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Vala Mal Doran makes contact with Stargate Command from the Ori home galaxy, and tells the story of her life undercover in a village of followers building the Ori's invasion fleet.

DVD DISC: Season 9, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Robert C. Cooper
DIRECTED BY: Robert C. Cooper
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Transcript by Jane Harrison

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. A pair of shiny boots emerges from an elevator and strides across a busy corridor.

A heavily pregnant Val Mal Doran looks around carefully as she makes her way through the S.G.C. No one questions her presence.

She nods slightly at someone she recognizes.

Sergeant Siler walks past and hails her.

SILER: Morning.

VALA: Have you seen Colonel Mitchell?

SILER: Men's locker.

Vala nods and, smiling, heads towards the room in question.

MEN'S LOCKER ROOM. Vala pushes the door open, grinning at all the bare flesh on display. No one starts or seems shocked to see her.

AIRMAN: Morning.

Vala bites her lip as a number of airmen, clad only in towels, mill about.

Colonel Mitchell is similarly attired, shaving at a steamed up mirror.

Vala lets out a low whistle of appreciation.

Mitchell wipes down the mirror with his towel to reveal the reflection of Daniel Jackson where Vala is stood. His head is cocked to one side as he sizes Mitchell up.

Mitchell turns around confused, his face half covered with foam.

MITCHELL: Jackson. Is there something I should know?

Vala grins and shrugs coyly. In the mirror, the reflection of Daniel does the same.

S.G.C. - COMMISSARY. Carter is chewing on some food as she stares up at Daniel (Vala) and Mitchell who stand before her.

Mitchell indicates Daniel's body.

MITCHELL: How is this possible?

CARTER: (mouth full) Oh, my god. It worked! I mean, y'know, it's working.

She hurriedly stands up and dashes off.

Vala and Mitchell follow her, quickly.

S.G.C. - LABORATORY. Carter strides over to her computer station.

CARTER: We didn't think we were ever going to make this work.

MITCHELL: Make what work?

CARTER: Well, since you disintegrated the Alteran Communication Stones and the base terminal in the kawhoosh, we've been ...

MITCHELL: I'm sorry the what?

CARTER: The unstable vortex of a forming wormhole. Kawhoosh.

MITCHELL: Don't think I've ever heard you call it that before.

CARTER: Really?

She pauses, thinking.

Vala attempts to make her presence known.

MITCHELL: Don't get me wrong, it's good.

Vala tries to speak again.

CARTER: No, I mean I'm sure I've ...

VALA: Hello. Hi. Um, my name is Vala but I am in Daniel Jackson right now.

She gestures, prompting Carter to carry on with her explanation.

CARTER: Anyway. We've been working on a way of artificially emulating the Alteran technology. Dr. Lee was able to collect quite a bit of data from the time that you were unconscious and communicating with the people from the Ori galaxy.

Vala nods, still wanting to say something.

Mitchell scratches his ear and moves round towards Carter.

CARTER: So using that and this Tok'ra subspace communicator we've been trying to mimic the frequency sent and received by the stones. We just didn't think we were having any luck.

VALA: I'm really glad you are. I was desperately hoping that you ...

MITCHELL: So you're in the Ori Galaxy?

Mitchell folds his arms across his chest, not entirely convinced.

VALA: Yes.

CARTER: are you able to communicate with Daniel?

VALA: No. Just see and hear you.

CARTER: See, we've been using the data collected from the stone that Daniel activated on this end -- which is why you're connected to his body.

Vala smiles, merrily.

VALA: It's funny isn't it? Daniel always wanted to get into my pants and now I'm in his.

MITCHELL: (beat) Oh, that's not funny.

VALA: Hmm?

MITCHELL: He can't defend himself.

Carter shakes herself slightly.

CARTER: Okay you, Vala, were the only other person on this end to touch a stone so ...

VALA: Oh. I get it, I get it. I can't exactly connect to myself if I'm not here, so the thing is...

MITCHELL: (interrupting) You know last time we couldn't break the connection.

CARTER: Well that should be easy this time; we just shut down the computer.

Vala's eyes widen suddenly.

VALA: No! Uh, I mean, not yet. I didn't just drop in to say hello -- I have something very important to tell you.

She looks from Mitchell to Carter, who both frown slightly at her serious tone.

S.G.C. - INTERVIEW ROOM. A video camera is hooked up to film Vala who is sat behind a table. The screen the camera is linked with shows that Daniel Jackson is really the body inhabiting the chair -- the one that all the others in the room perceive.

Daniel identically gesticulates on the screen, his voice can be heard on the speakers of the camera.

Otherwise, it is Vala that sits in front of General Landry and the other members of SG-1, a glass of water before her.

VALA: I remember staggering into the rings, there were bolts of energy everywhere.

CARTER: We suspected that the matter stream was sucked into the black hole.

LANDRY: We all appreciate the part you played in destroying the enemy beachhead.

VALA: Don't mention it.

She picks up her glass of water.

VALA: By part, I assume you mean lead role.

She smiles and takes a sip.

General Landry chuckles.

LANDRY: We're happy to hear that you're okay.

VALA: Actually, for the record, I never said I was okay.

LANDRY: Actually, the timing of this is a little awkward.

CARTER: Sir, if we disconnect now there's no guarantee that we can re-establish the link.

