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When problems with the F.T.L. drive threaten to leave Destiny stranded, the crew calls upon an expert from Earth to help – a quadriplegic woman who temporarily takes over Wray's body.

WRITTEN BY: Barbara Marshall
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

DESTINY. The Ancient ship heads away from the edge of the galaxy and out into the void. In his quarters, Everett Young picks up his electric shaver. Standing in front of the mirror, he starts to shave but almost immediately stops. Staring at his mirror image, he switches off the shaver and puts it down, then stands there for some time lost in thought.

LATER. Later, he is sitting on his sofa, still very thoughtful. T.J. Johansen's voice comes over the radio.

JOHANSEN: Colonel Young?

(He doesn't respond immediately.)

JOHANSEN: Colonel Young.

(Young leans forward, picks up his radio from the table and activates it.)

YOUNG: Yeah.

JOHANSEN: We're all here, sir.

YOUNG: I'm on my way.

(He walks slowly towards the Gate Room. Reaching the closed entrance doors, he hesitates for a long moment, staring at the wall panel as if unwilling to open the doors and face what's on the other side. Eventually, however, he pushes the panel and the doors slide open. The entire crew is gathered inside. T.J., now wearing a shirt because her jacket will no longer button up, is standing in front of the others but walks over to join them as Young walks into the room.)

YOUNG: So Doctor Rush has just confirmed that our current F.T.L. jump will take us between galaxies, which means it could take some time before we are able to make another Gate connection to replenish our supplies. Strict food and water rationing will be reinstated as of now.

(The crew murmurs unhappily.)

YOUNG: It also means that any hope of rescuing Chloe Armstrong, Eli Wallace or Lieutenant Matthew Scott is ...

(Unwilling to say the words, he breaks off, looking around the crowd and letting them work it out for themselves. As they take in the news, Nicholas Rush's voice comes over the radio.)

RUSH: Colonel Young. Could you please join me in the Control Interface Room?

YOUNG (into radio): I'll be right there.

(He turns back to the crew.)

YOUNG: That is all.

(As he turns and leaves the room, the crew members start to talk quietly and unhappily amongst themselves.)

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Rush is sitting at his console looking equally unhappy as Young comes in.

RUSH: I've figured out why the ship's been trying to conserve power. We're gonna fall short.

YOUNG: Short of what?

RUSH: Our destination - the other galaxy. No matter how I do the sums or to what degree I try and conserve power, Destiny won't make it across the void.

LATER. Camille Wray, Adam Brody and Dale Volker have come to the Control Interface Room to be told the news.

WRAY: But we just passed through a star. We should be re-charged.

RUSH: Yes, we did. But like everything else on this ship, Destiny's F.T.L. drive and power reserves are nowhere near a hundred percent.

BRODY: The database says the ship barely made the last three or four intergalactic jumps.

RUSH: Recent battle damage couldn't have helped.

WRAY: But if the ship realises that it can't make it, why is it trying?

RUSH: It's programmed to follow a pre-determined path. Since we haven't managed to take control of the ship, our presence is secondary to that. Destiny will eventually drift the rest of the way, but our bones will be dust by then.

YOUNG: So, what do we do?

RUSH: Well, I'm open to suggestions.

BRODY: How much will we fall short?

RUSH: Fifty thousand light years, give or take.

BRODY: Just a few percent of the total.

RUSH: Yeah.

BRODY: So what if we can increase the F.T.L. drive's efficiency; work better with the same amount of power?

(For the first time in the conversation, Rush perks up a little.)

RUSH: Five percent ought to do it, actually.

VOLKER: We don't know how the engines work at all. We could just make things worse.

RUSH: Mr. Brody's right.

VOLKER: What, so am I the only one here who thinks we shouldn't be screwing around with Ancient drive technology unless we have a clue about what we're doing?

RUSH: Then we'll bring aboard someone else that does. I can think of two or three people off the top of my head.

YOUNG: Who's the best?

RUSH: Amanda Perry.

(Young looks at Camille, shaking his head in the hope that she has heard of the woman.)

WRAY: Uh, she was part of the team helping to design the next generation of hyperdrives.

RUSH: There's really no-one better qualified.

YOUNG: Well, let's make that happen. Let's make arrangements to get her on board.

(Nodding, Camille leaves the room.)

RUSH: Colonel, um, for all her abilities, there are certain disabilities of which you should be made aware.

LATER. Later, Young and Rush have gathered together a group of the military women and are explaining what would be required of them if they body swapped with Doctor Perry.

O'HARA: For how long?

RUSH: Potentially, several weeks. Of course, there'd be someone there to assist with the, uh, day-to-day things. She requires a respirator in order to breathe.

(Some of the women look uncomfortable at the prospect.)

RUSH: Obviously there's gonna be some kind of adjustment.

JAMES: Would I be able to see my family?

YOUNG (nodding): They've got clearance.

JAMES: Then I'll do it, sir.

EARTH. THE PENTAGON. Major Peterson is in the Communications Room with a woman beside him. They are closely watching a woman sitting in a wheelchair designed for a quadriplegic person. She has a respirator attached to her throat, and there is a pipe leading up to her mouth which she can blow into to control her wheelchair. Nearby, a communications stone is resting on top of the activation box. Vanessa James opens her eyes and finds herself in the wheelchair. She looks at her hands resting on the armrests, then raises her eyes and looks at the woman, who smiles reassuringly at her. Her eyes wide with fear, Vanessa opens her mouth and struggles to breathe through the respirator. Peterson leans forward as the other woman watches in concern.

PETERSON: Lieutenant. You all right?

(On Destiny, Rush is sitting beside Vanessa's body in the Communications Room.)

RUSH: Mandy.

(She turns her head and smiles at him.)

PERRY: Nick.

RUSH (smiling back at her): Yeah.

(Smiling in amazement, she looks down at her hand as she lifts and turns it.)

PERRY: God, I'm really here, aren't I?

RUSH: You sure are. Takes a moment to get used to the transfer.

(Amanda is still gazing at her hand as she slowly turns it back and forth.)

PERRY: You're telling me!

