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Web Of Hair

I never did get around to calling in, I really wanted to… But my favorite Season 10 episode was Dominion where I was able to see my wish come true, Baal putting his symbiote into Adria. I even made a animated gif in the forums with young Adria (she wasn’t an adult yet in the show) with glowing eyes. I think it would of been really cool to see Baal in control of Adria for a longer time or even get to see Baal/Adria Ascend and wreck havok like Anubis only wish he could have. Or it would of been… Read more »


I agree that “The Pegasus Project” is the favourite episode of this season. My second favourite is Dominion; I think that Ba’al’s idea to put a Ba’al clone symbiot on Adria was genius, that why he’s my favourite bad guy, he is a genius, if it was up to me… I would have let Ba’al take Adria and the Ori armies back through the Supergate and then destroy it and let Ba’al play god in the ori universe, as long as it doesn’t concern us. I don’t really like the tenth season in general, I never was quite fond of… Read more »

Arafel Sedai

Fan Fiction, when I discovered it, knocked me on my collective arse… ;-) Some of it showcased some truly creative and brilliant writing; some of it had me running for the exit button… and there was plenty of entertainment in between. Fanfic offers a venue for all of us fans to continue to enjoy and play in a world we all love; explore storylines and possibilities that are unable to be shown on screen due to time factors, (ahem…clears throat)its graphic nature, cost, etc… For a show that is no longer on the air, no longer has any new material… Read more »