LANDRY: Dr Jackson was supposed to join me to meet with the Russian and Chinese representatives of the I.O.A. in about half an hour. They requested that he be there, said it was a matter of great importance.

VALA: Not as important as what I have to tell you believe me. I'll try and be as quick as I can and then you can have Daniel back I promise.

Landry nods, willing to hear her out.

Vala takes a breath and sets down her glass on the table.

VALA: Erm, so the next thing I remember is waking up in a bed in a village like Ver Eger -- that's the one that Harrid and Sallis lived in. They're the people that Daniel and I inhabited for a while.


VER ISCA. The village is busy as its inhabitants traverse the streets.

A cart is pulled along past the stone steps and under a large archway and a couple saunters arm in arm behind.

VALA: (VO) Anyway, it turns out this village was called Ver Isca.

There is suddenly a large slurping sound.



Vala is taking a gulp of her water.

VALA: You know, this water is lovely -- but I think Daniel skipped breakfast and I suddenly have a craving for pancakes and ice cream. Double chocolate fudge brownie if memory serves?

She smiles hopefully up at Landry, who does not look impressed.

VALA: Oh. I'll continue while you rustle that up. (encouraging smile) Thanks. So, where was I?


VALA: Oh, yes. In bed. A man named Tomin had apparently found me lying unconscious in the rings and had thought the Gods had sent me to him -- which I let him continue to believe.


VER ISCA - TOMIN'S HOUSE. Vala sits up in a heavily quilted four-poster bed. Her hair hangs loose and she is wearing a white nightgown.

She strokes the material of the nightgown, gently.

TOMIN enters the rustic room, carrying a tray for Vala.

He limps over to the bed, his right foot turned inwards.


Tomin carefully perches on the bed next to her.

TOMIN: (softly) Do you feel strong enough to get up and go for a walk today?

She nods, hesitantly.

VALA: Maybe.

He strokes the hair out of her face, lovingly.

TOMIN: I'll be back after prostration.

He stands and makes his way slowly to the door.

VALA: Have fun.

Tomin turns and gazes at her, smiling.

TOMIN: Thank you.

VALA: (VO) It was obvious he was smitten.



VALA: Who could blame him, right?

Vala picks up a plate that is on a tray on the table and vigorously licks it clean.

She lifts her head up, chocolate ice cream on her nose.

VALA: Mmm, thanks.

Carter signals to her.

VALA: What?

Carter wipes at her own nose.

Vala wipes off the ice cream with her hand and then licks it.

Carter shakes her head.

VALA: Oh, thanks. (beat) I do realize he was a devout Ori follower and probably would have been on the front line cheering while they burnt me to death if he knew the truth about me but he was very sweet in his own way.


VER ISCA. Tomin is still staring at Vala. It is as though he is frozen in the door way.

VALA: (VO) And not bad looking, actually.

Tomin shuffles out of the hut, leaving Vala chewing on her food and looking after him, thoughtfully.

She moves towards the window, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, to watch him leave.

In the street below, Tomin makes his way unsteadily through the crowds.

VALA: (VO) I think Tomin had been on his own before I came along, mostly due to a limp that had left him crippled since childhood. He didn't like to talk about it much but I could see that the other villagers looked down on him because of it. In their minds, the Ori must have deemed him unfit for normalcy, so that's how they chose to see him.



VALA: I did my best to blend in, at first according to Tomin and therefore, as far as the villagers were concerned, I was the woman who fell from the sky -- which made me feel kind of special. (beat) I later learned that they always suspected I'd escaped from another village as a result of some scandal and then I started to feel much more like I'm used to.

She nods, firmly.

Teal'c raises an eyebrow.


VER ISCA. Villagers crowd around the Ara, prostrating.

A Prior lights a torch with his staff and moves away, the Book of Origin tucked firmly under his arm.

VALA: (VO) What worried me most were the Ori. While no one had actually seen me or Daniel in person that didn't mean that ascended beings couldn't recognize me.

Vala looks up nervously as the Prior passes. The entire village sublimate themselves before him.

VALA: (OS) After a while I started to think and hope things were going to be okay.



Vala looks up at SG-1, earnestly.

VALA: Ultimately, my goal was to find a way back here or at the very least try and communicate with you, to let you know what was going on.


VER ISCA - PUB. Villagers sit around drinking and quietly talking to each other.

The bartender cleans a glass as Tomin crosses from the bar over to Vala, carrying her drink and a bowl of food.

VALA: (VO) So, I figured my best bet was to root out any of Fannis's gang, the anti-Ori underground, see if they had any technology or any information about an Ori Stargate I might possibly gain access to but I had to be very careful. The village was run by this complete bear of a man named Seevis who was both barkeep and administrator, which seemed the oddest contradiction.

Vala watches closely as Seevis accepts a bag of money from one customer.

A beautiful barmaid, Denya, is chatting to some enthusiastic punters, attracting Seevis' attention. He walks towards her, eying the clientele.

VALA: He claimed to be the most pious man in the village. If anyone strayed from the path of righteousness, it was Seevis who made sure you were severely punished for it (beat) but there seems to be a lot more leeway for sin in the religion of Origin than one would presume from all the preaching.

The barmaid flees to a back room as the men at the table raises their tankards in a toast.



MITCHELL: So it's just like my grandma used to say: ‘No point going to confession if you ain't got nothing to confess.'

