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Multiple SG-1s show up at Stargate Command, leading the "real" team to conclude that they have each been inadvertently displaced from different parallel realities.

DVD DISC: Season 9, Disc 4
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
STORY BY: Brad Wright & Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
TELEPLAY BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
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Transcript by Jane Harrison


WALTER (OS): Unscheduled off-world activation!

In the bustling Control Room, General Landry and Doctor Lam join Walter at the console.

The inner ring of the Stargate spins and the chevrons lock firmly into place. As the room lightens with the muted glow of the wormhole as it emanates from behind the iris, a THUD sounds and the back wall of the gate room flashes white.

The observers in the Control Room look confused.

LANDRY: What the hell was that?

WALTER: I don't know, Sir. (beat) We're receiving SG-1's I.D.C. ...

LANDRY: They're back early. Open the iris.

Walter complies and the iris opens, allowing SG-1 (who are dressed in BLACK fatigues) to stride purposefully through. Landry, Lam and Walter watch as they walk down the ramp -- despite the team's early arrival nothing appears to be amiss.

BRIEFING ROOM. General Landry is stood at the head of the table, filling a cup before turning to address his team.

LANDRY: There was nothing on your end? Nothing out of the ordinary to account for what we heard?

BLACK CARTER: No, Sir -- it was perfectly routine. We just dialed the group and stepped through.

LANDRY: The gate diagnostic showed no irregularities. Still, I'd like you to double-check the data once we're done here.


LANDRY: Tell me about the planet.

BLACK MITCHELL: Well, we can confirm that the locals were visited by a Prior about two weeks ago. He performed the standard miracles: healed the sick, cured the blind and ... passed out the usual literature.

He pushes a Book of Origin that he has been fiddling with into the centre of the table.

BLACK DANIEL: The natives were easy pickings. They feel as though they were abandoned by their god, Amaterasu, and now ...

LANDRY: (interrupting) Baal.

BLACK DANIEL: Excuse me?

LANDRY: You said Amaterasu. According to the background file, P4R was once under Baal's control.

Landry sits down as Black Daniel reaches for the file that the General has in front of him.

BLACK DANIEL: P4R ... Sir, we ... we went to PX7-455, I believe you have the wrong report.

There is a moment of confusion. Black Mitchell slides the file away from Landry and he and Black Carter begin to study it.

BLACK DANIEL: Anyway, the Tok'ra have been monitoring the in-roads the Ori have been making in the region for quite some time.

BLACK TEAL'C: According to Selmak, they are taking advantage of the relationships between ...

LANDRY: (shocked) Did you just say Selmak?

Black Mitchell and Black Carter look up from the file.


LANDRY: Teal'c, Selmak is dead.

The entire team looks uncertain and bewildered.

BLACK CARTER: Er, Sir ... Selmak and Jacob are very much alive.

Before Landry can respond this astounding revelation, sirens begin to sound and the PA system kicks in.

WALTER (OS): Off-world activation!

CONTROL ROOM. Landry rushes down the stairs from the Briefing Room, followed by Black SG-1.

LANDRY: Chief?

WALTER: It's SG-1's I.D.C., Sir. This is when they were originally scheduled to come back.

As the Black SG-1 stare out of the window into the Gate Room, Landry leans over to the microphone.

LANDRY: Defense team standby.

The soldiers at the base of the ramp move forward, weapons raised and aimed at the Gate.

LANDRY: Open the iris.

The iris opens and Landry and the Black SG-1 stare through the window in anticipation.

Through their reflections in the glass, another SG-1 can be seen to emerge from the event horizon. As the wormhole disengages, the new team comes to a halt, looking perplexed as they notice the weapons trained on their arrival.

The soldiers at the base of the ramp look at each other in askance before some turn to look towards Landry to gauge his reaction. All he can do, however, is turn to look at Black SG-1 who are all speechless.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. Landry is waiting for Dr. Lam as she exits the Infirmary, they begin to walk down the corridor towards an elevator.

LAM: Well, according to the tests I've run they're both SG-1. Identical in every way.

LANDRY: How is that possible?

LAM: Well we know Baal's able to produce adult clones of himself, presumably he could do the same with our people, given samples of their D.N.A.

LANDRY: That doesn't explain how they knew SG-1's I.D.C. -- if their intel was good enough to get their hands on something that sensitive, how come they didn't know about Selmak?

LAM: Yeah. It's like they got the hard stuff right and the easy stuff wrong.

LANDRY: Baal would have known better.

LAM: Uh huh. Y'know, the first team's making some pretty wild claims about people and past events ...

LANDRY: ... And since the second team came back from the right planet at the scheduled time, it's safe to assume they're the real SG-1.

Landry and Lam step inside the elevator.

LAM: Okay. So who's the other team and where'd they come from?

LANDRY: Exactly.

The elevator doors firmly close.

BRIEFING ROOM. The REAL SG-1 are sat around the table, reporting to Landry.

MITCHELL: We checked their story out, we went to PX7-455, the planet they claim to have gated in from, and the locals there swore they'd never laid eyes on us.

LANDRY: So, this other team ... is lying.

CARTER: Well, not necessarily, Sir. It's possible that they did gate in from PX7, just not the PX7 that we know. (beat.) The multiverse theory of quantum physics posits the existence of parallel universes -- an infinite number of ever-growing realities that exist concurrently with our own. The theory holds that anything than can happen will happen; if not in this reality, then in another.

MITCHELL: So you're saying that somewhere in an alternate universe ... I got to second base with Amy Vanderberg?

CARTER: (grudgingly) Theoretically ... yes.

MITCHELL: Boggles the mind, don't it?

CARTER: We're part of a metaverse in which individual sub-universes are continually being generated. Our own experience with the Quantum Mirror proved this much. Realities can exist where we never defeated the Goa'uld or the Stargate Program went public.

TEAL'C: And Selmak is still alive.

CARTER: Exactly. Now while it may feel immediate, the journey between gates is not instantaneous. It takes on average zero point three seconds travel time. however, according to the gate diagnostics, the travel time for the other SG-1 team clocked in at three point four seconds, suggesting a significantly longer trip.

DANIEL: Okay, say for example we accept the possibility that this is an alternate SG-1 from a ... parallel universe ... How did they get here?

Everybody looks to Carter for an answer.

CARTER: (quietly) I got nothing.

Landry raises his eyebrows, surprised.


HOLDING CELL. Black Daniel sits before a small table in the dull, grey room. A microphone for a tape recorder is pointed towards him.

The door opens and Mitchell enters, proffering a cup.

MITCHELL: Sumatra Manderling. One cream, two sugars.

