Hunt and Run

AUTHOR: Aaron Rosenberg
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: April 2010
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Ronon Dex must stop hunters he once considered brothers-in-arms when Colonel Sheppard's team becomes their newest target.

When the hunted become hunters ...

Ronon Dex is a mystery. His past is a closed book and he likes it that way. But when the Atlantis team trigger a trap that leaves them stranded on a hostile world, only Ronon's past can save them – if it doesn't kill them first.

As the gripping tale unfolds, we return to Ronon's earliest days as a Runner and meet the charismatic leader who transformed him into a hunter of Wraith. But grief and rage can change the best of men and it soon becomes clear that those Ronon once considered brothers-in-arms are now on the hunt – and that the Atlantis team are their prey.

Unless Ronon can out hunt the hunters, Colonel Sheppard's team will fall victim to the vengeance of the V'rdai.

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