Blood Ties

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AUTHOR: Sonny Whitelaw & Elizabeth Christensen
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: December 2007
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The Atlantis team returns home and teams up with SG-1 to track down a Wraith who has been sighted on Earth.

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Creatures of the night ...

When a series of gruesome murders are uncovered around the world, the trail leads back to the S.G.C. – and far beyond ...

Recalled to Stargate Command, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Colonel John Sheppard, and Dr. Rodney McKay are shown shocking video footage – a Wraith attack, taking place on Earth. While McKay, Teyla, and Ronon investigate the disturbing possibility that humans may harbor Wraith DNA, Colonel Sheppard is teamed with SG-1's Dr. Daniel Jackson. Together, they follow the murderers' trail from Colorado Springs to the war-torn streets of Iraq, and there, uncover a terrifying truth.

As an ancient cult prepares to unleash its deadly plot against humankind, Sheppard's survival depends on his questioning of everything believed about the Wraith ...

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  • Read an excerpt from Blood Ties at Sonny Whitelaw's Web site!
  • "I'm still working with the amazing Sonny Whitelaw ... our third tag-team effort, 'Blood Ties,' is set for a winter 2007 release. This book takes some members of the Atlantis team on a mission to a planet they don't investigate very often: Earth.

    "Ever wonder about the similarity of the Wraith to various Earth legends such as vampires or succubi? We dove into that idea headfirst, and it's been a blast. One of SG-1's primary members will be tagging along for the ride as well – since we're talking about mythology here, SG fans shouldn't find it too hard to guess which one ..." (Author Elizabeth Christensen, in her blog)