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For an Ancient-specific timeline, visit this page.


  • In a distant galaxy, a race of humans called the Altera experience a fundamental split in cultural governance. The majority push for a religious focus, while a smaller group push for a scientific one. Fearing extreme persecution, the small Alteran group choose against using technology which could brainwash their brothers and depart in a ship for a galaxy to call their own. The scientific Alterans will henceforth be known as Ancients. ("Avalon, Part 2;" "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1;" The Ark of Truth)
  • The Ancients come upon the Local Group and make the Milky Way their home. They seed numerous worlds with Stargates as well as human life, and settle on a planet they name Terra. ("Avalon, Part 2")
  • The religious-based Alterans will eventually ascend and be known as the Ori, establishing the Origin religion and creating planets full of worshipers to feed their need for energy.


  • The Ancients form an alliance with three other races in the galaxy including the Asgard, Nox and Furlings. They establish a meeting planet on Heliopolis as a form of galactic United Nations. ("The Torment of Tantalus")
  • The Ancients of P4X-639 engineer a time machine to go back before the plague to reverse it, but discover the flawed technology only goes backwards by 10 hours. They eventually deactivate the device and accept their fate. ("Window of Opportunity")
  • The Ancients create a device on Dakara to repair the damage caused by the plague. ("Threads")
  • The Dakara device activates to relaunch the Milky Way's evolution process. (Conjecture in relation to other events)
  • The Ancients arrive in the Pegasus Galaxy. As before, they create a network of Stargates and seed life on numerous planets. Atlantis makes its home on Lantea. ("Rising")


  • The Ancients dispatch the Destiny into the far reaches of the universe to discover a signal they have located buried in the fabric of space-time since the dawn of creation. ("Air, Part 2")

CA. 100,000 YEARS AGO

CA. 30,000 YEARS AGO

  • A crew of Asgard depart their planet in suspended animation. At this stage in their development they are still capable of sexual reproduction. ("Revelations")

CA. 15,000 YEARS AGO

CA. 11,000 YEARS AGO

  • The Altairan (not to be confused with the Ancients) Hubbald establishes an underground complex on Altair to take the place of the planet's failing biosphere. ("Tin Man")


  • The Wraith construct ships and weapons to feed their hunger for human life essence.
  • The Ancients engage the Wraith in battle. Though they are superior in technology, the Wraith are superior in number. A 100-year war ensues. ("Before I Sleep")
  • The Ancients construct the Replicators, but eventually abandon the project and bomb Asuras. The Replicators begin to rebuild their civilization. ("Progeny")

10,000 YEARS AGO (8000 BC)

  • Ra arrives on Earth via mothership and takes a host from the North African desert. He proceeds to collect samples of humans from across the planet to spread among the stars as slaves. ("Stargate" the Movie)
  • The Ancients forfeit the 100-year war. They recall their forces to Atlantis for a final stand and create a window Ancient refugees to return. Numerous ships reach the Lantean system but are destroyed. ("Before I Sleep")
  • Having lost the war with the Wraith, the Ancients sink Atlantis deep beneath the Lantean oceans. Janus, the inventor of the time-traveling Puddle Jumper, disobeys the orders of the council and leaves Elizabeth Weir in the city. She slumbers for 10,000 years, waking at intervals to regulate the power systems so that she may avert Atlantis's future power failure. ("Before I Sleep")
  • The Lantean survivors, now on Earth, attempt to avoid influencing the primitive tribes of man. Moros, Ganos Lal and numerous other Ancients seclude themselves and learn to ascend while the rest die out. ("The Pegasus Project")

6,700 YEARS AGO (4700 BC)

5,000 YEARS AGO (3000 BC)

  • Ishkur's elite force of Jaffa commanders rebel against him. He orders their deaths, but they flee in search of Kheb. The traitors find a secluded planet and become the Sodan. ("Babylon")
  • SG-1 travels back in time and unwittingly participates in the uprising of Ancient Egypt, driving Ra from the planet. The rebels secretly bury the Stargate at Giza so that it may be found in the future. SG-1's presence in the past is hidden from history. ("Moebius, Part 2")

CA. 4,000 YEARS AGO (2000 BC)

3,400 YEARS AGO (1400 BC)

CA. 3,000 YEARS AGO (1000 BC)

CA. 2,000 YEARS AGO (0 BC/AD)

