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Thanks for the podcast!
I see that (per your poll) Season 2 is not the most popular, but I enjoyed most of the episodes. And I enjoy them more and more as nostalgia sets in.
My favorite episode, by far, was conversion – Love that Buggy Shep!
Aurora was also good as were Condemned, The Long Goodby, Runner and Trinity.
Didn’t like The Tower at all when it first aired, but it’s kind of a silly pleasure now to watch.

Craig MacD.

I love Atlantis, but season 2 was by far my least favorite season. It has one or two highlights (introduction of Ronan, mid-season two-parter with Ford) but overall it was a bore. Season 3 got back the series back on track, but it took about 3 or 4 episodes to clean up some of the mess of season 2.


Thanks for podcast. Love it, as always. I don’t really grade seasons… but my thumb rule is that a series often become better as it progresses. Mainly because actors become more comfortable in their roles (in a good way) and can add some extra. (Yes, I do like SG1 season 9 & 10). Atlantis season 2 is not bad – I agree with your comments about the Ford character, they could have ended it/him a bit more definite). ‘Tower’ is a bit silly but love the premise of other Ancient cities.
Thanks again. Looking forward to next poddie with new guests.

Scott Watson

Always thought that Ford would come back at some point, they left the door open on that one. Not a big fan of season 2, liked the isolated/cut off feeling from season 1.


I really enjoy these podcasts. I like many of the eps of season 2. I won’t put them in order since each one is unique and intriguing. Ok, so I really enjoyed: Michael, Grace Under Pressure, The Long Goodbye, Aurora, Duet, Trinity, Inferno, Instinct,and Runner.