(She looks into a mirror which has been placed on the table so that she can see the face of her host. As she does so, Vanessa returns to her own body and, gasping in shock, flails her arms around, shoving the activation box across the table and sending the communications stone pinging across the room and onto the floor. She leaps to her feet, still gasping for breath. She looks across to Young who is standing nearby.)

JAMES: I'm sorry, sir. I couldn't do it.

(Very upset, she hurries out of the room.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant!

RUSH: Just leave her, leave her.

(He looks after her sympathetically, somehow understanding her anguish.)

DESTINY. COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Some time later, Camille has come into the Communications Room.

YOUNG: So Lieutenant James had trouble getting used to the ventilator.

WRAY: I'll be fine.

(She takes a stone from the box and looks up at Young sternly.)

WRAY: Fix the ship.

(She puts the stone down onto the activation box, and a moment later finds herself inside Amanda's body on Earth.)


(Taking a breath through the respirator, Camille takes a moment to answer.)

WRAY: Yes.

PETERSON: Good. Take all the time you need to adjust.

(He introduces her to the woman beside him.)

PETERSON: This is Mary. She'll be your helper while you're here.

MARY: Hello.

PETERSON: She'll also brief you on how to cope with your host's disabilities. Afterwards, Doctor Strom was hoping to see you.

WRAY: No. I'm going home.

DESTINY MESS. T.J. walks over to Vanessa and sits down with her.


JAMES (uncomfortably): Couldn't do it.

JOHANSEN: Yeah, I know. I heard.

(Vanessa looks up at her awkwardly.)


JAMES (shaking her head): No, it isn't. I let him down.

JOHANSEN: The colonel? Hey, listen, he's the last person that you ...

(She breaks off as she sees Rush bringing what looks like Camille into the room. Camille/Amanda is smiling with delight as she walks along.)

RUSH: This is the Mess Hall here. We set this up a few months ago. Terrible food!

(Vanessa looks round at them and then jumps to her feet and starts to hurry from the room with her head down. Amanda, however, notices her.)

PERRY: I recognise you.

(Vanessa stop and looks at her awkwardly as Amanda looks back at her, then she hurries away.)

JAMES: Excuse me.

(Amanda turns and watches her walk away. Nick, trying to distract her, continues talking.)

RUSH: As I was saying, this is the Mess Hall, one of the places you probably wanna try and avoid, really!

(Laughing, Amanda notices the small round yellow fruits on T.J.'s plate.)

PERRY: What are those?

RUSH: They're a kind of fruit we collected from a planet we visited recently.

PERRY: May I try one?

(Grimacing, Rush nevertheless gestures to Darren Becker who brings across a plate containing a couple of pieces of the fruit.)

RUSH: I warn you, most people find these rather bitter.

(Smiling at Becker, Amanda picks up one of the fruits and bites into it. Her expression becomes blissful. Becker laughs.)

BECKER: Most people spit them right back out.

PERRY (smiling happily): This is the first food I've been able to feed myself since I was nine.

YOUNG (over radio): T.J., this is Young. Have you seen Rush? He turned his damned radio off.

(Rush grimaces again as he reaches for his radio on his belt. Amanda turns to him.)

PERRY: I think I've gotten you in trouble.

(Rush makes a “it doesn't matter” gesture at her and turns to leave the room. Amanda throws a grateful smile at Becker and follows after Nick. T.J. activates her radio.)

JOHANSEN: They're on their way now, sir.

ELSEWHERE. Elsewhere on the ship, Vanessa is hurrying along the corridor. She slows to a stop and blinks as her expression becomes blank.

EARTH. WRAY HOUSE. Camille's partner Sharon looks through the front curtains as a medic brings what appears to be the latest of a large amount of equipment towards the house. Inside, more medics have installed a bed on the ground floor and are setting up other equipment. Sharon turns to Camille in the wheelchair.

SHARON: I took my vacation time.

WRAY: All of it?

SHARON: Yeah. We have a lot of lost time to make up for.

WRAY (looking across the room): You got rid of the ugly chair!

SHARON (giggling): Yeah!

(They smile at each other, delighted to be together even in these strange circumstances. Walking over to her, Sharon rather awkwardly leans forward and kisses Camille on the forehead.)

WRAY (flirtatiously): You can do better than that!

(Smiling, Sharon leans closer, gently pushes the mouthpiece out of the way and kisses her partner properly on the mouth.)

DESTINY. CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. In the Control Interface Room, Amanda is looking at Rush's console. She looks up at Brody, Volker and Young who are standing nearby and awaiting her verdict.

PERRY: Five or six percent would do it.

BRODY: That's a thought.

RUSH: The problem is how to do that without any access to the ship's core systems.

VOLKER: Or, for that matter, any knowledge of how they work in the first place.

(Everyone looks at him. He shrugs.)

VOLKER: I'm just sayin'.

(Young walks closer and looks around at the men.)

YOUNG: Let's show her everything you've got.

(Nodding, the men turn to head to their various consoles. Just then, at the rear of the ship, part of the engine explodes. All around the ship people are thrown across the room as Destiny's velocity drastically changes. Some crew members are hurled violently against walls. In the Control Interface Room, Rush grabs at Amanda as they both go flying across the room. She lands on top of him and lifts her head, but it's Camille who looks down at him as the ship comes out of F.T.L.)

WRAY: Nicholas!

(She blinks in surprise, then blinks again as she returns to the wheelchair in her house on Earth. Sharon looks at her in concern.)

WRAY: It's me again. We came out of F.T.L.

(She drags in an anxious breath.)

WRAY: Something's happened to the ship.

INFIRMARY. As the ship drifts helplessly in space with her engines shut down, a team is frantically helping T.J. to clear up breakages in the Infirmary as a queue of injured people forms at the door. She calls out to them.

JOHANSEN: OK, listen up: I promise to get to everyone. Right now I need anyone who has a potential head injury or internal trauma to move to the front of the line.

(She walks into the queue, looking at people.)

JOHANSEN: Don't be shy.

(She sees Vanessa standing with her hand to her head and gently pushes her forwards. Ronald Greer runs over.)

GREER: T.J.! Put us to work.

(T.J. walks over to a soldier standing leaning against the wall with a cut on his face. She tilts his head to get a better look at it.)

