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AUTHOR: Karen Miller
PUBLISHER: Fandemonium Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: October 2006
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SG-1 faces the consequences of their failed mission to Euronda, but are called upon to help the Tok'ra recruit new hosts -- by infiltrating a Goa'uld breeding camp.

The price of failure ...

All SG-1 wanted was technology to save Earth from the Goa'uld, but the mission to Euronda was a terrible failure. Now the dogs of Washington are baying for Jack O'Neill's blood -- and Senator Robert Kinsey is leading the pack.

When Jacob Carter asks General Hammond for SG-1's participation in a mission for the Tok'ra, it seems like the answer to O'Neill's dilemma. The secretive Tok'ra are running out of hosts, and Jacob believes he's found the answer -- but it means O'Neill and his team must risk their lives infiltrating a Goa'uld slave breeding farm to recruit humans willing to join the Tok'ra.

It's a risky proposition, especially since the fallout from Euronda has strained the team's bonds almost to breaking. If they can't find a way to put their differences behind them, they might not make it home alive ...

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