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Roswell (Novel)
AUTHOR: Sonny Whitelaw & Jennifer Fallon
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
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When they find themselves marooned in 1947, SG-1 must rely on some unlikely friends to rescue an Asgard and find a way home.

A stitch in time ...

When a Stargate malfunction throws Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Colonel Sam Carter and Teal'c back in time, they only have minutes to live.

But their rescue, by an unlikely duo -- General Jack O'Neill and Vala Mal Doran -- is only the beginning of their problems. Ordered to rescue an Asgard also marooned in 1947, SG-1 find themselves at the mercy of history. While Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c become embroiled in the Roswell aliens conspiracy, Cam and Vala are stranded in another timeline, desperately searching for a way home. As the effects of their interference ripple through time, the consequences for the future are catastrophic.

Trapped in the past, SG-1 can only watch as their world is overrun by a terrible invader ...

From Fandemonium


  • Read an excerpt from "Roswell" at Sonny Whitelaw's Web Site!
  • "Roswell began life as the title, '1947', with a general plan to send the original team back to that briefly innocent and hopeful period between WWII and the Cold War. I had a vague idea in mind that it would be in a similar vein to 1969. The idea remained just that, an idea titled '1947' for almost a year, while I worked on a research thesis which itself explored the nature of alien god theories.

    "The logic of most of the stuff I was studying at that time was so compellingly flawed that I ditched '1947' and renamed it 'Post Hoc'. I admit, this crowning achievement of over-stimulated intellectualism was cemented some months later when a bunch of us (including my co-writer, Australia's best selling fantasy author, Jennifer Fallon), got together one weekend with our theses' supervisors and went through the entire kingdom, phylum, class and order of Aristotelian Logic.

    "Fortunately, common sense prevailed about three quarters of the way into writing the story, I rang Jen and said, 'Why don't we just call it what the crux of the story is about?'

    "'Roswell' was an unbelievable amount of fun to write in part because we revisited ground zero of the twentieth century's most enduring UFO mystery, but also because the story features several of the twentieth centuries greatest science fiction writers and pop culture icons. Bringing in Vala Mal Doran and Cam Mitchell as well as the original core team capped off the adventure.

    "Very much a celebration of the best of Stargate, Roswell also marks the end of ten amazing years of television with a superbly fitting cover that Jen and I instantly fell in love with. We had it made into extra large posters and have been known to drag it to friends' places and restaurants, and whip it out casually -- a feat in itself given the size of an A0 poster -- for perusal. Fortunately for us, most of our friends (and restaurant patrons) have so far indulged us and have even been heard to coo right along with us." (Author Sonny Whitelaw, in a post at his blog)