JOHANSEN: Um, anyone who's shaky, don't take any chances. The quiet ones could be in the worst shape.

GREER: What about you?

JOHANSEN: I'm fine. Go.

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. An alarm is sounding as Young comes in.

YOUNG: Are we under attack?

(Rush shuts the alarm down.)

RUSH: No. It was a malfunction.

VOLKER (checking his own console): He's right. There's no sign of any hostile ships in range - not that I can tell, anyway.

YOUNG: What the hell just happened, then?

RUSH: I think there was an explosion in the F.T.L. drive. We're adrift.


VOLKER: An overload?

RUSH: Could be anything.

PERRY: Can we access engineering spaces?

BRODY: Not without a spacesuit. Most of the ship's unpressurised.

RUSH: Best to check the damage from outside the ship.

VOLKER: I can fly a Kino pretty well.

YOUNG: Get to it. (To Rush and Amanda) You two monitor from here. I'll use the stones to report this.

(He and Volker leave the room. Brody, who has been holding his elbow in pain, follows them out, perhaps to go to the Infirmary. Amanda shakes her head as if uncomfortable.)

RUSH: Mandy, are you sure you're all right?

PERRY: For a second there, I was back on Earth, in a strange house but back in my own body again.

RUSH: The link is temporarily severed when we go in and out of F.T.L.

(He shakes his head, annoyed with himself that he hadn't warned her about it in advance.)

RUSH: I'm sorry, but we weren't expecting that to happen.

(Amanda smiles at him.)

PERRY: I'm fine.

INFIRMARY. Vanessa is explaining her earlier strange turn to T.J.

JOHANSEN: What do you remember?

JAMES: I was walking; then I was somewhere else and I don't know how I got there. Then the explosion happened.

JOHANSEN: So the lapse happened before?

(Vanessa nods.)

JOHANSEN: Well, sometimes concussions can cause short-term memory loss and confusion. We'll just keep you here tonight to make sure it's nothing more serious.

(Lisa Park runs in.)

PARK: T.J.! He was on the floor.

(She gestures behind her to where Greer and another soldier are bringing Jeremy Franklin into the room with his arms slung over their shoulders.)

PARK: I couldn't tell if he was hurt or not.

JOHANSEN: OK, put him over here, guys.

(The men take him over to a bed and sit him on the side of it before hurrying away. Franklin - last seen in a catatonic state after his time in the Chair - sits on the bed staring blankly into the distance while Vanessa looks at him in concern. However, a moment later he turns his head as if noticing her and blinks at her a couple of times.)

JAMES: Franklin?

(He continues to stare at her, his gaze blank.)

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Rush and Amanda are watching footage from a Kino which is filming the damage to the F.T.L. drive.

VOLKER (over comms): This is Volker. Are you getting pictures?

RUSH (into comms): Yeah, we see it.

EARTH. WRAY HOUSE. Sharon and Mary are talking as they sort out all the stuff that's been brought to the house.

SHARON: So is there anything I need to worry about?

MARY: I've been with Amanda a long time. We'll need to monitor her blood pressure, and there's a few other things I need to show you that just come with the territory, and she'll be fine.

SHARON (nervously): I'm sorry. It's just I'm new to all this.

MARY: You'll be fine too.

DESTINY. In the Gate Room, the chevrons light up on the Stargate and it begins to spin. An alarm beeps in the Control Interface Room.

PERRY: What's happening?

RUSH: Incoming wormhole.

(He grabs his radio and activates it.)

RUSH: This is Rush. We have an incoming wormhole. Sergeant Greer, please meet me in the Gate Room with a defence team.

(In the Infirmary, Greer has been continuing to help bring in wounded crew members. He nods to some of his colleagues and they hurry out. Lisa and T.J. look at each other in concern. The soldiers gear up and run towards the Gate Room where the Gate has opened and Rush and Amanda are standing at one of the consoles. Greer and his team run in.)

GREER: I need everybody out of here!

RUSH: That won't be necessary, Sergeant.

(The military team takes up positions around the room, aiming their weapons at the Gate. Rush rolls his eyes as if to ask, “Why doesn't anybody ever listen to me?!” A few seconds later Matthew Scott, Chloe Armstrong and Eli Wallace walk through the event horizon. Greer stands up, his eyes wide in disbelief. Eli dramatically raises his hands in surrender.)

WALLACE: Whoa, whoa! Don't shoot!

GREER (to his team): Stand down.

RUSH (smugly): Told you!

(As the Gate shuts down and steam vents from either side, the new arrivals walk forward. Greer smiles in delight and envelops Scott in a bear-hug.)

GREER: Oh, my brother!

(Scott hugs him back, delighted to see that he is alive.)

SCOTT: Greer!

GREER: I didn't expect to see you again either, huh?!

ARMSTRONG: What do you mean, you weren't expecting to see us? Didn't you guys figure out a way for us to dial in?

(Eli walks over to Rush. Reaching into his pocket, he takes out Nicholas' glasses and offers them to him. Surprised, Rush takes them as Eli grins.)

WRAY HOUSE. Sharon and Mary are sitting either side of Camille's chair. Mary has a bowl of food and is feeding Camille.

SHARON: I joined a book club.


(Mary feeds her another mouthful.)

SHARON: Yeah, it's supposed to be all women but there are a few enlightened young men who stop by, claiming to have an interest in nineteenth century chic lit!

(Camille laughs, then starts to choke on her food.)

MARY (to Sharon): Can we concentrate on eating right now?

SHARON: Sorry.

WRAY: Sorry.

SHARON: You know what? Um, why don't I do that?

(She walks around the chair towards Mary.)

SHARON: Yeah, we'll be fine.

(Mary stands up and hands her the bowl.)

MARY (firmly): One at a time.

SHARON: Got it.

(Smiling at Camille, Mary leaves the room. Sharon sits down and feeds Camille a mouthful of food.)

WRAY: This isn't, uh, freaking you out, is it?

(Sharon shakes her head.)

SHARON: You're here. It's all that matters.

(Gazing at her lovingly, she smiles and then feeds her another mouthful of food.)