Black Daniel looks confused.

MITCHELL: Lucky guess. Usually have instant myself.

Mitchell sits down opposite Black Daniel, ready to play the interrogator.

MITCHELL: So I'm guessing this almost feels like home, doesn't it?

BLACK DANIEL: Almost like home. But if it was home, I'd be sitting where you're sitting and you'd be sitting here telling me: 'I'd love to help you but I have no idea what's going on' ...

Mitchell nods, accepting this point.

MITCHELL: I'm thinking one of two possible scenarios: A, Carter's right and you're from an alternate universe -- in which case we'll do everything we can to get you back home, or B: you're not who you say you are. In which case we need to find out what you're really after.

There is a pause as Black Daniel considers these options.

BLACK DANIEL: Actually, there's a third scenario -- C. You're not who you say you are and it's up to us to find out what you're after.

Stalemate. Mitchell leans back in his seat and folds his arms as the scene dissolves into ...

ANOTHER HOLDING CELL, where an interview that is taking place between Landry and Black Mitchell, with exactly the same set-up.

LANDRY: I understand your reluctance to trust us but rest assured, we're just as eager to get to the bottom of this as you are.

BLACK MITCHELL: No offense, but I'm not entirely sold on the alternate world theory. There was nothing on our mission to PX7 that would even hint at it. No Quantum Mirror, no weird alien artifacts -- it was a routine op. But ... You're telling me that somehow the gate sent us through to a parallel universe, even though we know it's not supposed to work like that.

LANDRY: And yet here you are.

BLACK MITCHELL: Assuming of course that this is the S.G.C.

Landry frowns, not understanding.

BLACK MITCHELL: SG-1. Six years ago. Wake up in what they think is the S.G.C. only to find out that they're not really on Earth and it's all part of an elaborate Goa'uld plot. Pegasus Galaxy. Last year. A team from the Atlantis base. Gates through to what they think is the S.G.C., turns out they're not really on Earth, it's another planet ... and they're being manipulated by aliens.

LANDRY: Let me put your mind at ease. We are neither the Goa'uld nor manipulative aliens.

BLACK MITCHELL: You'll forgive me, Sir, if I don't take your word for it.

ANOTHER HOLDING CELL -- this time containing Black Teal'c and Daniel.

BLACK TEAL'C: We won our freedom in the battle for Dakara and on that day not only did we defeat Baal and the Replicators, you ensured that Anubis would never again threaten this galaxy. And then all Jaffa were united under our new leader -- Bra'tac.

DANIEL: Bra'tac? Really? That, that hasn't happened here yet.

Daniel furiously scribbles down a note, eager to learn about Black Teal'c's world.

BLACK TEAL'C: And with the new threat to this galaxy, I returned to SG-1.

DANIEL: Right, along with Colonel Mitchell, myself and eventually Colonel Carter who rejoined following her ...

BLACK TEAL'C: Following her honeymoon.

Daniel looks surprised.


Black Teal'c raises his eyebrow and stares back at him.

DANIEL: No, I was going to say following her stint on the Prometheus. (pause) H-Honeymoon?


Daniel continues to gape in shock.

ANOTHER HOLDING CELL. Carter picks up a glass of water and carries it over to another grey table where BLACK CARTER is sitting. The door to the room is open but an SF stands on guard outside. Carter sits down next to the doppelganger and folds her arms on the table.

BLACK CARTER: We weren't able to stop the Ori from establishing the second beachhead. By the time we realized it was too late, they'd already sent their ships through. If it happened in our reality ...

CARTER: ... There's a good chance it could happen in ours as well.

BLACK CARTER: They destroyed Chulak, Dakara, most of the Jaffa strongholds. It's only a matter of time before they attack Earth. You have to find a way to get us back.

CARTER: I'm working on it. I've been going over the gate diagnostics.


CARTER: There was an unidentifiable energy spike just prior to your arrival. It's almost certainly related to the sound they heard but I'm still analyzing the data.

BLACK CARTER: We were on PX7 for over twenty-four hours gathering intel and yet when your team went back to the planet, no one recognized you.

Carter nods.

BLACK CARTER: Now that suggests that our point of departure was definitely in our universe. So whatever happened ...

CARTER: ... Had to have happened between the time you stepped through the gate on your end and the time you stepped through the gate on this end.

BLACK CARTER: Except the gate system isn't designed to transport matter between universes.

CARTER: It isn't designed to take you back in time either but it has before. (She starts) Did you notice any ... ? BLACK CARTER: (shaking her head) No unusual weather patterns or solar flare activity at the time.

CARTER: Then is it conceivable something else could have affected the wormhole?

BLACK CARTER: What could possibly exert that much influence on a sub-space matter stream?

TOGETHER: A black hole.

BRIEFING ROOM. Carter stands in front of a video screen displaying graphics which illustrate her briefing. PX7 445, appears alongside statistics and pertinent information which scrolls across the screen.

Landry and the other members of SG-1 face Carter from their positions around the table. The remainder of SG-1 lean on the table and settle in for the long ride of scientific explanation.

CARTER: As we discussed the situation, we realized we could pinpoint the source of the phenomenon to a precise window. Specifically, the interim journey between the two gates.

MITCHELL: Did she just say 'we'?

CARTER: Pardon me?

DANIEL: She said 'we'. You said 'we'?

CARTER: Ah, erm. Me and ... myself. I suppose. The, uh, other Samantha Carter.

MITCHELL: Right, someone who can finally keep up with you, huh?

Carter smiles.

CARTER: Yep. (Turning to the screen) Okay. This is PX7-455 their point of departure ...

She uses a green laser pen to point to the screen, where another planet appears with the first.

CARTER: ... And this is Earth, their point of arrival. The wormhole that brought them here crossed this section of space bisecting this singularity.

She indicates the singularity with the laser.

TEAL'C: The black hole that was created when we destroyed the Ori beachhead.

CARTER: Exactly. Now I'm theorizing that as they bisected the singularity sub-space was ruptured, creating a rift in the space-time continuum that brought that SG-1 into this universe.

The video screen depicts the wormhole as a funnel joining the different levels of the separate universes. A blue dot, the stream of the Black SG-1's wormhole travel, passes between the two.

Carter turns back to her audience.

LANDRY: But we've had teams gate in from locations on the other side of that black hole in our universe. Why weren't they affected?

Mitchell raises his hand.

MITCHELL: One more stupid question ...

Landry looks incredulously over his shoulder at Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Ah, Sir, yours was fine, mine is stupid. Why didn't we end up on alternate PX7 when we gated in to check on Bizarro SG-1's story?

