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SG-1 is captured after a deal with the Lucian Alliance goes bad ... and the planet's Stargate goes missing. Meanwhile, a former System Lord attempts to rebuild his empire.

DVD DISC: Season 9, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Alan McCullough
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Jane Harrison

P6G-452. SG-1 are being pursued through a lush forest. Gun fire rings out as they race down a slope, dodging in and out between trees.

The team wear brown leather mercenary outfits from another culture.

Mitchell skids to a stop, sheltering behind a tree. The others crouch defensively around his cover.

CARTER: What did you say to them?

They aim their weapons in the direction of their pursuers.

MITCHELL: Look, obviously, it didn't go so well.

There is no pause in the gun fire as the enemy draws closer.

Teal'c fires his weapon to stave off the attack and Daniel dashes forward towards the planet's D.H.D.

TEAL'C: I did advise that you were a most unlikely drug smuggler, Colonel Mitchell!

MITCHELL: Can we please just fall back to the gate?

They fire more covering shots around the tree before running, crouched, towards Daniel's position.

Their pursuers, WORREL and his MEN, emerge from the foliage. All are well-armed and wearing leather outfits.

Daniel lays down cover fire as Carter, Mitchell and Teal'c stampede towards him.

Carter takes up a position behind a rock, swapping places with Daniel who rushes to the D.H.D. and begins to enter Earth's address.

Mitchell squints down the sight of his gun before sending a volley of fire towards the advancing enemy.

Worrel squats next to a tree and fires back with his machine gun.

TEAL'C: We cannot hold this position!

Daniel is still entering the gate address but before he can complete it, the Stargate is obscured by a bright blue and white light.

The Stargate is beamed away.

Worrel gapes, unable to believe his eyes.

CARTER: What's taking so long?

Daniel is kneeling in front of the D.H.D, frozen with surprise.

He turns to the others who have their backs to the gate and are unaware that it has vanished.


The D.H.D. is immersed in blue light. There is a whoosh and it too disappears.

DANIEL: We've got a problem!

Mitchell continues to fire at Worrel and his men.

MITCHELL: Yeah, bad men are shooting at us! Just hurry up and open the damn ...

He turns round to shout his order at Daniel but jolts as he realizes that their means of escape is no longer there.

Carter looks round to see why Mitchell has not completed his sentence.

Teal'c turns too and the team exchange confused glances before suspiciously turning to look towards Worrel and the others who seem to be just as perplexed.

MITCHELL: (beat) ... gate.

CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN COMPLEX. Eight hours earlier. Airmen mill around the entrance to the base.

S.G.C. - BRIEFING ROOM. A bio hazardous containment unit rests on the table. The specimen inside appears to be a discoloured purple and white corn on the cob.

SG-1, Landry and the leader of SG-3, Colonel Reynolds, peer at the container from their positions sat around the table.

REYNOLDS: It's called kassa.

MITCHELL: Looks a lot like corn.

DANIEL: Which I always thought was indigenous to North America.

MITCHELL: Must be pretty damn tasty if it's causing all this fuss.

REYNOLDS: I believe Lieutenant Mooney described it as ‘sweet corn heaven'.

LANDRY: What's his condition?

REYNOLDS: He's still craving it, Sir. He didn't want to leave the planet. I had to restrain him to get him back here.

DANIEL: (thoughtfully) That's amazing.

MITCHELL: Obviously, you've never had my grandma's corn bread and black eyed peas.

DANIEL: No. (beat) Um, what about the rest of the population? Were they displaying any of the same addictive behaviours?

REYNOLDS: Well, everybody was fine when we first got there. A fight broke out in the market place when supplies ran low and my men and I had to move in and restore order. That's what made Mooney want a taste in the first place. I just didn't think it would ...

LANDRY: It's all right. (to Carter) What does Doctor Lee have to say about it?

CARTER: He's still analyzing the sample now, Sir, to determine whether or not it's naturally occurring.

DANIEL: This makes me wonder if the Ori have something to do with this.

MITCHELL: (disbelieving) Get all the population jonesing for space corn. I don't know.

TEAL'C: I also do not believe that to be likely.

DANIEL: Yes, it doesn't really fit their M.O., does it?

REYNOLDS: Besides, there was no evidence that a Prior had ever been there before.

TEAL'C: In the last session of the interim Council, several Jaffa leaders complained of erratic behaviour on several planets. We did not suspect tampering with the food supply.

LANDRY: (to Reynolds) Colonel, were you able to determine where this Kassa came from?

REYNOLDS: I pressured one of the vendors for a gate address but to be honest I don't know if it's accurate.

MITCHELL: It's worth checking out, Sir.

LANDRY: Find out what you can but try to stay under the radar.

MITCHELL: Will do.

They turn their attention back to the innocuous-looking purple and white vegetable.


P6G-452. A bright blue sky houses a large, just visible moon and its smaller relative. The sun shines down on field after green field of corn.

A peasant farmer dressed in rags pulls a cart down a narrow path that is lined with make-shift fences.

He puts the cart, which is full of the Kassa corn, down and steps into the crop of corn next to the path.

Looking around nervously, he plucks one of the cobs from a plant and opens the leaves to reveal the vegetable inside.

SG-1 rise from their crouched positions amongst the crop, dressed in their leather garb.

Mitchell removes a leaf from his mouth and throws it on the floor.

The Farmer checks his surroundings quickly and then bites into the corn. Its juices dribble down his chin as his eyes close in ecstasy.

SG-1 watch, then step forward slightly.

MITCHELL: Taste testing the produce, huh?

The Farmer turns round, alarmed.

FARMER: (panicked) Please. I have two daughters.

SG-1 fully emerge from the plants and stand on the path.

CARTER: Don't worry; we're not going to hurt you.

FARMER: Who are you? What do you want?

MITCHELL: We're looking to buy some Kassa.

FARMER: It is available at every market.

Mitchell nods to his team -- he's making this up as he goes along.

MITCHELL: We're looking for a sizeable quantity.

FARMER: I can maybe spare you one or two carts-full.

MITCHELL: Ah. How much for the whole field?

Carter looks at Mitchell, sharply.

FARMER: This is not the way the Alliance does business.

DANIEL: As in the Lucian Alliance?

MITCHELL: What other alliances do we know?

Daniel shrugs, conceding the point.

TEAL'C: Many.

Mitchell nods, trying to maintain the bravado of his mercenary character.

FARMER: The Lucian Alliance will know you have come -- they have spies everywhere.

MITCHELL: Great. Because we're looking to set up a meeting, maybe you can arrange that.

FARMER: Worrel returns this afternoon.

DANIEL: Worrel is ...

FARMER: This is his land, his crop. He lives in a house just up the road.

The Farmer points, still chewing.

