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GateWorld Podcast: Ancient History

Friday - July 30, 2010
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The Atlantis expedition finds a recording left by the Lantean Melia. From "Rising"

The Atlantis expedition finds a recording left by the Lantean Melia. From "Rising"

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Who are the Ancients? Where did they come from, when were they in our galaxy and the Pegasus Galaxy, and where are they now? In this week’s “Stargate 101” podcast, David and Darren will examine the vast history of the Stargate builders, spanning at least three galaxies and tens of millions of years. We’ll consider the ideological dispute with the Ori, the plague, the immigration to Pegasus, the development of fantastic technologies, their discovery of ascension and non-interference policy, and more.

We’ll also debrief David on his trip to Comic-Con 2010, and discuss some recent Stargate news.

Next week is our big 100th episode celebration, and our final show of the summer! Call in by Sunday to be a part of the show, and tune in for some special guests.

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This Week’s Listener Question:
We’re celebrating 100 episodes of podcasting! Tell us when and where you listen to the GateWorld Podcast, what you like about the show, and what you’d like to hear in the next 100 shows.

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Special thanks to Russell for editing this week’s show!

Next Episode: 100th Episode Bash! Call in now and be a part of the celebration.

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  • Can someone record this stuff. Im from Europe and can´t hear the Podcast.

  • Hope that helps.
    Thanks for podcast – have been waiting eagerly.
    Listen to your podcasts in my mp3 player – away from computer and good thing about them is I often listen again to old podcasts. Especially SG-1 seasons’ poddies and other special topics (science, fanfic…). Sometime also the poddie about a certain episode. The mix is really good – sometimes I want to hear your thoughts about a season I’ve just watched myself (in case of SGU before I’ve seen it) and sometimes a poddie that spans a whole topic. Looking forward to 100 poddie bash but now I’ll have to listen to this one!

  • THX i thought that i must pay for this. Thank you very much. This podcast sounds so interesting because i love the Ancient Stuff. Again thx^^

  • No probs, altera, glad I could help. Hope you really enjoy this podcast with your favourite topic.

  • “fanastic technology” -> Wow? They had fanastic technology, what’s that? ;)

    Great, looking forward to this, I’m a few behind cause I’m listening to all podcasts of a show that started in 2007. But I always keep up with GateWorld

  • 1. There are Ancients who predate Atlantis who learned to ascend, Oma Desala & Orlin. So those on Atlantis are those who could not ascend to escape the plague, so the left before they were inflicted.

    2. Based on History of the Asgard, remember they altered their own evolution through cloning, the Alliance of Four Races HAD to have happened whilst the Ancients were in the Pegasus Galaxy. Unless the Asgard did not join until after the alliance was already in place with the other three races.

    “Thirty thousand years ago a ship was launched from the Asgard homeworld, its crew placed in suspended animation. There was a failure on the navigational system and the ship was lost. Through the millennia it drifted across the empty expanse between our galaxies until it arrived here. We discovered it six months ago.” – Heimdall in “Revelations”. The fact they are in suspended animation indicates an early space mission, before the Asgard descovery of Hyperdrive. Moreover, it is never explicitly stated there is a Stargate network in the Ida galaxy. More likely there is only a gate on the Asgard worlds, so they can send representatives to Heliopolis.

    3. The ancients would have more than likely had to seed life in the Milky way when they arrived. Dakara being the first planet they landed on. So had probably used the device then. Based on the age of the planet earth, Life would have been seeded many millions of years before the Ancients left for Pegasus, unless they used an accelerated form of evolution, or skipped out evolution altogether and just spirited humanity into existance.

    just my two pence.

  • I agree. I think your assumption of the 4 great races of 3-50 millions years ago is not correct. The Asgard said in SGA that they are only 100,000 years old. Not even close to a million years.

  • How is this for an explanation for the discrepancy between the ages of Destiny and Atlantis?

    For much of it’s history Destiny has been in a state of faster than light motion, resulting in time dilation, while Atlantis has remained mostly stationary allowing it to experience the full passage of time.

    Destiny may have been launched a million or so years before Atlantis, but due to its near-constant momentum, it has only experienced the passage of a few hundred thousand years.

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