CARTER: I can't answer that. As far as I know, the deviation was one way and specific to that particular wormhole. However, just to be on the safe side I would suggest that we re-route all gate travel around the singularity for the time being. The sound of the gate being activated interrupts and the PA bursts into life.

WALTER (OS): Unscheduled Off-world activation!

The sirens wail and the red warning lights reflect on the team's faces as they rise from their seats.

CONTROL ROOM. Landry descends the stairs from the Briefing Room, followed by SG-1.

LANDRY: What do you have for me now, Walter?

WALTER: Sir, it's SG-1's I.D.C. ... again. Do you want me to send confirmation?

LANDRY: If another team comes through they'll just be stranded like the first one.

WALTER: Receiving radio transmission.

LANDRY: Let's hear it.

CAMO MITCHELL (OS): Stargate Command, this is Mitchell!

Gunfire can be heard in the background of the transmission.

BLUE CAMO MITCHELL (OS): What's the hold up? We've got a situation here ...

CARTER: Sir, if we don't open the iris ...

BLUE CAMO MITCHELL (OS): Stargate Command, do you read?

More frantic gunfire.

LANDRY: (over speaker) Defense teams!

The soldiers in the Gate Room take position at the bottom of the ramp.

LANDRY: Open the iris.

The iris opens as Mitchell and Carter observe worriedly. After a few moments, BLUE CAMO SG-1 rush through the gate carrying large guns. They halt and drop into a defensive crouch as they notice the weapons aimed at them.

BLUE CAMO MITCHELL: What the hell is going on?

Over the shoulders of those watching in the Control Room, the confusion of the new arrivals can be seen to grow.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. Landry, Carter, Mitchell, Daniel and Teal'c turn a corner and pass an SF who drinks from a water fountain.

LANDRY: So much for this phenomenon being restricted to one wormhole.

CARTER: I may have underestimated its influence. It's possible the first spatial tear may have caused a ripple effect across several realities, transforming their area of sub-space into a kind of funnel that's redirecting their gate travel to this universe. Any wormhole passing close enough to the black hole is being drawn into the singularity and re-routed here.

LANDRY: So you're telling me that we're the hub?

CARTER: The convergence point, yes Sir. It might account for why gate travel in this universe wasn't affected.

LANDRY: Might account ... Colonel Mitchell ...


LANDRY: Inform all off-world teams to report to the Alpha Site. Until further notice all gate travel to and from Stargate Command will be suspended indefinitely.

MITCHELL: What if there are more teams coming in hot, Sir?

LANDRY: I'm willing to make the occasional exception but I'm not about to turn this base into the Grand Central Station of the multiverse. Dismissed.

Landry walks off. The others come to a halt and watch his departure, bemused.

CARTER'S LAB. DR. LEE and CARTER are stood regarding a laptop that is open on the desk. The lab is filled with the sounds of busy and complicated technology.

LEE: Why is it that every team that has come through the gate so far has been exclusively an alternate SG-1? I mean, how come no alternate SG-2's or SG-3's?

CARTER: Well SG-1 is the front-line team, the one most likely to get into trouble off-world and as a result, the team we'd be most likely to have to let through.

LEE: Right ...

CARTER: So far we've turned back over fifty teams and not all of them have been SG-1. (She gestures to the lap-top) Here's the really interesting part: Each team from each reality has dialed in from a different point of origin. No repeats. All originating from a corridor of space starting from Earth and passing within a few degrees of the singularity.

LEE: What about that superfluous energy signature? Has that happened again?

CARTER: No. Not since the first alternate team dialed in.

LEE: Any idea what it was?

Carter shakes her head.

CARTER: I'm not sure but it reminds me of the incident on ...


Black Carter stands framed in the door-way, accompanied by a SF guard. She enters the lab and walks up to Lee and Carter.

BLACK CARTER: In that case, we introduced an unstable super-heavy element into their sun's nuclear reaction.

CARTER: When the wormhole that brought us there passed directly through it. In this case, the wormhole is passing through a black hole.

BLACK CARTER: So who knows what the effect would be?

Lee looks between the two Carters then looks at the real Carter, questioningly.

CARTER: I thought we could use the help.

LEE: (laughing wryly) Yeah, heh -- yeah. I, er, suppose two heads are better than one ...

The red beacon above the door begins flashing and all in the room look exasperated.

WALTER (OS): Unscheduled off-world activation!

CARTER: Let's get to work.

INFIRMARY. The BLUE CAMO SG-1 sit on the beds impatiently as tests are run on them. Personnel busily set about their work and BLUE CAMO Mitchell strides across the room, passing General Landry who stands in the doorway wondering at the sight of so many alternate versions of his team.

Daniel approaches the General from behind, followed by Teal'c.

DANIEL: General?

LANDRY: Oh, I was just about to come find you.

Landry makes his way past Daniel and sets off down the corridor, followed by Daniel and Teal'c.

CORRIDOR. CAMO SG-1 watch as the three pass the side room that they are sat in, gathered around a table.

TEAL'C: I have contacted Bra'tac on Dakara. He has dispatched a Mother-ship to the location provided us by the other Colonel Carter.

An elevator opens and ANOTHER MITCHELL emerges, along with other S.G.C. soldiers. He passes the real S.G.C. members in the corridor, striding past them.

DANIEL: If the Ori attempt to establish another beachhead then the Jaffa should be able to give us a heads up.

LANDRY: Presuming, of course, that events play out the same way in both universes.

TEAL'C: At this point, the particulars of the varying universes have remained remarkably similar.

LANDRY: That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Another SG-1 came through twenty minutes ago, which puts the count at twelve teams -- not including yourselves.

DANIEL: Well at least we're in good company.

LANDRY: This last team was a little different in terms of personnel.

TEAL'C: How so?

LANDRY: There's someone I thought you might like to talk to.

As they walk off screen, HAZ-MAT SG-1 passes down the corridor. HAZ-MAT MITCHELL turns to look after Landry, Daniel and Teal'c -- he smiles.

HOLDING CELL. The back of a brunette head. As the door opens, the head turns to greet the three men as they enter the room. It is DESERT CAMO JANET FRAISER.

JANET: Daniel?

Daniel and Teal'c stop abruptly, shocked.

JANET: Teal'c, where's General O'Neill?

Daniel's mouth hangs open in disbelief. Landry steps to one side.

LANDRY: I'm sure you all have a lot to catch up on.

Landry exits, leaving Daniel and Teal'c speechless in the doorway.

DANIEL: Janet ...

Teal'c steps forward towards Janet, arms behind his back.

TEAL'C: (reverently) Doctor Fraiser.

Janet looks between the two, brow furrowed in confusion.