Carter and Landry raise their eyebrows at this as Vala points her finger at Mitchell in affirmation.

VALA: Exactly.


VER ISCA - ALLEY. Seevis and two heavies have one of the overly friendly customers against a wall.

He tries to back nervously away.

SEEVIS: By the Gods, I don't know what the Ori blessed you with because it was not brains and it was not looks. What makes you think that something like her would have anything to do with a rodent like you without reason? Huh?

MAN: (frightened) I'll pay, I swear!

Seevis grips the Man's collar tightly.

SEEVIS: Oh, I know you will or I'll make you wish you were being burned alive by the fires of Celestis.

The man nods quickly. He is terrified.

SEEVIS: Uh huh?

Seevis releases the punter and he dashes off, racing out of the alley and past the eavesdropping Vala.

SEEVIS: I have picked things more precious from between my toes.

He and the heavies return to the pub, disgusted.

Vala munches nonchalantly on an apple.

VALA: (VO) I soon realized it wasn't a contradiction at all.



VALA: Seevis was doing the work of the gods by making sure this village had every reason in the world to prostrate; making him a very rich and very powerful man in the process.

Teal'c and Mitchell share a somewhat weary look.

LANDRY: Believe me; I usually applaud the colorful details of a good story, especially when told with such interesting intergalactic body snatching means -- but Daniel and I are late to meet with the Russian and Chinese representatives.

TEAL'C: You stated that you had information of great importance.

VALA: I do, I do. And I'm getting to it.

MITCHELL: We got the back story: Tomin is a nice guy, Seevis is a butthead. How about you skip ahead a little?

VALA: Fine.


VER ISCA. In the centre of the village, a huge crowd surrounds Tomin and Vala who are both dressed in white. They smile as a wedding ceremony unfolds.

VALA: (VO) Tomin and I got married.



CARTER: Whoa! Married?

VALA: Stay with me. I had no choice, I told you he was very devout and there was no way he would have slept with me out of wedlock.

Carter blinks, seriously confused.

There is a long pause.

MITCHELL: Okay, maybe we skipped ahead a little too far.

VALA: Well I tried to lay it out in order. Ooh, that's a bad choice of words.

CARTER: Oh, ugh. Why exactly did you have no choice?

VALA: (defensively) You know what these people do to you when you do something wrong, they burn you alive!

MITCHELL: And why would they burn you alive this time?

The video screen shows Daniel as he and Vala both gesture emphatically.

VALA: For getting pregnant out of wedlock!

Everyone looks surprised.

MITCHELL: You're pregnant?

VALA: Yes!

She pauses.

On the video screen, Daniel looks down at himself.

VALA and DANIEL: I keep forgetting you can't actually see me.

VALA: When I realized why I was feeling sick all the time, I figured I had to do something. I decided my only choice was to marry Tomin as quickly as possible and pray that the timing was close enough so he could be convinced the baby was his.

MITCHELL: All right, hold the phone ... And I ask this not one hundred percent sure that I want to know the answer -- whose baby is it?

VALA: That's the thing -- I don't know.

Mitchell leans back slightly.

Carter makes an uncomfortable face.

CARTER: As in?

VALA: I swear; I did none of the necessary bits.

Mitchell and Carter screw their faces up slightly at the mental image.

VALA: Between my arrival in the Ori Galaxy and my wedding night, which was definitely after I knew for sure, there is no way humanly possible that I know of, that I could have gotten pregnant.

The others in the room do not look convinced and nobody is prepared to break the silence that has fallen.

VALA: Someone going to say something? Anybody?

TEAL'C: You have been impregnated without copulation?

VALA: Yes. And I'm absolutely terrified. Have any of you ever heard of anything like it?

Mitchell raises his eyebrows and looks to Carter, who shrugs slightly.

MITCHELL: Well, there's one ...

TEAL'C: Darth Vader.

Vala's eyes widen.

VALA: Really?

Teal'c nods gravely.

VALA: How did that turn out?

MITCHELL: Actually, I was thinking of King Arthur.

CARTER: You were?

MITCHELL: Yeah, I've been reading everything I can find on our ancient friend Merlin. According to some of the legends, he enchanted the Queen who bore Arthur ...

General Landry looks at his watch, unimpressed.

LANDRY: I have to go.

He starts to leave the room.

VALA: Wait! I haven't even got to the bit you have to hear yet. Me carrying this child right now is a problem, a big problem for me, but believe me there is one that is much, much bigger.


VER ISCA - HOUSE (KITCHEN). Vala is banging on some dough with wooden spoons, making plumes of flour dust fly into the air.

She looks up to see Tomin stood in the centre of the room.

He is looking down at his feet with wonder.

Vala stops her work.

TOMIN: It's a miracle. Look at me!

He begins to walk over to her, all hint of his limp gone.

Vala drops a spoon and it clatters to the floor.

TOMIN: The prior blessed me. I can walk, I can run. I can fight now.

VALA: You can what?

TOMIN: I've been conscripted.

He pulls her into a hug and Vala stares worriedly over his shoulder.

VALA: (VO) They are building ships and armies by the tens of thousands.



VALA: The village I am living in is one of many, on a world among dozens like it.


VER ISCA - HOUSE. Tomin tries on his armour in front of a mirror and proudly takes in his reflection.