DESTINY INFIRMARY. The new arrivals are sitting on beds. T.J. has a stethoscope to Eli's back while Lisa is taking Scott's blood pressure. Chloe is in between the boys.

WALLACE: Well, we were pretty much resigned to the fact that we were stuck out there.

(He turns and looks at T.J., lowering his voice but still audible to everyone.)

WALLACE: Talk about feeling like a third wheel!

(Chloe turns to Matt and smiles at him.)

WALLACE: And on the second night the Kino remote just lit up. I guess I just thought you guys must have figured something out. We dialled back and here we are.

SCOTT: Yeah, I didn't think it was possible to miss this bucket.

(Young walks in, smiling with delight at the sight of them.)

YOUNG: Do you people realise you just scared the crap out of us?!

SCOTT: Sorry, sir.

YOUNG: You're forgiven. (To T.J.) So, are they gonna live?

JOHANSEN: Looks like it. That planet couldn't have been all that bad.

YOUNG: That's good. 'Cause if we don't get the F.T.L. drive fixed, that's where we'll all be going.

WALLACE (glumly): Really?

YOUNG: Really, Eli. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to put you straight back to work.

(Eli sighs wearily. Young smiles around at the three of them.)

YOUNG: Welcome back.

LATER. Some days later, Jeremy Franklin has been returned to his quarters and is sitting on his bed with his back against the wall and his feet up on the bed. Vanessa is feeding him from a bowl. T.J. comes in.

JOHANSEN: How's he doing?

JAMES: Same. But something changed since we got stuck. Doesn't he look different to you?

(T.J. looks uncertainly at his blank stare.)

JOHANSEN: Uh, maybe.

JAMES: It's like he's in there and he knows exactly what's going on but his brain and his body just aren't connected any more.

(She shakes her head.)

JAMES: I don't know. I talked to Rush and he says I'm probably just imagining it. Maybe I am. I mean, I haven't slept in ... I don't even know.

JOHANSEN (frowning): Why?

JAMES: I keep having the same bad dream. I'm stuck in a dark room but I'm not me and I can't get out.

JOHANSEN: Are you claustrophobic?

JAMES: A little bit.

JOHANSEN: Maybe it's some weird phantom memory from your switch with Doctor Perry.

ELI'S QUARTERS. Eli is in his quarters reading a book and listening through earphones to his portable music device. He looks up as someone knocks on the open doors, and sees Camille grinning at him in a very un-Camille-like way. She walks in, still smiling.

PERRY: Hey, Math Boy.

(Eli blinks unhappily.)

PERRY: Got those calculations I was asking about?

(He reaches down to a folded piece of paper by his side and hands it to her.)

WALLACE: Done. And please don't call me that.

(She nods understandingly as she takes the paper.)

PERRY: I know what that's like. Nick called me Little Miss Brilliant a couple of times and it stuck.


PERRY: Uh, Nicholas.


PERRY: We were colleagues back at S.G.C. a couple of years before Icarus. He used to like to bounce ideas off me when he was working on that Ancient proof that, um, you ended up solving. Congratulations, by the way.

(Eli scoffs and waves his hand mock-triumphantly.)

WALLACE (sarcastically): Woo!

(She looks at him questioningly.)

WALLACE: Look where it got me.

PERRY: I would do anything to be here.

(He looks up at her in surprise.)

PERRY: Anyway, after Nick's wife passed away, we used to have these long talks ... (she smiles) ... about his work and my work, the Ancients, ascension ...

(She smiles fondly.)

PERRY: It was like he didn't even see the chair. I tried calling him Mr. Brilliant a few times but I don't think he ever got the hint.

WALLACE (shocked): You had a thing ... for him?!

PERRY: What's wrong with that?

WALLACE (laughing sarcastically): I just find it kind of surprising.

PERRY: Why? Because a disabled person can't have feelings for someone?

WALLACE: I meant because you were ... you were talking about him.

PERRY: Yeah. (She laughs in embarrassment and waves the piece of paper.) Thanks for this.

(She turns and leaves the room. Eli jumps up.)

WALLACE: Sure! Um ...

(But she has already gone. Eli frowns in confusion.)


MUCH LATER. Some time (days?) later, Young has been summoned to the Control Interface Room.

YOUNG: You've got something?

RUSH: Well, Doctor Perry's concluded that the explosion may be to our advantage.


PERRY: There was an overload - one that probably shouldn't have happened because the system is unbelievably robust, with more safeguards than I can count, but it happened. And - as with most overloads - it happened in the weakest link.

WALLACE: The F.T.L. drive is made up of sixteen separate modules. The one that blew up was the weakest link because it was the least efficient.

YOUNG: You're sure the ship can fly on the other drives?

RUSH: Even better than that.

PERRY: Without the worn-out drive bringing down overall efficiency, Destiny should be able to make it across the void.

YOUNG: That's great work.

PERRY: I wouldn't pat anyone on the back just yet. We still need to isolate and bypass the damage.

RUSH: With no access to the core systems, it has to be done manually.


YOUNG: Or what?

WALLACE: The robot we found. We think it might be able to do some - or maybe all - of the repairs.

PERRY: I've already programmed rudimentary instructions to begin the repairs.

(Drawing in a breath as he tries to take all this in, Young activates his radio.)

YOUNG: Scott, this is Young. Eli and Doctor Perry have a shuttle mission to brief you on.

SCOTT (over radio): Copy that, sir. I'm on my way.

(Eli and Amanda leave the room. Young turns to Rush.)

YOUNG: What are the odds?

RUSH: That this is gonna work? Fair to middling. Time's an issue.

(He thinks for a moment.)

RUSH: There is another option.

YOUNG: Right. The Chair.

RUSH: Well, if we can gain access to the core systems, we can bypass that damaged section in a single command.

YOUNG: Tell you what: if it comes right down to it, I'll sit in the thing myself.

LATER. SHUTTLE. Some time later, the shuttle has flown round to the back of Destiny and is approaching the damaged part of her engines. Wearing a spacesuit, Scott activates his controls and the shuttle begins to turn around so that its rear end is closest to the ship.

SCOTT: Getting into position now.

(Once the shuttle has reversed its position, it backs up towards the engines.)

