Murder at the S.G.C.

AUTHOR: Amy Griswold
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: April 2015
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After a civilian contractor turns up dead at Stargate Command, Colonel Mitchell and SG-1 are tapped to investigate a potential murder before it draws unwelcome attention from the Pentagon.

To catch a killer ...

A civilian contractor has been murdered at Stargate Command. Colonel Mitchell and SG-1, off-world at the time of the crime, are tapped by General Landry to investigate the death before it draws unwelcome attention from the Pentagon.

While Mitchell, Vala and Teal’c return to the S.G.C., Daniel Jackson and Colonel Carter continue their search for the Sangraal. But when it becomes clear that SG-1 are not investigating a simple murder but a conspiracy that extends well beyond the S.G.C. – and Earth – the whole team becomes ensnared in a complex and deadly mystery.

In this gripping adventure, SG-1 follows the tangled trail from victim to murderer and the team finds itself and the entire S.G.C. in grave danger ...

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