Vala looks on in the door way, worriedly stroking her bulging abdomen.

VALA: (VO) As we feared since the day Daniel met the Ori, they have been preparing their followers for a crusade.

VALA: You sure this is what you want?

Tomin turns to glance at her.

TOMIN: Are you serious? I never dreamed I would one day be fit to serve the Ori in this way.

She enters the room and slowly moves to stand behind him.

VALA: By killing -- people you know nothing about.

TOMIN: All I need to know is that they are enemy of the Ori, that they reject the teachings of Ori and would have us stray from the path.

VALA: These so-called unbelievers, they're so far away how can they affect us? Why do we have to go all the way over there to ...?

TOMIN: (loudly) Evil must not be allowed to fester anywhere!

Vala sighs.

TOMIN: Our journey towards enlightenment may take us to many unexpected places.

She grabs him gently and turns him to face her.

VALA: I can not imagine you killing anyone.

TOMIN: I'm not afraid to heed the will of the Gods.

VALA: Nothing I say will change your mind, will it?

TOMIN: Fear not, once we warriors of Ori have vanquished the wicked I shall return.

He kisses her softly on the cheek and then returns to the contemplation of his reflection.

VALA: You'll not be the same.


Vala steps away from him, sadly.

VALA: (VO) He is one of the gentlest, most honest souls I have ever known.

She leaves the room, gazing over her shoulder at Tomin as she steps through the door.



Vala has tears in her eyes. Her voice is strained with emotion.

VALA: He has been raised since birth to believe in the Ori to follow Origin. This isn't a fight anyone can win, not without a tragic amount of bloodshed.

SG-1 are solemn as they empathize with her plight.

WALTER: (over speaker) General Landry to the Briefing room. General Landry, please report to the Briefing Room.

LANDRY: I better get down there. Go ahead.

He leaves the room.

Carter turns back to Vala.

CARTER: Since you've been gone, we've learned a few things about the Ori that their followers might be interested to know.

VALA: It doesn't matter what the truth is about the Ori. The people won't hear it, no matter what you say.

MITCHELL: Obviously, some of them are suspicious enough to form a resistance.

VALA: You're talking about a handful of people compared to millions who wouldn't know the truth if it was standing right in front of them. (beat) It's all lies and propaganda as far as they're concerned. We're wrong, they're right. They're good, we're bad. We must worship the Ori or die and they will fight until we are dead or they are. Period.

There is nothing SG-1 can say to this.

S.G.C. - BRIEFING ROOM. Landry enters the room where Colonel Chekov and Shen Xiaoyi await him.

Chekov stands at the window, looking down on the Stargate.

The S.F. guards snap to attention as Landry walks into the room.

LANDRY: I'm very sorry to keep you waiting.

SHEN: Where is Doctor Jackson?

LANDRY: He's uh, otherwise occupied at the moment. We're going to have to proceed without him.

Landry sits down.

Chekov crosses over to the table and takes his seat.

CHEKOV: That is no matter. I only asked he be here as a courtesy, seeing as he negotiated the original treaty between our two countries resulting in Russia loaning you our Stargate.

LANDRY: Yes, loaning. In return for full participation in this program and considerable sums of money.

Shen smiles at Landry.

CHEKOV: I am aware of that. As I said, I only ask for this meeting out of courtesy to you and Doctor Jackson. You have been admirable comrades in our co-operative efforts. However, official notification has been given to your President as we speak.

LANDRY: Of what?

CHEKOV: Well, as you know, the treaty renewal comes up in two weeks. Russia will no longer be participating under the current structure.

LANDRY: What are you saying?

CHEKOV: I am saying -- we are taking our Stargate back.

Landry frowns and looks at Shen in askance.

She smiles at him and he looks away as the situation becomes clear.


VER ISCA - PUB. Vala and Denya sit at a table in the almost deserted tavern. They are deep in conversation.

VALA: (VO) So this girl in the bar, her name was Denya and we struck up a bit of a friendship.



VALA: By the looks on your faces, I can see you're not surprised I had more in common with the village Harlot than I did with any of the ladies from the local knitting circle.

She looks up at them, impishly accusing.

MITCHELL: Don't know what you're talking about.

Vala grins.

VALA: At least she was honest.



DENYA: I was pregnant once.

VALA: Really?

DENYA: (sadly) It didn't last long.

VALA: Oh, I'm sorry. (beat) Hey, I heard something really weird ...

DENYA: I promise you, I've heard it all.

VALA: Well, have you ever heard of someone getting pregnant without doing the deed?

Vala pops some food into her mouth, trying to appear casual.

DENYA: How could that happen?

VALA: I don't know.

DENYA: Maybe you fell asleep, y'know? That's happened to me before. I've been drunk and not remembered whole days.

Vala laughs.

VALA: I wasn't talking about me.


VALA: No, I was just wondering; have you ever heard of the Ori giving someone a baby magically? They perform miracles all the time, right?

DENYA: If you say so.

They share a significant glance and then look away. Vala pops some more food into her mouth.

VALA: (VO) She's smart too. She was testing me.



CARTER: Are you saying she was part of the anti-Ori underground?

Vala smiles, slightly smug.

VALA: Took a long time to get her to admit it. She said she was afraid of Seevis and that he'd kill her if he found out.



Vala opens the door to Tomin's house and stares at her visitors.

VALA: What do you want?