SCOTT: Opening rear hatch.

(He presses a button and the rear hatch opens.)

SCOTT: OK. We're good.

(In the Control Interface Room, Eli looks around to Amanda.)

PERRY: Here we go.

(She works on the console and a small round robot walks out of the rear of the shuttle on short spindly legs and steps onto the frame of the engines.)

LATER. YOUNG'S QUARTERS. Young is reading as T.J. knocks on the open door.

YOUNG: Come in.

(He looks up and sees who it is.)

YOUNG: Oh, hi.

(He stands up and walks over to her.)

JOHANSEN: Hi. Uh, I'd like permission to join the team going through the Stargate to the planet.

YOUNG: Well, Scott's going.

JOHANSEN: He's a little busy flying the shuttle right now.

YOUNG: He's already on his way back.

(T.J. nods unhappily.)

JOHANSEN: So is this how it's gonna be?

(He shakes his head, not understanding.)

JOHANSEN: Maybe I'd like to see the planet where I might have to raise our child.

YOUNG: You mean, if the ship isn't fixed by then.

JOHANSEN: Yeah. Maternal instincts, I guess.

(Young shrugs.)

YOUNG: OK. Permission granted.


(She turns and starts to leave the room.)


JOHANSEN (without stopping or turning back): I'll be careful.

GATE ROOM. T.J., Greer and others are gearing up to go off-ship. The Stargate is dialling out.

YOUNG: Lieutenant Scott found fresh water due east of the Stargate. That'll be your first stop.

GREER: We should check out as much land as possible in case we end up having to live there.

(T.J. nods her agreement. The Stargate kawhooshes.)

YOUNG (to Eli): Send it.

(Eli activates his hand-held remote and sends a Kino through the event horizon. He turns to Young.)

WALLACE: You know, we just came from there. This is a waste of time.

YOUNG: It's standard procedure, Eli.

WALLACE: If you ask me, sometimes you military people are a little too ...

(He trails off as footage from the Kino appears on his screen and shows two of the alien ships hovering near to the Stargate. Their weapons power up.)

WALLACE: Holy crap!

(The ships fire towards the Gate.)

WALLACE: D'you see that?

YOUNG: I saw.

(He turns to the woman at the Gate's console.)

YOUNG: Shut it down.

(She activates her controls and the wormhole disengages.)

GREER (to Eli): Looks like they found your camp.

JOHANSEN: Can they get through the Stargate?

YOUNG: Not without a remote.

WALLACE (wide-eyed): Lucky we weren't still there or else they'd have one.

YOUNG: Either way, we're cut off. We have to fix the ship.

THREE WEEKS LATER. As work continues on repairing the F.T.L. drive, the crew is bored to death. Young sits on the Observation Deck glumly looking through the window. In the Mess, Volker spoons up his ration and dribbles it back into the bowl unenthusiastically. In contrast, Rush and Amanda appear to be having a great time, smiling as they chat in the Control Interface Room.

Back on Earth, Camille lies on her back in bed. Mary puts a pillow beside her and rolls her over onto her side, bracing Camille's arm on the pillow. Sharon watches with affection in her eyes. Camille, however, looks miserable at having been unable to move for so long.

On Destiny, Scott leads a group on a run around the corridors. Elsewhere, Brody is putting his engineering skills to good use and is building something or other. Later, he is mashing up something plant-like in a mortar and pestle.

In Franklin's quarters, Vanessa is again feeding him. She may have taken on this task because of her feelings of guilt over not being able to host Amanda. Franklin still gazes at nothing, but opens his mouth automatically as she moves the spoon towards him.

Elsewhere, Becker has got himself a new job. As several other male members of the military sit and wait, he is shaving Greer's head.

Brody's work is done and he holds up a small measuring beaker and swirls a clear liquid round in it. Looking proudly round at the still which he built, he knocks back his first alcoholic drink and grimaces.

In one of their quarters, Matt and Chloe are lying cuddled together in bed.

In the Infirmary, T.J. straightens up from whatever she has just finished doing and looks around the room for her next job.

In the new bar, Brody sets down two measuring glasses in front of Chloe and Vanessa. They knock back the contents, put the glasses down and grimace as they swallow.

In the Control Interface Room, Eli watches Kino footage of the robot as it is busily lasering something on the drive.

WRAY HOUSE. Sharon is heading for the front door but turns back to Camille anxiously.

SHARON: You know, I could just go to the corner store.

WRAY: We need a decent grocery shopping.

(She smiles at her.)

WRAY: We're almost out of everything!

SHARON: OK. I shouldn't be long. (She turns to Mary.) I'll be right back!

(Waving to Camille, she hurries out of the door. Mary brings a glass of water with a straw in it over to Camille.)

MARY: I could have gone.

WRAY: I want her to get out of the house, even if it's just for an hour.

DESTINY. On the Kino footage from the rear of the ship, the robot finishes cutting off a large piece of the drive and rather adorably kicks it free. The piece floats away. In the Control Interface Room, Amanda sighs with delight.

RUSH: Well, that's it! You've done it! You've isolated the drive.

PERRY: Well, that was the easy part.

RUSH: We'll start on the bypass in the morning, eh?

PERRY: You guys don't do much for fun around here, do you?

RUSH: Well, there is Mr. Brody's still.

PERRY: You have a still?!

RUSH: Come and see.

BAR. Chloe and Vanessa are sitting opposite each other at a table. Vanessa, at least partway drunk, is telling Chloe about her dream.

JAMES: So I'm in a room, but I'm not me.

ARMSTRONG: What do you see?

JAMES: Nothing. Darkness. But I know that I'm not alone.

ARMSTRONG: What if it isn't a dream?

(As Vanessa looks at her nervously, Rush and Amanda come in and go over to the bar where they sit down. Brody puts glasses down in front of both of them.)

RUSH: Thank you, Mr. Brody.

BRODY: Cheers.

PERRY: Thanks.

RUSH (to Amanda): Now, be careful. This stuff has only one redeeming quality.

(She nods nervously and they both take a large swig. Nick lowers his head, grimacing. Amanda almost chokes, just managing to swallow before she starts coughing. She wipes her mouth as Nick makes an appalled sound against the taste in his own mouth.)

