At the S.G.C., Jack fires round after round at the attacking Replicators.

On the RepliCarter's ship, Daniel's eyes close and his head slumps to the side.

On Dakara, a huge energy burst comes out of the weapon. It races across the planet's surface and sweeps across the bug-shaped Replicator ship, which instantly disintegrates into tiny pieces. The beam sweeps across the open Stargate and continues on its way.

Above the planet's surface, the beam radiates outward. It sweeps across a Replicator-infested mothership, and all the Replicators inside the ship disintegrate.

In the S.G.C. Gate Room, the beam bursts through the Stargate, rushes through the Gate Room, past Jack and Reynolds and then reaches the Replicators. As it sweeps past them, they disintegrate. The Airmen stare, unable to believe what they're seeing. Jack frowns and looks around.

On the RepliCarter's ship, Daniel lies on the floor with his eyes closed. The RepliCarter looks up, an expression of dread and disbelief on her face. Outside in space, the Ancient beam sweeps across the ship. The RepliCarter's eyes widen as the beam reaches her and Daniel, and then the ship disintegrates into tiny pieces.

DAKARA. Sam and the Jaffa lower their weapons at the sight of the Replicator pieces on the ground in front of them. After a moment, Sam turns and runs into the chamber, where Jacob is leaning heavily on the console.


(Jacob raises his head a little.)

JACOB: I'm alright.

CARTER: What happened?

JACOB: I don't know.

CARTER: You did it.

JACOB: Well, Selmak deserves a little credit. (Sam smiles.) Well, OK, most of it.

BAAL'S MOTHERSHIP. On the pel'tak, the Jaffa at the control console reports to Baal sitting on the throne behind him.

JAFFA: All Replicator-controlled ships are dormant.

BAAL: Prepare enough squads to board them and reclaim them in the name of their god.

JAFFA: Yes, my lord. (His console beeps.) We are being hailed.

BAAL: Onscreen.

(Teal'c appears on the viewscreen.)

TEAL'C: Surrender now, and you will be granted mercy.

(Baal smiles.)

BAAL: You are hardly in any position to be making such ridiculous demands. You are surrounded.

TEAL'C: You are incorrect. It is, in fact, you that is surrounded by free Jaffa.

(From the side of the pel'tak, a Telchak beam takes down one of the super-soldiers flanking Baal. As the other super-soldier turns towards the source, a second beam takes it down as well. Bra'tac runs onto the pel'tak, a Telchak rifle in his hands. He is followed by other Jaffa who quickly disarm Baal's crew.)

BRA'TAC: Behold -- your false god.

(Baal looks at Bra'tac for a moment. He grins, then starts to laugh. He reaches for the device on his wrist. Bra'tac and the free Jaffa open fire but Baal is beamed away. Bra'tac turns to the viewscreen and shakes his head at Teal'c in disappointment.)

S.G.C. - BRIEFING ROOM. Jack and Sam are making their way up the stairs from the Control Room.

O'NEILL: Any more word from Teal'c?

CARTER: Yes, sir. Although Baal got away, the fact that he turned tail and ran made the rebel victory every bit the turning point Teal'c and Bra'tac were hoping for. Jaffa from all over the galaxy are joining with them.

O'NEILL: Well, vive la revolution!

CARTER: Got a significant size fleet securing Dakara. Hopefully with the weapons we've provided, they'll be able to turn the tide against Anubis' super-soldiers. (She and Jack walk into his office. He sits down.) It looks like the Jaffa might finally win their freedom.

O'NEILL: It's about time!

CARTER: Yes, sir. Oh! I heard from Thor.

O'NEILL: How's he doin'?

CARTER: Great! He sends us all his congratulations and says that he will drop by for a visit as soon as his consciousness has been downloaded from the ship's computer into a new body.

O'NEILL: That just never gets old, does it?

CARTER: Apparently not!

(They smile at each other for a moment, then Jack remembers something.)

O'NEILL: Carter, did you notice if the Replicators where you were happened to ... stop in the middle of everything?

CARTER: Yeah, it was really strange. They just ...

O'NEILL and CARTER (simultaneously): ... froze.

CARTER: It actually bought us the time we needed to calibrate the weapon.

O'NEILL: Any idea why that happened?

CARTER: D'you think Daniel had something to do with it?

O'NEILL: I don't know.

CARTER: Sir, if he was on board that Replicator ship when ...

O'NEILL (interrupting): Carter -- we don't know anything.

CARTER: No, sir.

O'NEILL: Anything else?

CARTER: No, sir.

(Jack nods and starts doing some paperwork. Sam waits for a moment, then wanders out of the room. Jack writes for a moment longer, then lifts his head and gazes off into the distance, wondering.)