Seevis and his men force their way into the house. Seevis grabs Vala by her hair and drags her outside.

ARA. Vala is shackled to the floor inside the stone circle. She futilely struggles against the chains.

VALA: Take your hands off me! So what did I do?

The two men chaining her down step away.

Seevis walks on the perimeter of the Ara as a crowd gathers.

SEEVIS: She is unholy. She conspires with those who would lead us from the Path of Origin.

VALA: I don't know whom you've been talking to but it's a lie.

SEEVIS: She is an unbeliever and she must be punished for her sins.

A frightened Denya stands amidst the crowd behind Seevis.

Vala stares out at them both, defiantly.


S.G.C. - GENERAL LANDRY'S OFFICE. Landry strides into his office, tailed by Chekov.

The General activates the intercom on his desk.

LANDRY: Get me Richard Woolsey, now.

CHEKOV: General ...

LANDRY: (angry) Where are the rest of the international committee representatives? Why aren't they here?

CHEKOV: This has nothing to do with them.

LANDRY: I think it does.

CHEKOV: The Stargate belongs to Russia! (beat) Now in the past, my government has been unwilling to establish and support a Stargate program of its own but that has changed.

LANDRY: Because China is backing you. Do the rest of the committee members know this?

CHEKOV: They will be invited to participate in the program, the same as they have in yours. As will your country.

LANDRY: You really think my Government will give up the gate?

Chekov almost laughs.

CHEKOV: I do not see what choice they will have.


VER ISCA. Vala's head is forced back by Seevis, as he pulls on her hair.

SEEVIS: Who else in the village has been corrupted?

VALA: Apart from you? I have no idea what you're talking about.

He roughly lets her go and lifts his head to address the crowd.

SEEVIS: No one shall look upon, speak to, or aid such evil! (To Vala) You will tell me who you've conspired with ... (louder) and the unbelievers will be found out and punished for their sins. Hallowed are the Ori!

VILLAGERS: Hallowed are the Ori.

Seevis stalks off and the villagers disperse.

Tomin remains, staring at Vala from behind.

She senses his gaze and turns to look at him, imploringly but he walks away, a sack slung over his shoulder.

VALA: (VO) I don't know why I expected him to come rushing over and unchain me. Just the mother of his unborn child. Or so he was supposed to think.

Vala sits in the middle of the stone circle, rattling her chains slightly.

Some time passes as villagers mill around, setting about their business. They ignore the figure in the centre of the village, even as she grows weaker in the sun of midday.


The village is now deserted and Vala sits with her head hung low, barely moving.


Tomin sits resting against the foot of his bed. He is resolutely not looking out of the window, instead staring into space in the darkened room.


The sun beats down on a weakened Vala and again the villagers are ignoring her.

One drinks from a pool of water that is next to the Ara. He glances over his shoulder at Vala, who can barely restrain her desire for refreshment. Before he can make eye contact he walks away.

The crowds disintegrate as more time passes and the village dims into dusk.

Vala slumps forward from her stone seat with a final rattle of chains.


Vala's eyes open in pitch black as rolling flames swoop above her. Her eyes widen in the orange glow and she stiffens against the covers of her marital bed.

A terrifying face forms from the flames that now engulf the bed's canopy. A vicious skull of fire looms down towards her, straining to reach Vala as she desperately looks away.



Vala awakes, startled. She has survived the night, face down on the stone.

Breathing rapidly, she pulls herself up by the stone bench into a sitting position.

She stares beseechingly at the villagers who are completing their business in the centre of the village. She is drawn immediately to Tomin, who gazes back at her before moving away.

Vala's shoulders slump with resignation and she turns to painfully attempt to find a more comfortable position.

LATER. Vala can barely move. Her arm is slung over the stone bench for support but she is only able to flail her arm pathetically.

From the window of the tavern behind, Denya peers out.


The tavern is half full of villagers, many of whom are gathered together in a circle.

Denya crosses over to Seevis who is seated at the bar and pouring himself a shot.

Seevis knocks the shot back as she approaches.

DENYA: She's dying out there.

SEEVIS: I know.

DENYA: (shouting) Don't you think if she was going to say anything she would have told you already?!


Vala's chains are being undone. It is Tomin. He gently lifts Vala's head -- she is unresponsive.

After gently stroking her hair, he places a kiss on her forehead and gathers her up in his arms.

Seevis and one of his men step out of the pub to witness Tomin carry his wife home.

Tomin notices the scrutiny he is under and stares back at them, defiantly. He then moves slowly away as the other villagers stop and watch.

VALA: (VO) I didn't know why he eventually did it, or why Seevis let us go.

Seevis re-enters the tavern, sighing.



VALA: I was left out there, without food or water, three days.

A quiet has descended on the room.

CARTER: I can't believe the baby survived that.

VALA: (pause) Part of me was hoping it didn't.

MITCHELL: (softly) It's kind of surprising a part of you was hoping it did.

Vala looks at him, sharply.

MITCHELL: I mean, given how it was conceived.

She looks down at the table for a moment.

VALA: It's hard to explain.


VER ISCA - TOMIN'S HOUSE (NIGHT). Tomin and Vala lie in bed, bathed in the blue light of a moon. Tomin rests his hand on Vala's belly.

VALA: (weakly) Seevis?

TOMIN: He won't bother us again, I promise you.