MITCHELL: Well tell him Mr. Shaft would like to meet with him.

Carter visibly flinches, groaning inwardly.

MITCHELL: Any specific time, or should I just block off the whole afternoon?

FARMER: I will arrange it but I must warn you, he will not take kindly to your request or to your presence.

The Farmer throws the remnants of his corn into the cart, picks it up and begins to push it back down the path, looking suspiciously back at SG-1 over his shoulder.

Mitchell clasps his hands together, proud of his subterfuge.

Daniel coughs, deliberately.

DANIEL: What the hell was that?

MITCHELL: What was what?

CARTER: We're supposed to stay under the radar.

TEAL'C: I doubt that this world possesses such technology.

MITCHELL: See, when he's right, he's right.

DANIEL: Sam has a point. We're not equipped to take these guys on right now.

MITCHELL: I have no intention of taking anybody on, I'm just going to pose as a buyer.

DANIEL: You? MITCHELL: Well, no offense Jackson, but you do not strike me as the drug dealer type - in fact, you're not even close.

DANIEL: I think I'm as close as you are!

CARTER: (to Mitchell) Come on, you're miles away.

MITCHELL: Teal'c. Which one of us is closer?

TEAL'C: (pause) I believe the three of you to be equidistant.

MITCHELL: (offended) Oh, please. Mary Poppins is not even in the running!

Carter's mouth opens, indignantly.


Mitchell points at Teal'c.

MITCHELL: And neither are you because I'm going. I'm just going to ask some questions about the operation, find out what I can, tell them the price is too high and then high-tail it outta there.

He sets off jauntily down the path.

Carter, Daniel and Teal'c stand still for a moment, looking bemused and unconvinced.

P6G-452 - HILLSIDE. Through their binoculars, Carter, Daniel and Teal'c observe Mitchell as he waits to meet with Worrel.

Mitchell is half-asleep in a cart full of hay.

CARTER: This was a bad idea.

Daniel lowers his binoculars.

DANIEL: It's been four hours now, when do we call this thing?

Carter starts and raises her binoculars intently.

Mitchell is being approached by a large group of men, lead by WORREL.

TEAL'C: They are heavily armed.

Carter nods, squinting to try and read the situation.

OUTSIDE WORREL'S CAMP. Mitchell continues to recline in the hay as Worrel and his men arrive.

The Farmer is with the group and indicates Mitchell to Worrel.

FARMER: This is the man I told you about -- Mr. Shaft.

Mitchell stands up, clumsily.

MITCHELL: Hey. (beat) You must be Worrel.

WORREL: Where are your friends, mister?

MITCHELL: I figured you'd rather deal one on one. Call me Shaft.

Worrel folds his arms across his chest, unimpressed.

WORREL: Who told you Kassa was grown here?

MITCHELL: Well, in my business you get to know the right people.

WORREL: What right people?

MITCHELL: Y'know, the good, hard-working type who tell you what you want to know and then disappear.

Worrel nods to his men and three break off from the group, spreading out to begin searching the area.

Teal'c watches them through his binoculars.

Worrel turns to the Farmer.

WORREL: You can go.

The Farmer walks uncomfortably away.

WORREL: (to Mitchell) We'll talk inside.


HILLSIDE. The rest of SG-1 observe the group's departure from their hide-out on the hill.

TEAL'C: If we remain here, we will be discovered.

CARTER: Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.

WORREL'S CAMP. One of Worrel's bearded men pushes open a creaky metal gate and the group flanking Mitchell strides into the compound.

Two of the men suddenly grab Mitchell and begin to frisk him for weapons.

Mitchell laughs, nervously.

MITCHELL: Fellas! Do you think I'd carry a weapon?

WORREL: (to men) Enough. All right, Mister -- what can I do for you?

The men stand back and Mitchell crosses his arms over his chest.

MITCHELL: I represent a coalition of seven planets with a population of thirty million Kassa hungry souls. We're looking for a supplier.

WORREL: I don't have that kind of inventory.

MITCHELL: No, nobody does, that's why I need more than one. So if you could just refer me ...

WORREL: Refer you?

MITCHELL: Higher up.

Worrel rubs his nose, looking away.

WORREL: So you wish to speak to my superior?

MITCHELL: I think our needs are big enough to warrant our attention.

WORREL: (sneering) Your needs.

He signals to his men and the grab Mitchell powerfully by his arms.

HILLSIDE. Carter, Teal'c and Daniel witness this through their binoculars and turn to each other, alarmed.

CARTER: Oh, that didn't look good.

WORREL'S CAMP. Five of Worrel's men push Mitchell back onto a bench, restraining his arms by forcing them against a wooden beam.

Worrel looks down at Mitchell.

WORREL: Just exactly who do you think you are?

MITCHELL: (struggling) I already told you my name.

Worrel raises his eyebrows.

WORREL: Mister.

MITCHELL: Actually, it's just Shaft. Mister's more of a courtesy title, so if you could just pass it along to your superiors that's all I'm asking.

WORREL: I'm forced to wonder what someone like yourself, a business man representing -- how many planets did you say again?

MITCHELL: Seven. But one of them's actually a moon, so ...

WORREL: So thirty million potential customers and you need me to arrange a meeting with my superior.

MITCHELL: See now, you're selling yourself short.

Worrel suddenly raises his gun and points it at Mitchell's head.

HILLSIDE. Daniel lowers his binoculars.

DANIEL: Yeah, I think he's in trouble.

Teal'c notices that the three men Worrel set out to find them are drawing closer.

TEAL'C: As are we.

Carter and Daniel turn to see the men as they walk towards their position.

Slowly, the three members of SG-1 shuffle backwards, keeping close to the ground so they are not spotted.

WORREL'S CAMP. Mitchell stares down the barrel of Worrel's gun before laughing, uncertainly.

He abruptly stops laughing and turns his head to those restraining him.

P6G-452 - FOREST. SG-1 are being pursued through a lush forest. Gun fire rings out as they race down a slope, dodging in and out between trees.

Mitchell skids to a stop, sheltering behind a tree. The others crouch defensively around his cover.

CARTER: What did you say to them?

They aim their weapons in the direction of their pursuers.

MITCHELL: Look, obviously, it didn't go so well.

There is no pause in the gun fire as the enemy draws closer.

The team fall back to the gate as Worrel and his men emerge from the tree line.

Daniel lays down cover fire as Carter, Mitchell and Teal'c stampede towards him.

Carter takes up a position behind a rock, swapping places with Daniel who rushes to the D.H.D. and begins to enter Earth's address.

Mitchell squints down the sight of his gun before sending a volley of fire towards the advancing enemy.

Worrel fires repeatedly as he crouches next to a tree.

Daniel freezes as a blue flash reflects off the D.H.D.


