Casualties of War

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AUTHOR: Elizabeth Christensen
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: September 2007
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After two team members are lost on a mission, Colonel Sheppard submits his resignation. Dr. Weir negotiates with warring tribes who may be related to the Ancients.

Burden of command ...

It's a dark time for Atlantis. Following the first Asuran clashes, Colonel Sheppard is buckling under the strain of command. When his team discovers Ancient technology which can defeat the Asuran menace, he is determined that Atlantis must possess it – at all costs.

But the involvement of Atlantis heightens local suspicions and brings two peoples to the point of war. Elizabeth Weir believes only her negotiating skills can hope to prevent the carnage, but when her diplomatic mission is attacked – and two of Sheppard's team are lost – both Weir and Sheppard must question their decisions. And their abilities to command.

As the first shots are fired, the Atlantis team must find a way to end the conflict – or live with the blood of innocents on their hands ...

From Fandemonium


  • "Casualties of War, due out in the fall, is my first full-length solo effort. The plot centers on a planet whose bitterly contested natural resource may provide a weapon against the Asuran replicators – if the Atlantis expedition is willing to make some tough choices to obtain it.

    "It's also a bit of a character piece about both John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir, which was an aspect I really enjoyed exploring. Often, because of time constraints and the pace of the TV series, we don't get to see the personal repercussions of the characters' difficult choices on screen. I've tried to dig a little deeper into that concept here, and I hope I've done it justice." (Author Elizabeth Christensen, in her blog)