CA. 450

  • Sensing the growing threat of the Ori, Moros abandons ascension to retake human form. Now known as Myrddin, he establishes an enclave of noblemen including Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. During this period Myrddin is the most powerful human being on the planet. Ganos Lal is ordered by the other ascended beings to retake human form and monitor him. She takes on the name of Morgan Le Fay. ("The Quest, Part 2")
  • Myrddin creates phase-shifting technology to secretly develop a weapon capable of destroying ascended beings. Realizing his intention to one day destroy the Ori, Morgan destroys the device and hides Myrddin in an isolated Stargate network. ("Arthur's Mantle," "The Quest, Part 2")

CA. 750

CA. 1000

  • The inhabitants of P7J-989 advance their technology too rapidly. A chemical disaster renders the planet uninhabitable. Several citizens are placed in suspended animation within a bio-dome, their minds kept active by computer. ("The Gamekeeper")
  • Anubis is banished by the System Lords. Though they believe him to be dead, he departs for Kheb. There, the ascended Oma Desala teaches him to ascend. The ascended collective witnesses Anubis's treachery and attempts to push him back to the mortal plane, but only succeeds halfway. Anubis departs the Milky Way with the Ancient knowledge he has learned. Oma is punished for her actions. ("Last Stand;" "Threads")
  • The Asgard lose their ability to sexually reproduce, and adopt a "quick-fix" with cloning technologies. Genetic degradation is inevitable. ("Revelations")

CA. 1100

CA. 1300

CA. 1500

  • The people of M7G-677 institute a policy of suicide at the age of 25, which they believe keeps the Wraith away. ("Childhood's End")

CA. 1550

CA. 1700

  • The Goa'uld depart Tagrea. The citizens, who had endured great hardships, only now begin to record their history. ("Memento")

CA. 1797

CA. 1800

  • Seth establishes a cult of worshipers near Stonehenge. ("Seth")
  • The Novans discover a cure for Lou Gherig's Disease. ("Epilogue")

CA. 1850


CA. 1895





  • The Stuart Expedition fails. Numerous crates, including one carrying the canopic jars of Osiris and Isis, sink with the shipwreck. ("The Curse")




CA. 1948





  • A solar flare sends SG-1 into the past. The team is taken into custody by the Air Force. George Hammond recognizes a note in his handwriting and frees the team. Before they go, he notices a scar on Samantha Carter's hand. With help from Catherine Langford and the future Hammond, SG-1 uses the Stargate and return to their time. ("1969")







  • Groups of Novans branch out into their galaxy to colonize other worlds when it is apparent that the geology of their planet is coming undone.










  • The Tok'ra incite a rebellion on a world occupied by Qetesh. When her Jaffa are eliminated, Qetesh is tortured and beaten by the people. The Tok'ra eventually rescue her and remove the Goa'uld from the host body -- Vala Mal Doran. ("Prometheus Unbound")

CA. 1996 (Stargate the Movie)

  • Jack O'Neill leads a team to Abydos to assess any threats to Earth, and if necessary, use a nuclear device to destroy everything on the other side.
  • Ra is killed and the oppressed Abydonian civilization is freed.

CA. 1997-98 (SG-1 Season One)

  • Hathor is released from her Mayan prison and escapes through the Stargate.
  • SG-1 rescues the last evacuation team of Tollan officers. Persecuted by the N.I.D., the Tollan join the Nox. Both parties eventually find a way to send the survivors to their people's new home world, Tollana.
  • The last survivor of Altair, Harlan, creates SG-1 duplicates to help him maintain Hubbald's underground complex.
  • Daniel Jackson, having received a warning from an alternate reality (as well as a gate address to a Goa'uld stronghold), convinces the rest of SG-1 to stop the threat. They emerge aboard Klorel's mothership, en route to destroy Earth.


CA. 1998-99 (SG-1 Season Two)