JANET: What's going on here?

Daniel makes a pained noise.

DANIEL: (Carefully) Janet ... This ... This may look like home to you but it's not. This is not the Stargate Command you left, we're not the Daniel and Teal'c you know ... You and your team gated to a parallel reality. This is an alternate S.G.C. on an alternate Earth, on an alternate universe.

TEAL'C: In our reality, Doctor Janet Fraiser died two years ago.

Janet's face is expressionless with shock. She has no idea what to say.

CARTER'S LAB. The lap-top depicts the corridor affected by the phenomenon, a multitude of blue lines from different locations show the gate travel to earth.

Dr. Lee and Carter are still stood in front of the screen, working on the problem. The room is filled with voices and bustles with various ALTERNATE CARTERS.

GEEK CARTER paces the room, eating blue jello. ANOTHER Carter stands behind the real version, choosing a glass of jello from a selection, all blue, that is offered on a nearby table.

LEE: Sixteen different SG-1's. Sixteen different points of origin. But only one point of convergence, this universe. Now, given the fact that previous trips through the black hole didn't produce a rupture in the sub-space structure ...

CARTER: (interrupting) They may not have produced the rupture but it is entirely possible that the repeated trips contributed to the deterioration of the space-time fabric that weakened eventually ceded to the singularity -- creating the bridge between the various realities.

LEE: And I'm thinking that the proximity of these realities in relation to each other may account for the absence of the, er, Entropic Cascade Failure. But, it still doesn't help us with the main problem: How do we reverse the process?

CARTER: I don't have the answer to that because if I did, we all wouldn't be here!

All the varying CARTERS are sat around a table in the middle of the room as the real CARTER gestures to them. They are all working hard. One Carter scoots across the room on her chair to join the intense debate that is taking place.



CARTER: No, thank you.

BLACK CARTER heads off and begins to pour coffee for the other Carters whilst CARTER frustratedly folds her arms across her chest.

LEE: Y'know, I can't help but think that this whole thing would be a lot easier if Hammond hadn't ordered us to destroy the Quantum Mirror. We could just use that to send all these teams back to their proper realities.

GENERAL LANDRY enters the room, unnoticed as he surveys the many Carters at work.

CARTER: How? I mean, there are a near infinite number of parallel universes. The chances of us finding the right home universe for even one of these teams is next to impossible.

LANDRY: Excuse me, Colonel Carter.

All the CARTERS turn towards him.

LANDRY: ... My Colonel Carter.

Dr. Lee helpfully points at Carter.

CARTER: Here, Sir.

LANDRY: I've brought another volunteer who's offered to help.

He steps away from the door and MARTOUF enters, dressed in Desert Camo and flanked by a guard.

A Carter by the door gapes at him.

Real CARTER smiles and exhales slowly.

CARTER: Martouf ...

Martouf looks around the room and gives a broad smile.

MARTOUF: Hello, Samantha.

The many Carters look between the two.

HOLDING CELL. Janet is being interviewed with a microphone in front of her. Teal'c sits close to her whilst Daniel perches on the table before her.

JANET: I remember the mission to P3X. I was tending to a wounded airman, we came under fire ... (to Daniel) You were there! You helped me stabilize him and got us out of there.

DANIEL: (quietly) No, I didn't ... You were hit by an errant staff blast and killed instantly.

Janet looks up at him with quiet disbelief.

TEAL'C: You were given a hero's funeral.

JANET: Lucky me.

There is an awkward silence as Daniel and Teal'c grieve.

TEAL'C: Hopefully you will be able to return to your world soon.

JANET: Hopefully?

DANIEL: Yeah, for the moment it looks like your trip here was only one way.

JANET: (panicked) No, no ... You have to find a way to get us back as soon as possible.

DANIEL: Yea, Sam and Dr. Lee are working on something.

JANET: No, you don't understand. We've been targeted by the Ori. Earth is being ravaged by a plague, hundreds of thousands have been infected ... if we don't find a cure, the entire planet will be wiped out.

Janet looks worried as Daniel and Teal'c absorb this information.

COMMISSARY. CARTER and MARTOUF are sat opposite each other at a table. Carter cradles a cup of coffee.

CARTER: So ... How are things in your universe?

MARTOUF: You mean between us?

Carter gives a nod, cringing slightly.

CARTER: I'm a little curious.

MARTOUF: (smiling) Things developed, but with you living on the other side of the galaxy ... long distance relationships can be difficult. I eventually joined the Stargate Program to be closer to you. We worked together, even lived together for quite some time. But in the end, things didn't work out. You're with someone else now.

Carter looks interested.


Martouf is about to reply when BLACK CARTER interrupts, lap top in hand.

BLACK CARTER: I think I have something.

She sits down next to CARTER and turns the computer to face them. A graphic flashes across the screen that Carter recognizes.

CARTER: This is the post-mortem analysis of the P3W 451 incident. (to Martouf) A planet whose orbit strayed too close to a black hole. One of our teams was attempting to gate back at the same time and as a result, the S.G.C. couldn't shut down the gate from this end. (to Black Carter) ... I don't see what this ...

BLACK CARTER: We were unable to sever the connection because Stargate Command was still connected to the singularity's gravitational field through the open Stargate.

CARTER: But, we're not trying to ...

BLACK CARTER: In that case, we used a shape charge to deliver an energy surge to the matter stream, forcing the matter stream to jump to a different gate thereby severing the connection.

CARTER: (understanding) That could explain the sound they heard and the superfluous energy signature that accompanied the matter stream from the first wormhole. Some sort of large ...

BLACK CARTER: Maybe a supernova or a gamma ray burst, discharging at the exact millisecond that wormhole passed through that singularity. (beat) It's a one in a billion fluke that ruptured sub-space and created the point of confluence that drew the affected realities into this one.

CARTER: And then to seal the bridge between the multiverse we have to target that point of confluence -- basically recreate the circumstances that caused the breach in the first place.

MARTOUF: But how is that possible? You said it yourself, it once a one in a billion freak incident.

CARTER: Well, the odds would increase significantly if we ... took the wormhole out of the equation.

MARTOUF: Then what happens to us?

BLACK CARTER: We'd be stranded here.

They all regard each other, bleakly.

BLACK CARTER: (to Carter) I considered not telling you about this.

CARTER: I understand why you hesitated but you made the right decision. By sealing the rupture, we'll ensure that no other teams get stranded here.

BLACK CARTER: That's provided that this actually works. And we still have one major obstacle to overcome: How do we deliver an explosive devise into the singularity?

Carter thinks for a moment, then smiles.

CARTER: We get help from a friend.

