Behind Enemy Lines

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Behind Enemy Lines (SG-1 Novel)
AUTHOR: Sally Malcolm
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: August 2017
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When Jack O'Neill's young clone runs afoul of federal authorities, Jack and Daniel must decide how far to go to help him.

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Ten years after STARGATE SG-1: Fragile Balance, General Jack O'Neill has a problem. His clone, created by the rogue Asgard, Loki, has gotten into trouble — and drawn the attention of Homeland Security.

But when Daniel comes up with a radical solution to keep the young O'Neill out of the hands of the authorities, General O'Neill must decide how much he's willing to risk to save one angry young man. And his clone must decide how much he's willing to trust the friends who walked away from him ten years earlier.

As tensions rise off-world, the young O'Neill is forced to confront who he really is — and to decide whether his new life is worth fighting for ...

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  • Behind Enemy Lines is a novella. At 142 pages it is about one-third the length of a regular Stargate novel.