PERRY: Well, we make do with what we have, right?!

RUSH: Yeah.

PERRY: Oh! (She grins at him.) Speaking of, how are you managing without your coffee?!

(He laughs.)

RUSH: Well, I must admit, that's been one of the most difficult things about being stuck up here.

PERRY: Oh, well, the hardships(!)

RUSH: I think “insanity” is the proper word, there and back again. I've even had dreams about the stuff.

PERRY: Well, for years after my accident I had dreams that I could walk.

RUSH: Yeah, I remember you telling me that.

PERRY: Mmm. And then I get to do this, and it's ... it's all happening! God, it's like a dream come true.

(He nods thoughtfully.)

RUSH: Yeah.

PERRY: But we have to fix your ship.

RUSH: We do.

PERRY: And then I'll have to wake up.

(She keeps her smile as she looks at him, but her sadness can be seen in her eyes. He smiles ruefully back at her.)

YOUNG'S QUARTERS. He opens the doors to a knock and finds Vanessa and Chloe standing outside.


YOUNG: Yeah.

JAMES: I think ...

(She pauses for a long moment, then braces herself and looks at him.)

JAMES: I think I was the one who damaged the ship.

CORRIDOR. Rush and Amanda are slowly walking along.

PERRY: I'm starting to notice that redeeming quality you were talking about.

RUSH: You'll have to ask yourself if it was worth it in the morning!

(They laugh.)

PERRY: Nick, can I ask you something?

RUSH: Sure.

PERRY: After your wife passed away and we'd have those long talks, did you have any clue how I felt about you?

RUSH: I thought you felt sorry for me.

(She smiles as she stops near her quarters.)

PERRY: I guess I thought the same about you at first.

RUSH (protesting): I thought you were absolutely brilliant! Remember I used to call you ...

PERRY: Yeah!

RUSH: ... Little Miss Brilliant!

PERRY (laughing): Just forget about that!

RUSH (seriously): I could never be sorry about that.

(They look at each other for a moment, then he reaches out and touches her hand briefly.)

PERRY: Good night.

(He turns and starts to walk away. After a moment, she calls after him.)

PERRY: Nick.

(He turns back.)

RUSH: Yeah?

(She looks at him, a little awkward and embarrassed, then gestures over her shoulder towards her quarters.)

PERRY: Would you like to come in?

(He looks at her for several seconds, as if considering his options, then answers honestly.)

RUSH: Yeah.

AMANDA'S QUARTERS. The doors to Amanda's quarters open and she and Nick walk in side by side. She stops to close the doors while Nick walks a few more paces into the room and stops, looking around awkwardly. Amanda steps up behind him and puts her hand onto his shoulder. Unable to meet her eyes, he slowly turns towards her. She runs her hand down his arm, then looks into his face as he gradually lifts his eyes to meet hers, his face full of doubt. She leans towards him and he can resist no longer, leaning forward until their mouths meet. They kiss softly and Nick wraps his arms gently around her, pulling her closer as he lifts one hand up to cradle the back of her head. She gasps as the kiss continues, but then Nick pulls back, pushing her gently away.

RUSH: I'm sorry, darling, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I-I-I can't do this.

PERRY (plaintively): Why?

RUSH: I just ... I can't do this.

(She turns her head and looks at Camille's reflection in the mirror on the wall, then turns back, her hands still on Nick's shoulders.)

PERRY: Nick, it's me.

(His face crumples.)

RUSH: I think we both know it's a bit more complicated than that.

PERRY: The word is “insane”.

(He nods his agreement.)

PERRY: But this is also a once in a lifetime chance for me.

(He gazes at her forlornly.)

RUSH: Mandy, you know - probably better than anyone - how I was when Gloria passed away.

(She nods.)

RUSH: And I recently experienced something that made me go through it all again. More than a dream. As real as this is to you now. And I can tell myself that it's been years all I like ...

(His eyes fill with tears.)

RUSH: ... but in my heart, it's just happened again.

(He lowers his head, fighting the tears back. She looks at him sympathetically as he stands before her, broken, then she reaches out and gently cradles the side of his face, stroking it softly.)

PERRY: Well, at least this time I can do this.

(She pulls him into her arms and holds him. He hugs her back and cries.)

(Moments later there's a knock on the doors, which almost immediately slide open. T.J. is standing outside and she gasps as she sees the two of them holding each other. Nick glares at her.)

JOHANSEN: Oh, sorry, I ...

RUSH (releasing Amanda): What is it?

JOHANSEN: Uh, the colonel needs to see you in the Interface Room right away - both of you.

PERRY: Is everything all right?

JOHANSEN: No. It's about to hit the fan again.

RUSH (to Amanda): Come on, let's go.

(They leave the room.)

WRAY HOUSE. Camille hears Sharon's car door slam outside the house. She takes the mouthpiece in her mouth and uses it to turn the wheelchair towards the front door as Sharon bursts in with bags of shopping.

WRAY (frantically): You were gone for hours!

SHARON: I know, I'm sorry. I locked my keys in the car.

WRAY (tearfully): I thought you had gotten into an accident. I imagined you being taken away by an ambulance.

SHARON: No, no-no-no, no. (She hurries over to her.) Oh God, Camille, I'm sorry. Hey, hey, hey.

(She leans down and looks into Camille's eyes.)

SHARON: I know what it's like to wait for someone you love to come home. I'm here now.

(Camille fights back tears.)

WRAY: I know. I know.

(She struggles for breath and her eyes roll up into her head. Sharon stares in concern.)

SHARON: Wh-what ... (Urgently) Mary! Mary, Mary, Mary!

(Mary hurries in from the kitchen.)

SHARON: I don't know what's happening.


(She goes over to the back of the chair.)

MARY: We're just gonna elevate her legs above her heart to stabilise her.

(Camille groans. Mary begins to tilt the chair.)

MARY: You're doing fine. Just try and stay calm.

SHARON: We were just talking and then she ... I don't know. What's going on?

MARY (reassuringly): She's gonna be OK


YOUNG: Lieutenant James left the Comm Room without wiping her imprint off the stone. It got knocked off the table, nobody noticed. We think that, in that opportunity, an alien might have taken advantage, used the stones and sabotaged our F.T.L. drive.