BRIEFING ROOM. An Asgard, KVASIR, is sat at the briefing table which has on it round metallic device that stands on long legs. Landry and SG-1 are present.

MITCHELL sits next to the alien, considering it with interest.

KVASIR: Thor sends his apologies for not attending personally but he and Heimdall are in a neighboring galaxy, dealing with a most sensitive matter. In his stead, I have conveyed the time dilation device as requested.

LANDRY: We appreciate your quick response, Kvasir.

MITCHELL: So, what do you think -- will this, uh, work?

He gestures to the time dilation device.

KVASIR: I prefer not to prognosticate.

Mitchell and Carter exchange a bemused look.

MITCHELL: Well don't prognosticate, just tell us what your gut feeling is.

KVASIR: Speculating on the matter would serve no practical purpose.

MITCHELL: (under breath) Joseph and Mary ... What are the odds?!

KVASIR: Less than twelve percent and that is provided you are able to enact the plan before the black hole's gravity decimates your ship.

MITCHELL: Damn that's cold.

LANDRY: Colonel Mitchell, Colonel Carter, I'm giving you the green light. Shut this thing down.

Landry rises from his chair and SG-1 follow suite.

MITCHELL: (to Carter, whispering) You know I read all the mission reports on the Asgard ... they're not what I expected.

CARTER: (quietly) What were you expecting?

MITCHELL: Well ... Pants for one.

Kvasir pointedly looks in their direction.

CARTER'S LAB. CARTER leans on a desk which holds the time dilation device, now attached to a larger, more dangerous piece of technology -- a warhead. KVASIR stands next to Carter, watching as she inputs data and checks it on her lap-top.

KVASIR: The distance between the launch point and the target is crucial and you must be precise in your calculations.

CARTER: I know.

KVASIR: The slightest oversight in either the timing of the explosion or the proximity of your ship to the singularity could result in a failed mission at best, certain death at worst.

Carter sighs, exasperated, and hangs her head, stifling a groan.

Kvasir looks at her for a moment and she apologetically straightens.

CARTER: I'm sorry; I'm having a hard time concentrating.

KVASIR: I understand -- you are tired. Allow me to complete the calibration for you.

CARTER: (tiredly) Knock yourself out.

As Kvasir begins tapping away at the keyboard, Carter crosses the room to where MARTOUF can be seen working at a console. She puts her hand on his back to get his attention. Martouf also appears to be tired.

MARTOUF: (sighing) Time and again we've managed to save Earth and its allies from the most dire threats ... situations in which we faced insurmountable odds, almost certain defeat but we always managed to find a way to prevail in the end.

They face each other.

CARTER: I'm sorry. I wish there was a way I could send you home or in the very least delay the mission so that ...

MARTOUF: You have no choice but to do what's best for your world.

CARTER: I assume yours is not the only SG team in your reality that's actively searching for a cure to the plague.


CARTER: And I have a feeling that your Samantha Carter is back home working on the problem.

MARTOUF: She stopped being my Samantha a long time ago.

They both reflect on this for a moment.

CARTER: I've missed you.

Carter leans toward Martouf slightly, parting her lips. Martouf tilts his head towards her, mimicking her actions and the distance between them closes. Before they kiss, however, Carter starts and halts her movement, frowning.

Martouf blinks uncertainly and then the pair turn in unison and look downwards -- Kvasir is stood peering enquiringly up at them.

KVASIR: I have completed the calibrations.

CARTER: Thank you, Kvasir.

Martouf and Carter leave the lab -- Kvasir remains still, blinking slowly.

GENERAL LANDRY'S OFFICE. LANDRY is sat at his desk, writing. Footsteps force him to look up from his work.

JANET FRAISER stands in the doorway, flanked by her GUARD.

JANET: General, sorry to disturb you -- I was wondering if I could have a word.

Landry rises to welcome her.

LANDRY: Of course, Doctor. Come in.

Janet's guard assumes a post in the corridor outside the office as Janet enters, taking a seat opposite Landry.

JANET: (quietly) Thank you.

Landry sits back down.

JANET: Sir, I would like to make a request on behalf of all of the teams stranded in this reality. Please postpone this mission until we can find a way to get home.

LANDRY: I can't do that. We need our teams out there gathering intel on the Ori threat instead of sitting on their hands here, waiting for normal gate operations to resume. (beat) And that won't be possible until this problem is dealt with.

JANET: Well I can empathize, Sir -- believe me ... I think you need to take a look at the bigger picture. This goes beyond this world, beyond this galaxy, this universe. Hundreds of billions of lives are at stake. Their survival could hinge on just not our return, but the return of every SG-1 stranded on this base. Sir, back in my universe Earth is facing a global pandemic, one that your Earth has already faced and beaten. You have the cure that could save my world -- all I have to do is get it to them.

LANDRY: I can also empathize but at the risk of sounding callous ... My priorities are with this world.

Janet minutely shakes her head in disbelief.

JANET: How can you prioritize the lives of one group over those of another?

Landry has no come-back.

JANET: What makes my Earth any less important than your own?

Landry stands, his temper fraying slightly.

LANDRY: We have the top minds of eighteen universes working on a way to get you home. Hopefully, they can come up with a solution before this mission is completed but if they can't, then I'm sorry Doctor ...

Janet's face registers grudging defeat.

SPACE. The PROMETHEUS leaves Earth's orbit.

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. MITCHELL and TEAL'C are operating the controls as Daniel stands near-by.

CARTER and KVASIR beam in using the bright white glare of Asgard technology.

Carter steps up towards the controls.

CARTER: We've finished loading the warhead and the time dilation generator.

MITCHELL: Once the system check's complete, we're good to go.

Carter takes Teal'c seat at the monitor before the real SG-1 turn to watch the arrival of the BLACK SG-1 who emerge from another door.

BLACK DANIEL: Where's your crew?

MITCHELL: You're looking at it.

Mitchell settles himself in the central chair.

TEAL'C: Given the dangers we may face it was decided that we proceed alone.

BLACK MITCHELL: So if this plan goes fubar, we're the only ones that go down with the ship?

DANIEL: Well there's plenty more where we came from, right?

Black Daniel looks at his counterpart worriedly, as does Carter.

KVASIR: The perilous nature of this mission should not be taken lightly. There is a chance that the Prometheus may not survive this voyage. But courage and a steadfast resolve will prove the best assets in this undertaking.

Daniel's face falls and the others look slightly bemused.

Kvasir blinks.

KVASIR: Well, good luck to you all.

Before they can respond, there is a beam of white light and Kvasir is gone.

DANIEL: (beat) I miss Thor.

