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The newly-elected President is debriefed about the Stargate program, and Vice President Kinsey makes a new play for control of the program.

FAN RATING - 6.51 
NIELSEN - 1.8 
DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Peter F. Woeste
GUEST STARS: William Devane (President Hayes), Robert Picardo (Agent Woolsey), James McDaniel (General Maynard), Jerry Wasserman (Chief of Staff), Ronny Cox (Vice President Kinsey), Mikka Dargel (Kinsey's Aide), Holly Dignard (President's Aide)
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  • "'Inauguration' will see the return of an old enemy and set up the big, BIG two-part season finale." (Co-executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, in a chat at AXN)
  • "There will be an episode that will make use of clips from past shows. Paul [Mullie] and I were called into Rob [Cooper]'s office after the concept meeting for the big season finale, 'The Lost City' I and II, and informed we would be writing a clip show. To be brutally honest, I was 'less than pleased.'

    "But in discussing with Rob, we decided that we would take a different tact – and came up with a great story. While the body of most clip shows are 50 percent clips, we set out to write a script that could stand alone and be complimented by maybe 15 to 20 percent clips (if that). I think it will be a terrific episode and it will boast an all-star cast including: William Devane, Robert Picardo, Ronny Cox, and James McDaniel." (Joseph Mallozzi, in a post at Our Stargate)
  • "When Paul and I learned the show was going to be doing another clip show, we lobbied hard for the opportunity ... oh, you've heard this one before. Never mind. Actually, as far as clip shows go, this one was a lot of fun, mainly because it afforded us the opportunity to throw in a twist at episode's end by having company man Richard Woolsey actually demonstrates surprising strength of character by turning his back on the conniving Senator Kinsey and doing the right thing. It's the first step in the rehabilitation of a character who would eventually become one of my favorites to write for. Terrific performances all around by Robert Picardo, Ronny Cox, and William Devane who had the gals in the production office all a-flutter after taking the time to autograph some pictures for them between scenes." (Writer / producer Joseph Mallozzi, in a post at his blog)