JOHANSEN: She told me she blacked out around the time of the explosion. I thought it was post-concussion syndrome.

RUSH: Well, mystery solved. I don't see how it changes anything.

WALLACE: What part don't you get?

ARMSTRONG: They know we're out here.

RUSH: Yeah, they already did. Without a tracking device, there's no way of them knowing where we've dropped out of F.T.L.

PERRY: He's right. The void is unimaginably huge. They can't know our location.

YOUNG: Unless the alien who took over James' body managed to broadcast it.

RUSH: Like a sub-space message, you mean.

WALLACE: Or the alien figured out our position before the explosion and took it back with them.

PERRY: How would it know how?

WALLACE: They sabotaged the ship! How did they know how to do that?!

RUSH: He's right. That's it, then.

YOUNG: They're coming.

WRAY HOUSE. Camille has recovered from her attack, and Sharon is sitting by her side.

SHARON: I'm so sorry.

WRAY: Don't be silly. I brought this on myself.

(There's a knock on the door. Sharon goes and answers it and finds Major Peterson outside.)

PETERSON: Forgive the intrusion.

SHARON: Come on in.

(He comes in and smiles apologetically at Camille.)

PETERSON: Colonel Young just used the stones to report. There's a strong possibility that Doctor Perry may have to return to her body in the next several hours. We think it's best if she returns to an Air Force facility.

SHARON: We'll say our goodbyes.

PETERSON: I'll be outside.

(He leaves the house. Sharon and Camille look at each other sadly.)

DESTINY. In his quarters, Young has written a couple of notes, one marked for “Matthew” and one for “T.J.” He looks down at them for a long moment, then heads to the Control Interface Room where he looks at Eli.

YOUNG: Let's go.

(Eli activates the ship's comms and Young's voice can be heard everywhere.)

YOUNG: This is Young. While repairs to the ship are still days from being complete, despite our best efforts, we believe an attack will happen at any moment.

(In the Armoury, all the military personnel are gearing up.)

YOUNG: The shields will not withstand a sustained bombardment. This time we will not be able to jump to F.T.L.

(Greer and Scott look at each other and nod reassuringly.)

YOUNG: Neither can we escape through the Stargate.

(In the Infirmary, T.J. sighs deeply as once again she and her team prepare for casualties.)

YOUNG: Lieutenant Scott will be in charge of our ship's defences. Follow his orders as you would mine.

(In the Mess, crew members listen to Young's voice with concern on their faces.)

YOUNG: If boarded, Sergeant Greer will coordinate the strike teams.

(In his quarters, Vanessa is feeding Franklin. Concentrating on Young's voice, she doesn't notice as Franklin's face becomes a little more animated, as if he is hearing and understanding the message.)

YOUNG: But everyone will have to join in our defence. We'll give them a good fight.

(He steps away from the console. As Eli turns off the comms, Young walks over to Amanda.)

YOUNG: When the time comes, don't wait too long.

(He locks eyes with Rush for a moment, then walks away. Amanda turns to Rush with a concerned look. He puts a comforting hand on her shoulder.)

RUSH: You'll be OK.

(Standing, he goes out of the room to where Young is waiting outside.)

YOUNG: I want you there to talk me through it.

(He walks away and Nick has no choice but to follow him.)

FRANKLIN'S QUARTERS. Vanessa has her head lowered as she sits on Franklin's bedside.

JAMES: This is all my fault. I panicked.

(Franklin's hand lifts from his lap and, trembling with the effort, he manages to move it across to where her hand is braced on the bed. He seizes her wrist. She looks up at him in surprise. Slowly he turns his head and looks into her eyes. Painfully he forces his voice to work after months of inactivity.)

FRANKLIN (weakly): The Chair.

Outside Destiny, two alien ships jump into normal space. Scott reports their arrival over comms to Young and Rush in the Chair Room.

SCOTT: They're here, sir.

(Young takes out his sidearm and hands it to Rush.)

YOUNG: Tell me what to do.

RUSH: We've managed to isolate the damaged module from the rest. You have to command the ship to enter F.T.L. on the remaining drives.

YOUNG: How the hell do I do that?

RUSH: Well, first, you have to sit in the Chair.

(He walks over to the console as Young turns and looks at the Chair unhappily. Vanessa runs in.)

JAMES: Wait! Doctor Franklin just spoke - something about the Chair.

YOUNG: Well, what about it?

JAMES: Well, that's it, that's all he said, but I think he knows what's going on and I think he was trying to say that it should be him.

YOUNG: You can't possibly know that.

JAMES: No, sir, but I really think that ...

(The ship shakes violently as the alien ships begin to bombard her shields.)

YOUNG: We're under attack. I'm gonna do this.

RUSH: No, wait a minute. She might be right.

YOUNG: I can't ask a man to sacrifice his life, Rush.

RUSH: Franklin's already been through the process. His brain will have had time to heal from the trauma.

YOUNG: We don't have time for this!

RUSH: Which is exactly why it should be him and not you!

(He hurries forward and grabs Young's arm as he tries to sit down in the Chair.)

RUSH: At least give him the choice.

In various corridors around the ship, the military are deploying.

FRANKLIN'S QUARTERS. Rush enters Franklin's quarters and sees him sitting on the side of his bed, his hands resting on his knees. Rush kneels down in front of him.

RUSH: Doctor Franklin.

(As Young and Vanessa come in, Nicholas reaches out and gently takes one of Franklin's hands. Franklin looks down at him, his eyes wide and his expression bewildered.)

RUSH (quietly): Doctor Franklin. This ship is under attack. If someone doesn't go back and sit in the Chair and help the repairs, then the ship's gonna be taken. We're all gonna be taken.

(Franklin's gaze wanders slightly, as if he is unable to keep his focus on one object. His mouth moves a little as if he is trying to speak. The ship jolts as it is hit again and Young and Vanessa struggle to keep their feet. Young leans down so that his face is level with Franklin's.)

YOUNG: Do you understand what we are asking you to do?