PROMETHEUS - COMMISSARY. BLACK MITCHELL sits at a table next to a window, through which the blue streaks of hyperspace travel can be seen. MITCHELL sits down opposite him, placing two cups on the table.

MITCHELL: Of course, by the time he actually got around to drinking that orange juice it'd been sitting in the back of the fridge for what, a month?

BLACK MITCHELL: Yea, yea, yea, yeah! Oh ... He was so damn thirsty he knocked it right back -- it was a second or two before he actually breathed in and we're talking ...

MITCHELL: Spit take of all spit takes! There was orange juice on the table, the chairs ...

BLACK MITCHELL: (laughing) On Aunt Emma!

MITCHELL: Aunt Emma! Oh!

BLACK MITCHELL: Big ole fat Emma, sitting across the table!

MITCHELL: Little bits of bacon on her face, orange juice dripping off her nose ...

The two Mitchell's laugh heartily as BLACK CARTER enters the commissary and approaches the table.

BLACK CARTER: Reminiscing over old times?

MITCHELL: Yeah, hell yeah. I could talk to this guy all day.


BLACK MITCHELL: (taking a sip of his drink) You finish your shift?

BLACK CARTER: Yeah. I'm exhausted, I'm going to bed.

BLACK MITCHELL: (to Mitchell) Speaking of which, I think it's past my bed time.

He stands, knocking on the table for emphasis.

MITCHELL: Then you need your beauty sleep.

BLACK MITCHELL: Well, look who's talking.

Black Mitchell takes Black Carter by the arm briefly and they walk out of the room.

Mitchell chuckles into his mug softly, still remembering the incident that amused him so much.

PROMETHEUS - CORRIDOR. Black Mitchell and Black Carter stride purposefully side by side.

They wait for a few steps until they are out of Mitchell's ear shot.

BLACK MITCHELL: So how'd it go?

BLACK CARTER: I found a way around all the security protocols, everything's set.

BLACK MITCHELL: Perfect. By the time they figure out what happened -- it'll be too late.

They enter a lift and Black Carter presses the button. The doors close on them ominously.

SPACE. The Prometheus exits hyperspace and heads towards the purple and blue swirling mass of the black hole.

PROMETHEUS - CORRIDOR. BLACK MITCHELL and BLACK TEAL'C walk suspiciously down the corridor, waiting for BLACK DANIEL to join them as they reach an intersection.


PROMETHEUS BRIDGE. TEAL'C and DANIEL enter the Bridge, where the two Carter's are manning the controls.

BLACK CARTER: We're approaching the singularity.

She looks menacingly over her shoulder as Daniel and Teal'c stare out at the black hole.

CARTER: Calculating minimal prime distance to warhead launch.

Both Carters are rapidly pressing buttons on their control pads.

On BLACK CARTER's screen, a section of Prometheus blinks red and she looks over at the real Carter to make sure she hasn't noticed.

ANOTHER CORRIDOR. BLACK MITCHELL, DANIEL and TEAL'C reach a room marked 'Armory 6'. Black Mitchell presses the door control but it doesn't work. He impatiently puts his hands on his hips as Black Daniel checks his watch in anticipation.

BLACK MITCHELL: Come on, Carter.

BRIDGE. Black Carter opens a window on her monitor containing the 'security sequence' for the armory.

CORRIDOR. The armory door opens and the other members of Black SG-1 stride in and begin to gather weapons. Black Daniel shows Black Mitchell a case of zat guns and Black Mitchell quickly distributes them.

Black Mitchell activates his zat.

BRIDGE. CARTER is still hard at work, oblivious to the duplicity of her counterpart.

CARTER: I've got it. Relaying the information.

BLACK CARTER: Received. Engaging sub-light engines, proceeding to coordinates.

ANOTHER CORRIDOR. Black Mitchell is stood at an intersection. Mitchell approaches.

MITCHELL: We've reached the target location.

BLACK MITCHELL: Yeah, I heard.

MITCHELL: I think they're just ... circling like we're parking.

Black Mitchell does not respond. Mitchell twitches as he realizes that something is amiss.

Black Mitchell suddenly levels a zat at Mitchell, who dodges quickly into an alcove.

Black Mitchell fires, but the blast of the gun merely arcs into streaks of blue on the wall behind where Mitchell had been stood.

Black Mitchell marches after the real one, who begins running down a corridor to escape him. Mitchell reaches a corner and WHAM! Black Teal'c sticks his arm out from his hiding place and Mitchell flies through the air, somersaulting with the force of the clothes-line blow.

Mitchell rolls on the floor in pain as Black Teal'c towers over him.

Black Teal'c stands, zat in hand, as Mitchell struggles to get back onto his feet.

MITCHELL: (in pain) I should warn you...I've been practicing those Sodan moves.

He finally manages to get upright, but staggers and wobbles despite his bravado.

Black Teal'c merely steps forward and grabs Mitchell by the scruff of his jacket.

MITCHELL: (weakly) You were warned ...

Black Teal'c slams Mitchell's face into a support column.

Black Mitchell and Black Daniel arrive on the scene.

BLACK DANIEL: Wouldn't it be easier to just zat him?

BLACK TEAL'C: Easier, yes but far less gratifying.

Black Teal'c forcibly drags Mitchell off.

BLACK MITCHELL: Did he just insult me?

He and Black Daniel follow them out of shot.

BRIDGE. CARTER, DANIEL and TEAL'C are watching the black hole out of the window when the three male members of the BLACK SG-1 arrive, pushing Mitchell, who is gingerly touching his head, at zat point before them.

DANIEL: What's going on?

Black Mitchell pushes his other self into the centre of the room.

BLACK MITCHELL: There's been a change of flight plans.

Carter disbelievingly turns to BLACK CARTER, who smiles happily at the success of the take-over.

Mitchell, Daniel and Teal'c exchange worried and disappointed looks.

SPACE. The Prometheus pulls away from the black hole, moving quickly past it before hyperspace is engaged and the ship disappears.

PROMETHEUS - HOLDING CELL. The real SG-1 are ushered into the room by their renegade counter-parts. The two groups face each other wearily from their respective positions.

MITCHELL: D'ya want to tell us what's going on?

Black Mitchell leans against the door frame, mimicking Mitchell's position.

BLACK MITCHELL: We're making an unscheduled detour.

DANIEL: Yeah? Just how far out of our way is this little detour going to take us?

BLACK MITCHELL: About three weeks.

Carter jerks, figuring out their plot.

CARTER: You're planning on taking this ship to Atlantis! Given the parallels between our two realities, I can't think of anywhere else we'd be going.

BLACK MITCHELL: As soon as we complete our mission, we'll drop you at the nearest habitable planet. 'Til then -- have fun.