CARTER: What's taking so long?

The D.H.D. is immersed in blue light. There is a whoosh and it too disappears.

DANIEL: We've got a problem!

MITCHELL: Just hurry up and open the damn ...

He turns round to shout his order at Daniel but jolts as he realizes that their means of escape is no longer there.

The gun fire ceases, suddenly.

The only thing behind SG-1 is an empty clearing.

MITCHELL: (beat) ... Gate.

The team looks around, confused.

MITCHELL: Okay, here's an obvious question ...

WORREL: (shouting) You're surrounded! Drop your weapons!

A group of Worrel's men stand up from their positions encircling SG-1.

The team reluctantly puts their weapons down.

Mitchell stands, lifting his hands above his head.

The others similarly surrender.

S.G.C. - CONTROL ROOM. General Landry dashes down the stairs from his office and walks over to where Walter sits, dialing the gate at the main console.

WALTER: Chevron four encoded.

LANDRY: Chief, how long are they overdue now?

WALTER: Two hours, Sir. Colonel Mitchell's never missed a check in.

On the screen in front of Walter, the fifth symbol of the gate address slots into place.

WALTER: Chevron five encoded.

Colonel Reynolds appears behind Landry.

REYNOLDS: General Landry, Sir. I just spoke with Doctor Lee. He's determined the plant contains a highly addictive psycho-stimulant.

LANDRY: Which just confirms what we already knew.

REYNOLDS: But we didn't know it was engineered, which means that it didn't evolve naturally.

WALTER: Chevron six encoded.

Landry looks out at the Stargate as its inner ring spins round, then stops.

WALTER: Chevron seven will not lock.

LANDRY: Why not?

WALTER: I'm not sure, Sir, I'm not showing any malfunction at this end.

LANDRY: Run a diagnostic and try again.

WALTER: Yes, Sir.

He reaches and presses buttons on his console as Landry walks away.

Reynolds stands behind Walter, staring at the gate for a moment.

WORREL'S CAMP. SG-1 are tied up to the bench. Their hands are restrained behind their backs and leather chokes chain their necks to the wood.

Worrel's men are sat around but stand as their leader enters, carrying a gun.

WORREL: The infamous SG-1.

MITCHELL: Everybody, this is Worrel.

WORREL: Trust me, Mister -- you won't get the best of me again.

MITCHELL: Actually, it's Mitchell, Cameron Mitchell. (to others) I tried to explain the, er, ‘Mister' thing. I don't think they ...

WORREL: How did you steal the Stargate?

There is a surprised pause.

CARTER: What?!

WORREL: SG-1 shows up on my little backwater planet and the Stargate vanishes? I'm not a fool.

TEAL'C: Perhaps not, but we are not responsible.

CARTER: We were here on a reconnaissance mission.

WORREL: Ah. So, you were done slaying system lords and decided to move on to more pressing agricultural concerns?

MITCHELL: That's exactly it. Corn patrol.

Worrel backhands Mitchell across the face for his impertinence.


DANIEL: Oh, I have a question: Why would we make the gate magically disappear before we had a chance to escape through it?

Worrel leaves Mitchell and walks down the line to Daniel.

WORREL: Bad timing.

DANIEL: That's got to be the single most stupidest thing I've ever heard.

WORREL: Do things always go according to plan in your world, Doctor Jackson?

Daniel thinks for a moment then looks at Mitchell, who looks back, squinting in the sun.

DANIEL: No, not usually, no.

WORREL: Then I would guess this is another one of those times.

Daniel sighs.

WORREL: (threateningly) And until my Stargate is returned, things will continue to go wrong.

SG-1 look worried.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. Walter and General Landry walk swiftly towards the Control Room.

WALTER: We've made repeated attempts to connect, Sir. There's no signal whatsoever. There's got to be a problem with the off-world gate.

LANDRY: Get me Colonel Emerson on board the Odyssey.

WALTER: Yes sir, right away.

Walter takes his seat at the console and begins typing.

ODYSSEY. On the new Earth vessel, an airman descends a ladder and crosses the Bridge, which bustles with personnel. The ship is in orbit above Earth.

MARKS mans one of the consoles.

MARKS: Sir, I have General Landry for you.

Colonel Emerson is stood near the video screen, accepting a report from another crew member.

EMERSON: On screen.

He turns to the screen, where an up-link of Landry in the Control Room of the S.G.C. appears.

LANDRY: Colonel, how goes the shake down?

EMERSON: Ninety percent of our systems are up and running, Sir. Care to take a ride?

Landry smiles.

LANDRY: Another time. I just need you to tell me that your hyperdrive is part of that ninety percent. We've lost contact with SG-1. They were on P6G-452.

Emerson turns to Marks, expectantly.

MARKS: Estimate twenty two hours, Sir.

EMERSON: (to Landry) I wouldn't want to go into battle just yet, but I think we can go to 452 and extract SG-1 just inside of a day.

LANDRY: Glad to hear it.

EMERSON: I assume they have the new locator chip implants?

LANDRY: They were the first, after the events on Tegalus.

EMERSON: I can't think of a better first operational mission for the Odyssey than to bring home SG-1.

LANDRY: Neither can I, Colonel. Good luck.

EMERSON: Thank you, Sir.

LANDRY: Landry out.

The screen flicks back onto schematics of the Odyssey.

EMERSON: Major Marks, set a course for P6G-452.

MARKS: Yes, Sir.

Emerson sits down in his command chair and activates the loud speaker.

EMERSON: Attention all decks, this is Emerson. Prepare to engage hyperdrive.

He slides the chair back into its locked position.

EMERSON: (to Marks) Take us out.

MARKS: With pleasure, Sir.

The Odyssey pulls away from orbit and speeds into the hyperspace window.

WORREL'S CAMP. One of Worrel's men brutally smacks Daniel round the face and he grunts in pain.

DANIEL: Seriously, why would we take the Stargate away before we had a chance to escape through it?! (to Mitchell) And don't say bad timing.

SG-1 are looking worse for wear. They all sport bruises and cuts on their faces and are streaked with dirt.

WORREL: Are things continuing to go wrong for you, Doctor Jackson? It's within your power to change that.

MITCHELL: Torturing us is not going to get you the answer you're looking for.

WORREL: I don't want to torture you. In fact, if you tell me the location of the Stargate I'm prepared to release you.

MITCHELL: Oh you are not! I can't ... Can you believe he just said that?

CARTER: You've already blown your chance. Who ever took your Stargate is long gone.

TEAL'C: And when your superiors discover that you have let the real thieves escape, it is you who will be tortured.

Worrel looks between them, suddenly uncomfortable.

S.G.C. - LANDRY'S OFFICE. Landry sits behind his desk as Walter delivers a report.

