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  1. Justfloat
    June 10, 2018 at 10:36 am |

    SGU is my favorite, well that’s not true, I love all SG shows, but I have no idea why we haven’t had at least 10 years of reruns to enjoy! They just quit on us, I’m not familiar with how they decide which shows get canceled, but I really thought they had a very good show going! Oh well, may they realize there mistake one day!

  2. David Walters
    June 10, 2018 at 4:16 pm |

    Hi Sara,

    As someone who knows this show well, I’d like to leave some pointers that may help you better enjoy the show (while not ruining the discoveries, of course).

    Explaining the characters in the show can best be done by quoting the Dave Mason song:

    There ain’t no good guys,
    There ain’t no bad guys,
    There’s only you and me and we just disagree.

    This to me was one of the most brilliant aspects of the show. Every character was capable of doing something good, something bad. They’ll make you love them and then they’ll make you hate them, and vice versa. Unfortunately, a lot of people reacted badly to this — they needed to know who to root for and against, but this show is not that easy. This made these characters much more realistic than what you are used to seeing. Another thing that this show has that most people couldn’t understand was actual character development. The characters you see now aren’t who they will become, even by the end of Season 2. They start out dark, but they are all on a path of growth. It happens so gradually, that you can’t really see it unless you watch the first episodes after having immediately watched the last. Of course, in some later episodes, some actual stock bad guys come along, which I thought was a mistake.

    The humor is there, you just have to look for it. This show’s humor is more along the lines of The X Files — sardonic side-quips in the face of dreary events. Sometimes it requires a little bit of thought or paying attention:

    Rush: How did I get here?
    TJ: You’re not that heavy.


    Eli: This has been good. I think as a group we’ve bonded.

    Look a little closer — Greer is a bit more than shirtless. I guess he wanted to go out of this world the way he came in?

    Darkness and Light were originally going to be one episode titled Fire, but they felt they had too much material for one episode (but maybe not quite enough for two). However, splitting it into two gave us the shuttle recovery scene, when they would have otherwise just appeared on board in the next scene in the one episode version. That would have made the episodes after the Pilot: Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

    Remember that this show is pre-Game of Thrones. Otherwise, the creators may have been more willing to sacrifice the entire shuttle, although there are some shocking events coming that I thought they would never have the guts to commit to. In fact, one problem this show had was that it was ahead of its time. The long character development scenes fit in really well in our Golden Age of Television times.

    Also notice how when Scott returns, Chloe literally pushes Eli to the side and goes running to him.

    Light may have a large share of Joel Goldsmith’s best music written for Stargate.

    The inspiration for the Destiny shape was the shape of a chevron in a stargate.

    There are Stargate Universe Kino Webisodes. You can find them on YouTube. They are mostly unnecessary to watch, however there is one particular problem that some viewers had with the episode, Earth, that the Webisode titled, “We Volunteer to Do This,” addresses. There are no story spoilers in this one, either. Also, there are people who are cleared to know about who the people who are using the stones actually are and people who are not. There is another webisode, “New Kind of Crazy,” made after the episode, Time, that was made because a number of viewers apparently didn’t understand the ending of that episode. (Time was the episode that had me permanently hooked to SGU).

    The team brought to the Icarus planet were the right team of scientists for solving the problem of a ninth chevron, but they were the wrong team for deep exploration into the unknown. Also, remember that it was “Bring your Senate to Work Day”, so they had a whole group of government bureaucrats that had absolutely no qualifications for going through that gate.

  3. Akhenax
    June 10, 2018 at 9:41 pm |

    +1 for David’s comments. I had to log in to say how much I am enjoying your series Sara. It brings me back to when I first got to see SGU, having such a different series to enjoy, where they stick to the formula of going through the gate and exploring the unknown.

    Although I miss the show’s newness and the writer’s imagination, your blog helps.

  4. Chloe
    June 11, 2018 at 10:00 am |

    I recently started SGU for the first time as well, so your comments are quite fresh in my mind. I’ve only barely finished the first season.
    I love the different shows for different reasons. One thing I believe SGU to thrive on is the ambiguity of characters, the morally greyness. It’s a blast to watch because everyone’s opinions or takes on characters are different! For example, I prefer Rush over young, and Chloe x Scott over her and Eli. I 100% agree on not knowing any side characters names though! That’s my biggest issue I think. It took me ages to learn, so maybe take notes! :)

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