He firmly closes the door with a sadistic grin.

The real SG-1 turn to each other, quietly fuming.

MITCHELL: Three weeks ... well, that gives us time to think of something. (beat) Ideas, anyone?

TEAL'C: Given the unique circumstance we find ourselves in, it is possible to anticipate their actions and reactions. All we must do is think like them.

DANIEL: Well, it shouldn't be that hard.

Teal'c is unamused but soon notices a SECURITY CAMERA on the wall above them. From the camera's P.O.V. we see Teal'c reach up and place his palm over the lens, obscuring the view of any observers. The image distorts, replaced by static before the screen flicks to black.

SPACE. Prometheus continues to travel through hyperspace.

BRIDGE. BLACK CARTER and BLACK MITCHELL are sat in the control chairs as BLACK TEAL'C enters.

BLACK TEAL'C: (to Black Mitchell) The other Colonel Mitchell wishes to speak with you.

Black Mitchell looks away in disinterest.

BLACK CARTER: Are you just going to ignore him for the next three weeks?

He leans his head back against his head-rest, relenting.

PROMETHEUS - COMMISSARY. BLACK MITCHELL is perched on a table, staring out at the blue of hyperspace as it flashes past. Footsteps announce the arrival of MITCHELL, who is accompanied by a zat wielding BLACK TEAL'C.

MITCHELL: (friendly) You guys ... seem reasonable. And you haven't hurt us ... much.

He rubs his back and glances over his shoulder at Black Teal'c.

Black Mitchell remains impassive, refusing to face the real Mitchell. MITCHELL: You don't have beards so you're not from the evil twin universe, right? (beat) Good. Right, so -- if I know me like I do, I'd have a pretty damn good reason to be doing what you guys are doing. Bottom line is, I'd understand better than anyone. So level with me. What's going on?

BLACK MITCHELL: Let me ask you something. How far would you go to save the lives of every man, woman and child on Earth?

There is a pause.

BLACK MITCHELL: (standing) Don't bother, I already know the answer. If you were in my situation you'd be doing the exact same thing.

He begins to stride out of the commissary, still not facing his double.

MITCHELL: What, going after the Z.P.M.?

Black Mitchell stops. Mitchell turns towards him.

MITCHELL: Come on, why else would you go to Atlantis?

Black Mitchell finally looks at him.

BLACK MITCHELL: Our Z.P.M. is depleted. We need yours to power the Ancient weapon in Antarctica.

MITCHELL: Oh, right -- screw our Earth to save your own.

BLACK MITCHELL: All the Z.P.M.'s doing right now is allowing one way travel from the Pegasus galaxy to Earth. The billions of lives that we save is worth the inconvenience of schlepping back and forth on the Daedalus.

MITCHELL: We need that Z.P.M. to cloak Atlantis. If the Wraith come back and realize the city wasn't destroyed, they'll launch another attack.

Black Mitchell looks at Black Teal'c.

MITCHELL: If Atlantis falls, this galaxy is the next target.

BLACK MITCHELL: If the Wraith return, if they attack, if the city is destroyed. The threat we face is more immediate.

MITCHELL: That still doesn't give you the right to do this. Say it works, say that you can beam the Z.P.M. off Atlantis: How do you plan to get it back to your own universe?

Black Mitchell takes a few steps away from Mitchell.

Mitchell looks after him until realization dawns.

MITCHELL: You have a way back. (pause) You've planned this all along.

Black Mitchell signals to Black Teal'c, who seizes Mitchell.

HOLDING CELL. CARTER and DANIEL are slumped on a bench as Teal'c paces the confines of their cell.

The door opens and BLACK TEAL'C pushes MITCHELL, who stumbles in.

Black Teal'c shuts the door as the real SG-1 gather around their leader.

MITCHELL: Well we were right. They're going after the Z.P.M.

Carter crosses the room and removes a cover from a panel by the door, revealing the circuit beneath.

MITCHELL: Are you sure you can open the door?

Carter plucks some wires from inside the circuit and begins to manipulate them.

CARTER: Hey, I built this thing. Opening the door is the easy part -- it's taking the ship back that'll be tricky.

The wires spark suddenly as she shorts them.

CORRIDOR. The door to the cell swings open and the real SG-1 cautiously push their way out.

TEAL'C: The armory is this way.

He begins to move down the corridor.

CARTER: No Teal'c, use the armory on the next level, it's less likely you'll be spotted. Daniel and I will head to the engine room and pull the control crystal. Once they come to investigate the problem, we'll get the drop on them there.

Teal'c nods.

TEAL'C: Very well.

Teal'c and Mitchell head off in one direction, Carter and Daniel in the other.

The first pair step into an elevator and the doors slide closed.

ANOTHER CORRIDOR. Teal'c and Mitchell exit the elevator and walk the few steps to a room marked 'Armory 5'. Teal'c begins to access the door control but stops when he realises that Mitchell is not with him.

Teal'c turns and come face to face with two zat guns.

BLACK TEAL'C and BLACK DANIEL stand either side of Mitchell or, as Teal'c is now aware -- BLACK MITCHELL, who is wearing Mitchell's olive BDUs.

BLACK MITCHELL: Hey, you had to give it a shot. I know I would.

Teal'c tilts his head -- accepting the out-maneuver. He holds his arms out in compliance.

MITCHELL: So now that we know how you get out, we'll just have to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Suddenly, two zat blasts take out Black Daniel and Black Teal'c simultaneously. As they crash to the ground, Black Mitchell wheels rounds to see CARTER and DANIEL moving towards him, weapons out-stretched.

Teal'c smiles.

Black Mitchell panics. There is no escape.

BLACK MITCHELL: (to Teal'c) No hitting!

He looks at Daniel and Carter.

BLACK MITCHELL: So while we were up here ...

DANIEL: ... We were down in the next level breaking into the armory.

Black Mitchell looks back towards Teal'c briefly then turns back to face the other two real members of SG-1.

BLACK MITCHELL: How did you know I wasn't your Mitchell?

CARTER: Easy. If we were in your position, we would have done the same thing.

BLACK MITCHELL: Now let me get this straight. We figured that you guys would try to escape and we set this trap for you, not realizing that you'd figured out that we'd figure you out and you'd set ... your own.

There is a long pause. Carter and Daniel look at each other, trying to establish whether what Black Mitchell just said made any sense whatsoever.

Teal'c looks up, thoughtfully.

TEAL'C: (beat) Indeed.

CARTER: Now, can you take us to our Colonel Mitchell?

Black Mitchell straightens his jacket, defeated.

