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12 years ago

Highs in Season 3: some of the show’s strongest episodes (Sateda, Common Ground and Phantoms), other great episodes as well (No man’s Land, The Return part I, Echoes, Tao of Rodney, Sunday, Submersion and Vengeance), wonderful development regarding the friendships between the main characters, the introduction of Todd. Lows in Season 3: Lucius, the introduction of the Asurans/Replicators (having a new enemy would’ve been OK, but not a rehash of SG-1’s enemies), Jack O’Neill. IMO, The Return II should’ve been more about the SGA characters and less about a guest star from SG-1. Nice for the SG-1 fans, bad for… Read more »

12 years ago

Thanks for the podcast. I enjoyed listening to it! My absolute favorite episode from this season was Common Ground, loved the way Sheppard and Todd were brought together to form an uneasy alliance. I cringe when I watch Shep being fed upon-he really looks like he’s in agony there. I HATED the way they wrote Kolya off the show, what a waste! He was a terrific villain and could have been brought back many more times as a nemesis for our team. Season 3 was sad in that it brought an end to some beloved characters, including Carson and Elizabeth,… Read more »