LANDRY: Somebody is stealing Stargates?

WALTER: Well, four that we know of Sir, according to the Tok'ra dispatch.

LANDRY: Which could explain why we haven't been able to dial 452 and contact SG-1.

WALTER: Exactly, Sir. In fact, the Trust tried this once with our gate.

LANDRY: Isn't any Goa'uld mothership or similar class vessel capable of taking a gate?

Landry stands as Walter shakes his head.

WALTER: Not with Asgard beaming technology, which one eye witness apparently confirmed is the method being used.

LANDRY: Send an encrypted data burst of all available intel to Colonel Emerson on board the Odyssey.

Walter turns to leave.

WALTER: Yes, Sir.

LANDRY: Oh, and Chief -- call Peterson Air Base, I need to take a little trip to Area 51.

WALTER: Right away, Sir.

Landry looks down at the dispatch he carries, determined.

AREA 51. Vehicles queue up at the check-point to the facility.

CELL. Landry is let into a dark grey room containing a cell marked off with bars by two soldiers who stand either side of the door.

A loud buzzer sounds as the door swings open.

NERUS sits in the cell behind a table. He wears the grey overalls of a condemned man.

NERUS: General! They told me you were coming but I didn't believe them. I said: ‘I don't believe you.'

A soldier opens one of the barred gates that separate the cell from the outside world and the General steps through.

LANDRY: Well, here I am.

Landry comes to a halt just in front of Nerus' cell.

NERUS: You come visit a condemned prisoner empty handed?

LANDRY: You're not a condemned prisoner, Nerus. But if you tell me what I need to know, I'll arrange a feast, the likes of which you have not seen since you set foot on this planet.

NERUS: (whispering) Feast?

LANDRY: I do not use the word lightly.

NERUS: Nor do I. How may I be of service, my dear General?

LANDRY: Someone out there is stealing Stargates. I need to know who, how and why.

NERUS: Stealing them.

LANDRY: Beamed right off the planets with Asgard technology, as far as we know.

NERUS: Well that must be maddening for you.

LANDRY: Oh, it is.

Landry turns away from Nerus and begins to pace slowly.

LANDRY: I already have an idea who it might be.

NERUS: Well if you're so smart, what do you need me for?

LANDRY: I have a theory. I still need some answers.

NERUS: But such a quandary must be worth more to you than a single, solitary, indulgent meal. Perhaps we could discuss my dietary requirements on a more permanent ...

LANDRY: Every minute you waste trying to negotiate, I take one item off the menu.

The General nods to the guard who signals to the surveillance camera. A buzzer sounds again as the gate swings open and Landry exits.

NERUS: Can we talk over appetizers?

Landry regards Nerus coolly and steps beyond the gate, waiting for the door to the room to be opened.

NERUS: General!

The Goa'uld is left to ponder his situation.

WORREL'S CAMP. One of Worrel's men clenches and unclenches his fist, which is encased in leather.

SG-1 are still restrained, sweaty and bloody.

Bruises blossom on Mitchell's face and he spits blood onto the ground.

MITCHELL: Well, for what it's worth guys, sorry I dragged you into this.

DANIEL: Oh, it happens all the time.

Worrel returns to the square encampment, looking annoyed.

MITCHELL: Worrel, my friend! (beat) You're wearing a furrowed brow. Deeply worried man. (laughing) How's your day going?

WORREL: We've been recalled by the Alliance.

MITCHELL: (laughing) Well, you can't say we didn't tell you so.

WORREL: It is far worse news for you. I no longer have any reason to keep you alive.

DANIEL: No wait, I, I, I can think of a reason.

He pauses, searching for one.

Carter leans slightly forward to prompt him.

CARTER: We're more valuable alive.

DANIEL: Yes! Yes, we're more valuable alive. Good one.

They nod at Worrel, who looks at them as though they're delirious.

WORREL: No. My instructions were quite clear.

Daniel's shoulders slump.

WORREL: (to man) Take care of Mister Shaft last; I want him to watch the others go first. Your deaths will serve as a warning to your people never to meddle with our operations in the future.

The lackey signals to the others sat around to stand up. They gather around SG-1, thrilled at the prospect of killing them.

AREA 51 - CELL. Nerus sits groaning with satisfaction as he tucks into the huge amount of food that has been placed on the table in front of him.

Landry paces outside the cell.

NERUS: (mouth full) General! This chicken is most plump and delicious. You spoil me General!

Landry pulls up a chair for the long haul.

LANDRY: It's called turkey.

NERUS: Turkey, eh?

LANDRY: Another rare delicacy.

He sits down, straddling the chair backwards, his arms folding onto the back.

NERUS: Well, I must have more turkey!

Nerus laughs, holding up a drumstick and spraying food everywhere.

He picks up a pretzel.

NERUS: What's this?

LANDRY: I'm losing patience, Nerus.

NERUS: Well you already know who it is.

LANDRY: So it is Baal.

Nerus takes a large bite out of the pretzel.

NERUS: Of course it's Baal. Who else could it be?

LANDRY: Why is he doing it?

NERUS: (mouth full) You're the genius, you tell me.

Landry stands, slowly.

LANDRY: Ah, maybe there's no need to go into the third and fourth courses.

NERUS: No, General. No, no, no, no, no. no, no! I meant that as the most sincere form of flattery. You are one of the more intelligent human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And I assure you General that this meal has just begun!

LANDRY: I'm glad to hear that.

Landry smiles and sits back down.

WORREL'S CAMP. SG-1 look to each other nervously as Worrel's men turn on them and load their weapons.

MITCHELL: Hey, the other three had nothing to do with this -- I was running the operation.

CARTER: Cam ...

MITCHELL: Worrel knows this, tell him to get back here.

The guns lock, loudly.

Suddenly, a bright blue light encompasses SG-1 and they are beamed out of harms way as bullets pierce and splinter the bench to which they had been tied.

Worrel's men look around, confused.

ODYSSEY. SG-1 have been beamed directly to the Bridge. Their arms are still shackled behind their backs.

They take in their new surroundings as Colonel Emerson steps forward from his chair.

EMERSON: SG-1. I'm Colonel Paul Emerson. Welcome aboard the Odyssey.

Carter smiles, relieved.

CARTER: Thank you, Sir.

Mitchell elbows Daniel with enthusiasm.

MITCHELL: How about that timing, Jackson?!

DANIEL: Good timing.

EMERSON: Airman, let's get these people out of these bindings and to the infirmary.

The airman moves to help the team out of their restraints.

SPACE. The Odyssey propels through hyperspace.

ODYSSEY - BRIEFING ROOM. SG-1 are sat around their table, now wearing their B.D.U.s. Emerson enters the room, accompanied by Marks.

