Book 2 in the Apocalypse Series
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AUTHOR: Sally Malcolm & Laura Harper
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: August 2015
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Searching for a way to return home, Colonel O'Neill and his team undertake a dangerous rescue mission on behalf of their new allies.

The long road home ...

Reeling from the shocking revelation at the end of STARGATE SG-1: Hostile Ground, Colonel O'Neill's team continues its quest to find a way home.

But as SG-1 comes to terms with new circumstances, they find themselves divided. With tensions mounting, the team undertakes a dangerous rescue mission on behalf of their new allies – and O'Neill makes a decision that will threaten the future of his team.

Meanwhile, fleeing the Goa'uld attack, Dr. Janet Fraiser negotiates a treacherous path as she and the other refugees struggle to survive on a barren new world. But she soon discovers that the most dangerous enemies of all are those who lie within...

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  • Exile is the second in a trilogy from Sally Malcolm and Laura Harper, following the novel Hostile Ground. It is followed by Insurrection.