VALA: You don't think I'm evil?

He looks away, troubled.

TOMIN: I'm sorry I left you out there for so long. Please forgive me.

TOMIN'S HOUSE (DAY). Vala wakes, stroking her abdomen. Tomin is packing up his armour into a sack.

She turns to look at him as he attempts to leave the room without waking her.

He crosses back over to the bed and quickly leans down to give her a kiss.

TOMIN: I will see you this evening, fear not.

He slings the sack over his shoulder and rushes from the room.

Vala moves over to the window, watching as Tomin dashes down the steps to meet with other would-be Ori Warriors.

Vala's attention is caught by Seevis and his men as they stand in the centre of the village, observing Tomin's departure.

VALA: (VO) Despite Tomin's reassurances, the idea of spending the day in the village with Seevis just a stones throw away made me nervous. Besides, it was high time I did some more extensive recon.


Vala carefully walks alone through the forest, heading of the main path to hide behind a large tree as heavy footsteps approach.

A Prior leads a regiment of Ori Warrior soldiers down some steps. The soldiers wear metal armour and chain mail. They carry swords and dangerous-looking metal staffs with a sharp, two-pronged fork at the top.

As they pass by, Vala watches from her position.

VER ISCA - RIDGE. Vala emerges from the forest and comes to rest at the top of a white stone cliff. She looks down at the land beyond.

VALA: (VO) I knew what was happening. I knew where they were going everyday, what they were doing (beat) but seeing it was something else entirely.

Beneath her, Ori Ship after Ori ship is being constructed. The metal craft are supported by wooden struts but it appears as though they are almost complete.

SEEVIS: (OS) Impressive, isn't it?

Seevis strides out of the tree-line towards Vala, his hands clasped.

Startled, she backs away from him -- stepping close to the edge of the ridge. There is no other escape.

Seevis gives a menacing smile.


S.G.C. - GATE ROOM. General Landry stands looking up at the Stargate. Colonel Chekov enters the Gate Room and walks over to him.

CHEKOV: General. You wish to see me?

LANDRY: From the sounds of it, the Ori are planning an invasion of massive proportions in the very near future. Looks like it may be a very bad time to be arguing over who gets to use the Stargate, Colonel. But I assume you were counting on that.

CHEKOV: No sane individual country wants to face war at any time.

LANDRY: Telling me about your Government's intentions was more than mere courtesy. Doing it with a Chinese representative of the oversight committee present was meant to point out China's involvement. That wasn't in the official notification to terminate the treaty given to the President.

CHEKOV: Obviously, it couldn't be.

Landry sighs. He is fed up of this.

LANDRY: They offered you a deal to back your own S.G.C. program. In truth, you don't really know if you like that scenario any better than the one currently in practice. You did however see an opportunity to use it as leverage ...

He looks at Chekov, accusingly. The Russian looks away.

LANDRY: But you couldn't very well present a wish list along with the official notification without it looking like blackmail or have it on record that you were merely using the Chinese, so you left it to me to figure out and ask you the question: What is it you really want?



Vala quickly pulls out a small knife from inside her robes. She points it at Seevis with a slightly quivering arm.

VALA: Stay back. I promise you don't want to come any closer.

Denya steps out from the tree line and comes to a halt behind Seevis.

SEEVIS: You can put that down.

DENYA: It's okay.

Vala blinks uncertainly.

SEEVIS: We had to put you through that.

DENYA: To be sure that we could trust you.

Vala's head tilts slightly as she tries to figure out their intentions.

Seevis gives her a small smile and slowly, she lowers her weapon.



MITCHELL: He was part of the underground?

VALA: Seevis is the leader. The religious pomp and circumstance is a cover. The rest is for money, power and influence; the things you need when you're wanting to mount a rebellion.

She grins, quirking an eyebrow.

TEAL'C: Do they not fear of being discovered by the Ori?

VALA: Of course, but the only other choice is to do nothing.


VER ISCA - RIDGE. Vala, Seevis and Denya look over the cliff at the ships beyond.

VALA: (VO) What they were planning was quite the opposite of nothing.

SEEVIS: We have the plans and we have many people down there on the inside.

VALA: You really think it can work?

SEEVIS: It has to.

Vala looks at Denya, her face showing a small glimmer of hope.



VALA: The ships had to be activated by the Priors but Seevis said he had found a way to rig enough of them to start of a massive chain reaction. From what I could tell, it looked like it might work.


VER ISCA - FOREST. Seevis, Denya and Vala head back towards the village through the green terrain.

DENYA: Three days from now, in a grand celebration each Prior will activate a ship in a show of the Ori's power.

VALA: Everyone will be there.

SEEVIS: All those who built the ships as well as those who will soon board them and go off and fight in the name of the Ori. Tens of thousands.

VALA: You're going to kill all of them?

SEEVIS: Gods cannot be Gods without those who stand beneath them gazing upwards.



SG-1 listen intently, fascinated.

VALA: They were going to try and undermine the Ori's power by eliminating as many of their followers as they could in one foul swoop -- something I'm not sure we would have done in their position.



The three conspirators enter the deserted tavern.

Seevis removes his cloak, purposefully striding across the room.

SEEVIS: Shut the windows.

He and Denya quickly close the curtains to afford them some privacy.

VALA: (VO) They trusted me.