HOLDING CELL. The DANIEL ushers BLACK SG-1 into the room. Black Mitchell enters last, clad only in his t-shirt and white boxers.

Daniel, zat in hand, leans against the door frame.

DANIEL: Sam disabled the power relay running through these walls, so ... I wouldn't bother. He smiles at them congenially, and moves away.

MITCHELL peers through the doorway, also clad in his boxer shorts but with the rest of his uniform in his arms.

He shuts the door.

Black Mitchell faces his team.

BLACK MITCHELL: (beat) Ideas, anyone?

S.G.C. - CONTROL ROOM. GENERAL LANDRY descends the staircase from his office and makes his way over to the main console.

LANDRY: Walter?

WALTER: Sir, it's a sub-space communication from the Prometheus.

LANDRY: Let's hear it.

WALTER: Yes, Sir.

Walter activates the speaker.

CARTER (OS): Sir, this is Colonel Carter.

LANDRY: Good to hear from you, Colonel. I take it the mission was a success?

PROMETHEUS - BRIDGE. Carter sits at a console in front of her lap-top.

CARTER: No Sir, in fact we're scrapping the mission and heading back home.

LANDRY (OS): Colonel?

CARTER: Sir, I think I've figured out a way to send these teams back to their proper realities.

LANDRY (OS): And how do we do that?

CARTER: By doing exactly the same thing the first team did in order to get here.

S.G.C. - CORRIDOR. LANDRY, MITCHELL and TEAL'C walk briskly round a corner.

LANDRY: You're telling me they planned this from the get go?

MITCHELL: Yes, Sir. It accounts for the boom you heard and the extra energy signature the gate diagnostic picked up in the first matter stream. They opened the wormhole through the black hole and then blasted a bridge into this universe.

Mitchell turns to Teal'c.

MITCHELL: Isn't that how Carter described it? (turns back to Landry) I don't know, I just remember wormhole, black hole, blast.

They quickly climb the steps leading into the Control Room.

CONTROL ROOM. CARTER, DANIEL and KVASIR are already gathered at the main console, alongside WALTER and other personnel. The gate siren is blaring out as the three men come to stand behind Carter with Daniel.

GATE ROOM. Soldiers and engineers stand back and stare up at the gate.

ENGINEER (OS): Standing by ...

A hydraulic arm lowers from the ceiling, positioning a directed energy weapon in front of the event horizon.

SILER stands on a platform to the right, monitoring the weapon's status on a lap-top screen before pressing controls on the surface of the device.

Through the Control Room window, Landry turns to Carter.

LANDRY: Colonel Carter ...


CARTER: Sir, we've established a wormhole to PX7-455. Now when Sergeant Siler is finished, we'll fire the directed energy weapon through the gate.

Walter and Kvasir regard each other with thinly veiled curiosity.

CARTER: Now if I'm right, it should reverse the space-time rupture, effectively inverting the convergence effect.

Landry raises his eyebrows and looks towards the other members of Carter's team.

Daniel simply shakes his head.

CARTER: (contd.) Each team gated in from a different point of origin -- once the convergence effect has been reversed, we'll dial those different points of origin and create wormholes that will follow the inter-universal pathways already created by their initial trips here ...

LANDRY: (interrupting) I got it, I got it! They're going back.

Carter glances at him and nods, and then focuses on the activity in the room below.

GATE ROOM. SILER lowers the platform he is on and turns to the Control Room window.

SILER: Ready when you are, Sir.

LANDRY: (over speaker) Clear the gate room.

The soldiers and other personnel start to evacuate the area.


KVASIR: I will need the weapon back, once your work here is completed. It is, after all, only on loan to you temporarily.

Landry and SG-1 exchange significant looks.

CARTER: (long suffering) I know. You'll get it back when we're done.

LANDRY: Lower the blast door.

The blast door rumbles into action, covering the Control Room window.

LANDRY: Fire the weapon!

GATE ROOM. There is a high-pitched whirr as the weapon activates.

A yellow ripple of energy emanates from it for a few moments, passing through the event horizon.

The whirr dies down and the ripple is gone.

CONTROL ROOM. Carter glances at Kvasir. Daniel, Teal'c and Mitchell listen intently for any more noise but there is silence, save for the wail of the wormhole activation alarm.

CARTER: We have a stable wormhole. Three point four seconds -- it worked.

LANDRY: Open the blast doors, bring them in!

As the blast doors rise, BLACK SG-1 enter the Gate Room, accompanied by their guards.

They reluctantly stalk up the ramp.

Black Mitchell turns to face the Control Room window.

BLACK MITCHELL: Hey, Mitchell! When the time comes ... cut the green one.

Mitchell and the others look confused.

Black Mitchell gives a small smile and then walks up the remainder of the ramp and disappears through the event horizon.

MITCHELL: What the hell did that mean?

DANIEL: (thoughtfully) I don't know. I have a feeling some day you're going to find out.

They regard each other, perplexed.

CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN COMPLEX. The noise of the gate activating can be heard.

GATE ROOM. LANDRY, DANIEL, TEAL'C, CARTER and MARTOUF stand at the foot of the embarkation ramp.

Carter and Martouf smile at each other, then turn as the rest of DESERT CAMO SG-1 enter the room.

JANET: (to Landry) Have all the other teams left, Sir?

LANDRY: You're the last ones to go.

Carter smiles at Janet.

MARTOUF: It was nice working with you again, Sam.

He gives her a soft kiss on the cheek.

MARTOUF: Your presence has been sorely missed on our team.

CARTER: Just out of curiosity, where did I go?

There is a pause as DESERT CAMO SG-1 exchange eye contact.

JANET: Maternity leave.

She steps forward and embraces Carter, who powerfully returns the gesture with a bittersweet smile.

They separate.

Daniel picks up a large yellow plastic box.

LANDRY: We have something for you...

Daniel opens the box to reveal its contents.

LANDRY: ... The cure to the Prior's plague.

JANET: Thank you, General.

Daniel fastens the case, hands it to Desert Camo Mitchell and then pulls Janet into a close hug.

DANIEL: It's good to see you again.

JANET: (softly) You too.

Daniel steps away and Teal'c approaches, towering over Janet's small form. He also leans in for a hug.

TEAL'C: (as they part) May it not be the last time.

Janet and Teal'c bow their heads in respect and then Janet collects herself.

JANET: Well, we'd love to stay but we have a planet to save.

She nods once more and then steps onto the ramp, followed by her team.

Martouf lingers slightly and squeezes Carter's hand.

CARTER: Goodbye.

The real SG-1 line up with Landry at the base of the ramp, looking satisfied as their final visitors leave.