  • One Abydonian year to the day, Daniel returns to Abydos and finds Sha're with her father. She is pregnant, and the Goa'uld Amaunet is sleeping so that the child will not emerge stillborn.
  • Shifu, the son of Apophis and Amaunet, is born. Heru'ur travels to Abydos to steal him, but Daniel Jackson hides the baby among the Abydonians and makes Amaunet think Heru'ur was successful. Apophis, hoping to meet his newborn son, leaves only with Amaunet.
  • SG-1 meets the Tok'ra and establishes a tentative alliance.
  • SG-1 tampers with the natural balance between the Salish and their spirits, forcing the spirits to reveal their true nature.
  • A black hole causes P3W-451 to succumb to a time dilation field, trapping SG-10 on the planet.
  • Apophis pleas with SG-1 to protect him from Sokar. He dies of his injuries at Stargate Command. Teal'c sends his body through the Stargate to the waiting hands of Sokar, who reanimates Apophis to repeatedly torture him to death.
  • Ma'chello tricks Daniel Jackson into transferring bodies. He leaves the base for Colorado Springs, but the authorities soon capture him. Ma'chello is forced to return to his original body, where he dies.
  • George Hammond notices the same scar on Samantha Carter's hand, and realizes the time has come to write the note to his younger self. After an adventure in 1969 and the distant future, SG-1 returns to their proper time.
  • Hathor captures SG-1 and stages an elaborate hoax to gain what information they have about the current Goa'uld domain. A Tok'ra agent helps free the team. O'Neill pushes Hathor into a cryogenic soup, killing her.

CA. 1999-00 (SG-1 Season Three)

  • Samantha Carter is promoted to major.
  • Klorel/Skaara is recovered by the Tollan people. Humans, Goa'uld and Nox mediate over which entity will take ownership of Skaara's body. The Nox rule in favor of Skaara. Klorel is extracted and sent to a Goa'uld planet of his choice.
  • Replicators travel to Earth aboard Thor's ship. SG-1 destroys the vessel. One Replicator survives and infests a Russian submarine. The sub is destroyed, and the U.S. military conceals the incident from the Russians.

CA. 2000-01 (SG-1 Season Four)

  • The Russians recover the Egyptian Stargate from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and soon establish their own Stargate program in Siberia.
  • SG-1 is sent to Siberia to deactivate their Stargate and investigate the Russians' failed program.
  • The X-301 is deemed a failure.
  • Artifacts from the Stuart Expedition are excavated from the ocean floor and sent to the University of Chicago.
  • Heru'ur captures Teal'c and offers him as a gift of good faith to Apophis for forming an alliance. Apophis falls for a Tok'ra ruse and destroys Heru'ur, absorbing his fleet. Teal'c escapes with the converted Jaffa, Rak'nor.
  • Robert Kinsey announces his plan to run for President of the United States.
  • A message from a future Jack O'Neill warns never to travel to P4C-970. Hammond orders the address blocked out of the dialing computer.
  • SG-1's Altairan duplicates invent power packs and use the Stargate to go on missions. They travel to Juna and are confronted by Cronus. Harlan pleas for the assistance of the original SG-1. Cronus is killed, and all of SG-1's clone duplicates lose power and die.

CA. 2001-02 (SG-1 Season Five)

  • The ascended Orlin is forgiven of his wrongdoing and allowed to rejoin the ascended collective.
  • SG-1 encounters the Reole and gains access to their chameleon-like chemical.
  • Cassandra comes of age and her physiology begins to mutate. Nirrti arrives at Stargate Command to continue her hok'taur experiments. She is discovered and is set free in exchange for saving Cassandra's life.
  • SG-1 and a Russian unit investigate the missing team from P2X-338. Marduk retakes a human host. He and the Eye of Tiamat are buried in rubble from a C4 explosion.
  • The Tollan Curia form an alliance with Tanith, an envoy of Anubis, to prevent their annihilation, and agree to develop phase-shifting weapons of mass destruction. The Tollan Narim takes matters into his own hands and destroys the manufacturing plant. Anubis's forces destroy the Tollan civilization from orbit.
  • SG-1 forms a tentative alliance with the Aschen. When it is discovered that their home world may be P4C-970, Hammond orders the team to investigate further. The Aschen's plan to absorb Earth into their confederation and make humans extinct is thwarted.
  • Anubis reveals his return to the System Lords who (minus Yu) vote him back into their ranks in exchange for destroying Earth. Osiris holds his seat on the council.

CA. 2002-03 (SG-1 Season Six)

  • The X-302 interceptor is completed.
  • Naquadria-based hyperspace technology is deemed a failure.
  • Thor's consciousness is transferred into data crystals and sent to the Asgard so that he may be given a new clone body.
  • The Prometheus is officially launched, but soon becomes stranded across the galaxy and begins a year-long journey back to Earth.
  • Mot is killed.

CA. 2003-04 (SG-1 Season Seven)

  • Thor stops Loki from running experiments on humans.