VALA: Granted, they nearly killed me so I could earn their trust, but at this point I felt I had to take a chance.



As Denya seals the door shut, Seevis pries the top of one of the centre tables off with a long fork.

VALA: (VO) I told them exactly who I was and how I'd gotten there.

He signals to Denya and she helps him lift the table top, which is now revealed to be a lid, away to reveal that it contains the Alteran Communication device.

VALA: (VO) The communication terminal and the stones had been taken by the prior to Celestis after Daniel and I had been caught using them.



MITCHELL: How did Seevis get his hands on it?

VALA: Apparently, he has spies amongst the monks in the city of Celestis, they're humans in training to become Priors. Every now and then artifacts which predate the Ori ascension are found or dug up, deemed heretical and then brought to the city to be burnt in the fires. When the communication terminal came through, Seevis' men recognized its significance and they risked everything to save it and smuggle it out of the city. So it appears that Daniel's crazy little speech about communication from another galaxy did not fall entirely of deaf ears.

CARTER: And the Ori didn't know? They couldn't tell what was happening right underneath their noses?

VALA: Can't be sure, but Seevis didn't want me to try and contact you until after the sabotage plan had gone through.

MITCHELL: In case the Ori detected it.

VALA: Just to be safe.



Tomin enters the house, dropping his sack to the floor and resting his Ori Warrior staff against the wall. He begins to search for Vala.

TOMIN: Vala? Vala?

He looks up the stairs awaiting a reply.

PRIOR: (OS) Blessed are those who follow the path in unison.

A Prior steps into the building and Tomin bows his head.

TOMIN: Prior.

The Prior slowly walks to the centre of the room, tapping his staff on the ground as he walks.

PRIOR: Your wife is not at home, Tomin.

TOMIN: She must be at market.

PRIOR: Must she?

TOMIN: To what do I owe the honour of such a visit?

PRIOR: Word of your courage has spread.

TOMIN: If you refer to my unchaining of Vala, I believe Seevis accused her unjustly. She is not corrupt. Surely the Ori would not have allowed her to survive so long without food or water? They sent her to me; she is my wife, the mother of my unborn child.

PRIOR: Is she now? The injury that crippled you since childhood, the one I have cured you of to make you a strong, proud warrior ...

Vala creeps half-way down the stairs to eavesdrop. She remains out of sight.

TOMIN: Trust I will use the strength I have been given to fight all unbelievers in the name of the Ori.

PRIOR: Yes. But the same wound that made you lame also made you unable to father children.

TOMIN: But then ...

He flounders for a moment and the Prior just stares back at him, sightlessly.

Tomin moves a couple of steps away as Vala waits for his reaction with baited breath.

TOMIN: You're saying she betrayed me?

PRIOR: The child is the will of the Ori -- that is all that matters. Your courage will be rewarded Tomin, fear not. Hallowed are the children of the Ori.

TOMIN: Hallowed are the Ori.

On the stairs, Vala swallows her shock.

BEDROOM (NIGHT). Vala and Tomin lie in bed, their backs to each other. Each is unable to sleep -- lost in thought.

VILLAGE (MORNING). People gather around in the centre of the village. There is the hum of bustling energy.

TOMIN'S HOUSE. Tomin gathers his staff from where it leans against the wall and opens the door to join the other villagers.

VALA: (OS) Don't go.

Tomin pauses, then leans the staff back against the wall and closes the door.

He turns to face Vala, who stands on a higher level of the house.

TOMIN: Today is the day we've been waiting for. Ten Priors from Celestis come to bless the Star Craft we have been building this past many months.

Vala sits next to the banister.

VALA: I know.

TOMIN: Everyone is going. Everyone -- even the women and children. Of course, I did not expect that you ... I know you've been tired. But it is going to be a great day, if you want to come.

She reaches a hand out to Tomin, pleadingly.

VALA: Please. Stay with me today.

Tomin does not move towards her and she pulls her hand back, dejected.

VALA: I have a bad feeling, I can't explain it. Don't you ever just get bad feelings?

He moves closer, looking up at her.

TOMIN: Of course I do, then I turn to the Ori for guidance.

VALA: Tomin ...

TOMIN: The Day of Reckoning for all those who are raised by evil is upon them. I have spent my whole life waiting for the chance to walk the path as I do now; my only hope is that you would walk it with me.

Vala nods mutely and Tomin returns to the door, downcast.

He opens the door and grabs his staff and sack.

TOMIN: Blessed are those who walk in unison.

He leaves Vala alone.



MITCHELL: When you say 'Day of Reckoning' ...?

CARTER: Well, we've heard numerous reports of the Priors in this galaxy warning of an impending Dooms Day.

TEAL'C: A day when all who have renounced the Ori will feel their wrath.

VALA: We knew the Priors were just the first wave. The real crusade is about to begin. The ships are planning to leave.

SG-1 freeze and exchange quick glances.

CARTER: But that would mean ...

VALA: Somewhere out there, the Ori have a working Supergate.

The team attempt to take in the enormity of this news.


VER ISCA - RIDGE. Vala, Seevis and Denya stand on the ridge looking down at the assembled Ori supporters.

VALA: (VO) turns out the horrible feeling I had lied to Tomin about was completely justified, but for a different reason. Thousands of men, women and children did not die that day. Seevis' plan failed.