Carter and Mitchell rise to greet him as Daniel rests his head on the table and Teal'c fiddles with an electronic device.


Emerson indicates for them to remain seated.

EMERSON: I know you people have been through a lot.

MITCHELL: We'll live, hand it over.

Marks passes Mitchell a set of data pads and he distributes them amongst the team.

EMERSON: We received this information from Stargate Command a few hours ago.

SG-1 skim read the files.

MITCHELL: Damn, Baal's been busy.

EMERSON: He's been gathering up Stargates from all over the sector for the last several weeks.

DANIEL: Yeah, we saw one of them disappear.

CARTER: Do we know why?

EMERSON: Not yet, nor do we know where he is.

TEAL'C: What of the Lucian Alliance?

EMERSON: For the moment, General Landry considers this our top priority.

CARTER: Where's he getting his intel?


SG-1 share distrustful glances.

MITCHELL: Oh, Jim dandy.

TEAL'C: Such intelligence cannot be considered reliable.

DANIEL: I'm not sure. Nerus did work for Baal for centuries; it's as good a place as any to start.

EMERSON: And General Landry can be pretty persuasive when he needs to be.

AREA 51 - CELL. The bars of Nerus' confines are splattered with food and crumbs litter the table.

Nerus drinks deeply from a glass of red wine.

LANDRY: Nerus, you have the most atrocious table manners of any person I've ever met.

NERUS: Oh General, please. You forget that, despite appearances, I am not human.

LANDRY: Oh my goodness. Why does Baal want a dozen Stargates?

Landry looks to the guard, who pulls his sidearm and points it at Nerus.

The buzzer sounds and more guards enter, bringing with them desert.

LANDRY: Nerus?

Nerus' eyes widen.

NERUS: Desert! Young man, you have positively read my mind. Come in, come in!

Landry rolls his eyes.

The cell opens and the guard with his weapon drawn enters first, providing security for the other soldier to approach Nerus' table with a large tray of buns.

NERUS: Make room for desert! Just put ...

He examines the tray.

NERUS: Ooh. What are ... Individually frosted cakes! Hah!

The Goa'uld devours the cake in practically one bite.

Landry impatiently stands up.

NERUS: Well, you're so clever -- you figured out the perpetrator. What do you think?

LANDRY: We assume he intends to offer them back to the planets he's stolen them from, in exchange for some form of payment.

NERUS: You're not very intelligent, are you General?

LANDRY: Sorry to disappoint you.

Nerus laughs.

NERUS: You're just thinking too small, that's all. You've got to think more like a Goa'uld. (long pause) What is it that Baal once had? Think of it. Now think of what he has lost.

Landry raises his eyebrows.

LANDRY: He's starting over.

NERUS: Precisely. See? There's still hope for you yet.

The General nods, waiting for more.

NERUS: You see, some time ago, Baal came to me looking for a way to rebuild in the event that the Jaffa ever succeeded in conquering the Goa'uld. Now I had been studying the Stargate system for months, to help you defeat the Replicators, incidentally, and I found a way to disable the correlative update program.

LANDRY: So you could move a Stargate and not have it transmit its new position to the rest of the network.

NERUS: Precisely. So, it would seem that Baal has put my research into practize.

LANDRY: Which leads us to: where?

NERUS: I, I have a theory General but no assortment of cheeses, however delicious, could possibly compel me to tell you that.

LANDRY: What did you have in mind?

NERUS: My freedom.

LANDRY: Absolutely not.

Landry begins to leave the room.

NERUS: Once he has set the program, it will be impossible to detect.

Landry turns back to face him, stone-faced.

LANDRY: Your freedom just isn't on the table, Nerus. But I'm sure there is something else we could offer.

Nerus somberly shakes his head.

NERUS: My dear General. I rarely say this, so please take it to heart when I say that, for the moment: I'm full.

SPACE. A group of Lucian Alliance ships hover in orbit above a planet.

ALLIANCE MOTHERSHIP. A worried Worrel is marched into the control room by two burly guards. He is brought before Netan, a menacing Alliance leader who is sharply dressed in a grey and black suit.

NETAN: What were you thinking, Worrel?

WORREL: Please, don't kill me.

NETAN: Now why would I do that?

WORREL: The last time I heard you say that to someone they ...

NETAN: I'm just stunned that you would honestly believe that SG-1 would steal the gate and trap themselves on the planet.

Worrel gulps.

WORREL: Well, I..I.

Netan turns to face his inferior.

NETAN: You had them for almost two days and you learned nothing.

Worrel hangs his head in shame.

NETAN: And now two thirds of our crop will rot, uselessly.

WORREL: If we could bring in cargo ships ...

NETAN: Cargo ships. Do you have any idea how many it would actually take?

WORREL: I promise -- I will avenge this.

NETAN: Don't worry about SG-1 and Earth, they're of little consequence. We have spies all over the galaxy. Find out who really took the Stargate and get it back. Or don't bother returning your self.

Worrel nods, meekly.

WORREL: Er, yes Netan.

S.G.C. - GATE ROOM. The soldiers in the room are poised for action as the doors open and Nerus enters, joyful and wearing his robes once more.

Landry waits for the Goa'uld at the base of the ramp. The guards who flank Nerus follow his every movement.

NERUS: Oh, oh, oh!

LANDRY: I trust you're all packed.

Two airmen carry two large suitcases and place them on the ramp.

NERUS: Yes, yes. With a sizeable assortment of what do you call them? Erm ...

LANDRY: Cupcakes!

NERUS: Yes! A most generous point to concede in our negotiation, General.

LANDRY: Consider it a going away present.

NERUS: Well, I'm touched.

LANDRY: Yes, well, I. It took some convincing.

NERUS: Well, superiors can sometimes be difficult.

LANDRY: They do have reason not to trust you.

Nerus pauses.

NERUS: Yes, but you did, you did convince them that it was a fair bargain? Me giving the coordinates for my freedom.

He looks nervously round at the attentive SF's.

NERUS: (hesitantly) Unless of course, you don't intend to honour ...

LANDRY: I think you know by now, I'm a man of my word.

NERUS: Oh. Oh yes, of course you are.

LANDRY: Then you should have no trouble believing me when I say that (threateningly) if you're lying about these coordinates, there will be nowhere in this galaxy that you'll be able to hide.

NERUS: Oh, I believe you.

LANDRY: I'm glad.

Nerus shrugs, massively.

NERUS: Farewell!

Landry rolls his eyes again as Nerus skips up onto the ramp, grabs his suitcases and slowly wheels them through the event horizon.

As the gate cuts out, Landry wearily shakes his head.


CONTROL ROOM. Landry steps up from the Gate Room and strides over to Walter's console.

WALTER: Should I dial the coordinates he left, Sir?