CA. 2004-05 (SG-1 Season Eight, Atlantis Season One)

  • A viable means of combating the Replicators is developed into a weapon.
  • Anubis is imprisoned on KS7-535. He eventually finds a means of escaping.
  • Elizabeth Weir Prime is revived from her stasis chamber and, before she dies, tells the story of how she saved the city.
  • The Quindosim refuse to hand over their Zero Point Module to the Atlantis expedition.
  • Realizing Anubis cannot be killed, Oma Desala occupies him in a direct confrontation for all eternity.
  • Atlantis conceals itself from the Wraith, making it appear as though the city has been destroyed.

CA. 2005-06 (SG-1 Season Nine, Atlantis Season Two)

  • Vala Mal Doran conceives a child without a husband. Fearing persecution by Ori followers, she marries Tomin.
  • Baal acquires numerous corporations on Earth and funnels their resources into creating clones of himself.
  • The Aurora crew, still in their stasis pods, become compromised by a Wraith infiltrator posing as an officer. The knowledge of the weakness in Wraith technology is lost when the ship is destroyed.
  • A brief truce between Rand and the Caledonian Federation ultimately falls on deaf ears and the two nations destroy each other.
  • Ladon Radim leads a coup de'tat against the Genii leader Cowen. He restructures the nation's corrupt government.
  • Merlin's anti-Ori reaserch is discovered by SG-1, who begin a search for the weapon he created to defeat them.
  • The Sodan civilization is destroyed.
  • Michael's Wraith hive forges a tentative alliance to convert all other Wraith in the galaxy into humans with the Wraith retrovirus. However Atlantis is double-crossed, as their true motivation is to locate Earth. This is later thwarted.

CA. 2006-07 (SG-1 Season Ten, Atlantis Season Three)

  • Michael is reverted to a human once more, but the effect is only temporary. He steals a sample of Carson Beckett's blood and vows to never again to be tricked by Atlantis.
  • SG-1 joins Baal and Adria on a quest to track down Merlin's weapon, but instead discover Merlin himself. Before dying, Merlin transfers his consciousness into Daniel Jackson so that he may rebuild the weapon once more. Adria kidnaps Jackson.
  • Adria transforms Daniel Jackson into a Prior. Despite his dramatic change in appearance, Merlin's consciousness provides him with the protection from her influence. Jackson completes the weapon and sends it through the Ori supergate aboard one of their ships, killing the ascended beings in their galaxy.
  • Baal implants a clone symbiote of himself into Adria to take advantage of her knowledge and power. The Tok'ra remove the symbiote, but not before fatally wounding her. To escape death, she ascends.
  • The Asgard genetic degradation problem reaches an irreparable point. The race installs a core of their technology and knowledge into the Odyssey and then commits mass suicide, bringing their civilization to an end.
  • A preemptive strike to annihilate Replicator ships under construction, presumably to assault Earth, brings down the full wrath of the Asurans on Lantea. Elizabeth Weir is severely injured during Atlantis's flight from the planet.

CA. 2007-08 (Atlantis Season Four, The Ark of Truth)

  • SG-1 takes the Odyssey into the Ori Galaxy to locate the Ark of Truth, originally created by Amelius long ego to forcibly brainwash the opposing Asurans. The ark is unveiled before the Doci, who communicates his knowledge to all other priors. The ascended Adria is then confronted by Morgan Le Fay in eternal combat.
  • The Asurans switch tactics and begin eliminating human worlds in an effort to destroy the Wraith's food supply.
  • A Wraith cloning facility is destroyed.
  • A clone of Carson Beckett is recovered from Michael, but without a vital injection from Michael he is forced into suspended animation in Atlantis.

CA. 2008 (Atlantis Season Five, Continuum)

  • Baal travels back in time to 1939. In the present, his last clone symbiote is extracted from the clone host.
  • A splinter group of Asurans, lead by Elizabeth Weir, seek flesh-and-blood bodies in order to ascend. Replicator Weir realizes that her new allies will never cease being a threat and leads them through to a space Stargate.
  • The Sun Tsu is launched.
  • A set of coordinates in an alternate reality clue a massive hive ship to the location of Earth. Atlantis returns to the Milky Way to eliminate the threat before landing in San Francisco bay.