Below, the massive crowds are dwarfed by the sheer size of the Star Craft. The rings inside the vessels glow white suddenly, and a cheer rises from the masses as they celebrate the power of the Ori.

The three rebels look on, defeated.

VALA: (VO) It didn't work -- the sabotage had broken down.

FOREST. Vala, Seevis and Denya rush back to the village through the forest as though they may be discovered at any moment.

VALA: (VO) Whether the Ori had detected it or the Priors managed the thwart it on their own, we don't know. All we know is that the ships came to life and nothing happened, except the crowd cheered and began prostrating, praying for a swift victory over all unbelievers.



MITCHELL: Do you have any other intel we could use? You said this Seevis had access to the specs on the ships. What kind of weaponry do they have?

CARTER: And shields. And anything on the power source they're using.

The video screen shows Daniel Jackson holding his hands out to stop their questioning.

DANIEL: No, no I ...

Daniel is now seen to be sat behind the table.

There is a long pause as the others frown at him, uncertain as to what just happened.

DANIEL: Guys, what's going on?

MITCHELL: Jackson?

JACKSON: How did I get here?

CARTER: The emulator's still running. Something must have happened on Vala's end.

VER ISCA - PUB (PRESENT). The communication device on the table is smoking. Vala jerks her hand away from it and looks up to see Tomin stood in the door way, his Ori staff in his hand.

She jumps up from the table, knocking her chair over.

Seevis darts to pick up an axe but Tomin wheels his weapon onto his position and fires. The white light hits the rebel in the chest and he falls down, dead.

Denya attempts to flee the room, terrified but Tomin swings his staff around and shoots her in the back.

Denya flies against the bar before landing heavily on the stone floor. She jerks spasmodically for a moment and then lies still.

Vala is aghast.

VALA: Tomin!

TOMIN: You said that you did not think I could kill an unbeliever.

VALA: Well I'm so sorry I was wrong. You have to listen to me.

TOMIN: (shouting) No! I am deaf to all but the teachings of Origin! (beat) The Prior told me Seevis was corrupt, that he tried to sabotage the ceremony and would have killed thousands. He sent me here to kill Seevis and here I found you with him, conspiring over that device!

Vala points at the bodies on the floor, thinking quickly.

VALA: They made me do it!

She leans heavily against the table and sits back down in a chair, a hand protectively cradling her stomach.

VALA: They told me they'd kill me if I didn't help them and after what they did to me out there, wouldn't you? They thought this device was for communication but they were too afraid to use it themselves so they kidnapped me and forced me to do it for them. Did the Prior tell you I was with them? Did he tell you to kill me?


VALA: Well, there you go then.

She stands up and moves over to him, delicately.

TOMIN: Were you able to communicate with the unbelievers far away?

VALA: Yes and there is much I can tell you about them if you would just put that weapon down. Tomin, you have to believe me, please.

She looks down, changing tack and more than a little afraid.

VALA: I overheard your conversation with the Prior the other day. I know, I'm sorry, I should have told you I was there but I was so afraid. What he said shocked me; that this child is the will of the Ori? Tomin, I swear I have not betrayed you. I have not been with anyone but you, so if you truly cannot father a child then this baby is a miracle, it's our miracle and this is a great burden which I cannot bear alone. So from this point on we must walk the path together.

For a moment they just stare at each other; one is pleading, one disbelieving.

Finally, Tomin lowers his weapon.

TOMIN: I must leave soon for war.

VALA: Then I must come with you.

He crosses over to her and crouches down, reverently touching her bump with his forehead. Vala runs her fingers through his hair, gently.

Vala sighs and blinks her tears away.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. General Landry and Daniel Jackson ride in an elevator. It comes to a halt and they wait for the doors to open.

DANIEL: So what exactly did we have to give up in the end?

LANDRY: A 304.

DANIEL: Really? I'm surprised the president agreed to that.

They step out of the lift and begin to walk down the corridor towards the Briefing Room.

LANDRY: Colonel Chekov has had his eye on one for a while. The latest was just about to roll out.

DANIEL: I thought the next Daedalus class ship wasn't due out of the pipeline for over a year.

LANDRY: It was a huge concession but we didn't have much choice.

They enter the Briefing Room where the rest of SG-1 await them.

CARTER: Sir, the Tok'ra and the Asgard are scanning for subspace anomalies that would indicate Supergate activity. We're monitoring the existing black holes that we know of but it's a big galaxy.

MITCHELL: And as we know, the Ori could have built another one.

TEAL'C: The Interim Council has placed Ha'tak class vessels in every region on high alert.

LANDRY: This is one needle in a haystack we'd better find. Do what ever you have to do.

MITCHELL: If the Ori can send troops and ships here, we're going to need every advantage we can find.

CARTER: Merlin was working on a weapon to fight the Ori.

JACKSON: Every ally we have and everyone else on this base has already devoted themselves to finding the Supergate.

MITCHELL: Sir, it won't take us long to search one planet where there may be an advanced weapon designed specifically to fight these guys.

LANDRY: This weapon won't help us against their followers.

JACKSON: I don't think so, no, but it will be a lot easier convincing their followers their gods are false if their gods aren't around anymore.


JACKSON: Thank you, Sir.

The team nod to Landry, Teal'c bows, and they stride out of the room.

Landry is left to look down on the Stargate and to contemplate the battle that is to come.