LANDRY: No, it's probably a black hole or worse. If I've learned one thing in this command, it's never to trust a Goa'uld. Especially if his name is Nerus.

Walter turns on his chair, smiling.

WALTER: Yes Sir!

GENERAL LANDRY'S OFFICE -- Later. Landry stands contemplating the star-map and sipping coffee. Walter knocks on the door frame.

LANDRY: Come in.

Walter steps into the room.

WALTER: Sir, we're picking up a sub-space signal from the beacon.

LANDRY: That was fast.

WALTER: Yes, Sir. It looks like you were right -- he went back to Baal.

LANDRY: Send the coordinates to the Odyssey A.S.A.P.

WALTER: Yes, Sir. (beat) Sir, if you don't mind my asking ...

LANDRY: How did we plant the beacon on Nerus?

WALTER: Yes, Sir.

LANDRY: It was a piece of cake.

Walter looks confused for a moment then nods slowly and smiles as understanding sinks in.

Landry takes another sip of his coffee and Walter walks off.

ODYSSEY. The Bridge of the vessel is a hive of activity. Personnel check systems and mill about.

SG-1 are stood to the back of the room with Colonel Emerson, keeping out of the way.

A console beeps.

MARKS: Sir, I'm receiving a sub-space transmission from S.G.C. It's a set of coordinates.


The team gather around Marks.

TEAL'C: General Landry is indeed persuasive.

CARTER: Colonel, is the Odyssey ready to fight?

EMERSON: The shields have only been tested in simulation but our weapons and navigation are already online.

MITCHELL: Let's take him down.

SPACE. The Odyssey speeds into hyperspace.

SPACE -- ORBIT. Elsewhere, a Ha'tak vessel hovers ominously over a planet.

HA'TAK. The doors from the ring room slide apart and Nerus steps through his mouth covered with icing. A Jaffa carries his baggage.

In the corridor stands BAAL and several Jaffa, all of whom seem less than pleased to see their guest.

NERUS: (flanged) How nice! You came to greet me in person. Oh, oh! I have this fabulous innovation I want you to...It's called a cupcake.

Baal stands, motionless.

Nerus steps towards him, arms outstretched.

NERUS: It is so good ...

Baal points a finger, dismissing him.

BAAL: (flanged) Why have you returned?

NERUS: My old friend, you wound me deeply.

BAAL: I am capable of wounding you much more deeply.

Nerus looks forlorn.

BAAL: I thought you made yourself quite comfortable with the Tau'ri or was it the Ori?

He clicks his fingers and the two guarding Jaffa level their staff weapons at Nerus.

NERUS: You, you actually believe that I would defect to the Ori? Ha ha ha ha! No, no, no, no. It was a temporary lapse of judgement, I admit but, er, I have never in my, in my life ever wavered one iota in my devotions. Sire.

Baal orders the Jaffa to lower their weapons.

BAAL: Are you certain you were not followed?

NERUS: I am a genius you know.

He laughs.

BAAL: So you insist.

NERUS: Yes, and so I have proven in my service to you time and time again. Do you know how many Stargates I had to go through to get here? Ha ha! Five Stargates!

He holds up five fingers as evidence.

Baal turns away and begins to walk back down the corridor.

NERUS: Even after that naïve General promised me, anyway he gave me his word, that he wouldn't follow me.

Nerus practically skips down the corridor after Baal.

They turn a corner.

BAAL: If you wish to return to my court, Nerus, you shall have to prove yourself.


BAAL: Find me planets, suitable for my new empire. I am ready to begin anew.

NERUS: First, I must recover from my harrowing ...

A group of BAAL clones walk down the corridor in front of them, stopping Nerus in his tracks.

NERUS: ... Ordeal.

Nerus gapes at the ‘real' Baal, who laughs.

BAAL: It would be wise not to defy me, Nerus. Things have changed considerably since you left.

Baal turns off the corridor, leaving a perplexed Nerus to stare after the clones for a moment before shuffling after him.

ODYSSEY - BRIEFING ROOM. Carter is stood before the video screen, reporting to the rest of her team, Marks and Colonel Emerson.

The screen displays a schematic of Baal's Ha'tak.

CARTER: From what little we know of Baal's ship, there's only one cargo hold big enough to store the Stargates.

The graphic zooms in on the cargo hold.

CARTER: (indicating) That's here.

MITCHELL: We beam onto the ship, make our way into the cargo hold and tag the gates with these suckers.

He holds up a black device.

DANIEL: Locator beacons.

Daniel takes the beacon from Mitchell and examines it.

CARTER: They only operate through sub-space so they shouldn't be detected. Once we lock onto their signal, we beam back the gates, beam ourselves out and hopefully, be gone before Baal notices the difference.

MARKS: But won't Baal be able to detect the Odyssey? And even if they don't, how do you beam through shields?

CARTER: Let's just say that's been taken into consideration.

HA'TAK. Nerus is in his lab. He removes a device from a hidden compartment from one of the possessions he has brought back from Earth.

He inserts the small rod into a control console that is at one side of the room. It bleeps.

Nerus begins expertly switching crystals and a projection lights up above the station.

The Goa'uld reads the data flashing across the screen, which suddenly fills with figures.

The lights of the ship flicker, dramatically and the projection wavers in and out of existence.

Nerus looks around, concerned.

NERUS: Oh dear.

ODYSSEY - BRIEFING ROOM. The graphic of Baal's ship has a line of yellow rippling through it.

CARTER: General Landry had Doctor Lee program a virus into several of Nerus's devices. As soon as he interfaces one of them with the ship, it should kill all their systems -- shields, sensors, weapons.

The PA system activates.

VOICE (OS): Colonel Emerson, this is Flight Deck. We're coming out of hyperspace now, Sir.

Emerson presses his radio to respond.

EMERSON: Understood. We're on our way.

They all file out of the Briefing Room.

BRIDGE. The team, Emerson and Marks stride into the room.

MARKS: Baal's ship should be dead ahead, Sir.

EMERSON: Have they detected us?

MARKS: Negative Sir, but I am receiving a sub-space locator code.

CARTER: It was programmed to transmit when the virus became active.

MITCHELL: Nerus didn't waste time for a change.

HA'TAK. Baal sits in his throne as three Jaffa man the vessel.

The engines power down.

The lights in the room flicker out.

BAAL: What is happening?

JAFFA: All our systems have failed!

BAAL: How can that be?

A console bleeps and a schematic of the ship comes up on the screen.

JAFFA: I have limited power back online. It looks like the systems are being disrupted from within the ship.

Baal stands and marches out of the room.

The doors squeak open but stop halfway, so that Baal has to climb through, frustrated.

He turns to two Jaffa who are stood on guard.

BAAL: Come with me.

The Jaffa climb through the door and follow their master.