CA. 2009-10 (Universe Season One)

  • Icarus Base personnel and guests are forced to evacuate to the Ancient ship Destiny during a surprise attack. With Earth several billion light years away the small band of survivors prepare for a long journey.
  • Homeworld Command enacts their plan to forcibly remove Col. Young from command of Destiny, draining her weapon reserves so that they may attempt to dial Earth while she is recharging within a star. Dr. Rush rigs a light show to force Col. Telford and his team to retreat. Young, now restored to command, makes it clear to the Pentagon that he is in charge of the ship. The Destiny crew begin to settle in for the voyage.
  • Dr. Rush frames Col. Young for the death of Spencer, who committed suicide from cabin fever. Young coaxes this information from Rush while alone on a planet. A fight ensues and Young, having beaten Rush unconscious, leaves him for dead.
  • The blue aliens reveal themselves and dogfight with Destiny and her shuttle in order to buy time to capture Chloe Armstrong. Col. Young uses the communication stones to switch bodies with one of the blue aliens, who mysteriously posess a stone of their own, until he discovers a confined Dr. Rush. Young sets him free, and Rush and Chloe escape with a shuttle.
  • The Destiny crew come upon an artificially created world. A group of the ship's compliment take extended shore leave on the planet while Destiny is out of range, but ultimately several choose to stay permanently. They designate this new world as Eden.
  • Chloe Armstrong begins to show signs that she was experimented on by the blue aliens and is undergoing a gradual transformation.
  • Destiny departs the galaxy, crosses a great expanse at FTL, and enters a new galaxy.
  • The Lucian Alliance uses a naquadria-enriched planet to dial Destiny and seize the ship by force. Ultimately their leader is defeated and the remaining alliance members are placed under lockdown.
  • Telford reaches Destiny with the Lucian Alliance.
  • TJ loses her baby in a Lucian gunfight in the medical bay. Destiny, recognizing the medic's emotional well-being is key to the mission as a whole, creates an elaborate hallucination to convince her an omnipresent race transferred her unborn child back to Eden to be raised by the settlers.


  • Earth celebrates the 10th anniversary of its alliance with the Aschen. Only then is it discovered that the Aschen are slowly exterminating humanity by preventing births. SG-1 regroups to send a message into the year 2000. (Defunct timeline) ("2010")

CA. 2010-11 (Universe Season Two)

  • Rush cracks Destiny's master code and discovers the bridge, soon discovering the ship's true mission.
  • Riley is critically injured on an away mission, and ultimately suffocated by Col. Young to end his suffering.
  • Destiny drops out of FTL and only resumes its course when it is confident Col. Young has digested his grief for killing Riley and is fit to command the crew.
  • Dr. Rush's secret trips to the bridge are discovered, and he is forced to reveal Destiny's true mission to his colleagues.
  • Simeon kills Amanda Perry and Ginn and escapes to a desert planet. Several teams follow him, believing he has critical information regarding an imminent attack on Earth. Rush, however, kills him for murdering the woman he loved.
  • The crew left behind on Eden mysteriously return in range of Destiny aboard what appears to be a fully restored shuttle, only to gradually replay their deaths from a terrible winter on the planet. TJ discovers her child is not among the crew.
  • Chloe's transformation by the blue aliens is nearly complete, and she summons them to assist in the fight against the drones. Lt. Scott returns her to them, and they appear to remove whatever was transforming her body.
  • Destiny and her crew are duplicated, the crew being sent 2,000 years into the past, and Destiny back in time a handful of hours. Only Nicholas Rush and David Telford remain from the original timeline. The duplicated Telford is killed by Dr. Rush Prime. Dr. Rush Prime appears to be destroyed along with Destiny Prime when the ship sinks into a star.
  • An attempt to use Langara's naquadria core as a power source to dial the ninth chevron fails when their government discovers Earth's duplicity.
  • The remaining surviving Lucian Alliance officers, save for Varro, are killed during a rescue mission.
  • The Destiny crew discovers a human colony of Novans and the truth about what happened to their counterparts. The people are rescued from their planet to return home to Novus. Upon arrival, it is apparent that Novus suffered a geological cataclysm that is still destroying the planet. Destiny downloads as much of the Novan archive as possible before it is destroyed, and the ship sets course to deposit the remainder of the Novans on a new world.
  • TJ discovers she will contract Lou Gehrig's disease in five years.
  • When the drones' plan to block all Destiny-compatible stars in the galaxy is fully realized, Eli convinces Col. Young that their only alternative is to "skip" the rest of the galaxy by putting the crew in stasis. But the crew is short one stasis pod, which is broken, and Eli volunteers to stay conscious in the hopes that he can discover a solution.

CA. 2070

  • SG-1 enters the Stargate in 1969 a few moments too soon, which sends them far into the future. An aged Cassandra uses advanced technology to send them back to 1999. ("1969")

CA. 50000

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