Pride of the Genii

A Legacy Novel
Pride of the Genii (Atlantis Novels)
AUTHOR: Melissa Scott
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: August 2018
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Chief Ladon Radim turns to Atlantis for help when the Genii's first starship disappears – before time runs out for her crew.

Pride before a fall ...

As guests of Chief Ladon Radim, Colonel Sheppard’s team witness the launch of the Genii’s first starship — Pride of the Genii.

Radim needs the Pride’s first mission to be a success if he’s going to control the hard-line opponents of his treaty with Atlantis. So when the ship disappears, he turns to Atlantis for urgent help. With the Pride out of contact, Sheppard’s team must track her across the Pegasus Galaxy, piecing together the events of her ill-fated maiden voyage as they race to find the stricken ship before time runs out for her crew — and for Chief Radim.

But as they navigate vicious Genii politics, mysterious illnesses, and hostile wildlife, the Atlantis team soon find themselves fighting alongside the crew of the Pride — for their survival and for the future of peace with the Genii ...

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