ANOTHER CORRIDOR. A group of Jaffa march in formation.

As soon as the corridor is empty, there is a bright flash and SG-1 are beamed onto the ship.

They crouch defensively, weapons raised.

Teal'c carries two guns. He rests them on his shoulders briefly before making a decision.

TEAL'C: This way.

The team creeps down the darkened corridor.

Mitchell activates his radio.

MITCHELL: We're in.

ODYSSEY. Emerson and his crew are monitoring the situation from the Bridge.

EMERSON: Understood. We'll hold the station within beaming range.

HA'TAK - NERUS' LAB. Nerus is frantically attempting to fix the malfunctions.

Unseen by Nerus, Baal enters the room and stands behind him.

Sensing that he is being watched, Nerus turns around.

NERUS: Oh, hello! Oh, it's just a teeny tiny virus. I'm sure I can eradicate it in short order, as soon as I get control of the terminal. (mutters to self) General Landry. A lot more devious than I thought you were, you disappoint me. (to Baal) I'll, I'll keep you informed! Thank you.

He smiles, hopefully.

Baal wanders over to his Jaffa and takes one of their staff weapons.

He maneuvers behind Nerus and levels the weapon at him.

Nerus turns around to see that Baal has not left.

NERUS: Oh, there you are again. Oh, I don't think that shooting the console will help but you could try.

Nerus steps down and moves away from the console, but that is not where Baal is aiming. The head of the staff weapon follows Nerus.

Baal opens the weapon and it charges with a fizz of electricity.

NERUS: Oh, I see. I don't suppose there's anything I could say?

Baal smiles and shakes his head, ruefully. He hums a negative response.

NERUS: But I'm so interesting!

ANOTHER CORRIDOR. Jaffa pass along the bottom of a corridor that is lit only with flame torches. Blue vents cast the corridor in an eerie glow.

Teal'c flattens himself against the wall and peers round the corner, guns first.

He signals to the other members of his team and they set off stealthily down the corridor and then take up positions outside the large door that leads to the cargo bay.

Carter removes the door control panel and begins to swap crystals about, picking the high tech lock.

HA'TAK - BRIDGE. A warning siren sounds and the Jaffa look up, surprised.

The video screen highlights the section of the mothership that SG-1 have infiltrated.

JAFFA: We have an intruder on the ship.

CARGO BAY. The doors open and the team enter, scanning the room with their weapons.

They come to an abrupt halt.

DANIEL: Oh boy. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve ...

The Cargo Bay is full of Stargates, many more than the team had predicted. They lean against walls, are stacked along the length of the room and D.H.D.s seemingly occupy every available space.

Carter interrupts Daniel's counting by activating her radio.

CARTER: We're going to need more locators.

Teal'c stands guard at the entrance to the bay. He tenses as a group of Jaffa enter the corridor outside.

One Jaffa signals to the others -- they are searching for the intruder.

TEAL'C: Colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL: (to Carter and Daniel) Company!

The Jaffa walk straight towards the Cargo Bay.

Mitchell locks and loads his weapon.


Teal'c steps out into the corridor, both of his guns blazing, Rambo-style.

The Jaffa, surprised, offer little defense.

The bullets send a spray of sparks into the air as they bounce on the metal armour.

Teal'c rolls away from the action as Mitchell steps out, firing at the second wave of Jaffa.

Carter and Daniel rush to complete their task, running to each Stargate and attaching locator beacons.

Jaffa bodies are beginning to pile up in the corridor.

Mitchell leans against the wall for cover, breathing heavily.

He activates his radio.

MITCHELL: Houston, we have a problem.

ODYSSEY - BRIDGE. Emerson leans over to speak into the ship's radio.

EMERSON: What is it?

The rumble of gun fire can be heard from Mitchell's end of the connection.

MARKS: Sir, another three motherships just dropped out of hyperspace.


MARKS: Intercepting a hail, Sir.

NETAN (OS): Ha'tak vessel, this is Netan of the Lucian Alliance, Surrender now, or you will be destroyed.

SPACE. The three motherships menacingly advance towards Baal's Ha'tak.

ODYSSEY - BRIDGE. Emerson looks to Marks briefly, uncertain what to make of this development.

EMERSON: (hailing) Lucian Alliance, this is Colonel Emerson, commander of the Earth vessel Odyssey. Please respond.

MARKS: Sir, they've powered up weapons. Target appears to be Baal's ship.

Emerson presses the radio control again.

EMERSON: SG-1, this is Emerson. What's your status?

HA'TAK CORRIDOR. Mitchell crouches in front of Teal'c as they both fire their weapons at yet more attacking Jaffa.

The spray of bullets impacting produces blinding white sparks as the gunfire echoes deafeningly in the corridor.

CARGO BAY. Carter places another locator beacon on a gate, working as quickly as she can.

The blue light of the Asgard beam announces the arrival of more locator beacons that are in a small bag.

Daniel runs over to it, picks the bag up and throws it to Carter, who dashes off to put the final beacons in place.

CORRIDOR. Another Jaffa falls to the ground, his staff weapon falling to his side.

Mitchell leans into the door of the Cargo Bay.

MITCHELL: Jackson, a little help!

Daniel rushes to the corridor, firing upon a crouching Jaffa as staff blasts streak past his head.

MITCHELL: (into radio) Our position has been compromised, we are attempting to proceed with the mission!

He clips another magazine into his weapon.


EMERSON: Be advised, the Lucian Alliance just showed up.

CARTER (OS): You can't go up against all of them with an untested ship.

CARGO BAY. Carter hurriedly plants another locator beacon.

EMERSON (OS): They're targeting Baal's ship, we've got to get you out of there now.

CARTER: (into radio) That's a negative, I'm still tagging the gates.

She tags another two in quick succession.

EMERSON (OS): Colonel, without shields Baal's ship won't be able to withstand anything.

MITCHELL: (into radio) We know, thank you. SG-1 out.

He fires down the corridor at an approaching Jaffa, killing him in a shower of sparks.

Mitchell spins around to aim at the opposite end of the corridor as Carter adds two more tags to the gates in the Cargo Bay.

HA'TAK - BRIDGE. Baal enters the room, where two Jaffa are attempting to combat the virus at the console.

BAAL: Status.

JAFFA: Managed to restore sensors and communications. Detecting four other ships in close proximity.

BAAL: What?

JAFFA: We're being hailed.

Baal crosses to his throne and seats himself.

BAAL: Put them on screen.

The screen bursts into life and NETAN, sat on his own ship, can be seen.

NETAN: This is Netan of the Lucian Alliance. You have cargo that belongs to us. You will surrender it and your ship now.

BAAL: (laughing) You are in no position to make such demands.