(Franklin's gaze wanders over to him and his mouth trembles as he struggles to talk. He lowers his head and puts all his concentration into the hand being held by Rush. Struggling with the effort, he squeezes Nick's hand, then manages to nod his head.)

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Scott is looking at the holoscreen which is showing images of Destiny and the two alien ships. Fighter ships are just beginning to deploy from the mother ships. Around him, Eli, Amanda, Brody and Volker are all busy working on consoles.

SCOTT: All right, concentrate your fire on the smaller ships that are gonna try and board us.

(Destiny jolts again. Outside, the two mother ships continue to bombard her shields as the fighters begin their approach.)

CHAIR ROOM. Rush and Young have brought Franklin to the room and they lower him gently into the Chair. Immediately a spotlight comes on above the Chair and the rest of the lights go out. Young backs away, then turns to Vanessa.

YOUNG: Go back to your duty.

JAMES: Yes, sir.

(She hurries away. Franklin closes his eyes and the wrist and ankle restraints deploy and the headpiece flips over the top of the Chair. On each side, one of the three prongs moves in and connects with the side of his head but does not burrow into the skin. The spotlight intensifies above his head and white mist begins to furl down from the ceiling. Rush goes over to a console and looks at it.)

RUSH: The temperature's dropping fast.

YOUNG: Any idea why?

RUSH: I don't know. This is something new.

(There's a short buzz from the Chair, the light fluctuates for a brief moment and Franklin's closed eyes flicker and then open. He looks up at Young standing in front of him.)


(Young looks across to Rush and nods, and the two of them leave the room. Immediately the doors slide closed and lock. Franklin closes his eyes again and the mist begins to intensify around him.)

CORRIDORS. In the corridors, a team of soldiers is aiming its rifles at the ceiling, presumably at a place where a fighter is expected to land. Vanessa joins them, aims her rifle upwards and switches off the safety.

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. In the Control Interface Room an alarm sounds. Eli looks at his console in concern.

WALLACE: Something's happening.

(He goes over to Amanda's console to look at what hers is showing.)

CORRIDOR. Outside the Chair Room, Young walks closer to the small window in the doors. Rush leans over his shoulder to look as well. The mist is becoming so thick that it's almost completely obscuring Franklin, but his face is beginning to be covered with frost. Moments afterwards the inside of the window frosts up and the men can see nothing. Unable to do anything more, Young turns away and heads down the corridor, Rush following him. They meet up with Hunter Riley who is guarding the entrance to the passageway leading to the Chair Room.

YOUNG: Sergeant, keep an eye on that door.

RILEY: Yes, sir.

(He hurries down the corridor to a position where he can watch the passageway and the door.)

CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Scott sees something new on the holoscreen.

SCOTT: Dammit! (Into radio) Greer. We're about to be boarded right on top of your position.

GREER (into radio): Copy that.

(In the corridor he holds up his fist to signal to his team that they should stop. He makes his way to the nearest window and looks out.)

(Young and Rush arrive back in the Control Interface Room. Scott looks at his superior officer in surprise.)

SCOTT: Colonel! I thought you were ...

PERRY: The F.T.L. drive is powering up.

(The countdown clock beeps. Already counting in red digits, it starts a ten second countdown and quickly reaches zero. Outside the ship, several of the fighter vessels are about to land on various parts of Destiny despite her weapons firing towards them. A moment later her F.T.L. drive engages. As she begins to move forwards, several of the alien fighters are caught by the field around the ship and are obliterated. Destiny races off in the direction of the distant galaxy.)

(All around the ship crew members lower their weapons and sigh with relief. Rush looks round at Amanda, but Camille is back in her own body.)

WRAY: Does this mean you fixed the ship?

RUSH: Camille?

(The woman blinks and Amanda opens her eyes.)

PERRY: No. It's me again.

(Eli smiles ruefully at her.)

WALLACE: Don't you hate that?!

YOUNG: What's our status?

RUSH (looking at the console): The damaged section of the ship has been bypassed; the F.T.L. drive has increased efficiency. It's a bit early to say, but it looks like we're gonna make it across.

(He and Young exchange a long look, then Rush nods to the colonel, who turns and heads out of the room. Rush looks pointedly at Eli who is standing nearby. Eli gets the hint and turns away towards his own console. Rush puts a hand on Amanda's back.)

RUSH: We did it.

PERRY (smiling): Yes, we did.

(She nods sadly.)

PERRY: And now it's time to go.

(Nick lowers his head unhappily.)

COMMUNICATIONS ROOM. Nick and Amanda walk into the room and go over to the table which has the stones and activation box on it.

PERRY: It's not a very nice thing to say, but I do hope you need my help again.

RUSH: Well, I'm not above arranging that, you know!

(They smile at each other, then she leans forward, takes his face in her hands and kisses him deeply. Releasing him, they both sit down and she slowly reaches towards the stone on top of the box. Hesitating, she lifts her hand and looks at it, savouring for one last moment the sensation of being able to move. With her eyes full of tears, she turns her hand and raises it to Nicholas.)

RUSH (softly): Bye, Mandy.

PERRY (in a whisper): Bye, Nick.

(With her other hand, she reaches out to the activation box and switches it off. Camille looks at her raised hand in surprise. Realising that Amanda has gone, Rush lowers his head and starts writing in his notebook.)

WRAY: Nicholas.

RUSH: Welcome back, Camille.

(He tries to look up at her but can't make himself do it. As he continues scribbling in his book, Camille clasps her hands in front of her and closes her eyes, relieved to be back in her own body.)

CHAIR ROOM. Young and Vanessa walk up to Riley outside the room.

YOUNG: Anything happened?

RILEY: You'd know better than I would, sir. I was watching a closed door.

YOUNG: Did it stay closed?

RILEY: Yes, sir.

(Nodding, Young and Vanessa walk towards the doors. Young looks through the window and Vanessa reaches across and presses the wall button. The doors slide open instantly and they stare in surprise at the sight that confronts them. The mist is slowly dissipating in the room. The spotlight is still on above the Chair and the rest of the room is faintly illuminated by that light. The wrist and ankle clamps are still in position and the head piece is still flipped over the headrest.)

(But of Jeremy Franklin, there is no sign.)