ALLIANCE MOTHERSHIP. Netan also sits in a throne, surrounded by his men and Worrel.

NETAN: You have no shields or weapons. Surrender immediately or prepare to be boarded.

Baal looks down at Netan from the vessel's screen.

BAAL: Go ahead. Try.

The screen turns black as communications are severed.

Worrel looks to Netan, curious to see how he will respond.

NETAN: Fire on them. Target weapons and hyperdrive engines.

SPACE. The three Alliance ships open fire, shooting over the top of the Odyssey.

The energy blasts squeal through the air and then impact on numerous points on Baal's vessel.

A myriad of explosions can be seen.


BAAL: Get me my shields!

ODYSSEY - BRIDGE. Marks receives data on his console.

MARKS: Sir, the Lucian Alliance vessel has opened fire.

EMERSON: (into radio) SG-1, stand by for extraction.

CARGO BAY. Carter affixes two more beacons.

CARTER: We're attaching the last beacon now, go!


MARKS: Activating transport.

He presses the controls.

SPACE. Baal's vessel is hit from all sides with blasts from the Lucian ship.

Two more blasts shake the vessel but a third results in a wave of yellow light that protects the Ha'tak -- the shields are operational.

HA'TAK - BRIDGE. Baal is shaken by a jolt of an explosion and then suddenly, the keening ship stills.

JAFFA: I have managed to restore shields.

ODYSSEY BRIDGE. Marks turns to his commander.

MARKS: Sir, we've got a problem.

EMERSON: (into radio) Baal's shields just went back up, you're going to have to sit tight.

HA'TAK CORRIDOR. Mitchell holds his weapon up, hiding behind the entrance to the Cargo Bay.

MITCHELL: We can't sit for long!

Rapid staff weapon fire flashes past, dangerously close.

MITCHELL: Fall back.

Daniel races into the Cargo Bay. Teal'c fires his weapon across both sides of the corridor, taking out more Jaffa.

Mitchell provides cover fire for Teal'c as he makes his retreat to the relative safety of the bay.

Two Jaffa charge towards them, leaping over their fallen comrades.

As Mitchell, Teal'c and Daniel reach the entrance of the Cargo Bay a huge explosion sends Mitchell flying through the air and into the room.

He cries out as he lands.


EMERSON: Bring us about.

EMERSON: (to Marks) Captain, fire forward rail guns at the lead ship. (beat) Looks like we're going to be testing our shields.

SPACE. The Alliance vessels continue to fire on Baal's ship, whose shield is showing signs of strain.

The Odyssey, in between the two, turns to face the Alliance fleet, firing as it does so.

The blasts from the rail guns curve round towards their target, impacting on the shields.

The Alliance ships begin to fire upon the Odyssey.

ODYSSEY - BRIDGE. Sparks rain down and the room shakes as the ship comes under attack.

EMERSON: Evasive. Report!

MARKS: Shields are holding but down eleven percent, Sir. The Lucian Alliance ship shows minimal damage.

EMERSON: What about Baal's ship, can we get them out of there yet?

MARKS: Negative, Sir.

CARGO BAY. SG-1 are crouched behind a large container. The Ha'tak continues to shake as the attack refuses to cease.

Mitchell checks his weapon.

MITCHELL: Last mag. Right, we need to find another way off this boat.

Carter stares at a nearby D.H.D.

Mitchell notices.


CARTER: I have an idea.


Teal'c watches the door, intently.

TEAL'C: Jaffa.

Mitchell takes a deep breath.

MITCHELL: Covering fire!

As one, the team stands and fires their weapons at the enemy.

Carter fires several shots and then runs toward the D.H.D.

HA'TAK - BRIDGE. Baal holds himself in his chair as the entire mothership trembles.

BAAL: Forget the weapons, bring our hyperdrive online!

The Jaffa squints up at the screen, stumbling as a large blast rocks the vessel.

JAFFA: My lord, I'm showing imminent shield failure!

ODYSSEY - BRIDGE. Marks has noticed the same thing.

MARKS: Sir, Baal's ship just lost shields.

EMERSON: Get them out of there, now.

Marks sets to work.

Emerson activates his radio.

EMERSON: Hangar deck, report.

VOICE (OS): Sir, we've got all the gates but one -- we couldn't get a lock on its beacon.

EMERSON: What about SG-1?

VOICE (OS): Negative, Sir.

Emerson looks pensive.

SPACE. Baal's ship is suffering from an even heavier barrage of fire.

Two direct hits to the top of the vessel start a chain reaction.

A massive fireball engulfs the ship and it explodes so violently that debris is propelled in front of the blast.

ODYSSEY. Emerson witnesses the destruction, shocked.

MARKS: (quietly) Baal's ship has been destroyed.

ALLIANCE MOTHERSHIP. Netan sits forward, intent on another victory.

NETAN: Concentrate all fire on the Earth vessel.

ODYSSEY. Marks starts, looking at his console.

MARKS: All three Lucian vessels are targeting us now, Sir.

Emerson pauses for a moment, knowing that there is only one option.

EMERSON: Engage hyperdrive.

SPACE. The Odyssey quickly turns from the Alliance motherships and enters the hyperdrive window.

ALLIANCE MOTHERSHIP. Netan leans back in his chair, disappointed.

S.G.C. - GATE ROOM. Four sets of regulation boots emerge from the active wormhole and descend the ramp -- it is SG-1.

Looking weary but intact, they march steadily to the base of the ramp where General Landry is waiting for them. The soldiers manning the gate room look on.

LANDRY: Glad to see you. I'm a little surprised to see you come through the gate.

TEAL'C: Colonel Carter successfully reprogrammed one of the D.H.D.s in Baal's cargo hold so that we could, in fact, escape.

LANDRY: Well done.

CARTER: With your permission Sir, we should let the Odyssey know we're okay. They probably fear the worst.

LANDRY: The worst?

DANIEL: That we were blown up on Baal's ship when the Lucian Alliance attacked, Sir.

LANDRY: So the Stargates were destroyed.

MITCHELL: No, hopefully the Odyssey managed to beam the gates off in time.

LANDRY: (beat) An eventful few days! Debrief in one hour.

SG-1 nod and Teal'c bows as the General walks off, leaving them to it.

MITCHELL: We have got the best jobs in the world, don't we?

Everyone looks at him strangely.

CARTER: I'm going to hit the shower.

She walks off.

DANIEL: I'm going to find the Doctor.

He also leaves.

Teal'c and Mitchell are left on the ramp.

Teal'c smiles and turns to Mitchell.

TEAL'C: We are indeed suitably employed.

As Teal'c leaves, Mitchell smiles tiredly, looking at his gun.

MITCHELL: Yeah, it was a good day.

He straightens up proudly and follows his team out of the Gate Room.